Hurricane Season shifts into 2nd gear

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I apologize for the lack of blog entries over the past few weeks. I am very proud to report that Interactive Weather has been such a success, that we are expanding to other newspapers, and I have been quite focused on that project, and the response has been exceptional. I have some very forward-thinking colleagues at the NDN, I'm also proud to announce we've won a statewide award for innovation.

As we get into July, it's important to remember that July is a transition month regarding our Tropical Season. In June, we focus mainly on the Gulf of Mexico and Caribbean for Tropical System to form, but things start to change in July. Look at the attached graphics, showing where storms have formed historically.

Monthly tropical points of origin

The reason for this change is usually two-fold. First, the waters off of the coast of Africa are beginning to warm,…..secondly; the upper level winds tend to get a little lighter, favoring Tropical development. So far, it has been a quiet Tropical Season, and we all hope that continues, but historically, this have a tendency to get a bit more serious in July.

There is one thing to always remember during Tropical Season. This is a marathon, not a sprint. Do not over-analyze every tropical wave that develops. We have a long way to go in the 2008 hurricane season, and it’s most important to keep a level head and maintain proper perspective.

Stay safe,

Jim Syoen

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