End of 2008 Hurricane season

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Well,...it ended with a whimper,...it went went quietly into the night,....it limped to the finish line (a reference for my pal Stan), but the 2008 hurricane season is now over, and Dr. Gray's prediction of an active season was correct. You can read the entire report and summary here.

link to Dr. Gray Report

I will often down-play the importance of long range tropical forecasts, as our approach and preparations for every hurricane season should be the same every year regardless of the number of storms predicted.

I give Dr. Gray credit, because he always issues a final report after the season, to give analysis of his accuracy, or lack there of. This year his thinking was consistently sound, and he deserves credit.

Originally, I considered a blog looking forward to the 2009 season, but even Dr. Gray doesn't issue his next prediction until February, so let's consider this a "hurricane vacation."

Last year, we actually had an "Interactive Weather end-of-hurricane-season party", and an e-mailer asked me why we didn't do so again this year.

Honestly, we are still trying to get the Funions crumbs out of the carpet from last year, so this year we abstained.

We are really entering the "prime time" of Florida's weather, and although it means more cars on the roadways, extended waiting times at restaurants, and longer lines at the pari-mutuel machines, (for my pal Stan) we should be doing everything to enjoy and savor it.

See you every morning on Interactive Weather!

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