Hall second to announce City Council candidacy

Editor’s note: This is the second in a series of interviews with candidates who are announcing they will run for election to the Marco Island City Council in 2008.

Four Marco Island City Council seats will be available in next year’s election. Chairman Mike Minozzi and Councilor Glenn Tucker cannot run because of term limits. The seats of councilwoman Terri DiSciullo and vice chairman Bill Trotter are also up for election. Neither has announced whether they will run again.

Roger Hall said Marco Island ‘will have a council and city manager that will have dictatorial powers for the next four years’ if the voters don’t act during the City Council election.

Photo by Ed Bania, Eagle staff

Roger Hall said Marco Island ‘will have a council and city manager that will have dictatorial powers for the next four years’ if the voters don’t act during the City Council election.

The Marco Eagle reported May 28 that Joe Batte was running for election.

Resident Roger Hall is also entering the race.

"The reason why I’m announcing now is that I have run into a lot of people that are leaving Marco Island because they are so discouraged," he said.

Hall, 66, lives full time on Marco Island. He and his wife, Linda, have been married for 39 years and have three grown children.

He founded Hallmark Properties Inc., a California property management and development company, in 1975. The firm grew to approximately 1,000 apartment units, three shopping centers, and several office buildings.

Hall recently completed a second term as president of the Squaw Valley Mutual Water Company. Under his leadership, the utility hired a new manager, revitalized the company and instituted a program of infrastructure renewal and replacement without raising the rates, according to Hall.

"I have a demonstrated track record of success and fiscal responsibility," he said. "I know what it is like to live within a budget."

Hall said he decided to step forward and restore "responsible and ethical government" to Marco Island when he realized City Manager Bill Moss and council members were "ruining" Marco Island.

Hall began a recall of councilors Tucker, Trotter and Mike Minozzi last year. The recall was stalled when Collier County Circuit Court Judge Ted Brousseau ruled on Dec. 8 that the grounds for the recall petition were ‘clearly inadequate.’

"Nevertheless, I committed to the dozens of volunteers who spent hundreds of hours collecting 10,000 signatures from 2,000 voters that I would see the effort through," Hall said.

The recall committee appealed the decision to the Florida 2nd District Court of Appeal. A ruling is still pending.

Hall said he has received overwhelming support for the recall effort and has been asked numerous times if he intended to run for council.

"I believe Marco Island is at a tipping point and if the residents don’t take control at this next election, we will have a council and city manager that will have dictatorial powers for the next four years," he said. "The agenda and style of government we have now will run unchecked, changing life on Marco as we know it forever."

Hall believes the issues for the next election are clear cut and have concerned citizens for a long time.

"I believe that the voters deserve more than (Councilor) Popoff bait and switch candidates," he said. "I believe that the candidates owe the voters a clear picture as to their agenda for the city."

Hall wants a mandate from the citizens so he can make meaningful changes as a councilor for the future of Marco Island.

"If you like the way things are now, don’t vote for me," he said.

Hall’s first priority is to restructure and reform the attitude that the city government has toward its citizens.

"What other council in a normal world would sit on their hands and allow insults to flow freely from a councilman against a citizen speaking from the podium?" he said. "I couldn’t believe it when a councilmember directed the comment, ‘When certain speakers come to the podium, I wretch.’ "

Hall claimed other council members should have censured the member for making the statement.

Another example of a councilor not being censured by fellow members, according to Hall, was when Tucker admitted that he lied about photographic evidence that a citizen planted pieces of asbestos on the Veterans Community Park property.

"After several months, I realized that this council neither cared nor respected the will of the people," Hall said. "Once elected, they moved behind the dais and decided they were a deity."

If elected, Hall pledges to reprimand any councilor or city employee who insults, demeans, ridicules or intimidates a citizen. He also pledges to expose any city employee who is dishonest or misrepresents the city and will ask for an apology.

Hall said the city should encourage the many successful professionals who have retired on Marco Island to give their input to solve city problems.

"We need their help and they are willing to give it," he said. "Let’s take advantage of their skills.

Hall says he wants to clean up the mess we got before we start any new construction projects. "People are sick of living in a dump," he says.

"I will restore this island to peace and tranquillity before we start any new projects," he said. "I will restrict construction periods to the six months between May and November unless absolutely necessary."

Hall’s second priority is to stop the Septic Tank Replacement Program (STRP).

He said the STRP is a colossal $135 million mistake. Hall claims the city is diverting sewage from the existing safe septic systems to a 40-year-old porous sewer system. The city’s existing sewer system is a greater environmental threat to the island’s waterways than the existing septic systems are, according to Hall.

"The promotion of this program was based on the hoax that the septic systems are polluting our canals," he said. "When that proved to be false, the reason given was that they ‘may’ pollute our canals."

He said the theory was that septic systems were contaminating the soil around them and working the pollution to the canals.

"I invite the voters to visit the construction sites where the system is being installed," Hall said. "If you look at the sand that is being dug up to accommodate the laterals that are being extended to within a few feet of the existing septic systems, you will discover that there is no evidence of any creeping septic contamination."

