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trotwaldreckgibs writes:

at least we won't have any flip floppers on the council this time-Terri Descuello.... This time we have go getters and doers.
Keister is going at it 6 to 1 ;;;good luck with that!!!!!

27_Year_Resident writes:

Cracks me up, Guidry, the candidate with the least amount of votes in one breath says the people have spoken and then goes on to say that the developers won! What total trash, talk about misinformation and sour grapes. There is only so much available land on Marco Island and it is all zoned. Property rights cannot be revoked so the land may eventually be developed, what does that have to do with who the voters elected? Same trash, lies and misinformation, another day.

Byrone, you still here. You have no shame! Throw in the towel already.

Neutral writes:

This election was about $. On the anti sewer side voters reacted to being forced to pay $20k for what they didn't need while destroying septic systems they had already paid $15k for. On the pro sewer side voters were told that stopping the strp would cost them money. Without this issue to divide homeowners on this island the election would have been about financial responsibility and taking the direction of this island back from special interest groups. I for one am hopeful that other than their position on the STRP the new councilmen will prove to be financially responsible and represent the island residents. I believe that most voters on this island are financial conservatives like myself. We must insist that the spending cap be respected and that includes using the city owned utilities to get around it. If the new council continues the spending spree and continues to look for ways to bust the spending cap, the next election will be very different without the STRP to divide homeowners. Peace.

WoolyBully writes:

I love it that "Butchy Boy" says he is going to stay active in city politics. Memo to "Butchy Boy" GO AWAY...pick up your toys and go home. Then have Guidry check your prostate. He may even find your head in there.

rlegan writes:

How long do you think it will be before the loser are back in the courts again wasting our tax dollars???

Marcogap writes:

If you are concerned about having to pay sewer fees for the water you put on your lawn, ask the Water department to separate your system with independent meters.

strike3 writes:

(This comment was removed by the site staff.)

Neutral writes:

Marcogap: I was under the impression that this was not an option but thanks for the heads up I will look into it.

rlegan: I don't agree with the scorched earth tactics of the radicals on the anti sewer side. But I never cease to be amazed at the insensitivity of your type. When a minority has been forced to cough up 100 million dollars for something they didn't need they are likely to be angry and likely to fight back. To the people being assessed for $20,000 each to replace the septic system they paid $15,000 to install, legal bills that amount to a few bucks per tax payer mean very little. Hope and pray that you are not in the next minority group that the city beaurocracy decides to fleece to feed it's ravenous appetite. Anyone asstute in political history knows that buearocracies become self justifying bodies whose primary purpose becomes to grow themselves. This one is a classic case. If our new city council does not get a grip on it quick insolvency will come before the end of their term.

MarcoFacts writes:

Neutral, stop it already! Didn't you read any of the expert testimony about how important it was for Marco to complete the sewers? Were you too busy holding up yellow signs? From the federal and state levels we've been told that either we finish the project now or the state will make us do it later. Get a grip on reality and stop drinking the kool aid; party's over and everyone went home.

Besides, who are you trying to convince anyway, the electorate has spoken and overwhelmingly they want to put this tiresome issue to bed. You and your opinion have lost...try and be graceful and accept this fact if you can.

jhirsch writes:

After reading most of these comments, I would say that it’s not over yet. There’s still a lot of fight left in both sides. The Pro Sewer people have come out and done all their Ha Ha’n and have pretty much dominated this area with there “in your face remarks”. And the Anti Sewer people, still being in shock, are still trying to warn of the future and accept it. Aggravating the losers in this way will only guarantee one thing! If anything smells fishy, They’ll Be Back! Remember, although the Anti Sewer people were not a majority, there numbers were far from being classified as a small group or minority and sewers were not the only issue they were voting on…

phlentyn_gordderch writes:

It's over! Even I want to stop the gloating. Mr. Davies said it best,

"The people have spoken," Davies said. "They will get the Marco that they want. End of story."

I accept this and hope the rest of the lot does as well.

Fossil writes:

I voted pro sewer and I must say that I am little shocked and alarmed at how the pro sewer people are behaving. We won for crying out loud. Be adult about it and stop dumping on your neighbors.

Eagleeye writes:

I can't believe the losers haven't asked for a recount, filed suit, or appealed to the Supreme Court. I guess stomping feet and wailing will have to do for now.

paul_vincent_zecchino writes:

Why do the victorious evince not a scintilla of magnanimity?

How does losing over twenty thousand dollars help them?

How does 'destination resort' benefit homeowners, when most prefer cruising the Bahamas or jetting to Dubai? Who's coming? Those who procure unusual goods and services from the usual suspects?

Absence of magnanimity tells it.

Dr. Paul Vincent Zecchino
Manasota Key, Florida
31 January, 2008

paul_vincent_zecchino writes:

Doesn't language tell us so much? Isn't that why researchers advocate that pay close attention to it?

Markograd's auspicious developments were described by one chap as 'The Fifth War'.

