Time to take action!

Weather For Everyone

Well, it looks like this may be the last BIG cool down we see of the season, so here are a few things that you may want to do this week.

-Check the hurricane shutters. This is hot work, and you don’t want to have to do this when the humidity is close to 100% and a hurricane is bearing down on us. Plus, if you need any repairs, you have plenty of time to call someone, or fix it yourself.

-Air out the house one final time. Open those windows and get a good cross breeze going. And while you are at it, instead of playing golf, why don’t you take advantage of some of that free time and give the house one more thorough spring cleaning. And maybe you want to clean the garage too? (These were just suggested by my wife, who continues to stare at me.)

-Get some much needed sleep, and stop worrying about how the friendly stray white kitty in the neighborhood is going to fare at night in the cold temperatures. (This is one for my wife,…....see, I’m funny too!)

-Get the air condition system checked out. I say that because I have a very good guy who maintains my system, and when he comes out for the twice a year check, he gently reminds me of the things I should be doing like cleaning up around the outdoor unit, keeping brush trimmed, etc. His favorite line is what do you do every month? I answer “pay the bills.” He then points at the filters for my unit and says, “You forgot to pay that one.” I am better now, and check, clean or change my filters every month. Almost.

-Take advantage of these ideal weather conditions to really work on your improving golf game, because soon it will be just too hot to play 36 holes a day. (This was just suggested by my friend Stan from 96 K-Rock, who may be the wisest man I know.)

-Send a few weathergrams. Especially to your friends in the Midwest, Ohio Valley, or Northeast, where temps are going to be below freezing for the next few mornings.

See you at the 19th hole!

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