Hall’s third priority is to replace the City Manager Bill Moss, who has had the position since the island incorporated.

"Our city manager makes more money than the city manager of Naples," Hall said. "He is the cause of most of our problems. We can do much better."

Hall’s other priorities include enforcing the contracts that the city has with the various contractors working on the island. Another is to control the island’s growth and density.

"We need to put the brakes on now," Hall said. "We don’t need or want another North Myrtle Beach." Moss was the former city manager of the city in South Carolina.

Hall said the city needs to create an advisory panel comprised of voters from all sides on the island to consider changes to the city charter.

The changes include limiting council terms to two years, instead of the current four, with no term limits. The councilor’s pay for subsequent terms should be increased, according to Hall, because it takes several hours a week to do the job properly.

Hall noted the city manager can spend up to $100,000 without having to receive the council’s approval. Hall said that amount should be dramatically reduced.

He also wants all expenditures in excess of $250,000 to be passed by an ordinance or referendum and subject to the approval of registered voters.

A government that governs least governs best, Hall said, referring to the council’s passing of the controversial Marco Island Waterways and Boating Safety Ordinance.

A decision in the case of a boater who violated a regulation of the ordinance is pending in Collier County Circuit Court. Many boating organizations have said two of the ordinance’s regulations violate state law.

"I would not have supported it," Hall said. "We live on an island. We should go out of our way to be boater friendly."

He added the council "overreached" by passing the ordinance and has tarnished Marco Island’s image.

"If you share my hope and recognition of the need for major change in the governance on Marco Island, please vote for me," Hall said. "I promise to make Marco Island a much better place to live."

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Comments » 74

15yearsmarco writes:

You have my vote Mr. Hall

Chase100 writes:

Good ideas. Wrong candidate. Mr. Hall simply hasn't been in the area long enough. He'll be called a carpetbagger. The cause will suffer. I wouldn't want him to drain votes from someone like Joe Batte who also has good ideas but has a home grown resume.

jockey writes:

Holy Crap! Now this Roger Hall is one guy I would like to buy a beer for. He calls it as it is...what a change for us, especially after that deal with Popoff. If you vote for Roger Hall this next Council is going to be a whole lot different from any we've seen before. What a welcome relief. What an addition to Joe Batte this Hall guy would be. I know where two of my votes are going next year and I'm going to tell all my friends to do the same.

I'm sure that the Marco Islanders who are tired and fed up with the insults and ugly body language coming from some of our Councilors are looking forward to the new Council. Who's going to "come out" next?? This is going to be an exciting campaign season and it looks like it has started.

Bye, Bye Minozzi. Bye, Bye Tucker. Bye, Bye Terri. Bye, Bye, Trotter!!

optomist writes:

Chase100 I disagree. Hall has been on the front lines fighting for the people for over a year. Who cares that he only moved here in 2005? Where are all the long term residents that are standing up for the citizens? The voters of Marco have been abused for so long it probably takes someone with a fresh set of eys to see how bad this government really is.
Most of the long term residents have given up. We needed fresh blood. Thank you Hall for standing up for us.

Chase100 writes:

Optomist: I hope you're right.

jockey writes:

Chase 100,

Chuck Keister had only been on Marco two minutes when he was elected and look at him now.

I think Hall's history speaks for it's self.

The "cause" will not suffer. We need four candidates
to come forward and then we throw everything behind them.

Oracle writes:

Thank you Mr. Hall. This island has been run by a bunch of people who never amounted to much. This is the high point of their lives. They using their office as their last and only chance to exercise and abuse power. Which one of them ever ran a successful business? We have an accountant that never took the CPA exam, a self styled financial planner that isn't even a certified financial planner, a Dr. of human relations (What a great job he has done with that field on the council) a mortgage broker who has had his own financial problems, and an attorney. It is about time we get someone on the council who has proven they can do something! I agree with you. We need to get rid of the old guard or this island is lost. We need more people like you. Hopefully, a couple more will step forward. You got my vote!

bluebill2 writes:

Thank goodness! You have our votes!! Everybody in the Mackle Park Area!!!
P.S. Toss Moss!

Oracle writes:

I wonder if we can get Hall to commit to tossing Marco Man out with Moss. We need to get the city a symbol it can be proud of. Lely gets the horses, we get Marco Man. How dumb and tasteless are these people?

lowus writes:

Mr. Hall, I just drove north up Collier off of San MArco. I couldn't even continue!
The Road is basically flooded. Didn;t we just pay QE a bunch of money for new storm drains?
My GOD it was better before.
Now I know why its so important for someone like you and Batte to get this city back in the hands of competent leaders and its citizens.
BULLSEYE with the bit on Benedict Poppoff!
What everyou need.
Good luck!

EdFoster writes:


Thank you!

Ed Foster

BlueTonguedVole (Inactive) writes:

Good for you Roger. Aren't you tired of the all too frequent boil water notices because of the almost weekly water main breaks? Perhaps your activism can help straighten things out once and for all.

