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MrBreeze writes:

Post #53 Now your talking. I also looked his add. up and saw that and he has the nerve to "cry poor" to forclosure. AS I keep saying, he will never show the income from it.

Post #46 Jaguar, Insults will get you nowhere with me. I speak fact not fiction. I fight hard for the right thing,say no B/S and you could only wish I was your neighbor. Sub Human and Low life are the same if you do not know. Your analogy of "live and let live" does not allow you and others to "Pimp out " your home for profit and have the neighborhood suffer. Please realize you and the other "Flophouse Landlords" are the miniorty here and you will lose because people are fed up with it. Yes, I am capable of many normal thoughts sir just keep reading my posts.

MrBreeze writes:

Post #44 Capt1black No offense takin here. As far as relaxing, I find it amazing how the island is changing. I came to the island to retire and relax, to leave the business fight behind and enjoy the quality of life that I know exists here. However, I have seen community's ruined by bad leaders and bad management. I do not want that to happpen, I want the island as the Mackell bros. saw it. Paradise, sadley some just want to profit so bad from it.

MrBreeze writes:

Post #48 I NEVER stayed a night on the island before buying a home. Sounds crazy right? I would come for day trips and look at realestate and enjoy the beech then leave. 10 years of that then we bought a home in 02 and we stayed off the Island in naples for 2 days.

rob51 writes:

I've seen it all first hand with rentals less than 30 days and it is a nightmare. Wonderful full time residents that provide stability to a community will not buy in neighborhoods with nightly and weekly rentals. Not all renters are bad people they just do not contribute to a community like full time residents do. Most of the landlords do not live in the community that they are affecting by these rentals. 30 day rental should be the absolute minimum rental period.

SusanJane writes:

How about putting it up for a referendum vote?