Around the World Again

Twenty five years ago, when I began working in the field of holistic health, I never envisioned that it would take me around the world—twice!

In the 1980s, I was traveling extensively and conducted hypnosis stop smoking and weight loss seminars. That life-style was similar to one of a gypsy—living on the road for months at a time. In the 1990s, I was invited to China to give presentations in conjunction with the Citizen-to-Citizen’s Ambassador Committee. We were an educational exchange of 27 delegates. I was honored to give a presentation about hypnosis and treating anxiety at the Beijing Medical School. It was an amazing experience. In addition to the schools, we visited mental health centers plus traditional Chinese healing centers. In July of 2005 one of Singapore’s premier trainers, Michael Lum Y, asked me to travel to Singapore and conduct a Certified Stress Management training. I readily agreed and scheduled it for September.

Jillian LaVelle in Singapore with her Stress Mangement Course Attendees

Jillian LaVelle in Singapore with her Stress Mangement Course Attendees

At first I was very concerned about the trip, but some investigation eased my mind. Singapore used to be a British colony. All the people there know English. That was a relief, because I had forgotten the little Mandarin that I had learned 10 years ago. I was also obsessing over the jet-lag concept. To combat my anxiety over it, I created a hypnosis anti-jet-lag CD. I listened to the CD once daily for a week prior to my trip. Then I loaded it into my iPod for the flight. This hypnosis session let me fall asleep easily on the plane. Upon awakening I felt refreshed. This was a long flight, twenty-two hours from Florida as a party of one. By the time I arrived in Singapore, I felt great and quickly adjusted to their time zone.

Singapore is a very modern city. It is without a doubt the cleanliest country I’ve ever experienced. There is no chewing gum dropped on the ground (a $1,000 fine). There is no litter either (also a $1,000 fine). The difference is that they enforce their litter laws. The shops are well looked after. The restaurants are rated by the government on their cleanliness. The letter “A” is proudly displayed as sign of the highest level. I only ate in “A” restaurants. The food was wonderful. Of course, there was time for shopping!

I was also struck by the amazing amount of landscaping that the planners had incorporated into the design of the city. Art works are everywhere making America look art-poor.

As for my Stress Management Certification Course that I taught, the class was an enthusiastic twenty-eight people from all over the region. Students were from Singapore, Indonesia, China, and South Africa. They were very eager to learn. I also became aware that I was the first female trainer from the USA in my field. People were curious about me.

The students learned numerous techniques for stress management plus we had plenty of practice time within the course. They could walk out of the course and use the techniques on their clients the very next day. Many of the techniques only take a few days to master. It is often the simple changes people make in their lives that help them to deal with the stressors in their lives. A couple of the students had personal “break throughs” of their own. One had held the opinion that he could not visualize, and I taught him a new method that was successful. Another student tested low in one of the key components of increasing optimism in her life. We did a session on that and she gained clarity.

Singapore trip was rewarding on many different levels. It is always a joy to extend a hand and help people to achieve a long elusive goal. To me, those personal achievements are worth all the tea in China. I have been invited back to Singapore in February plus to Indonesia and Malaysia. So, who knows where I will end up next? The sky is the limit.

Jillian LaVelle is in private practice in the Pine Haven Business Plaza on Bonita Beach Road. She is a workshop leader, author of two books, a certified hypnotherapist, life-coach, and a certified stress management consultant. You can contact her at or call (239)498-9710.

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