Business and Money Databases

Collier falls behind in race for economic cash, tax incentives

In the highly competitive rush to attract and retain high-wage businesses in emerging industries, the state of Florida has handed out nearly $700 million over the last 17 years. As roughly 1,000 private companies and nonprofits have dipped into Florida funds designed to spur business growth, Collier County has been a nonfactor in the economic incentive game, according to a Daily News review of data posted this month by the Florida Department of Economy Opportunity. Database | Map | Read the story »

SWFL nonprofit heads paid well, but within national average

In surveying how local nonprofit executives are paid, the Daily News looked at the most recent tax records -- mostly in 2010, some in 2011 -- for the 64 nonprofits based in Collier County, Bonita Springs and Estero with revenues exceeding $1 million. The salaries were then compared to national medians found by Charity Navigator, a national nonprofit watchdog. Read the story »

Collier Commissioner and School Board candidate campaign contributions

Database includes Collier Commissioner and School Board candidate campaign contributions as reported by the Collier County Supervisor of Elections. The results include all types including "In-Kind" contributions. Search database »

Elections database

2012 Presidential Campaign Contributions

Presidential campaign contribution data from Florida residences and businesses. The data is organized by month and viewers can choose the number of records to display, sort data columns and perform keyword searches.

2012 Presidential Contributions 2nd Quarter

Geo mapping and search local area to see contributor's locations, amount contributed and more for Obama and Romney.
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Sports database

High school football scores in Collier, south Lee

This summer the Daily News, in an effort to create accurate records for reporters and fans alike, undertook the task of chronicling the score of every football game ever played in the county. The goal was to find the result of every game played by the Collier County teams as well as the south Lee County schools the Daily News covers, Estero and South Fort Myers. Read story ».

Sports Bars in SW Florida

The NFL season is back on. Search for sports bars by team affiliations or by location. See interactive map »


Traffic Databases

Dangerous Intersections

Get details on the most dangerous intersections in Collier county and South Lee county. View Related Stories »

U.S. Highway Deaths 1994 to 2008

This database summarizes, by county road segments, how many fatal accidents occured from January 1, 1994 through Dec. 31, 2008. Also displayed are the percentage of accidents in which at least one driver had been drinking, at least one vehicle had been speeding or at least one death occured to a driver or passenger who was not wearing a seat belt. View Related Stories »

News Databases

Florida alligator harvest data

How many nuisance alligator complaints have there been every year since 1977? What has the value of alligator hide been? Answer these questions and more by viewing the database.
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Crime Incidents Database with Map

Every victim's experience of waiting for a sheriff's deputy is different. Some wait longer than others, and many factors contribute to how quickly a deputy will arrive. In Collier County, the Sheriff's Office's Immokalee district posted the fastest average reported response times in 2007 and 2008, at about 5 ½ minutes. The slowest times were in the Everglades district, at nearly three times Immokalee's average response, around 15 minutes. Read the story »

Charity Databases

How Can You Help Haiti?

The strongest earthquake in more than 200 years rocked Haiti on Tuesday, Jan. 12, 2010. The 7.0-magnitude quake, which struck at 4:53 p.m., was estimated by the Red Cross to have killed 45,000 to 50,000 people. We've put together a list of organizations that are collecting aid and donations to assist Haiti in relief efforts. Get more information about the Haiti earthquake relief efforts »

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Health Databases

Nursing home evaluations

How good the care is at Naples-area nursing homes may come down to who owns them, according to a study of state inspection records conducted by the Daily News and Scripps Howard News Service. Read the story »

Nursing home records

A statistical analysis of the federal government's first-ever ratings of nearly 16,000 nursing homes reveals an uneven level of quality across the nation and shows how complicated it is to find a good nursing home. Read the story »

Education database

2010 FCAT scores in Florida

This spring's Florida Comprehensive Assessment Test (FCAT) continues to be a headache for local schools districts. After delays in scoring, it appears that the finals scores released are not accurate - and one local school district wants it fixed. Lee County Superintendent Jim Browder is joining five other superintendents across the state questioning the accuracy of the FCAT scores released by the Florida Department of Education two weeks ago. Read the story »

Student Racial Representation

Last year, school district officials determined that Collier County had gone from a population with a majority of white students in 2000 to a majority population of Hispanic students.
Of the district's 42,623 students, 42.4 percent were Hispanic and 41.6 percent were white, according to 2008-09 school year data. That gap increased this year to 43.1 percent Hispanic and 40.6 percent white, the Collier district's website shows.
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