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Northerner writes:

Momface-are you related to MarcoDef? You have the same patronizing, condescending, mean-spirited attitude as she does. I am glad that you haven't resorted to name calling as she has in the past, however.

Konfuzius writes:

in response to Northerner:

Momface-are you related to MarcoDef? You have the same patronizing, condescending, mean-spirited attitude as she does. I am glad that you haven't resorted to name calling as she has in the past, however.

One person, different blog names!

Momface (Inactive) writes:

Northerner, Konfuzius,

I do appreciate both of you taking of your valuable time to process your evaluations.

1Paradiselost writes:

in response to Momface:

Once again, 1Paradise you construct and argue about things you know little to nothing about.

OK you win!

Please explain to us what you meant by your comment above?

Stating one's opinion is not an argument, unless the listener is stubborn or uninformed.

This is not about wining or loosing.

Our military veterans on Marco work hard asking for donations. Having fundraisers to get the items needed to dress up CITY OWNED Veterans Park. Those Vets can be seen in various retail locations thru-out the island.

They ask little from our city government.

The Marco Eagle Sanctuary Foundation asks nothing of our city. The have fundraisers to collect funds in their mission to preserve & protect our national symbol, the American Bald Eagle.

I'm sure several other groups have fundraisers & do the same to accomplish their goals here on Marco.

Staying on topic, Why can't the Parks Committee do the same or make some effort like our nations Veterans have?

When will the Parks Committee have their first fundraiser? When will we see that group (including you) standing in front of local retail stores? Do they have a booth at the Farmers Market asking both islanders and tourists for donations?

No one is entitled to anything in life! Only hard and effort is rewarded.

I'm sure ALL taxpayers would rally behind the efforts of the Mackle Center Building committee.

Over the years I have noticed the people of Marco Island are very generous.

The taxpayers on Marco have worked hard to get here.

They respect hard work, & don't believe in handouts or social welfare.

Momface (Inactive) writes:


Very good points, thank you.

Who knows what the Parks Committee, will be doing or not be doing. Having fundraisers will be up to them.

As far as the residents of Marco I too feel that the vast majority are very generous and may in fact and I hope, will contribute a great deal to the proposed center as I "know or at least hope" you and I will do.

Northerner writes:

Ya know Momface/MarcoDef and all your other alter egos, I agree with Paradise that most taxpayers would support some sort of committe/fund including me, up until now that is. I just can't get past your arrogance, sarcasm, and belittling of those that don't agree with you. For those reasons I wouldn't donate a dime to any fund you are affiliated with. It's too bad, because I have lots and lots of money, literally. Don't bite the proverbial hand that feeds you...a little niceness and humility goes a long way when you're asking for a hand out. I'm done here.

Momface (Inactive) writes:

Northerner, I am truly impressed with your ability to associate one blogger with another. Where did you learn/develop such a skill? I hope you did not have to contribute some of your "lots and lots of money".

Oh, please excuse me, am I being too sarcastic?

Do you really think that anyone would honestly believe that a serious person would sacrifice the needs of this wonderful island because of the selfish desire to "put down" an anonymous blogger?

WMissow writes:

Come on folks lighten up! What is best for Marco will not be decided on this blog among several people. It should be decided by a referendum, a democratic process which rarely seems to have been sufficiently used, here, in the past.

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