Just off the boat

Weather For Everyone

My wife and I just returned from a wonderful week-long cruise that included stops in Puerto Rico and The Virgin Islands, and as usual, I saw things through slightly different eyes than most.

The terrain of these islands, especially St. Maarten, is beautiful, but while most people admire the houses on the mountain enviously, I wonder what in the world do they do if a hurricane hits. I point and tell my wife,…”he wouldn’t even withstand a Category 1!”

As a musician, I also am a bit judgmental regarding the entertainment. I just can't help it. For instance, there were a number of poolside bands that would play throughout the day.

There was one keyboard player who was obviously proud of his rendition of the Glenn Campbell hit, “Rhinestone Cowboy.” So proud that he played it like 100 times. (Allright,…actually 4,….but maybe more as I wasn’t by the pool every day.)

He was an energetic musician,…and when I heard him play it the first time, he enthusiastically asked for a “Yee-Haw” from the crowd during the last chorus. Unfortunately,…even though the crowd was imbibing liberally, he didn’t get a “Yee-Haw.”

That didn’t stop him the second time he played it,….or the third,…or the fourth,…….and never did he get the “Yee Haw.” If you are a cruiser, perhaps you’ll run into this guy. Drop me a line if he ever gets the “Yee-Haw.”

My wife and I have been on several cruises,…but that was only the second time we visited St. Thomas. The first time was 7 years ago, and it was then that I learned everything about a gemstone called Tanzanite. According to the cruise director 7 years ago, there was only 1 Tanzanite mine in the world, and the supply was getting dangerously low.

After our cruise seven years ago, my wife and I were disappointed we didn’t take the opportunity to buy this soon to be rare gemstone. We actually had several discussions about our mistake.

Well, we arrive in St. Thomas 7 years later, and we can’t walk three steps with seeing a shop advertising Tanzanite for sale. Tanzanite International, Tanzanite Unlimited, Tanzanite 4 U. It’s everywhere. When I got back to the boat, I poured Tanzanite dust from my shoes. I guess it must be a really big mine.

(Note,…please don’t anyone ask my wife about the authentic Roman ring from 200 A.D. that she DID purchase for $69,…then saw on the other side of the island for $45. And PLEASE don’t tell her I just saw one on E-Bay for $12.)

Some of the cruise experience is lost on Floridians. All cruise long, I heard people bragging about the bad weather they left behind. While the weather during our cruise was very nice, I took a long walk after returning home Sunday, and actually thought the weather was even more pleasant than on our vacation,…and honestly,..it was.

Final note, thanks very much to Carrie Wise for filling in on Interactive Weather, I’m told she did a great job. As a thank you gift, I have an authentic Roman Ring, complete with Tanzanite center stone. Carrie, it was very pricey, but please don’t visit E-Bay for a while.

See you every weekday morning, for the often imitated, but never duplicated, Interactive Weather!

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