Time for the Main Event

Weather For Everyone

I grew up in Chicago as a big Chicago Cubs fan, and also big Harry Caray fan. I always thought the late Harry Caray might have made a fine weathercaster,…due mainly to his undeniable honesty. When the Cubs committed 3 errors in an inning and were down by 7 runs, the late Harry would say,”Honesty compels me to report,…..........we don’t look so good.”

That attitude can also apply to weather. Face it, if it’s going to be a cloudy, rainy day, why try to soft soap it? Tell the truth. Conversely,…if an easy fly ball was hit by the opposing team, and the Cubs had a rare late inning lead,…Harry would exclaim,…”Don’t worry about it!!!!”

Well, as the great Harry Caray used to say,..."Here we go now."

And as Harry also used to say,....."There’s danger here, Cherie."

You see, August and September the months when the Intertropical convergence zone gets more active. (That's where the waves that come off the coast of Africa develop.) We are very likely to see more waves developing over the next few weeks.

However, I've been watching something over the last 4-6 weeks that may be good news for Florida. The La Nina that has been in place appears to be moderating,...and that may mean a slightly less active season than expected. Generally speaking, when a La Nina is in effect, the upper level winds are lighter in the Caribbean and Gulf, and that can help Tropical development.

I won't go out on a limb to predict an El Nino (which would be very nice for us), but I will include a link for you to watch along with me.

La Nina/El Nino home page

Like it or not, we are in the months where we have to take hurricane season the most serious,....and we'll track the storms diligently at naplesnews.com.

“HEY,….......you know,….....naplesnews.com spelled backwards is,……MOCKS-WHEN-SELL-PAN.”

(For 99% of you, that last line is ridiculous,….but I included it for my few old Chicago pals, which are laughing very hard right now.)

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