Is there any wonder why Markograd is a war zone? A 'war' to set-up a local police department? One which sets up the innocent while criminals get away? Has a nice ring to it, doesn't it?

Doesn't it well explain today's happy story of yet another conveniently botched murder investigation on Marco Island, Florida? Wars generally are about killing for profit, arent't they?

Markograd's interesting history has yet to begin, but it's doing a great job of writing itself.

Dr. Paul Vincent Zecchino
Manasota Key, Florida
31 January, 2008

Montel writes:

Leave, please leave!! Take your vans and your attitudes and don't let the bridge kick you in the rear.

dc5799 writes:

Montel you Moron, your still spewing your hate. You must have been beaten with an UGLY stick.

lovemarco writes:

The most interesting thing about this string is the complete lack of cooperation by the losers. The vote was a clear mandate for a Marco Island that truly reflects the Mackles vision, as it would be today with the changes in the world. Marco was originally supposed to be a middle class resort and residential community. The Mackles did not anticipate when they began the development that it would be the last, major, dredge and fill community in the state of Florida. In the 1960's when they began, dredge and fill communities were the way to go. In the 1980's the environmental movement took over, and the Corps stopped Marco and essentially all other communities of its type. Marco would have had 50% MORE residential lots than it has today if the Mackles REAL vision had been accomplished. The limitation of waterfront development changed the economics of Marco and all other waterfront communities. Waterfront became scarce. That and the aging baby boomer population took this area from the 1200 square foot house to the 5000 square foot McMansion. The City Council had nothing to do with that, just like it has nothing to do with the current slump, it is basic economics.
It is time to move and and continue to progress. Frank III loves the way Marco looks today. The new Collier Blvd is beautiful and fits our type of community. The other infrastructure changes, bike paths, etc. are all for the good. The developers did not win, because they are not a part of our equation, the people of Marco Island won.

MarcoAvenger writes:

Great Post - lovemarco

lngoslee writes:

I do not have sewer, and I voted prosewer, as did many homeowners that are not on sewer that I have talked to. This is a dead issue and needs to be completed and we need to move forward and stop rehashing this. I am a retired CPA, I have looked at the city financials and we are not at all in dire financial straits. This is a fabulous place to live and we should all be thankful to be here. Now, how about a dog park? Comments?

lovemarco writes:

Hear, hear for Ingoslee. A dog park would be great. It had been suggested for the Leigh Plummer park on Barfield. To me, that would be a great location.

Neutral writes:

Ingosolee: Your representation of Marco Islands financial condition as excellent makes all of last years attempts at getting around the budget cap look very interesting to put it nicely. Can you explain what those efforts were about?

Neutral writes:

Montel: I would hope that these threads could be used for polite debate. You and the rest of the "pack up and leave" people should consider that the current rate of home sales it would take a more than a millenium for the 40% island that voted anti sewer to "pack up and leave". We are all stuck here together and we should try to get along. Remember only 15% of the island remains to be sewered yet 40% voted anti sewer. Why do you suppose all of those sewered people voted anti sewer when they were told it would cost them money to stop the STRP. It is because some of us saw beyond the STRP issue, which everyone knows is now a done deal. I hope the incoming council will do a better job of managing the island than the past has. If not the 40% that voted against them will remain a solid block while most of the other 60% will vote their wallet and it will only take a 10% swing to oust them next election. So chill out. Work off that energy praying that you are not in the next minority this hungry beaurocracy feeds off for it's expansion.

jhirsch writes:

Bravo Nautral! You make some excellent points…

lauralbi1 writes:

strike3: I really didn't want to respond as your comment is not worth it. But the truth hurts and FDEP was standing in the wings, believe it or not. So, we are completing the STRP and it is a non-issue. Instead of throwing out worthless words and comments, let's see you involved and knowledgable in the process.
Ed Issler

Neutral writes:

MarcoFacts: Read the post and explain how your response has anything to do with it. The post was about some on your sides expectation that the finacially injured parties are somehow going to wake up forget about this whole thing or pack up and move. Get real. I assure you though that I have read more on the subject than you and a simple septic tank inspection program would have accomplished the same thing, a vacuum system sewer would have cost a fraction of the amount. If you had read my other posts you would know that I am and have always been connected to sewer and that I fully realize and accept that the STRP is a done deal. Face it you and most of your lot went to a presentation or two where you were told that it would cost you a few bucks if the STRP were stopped. You went to the polls chatting about how the world would come to an end if 15% of the island remained unsewered and you voted your wallet neighbors be blasteded. Now you expect cheerful congratulations from those who have been victimized. Don't be silly. This election and it's consequences have created more anti city government radicals and we will be plagued by the consequences of that for a long long time.

Hawke1 writes:

Neutral, MarcoFacts never reads an entire entry. He reads the first few words, anticipates what is being communicated and then writes an unrelated bullet. He and many of these other posts are really the same fellow writing under different monikers. The audience you are speaking to numbers maybe 3 different writers. You are wasting your time responding to this guy.

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