Maybe you can restore Nancy's water testing budget so Mucko Isle can get a true base line (of the level of pollution) before all are on sewers? Oh, that is the reason they CUT her budget for testing...so there would be no baseline!!!

Your candidancy is seriously great news for M.I.
Good luck. Where do we send a cotribution?

barfieldfly writes:

First Batte now Hall, is that a break in the storm clouds I see?
Mr. Hall what you have done for the citizens of Marco is 'reMarcoble'.
You with Mr. Batte may now help bring to fruition the dream of giving the city back to its citizens.

With the utmost respect,

onewholivesonthecookoosnest writes:

Mr. Hall congragulations I know we are on the right track withyou on the council.
I can't afford it here anymore.
Hurry up and get elected.
thank you.
Lee H.

Oracle writes:

Hall and Batte you need two more candidates. There must be at least two people willing to step up and save the island from the destruction being waged by the current leadership. Who else will step forward and stop these bullies?

patton1 writes:

Roger Hall, a part time resident since 2005 is running for a seat on the City Council to bring Marco back to "what it used to be". So you want to bring back flooded streets, a failing infrastructure, second class treatment by the County Commission, no return on our taxes, part time protection from the Sheriff's office in Naples? You were not here to experience those days so how dare you want to take Marco back to where it used to be?
You are a total joke!
Roger Hall you have never done anything for this Island except to complain, file frivilous lawsuits which cost the City hundreds of thousands of Dollars and divide the citizens with your rhetoric. You are nothing but an arrogant phony. Your mug which accompanies the "article" which you wrote and had your lapdog Bania sign tells it all.
Don't waste our time and money any longer.

Oracle writes:

patton1 What lawsuits did Hall file? Do you have any facts or are you just another moss misinformer? Put up or shut up.

onewholivesonthecookoosnest writes:

patton1 is representive of all we have have come to hate on this island. Their willingness to spew lies about people they know nothing of is so typical of you Mossites.
Patton1 I only encourage you to continue to blog as you have, Mr. hall can always use the positive publicity.
patton1 I beieve LOWUS above said she drive down Collier tonight and the road was impassable due to flooding. We paid millions to QE to fix that, what world are you living in?
Mr. Hall sticks up for us citizens, not your Moss who represents special interests.

Toss Moss(and patton1)

7ate9 writes:

Roger good luck, you certainly have my vote.
Thank you for all you have done for the people of Marco.


lauralbi1 writes:

Boy, this is great. Mr. Hall running is just what the doctor ordered. Now we can get out all the printed and quoted material from the last 2 years and really make a mockery of what he stands for. Look forward to what is coming, I certainly am. Mr. HYall would not know a fact or the truth if it was staring hiom in the face. And you all can argue till youm are blue in the face, but the proof is in the pudding.

happy6 writes:

roger.....you have 120% of my support...let me know what i can do! you have spoken your piece, taken the criticisim and now it's time to take back the island from a bunch of morons.

happy6 writes:

patton1....you are an amazing individual. you do not know roger hall...he is a conservationist that releases every fish he catches...(i fish with him and get mad when he releases a snook i can eat)....he is deeply concerned about this island...he owned a beautiful home in Squaw Valley which he sold to purchase his home on marco...he also owned a slip in miami and a beautiful yacht...which he sold to live on marco....he rows his boat with his wife past my home....roger hall is a class act...unlike you.....he is trying to help as opposed to people like you who are completely ignorant of the facts. how can anyone say that this council has done the job of the people? bill moss has done nothing for this island but cause an uproar...and the reason he has the ability to do it is .....minnosi, tucker, trotter, popoff and discuillo.....period....maybe you should sign up for moron classification like the rest.

happy6 writes:

laurelbi1...you're a dope.

happy6 writes:

barfieldfly....what did you say? who can understand you jibberish

barfieldfly writes:

VAN I find it amusing I have to clarify myself to someone who makes a statement like "who can understand you jibberish".
But here goes, I am praising Mr. Hall in a humorous way, get it -'reMarcoble' instead of remarkable, ha, ha, ha ,hee he.
I'll try to be more to the point with my posts sir ,
sorry about that.

barfieldfly writes:

I should say Ma'am instead of sir.

bbyrone46 writes:

Thank you Roger Hall! I know you will bring transparancy and accountablility back to City Hall. Honesty and integrity are virtues that well be welcome in the four seats being vacated. Thank you for stepping up to fill one of them.

happy34145 writes:

Mr Hall,
Thank you!! I now feel like things can get better and the healing process can begin next year - it seemed so hopeless before. Knowing now that good, strong minded people who care about this community and its citizens will get on council with Mr Kiester has truly given me a reason to smile again - and possibly want me to take my house off the market and stay.

happyharry writes:

If Joe Batte or Roger Hall ever decide to hold "Town Hall" meetings at Mackle Park, it will be standing room only. Just like the recent City Council meetings when controversial issues were on the table.

The main difference between these meetings would be that the voice of the people would be heard, appreciated, understood, and acted upon.

That's two votes I now know how to cast at the next election.

It's going to be interesting to see the "spin" from City Hall, now that the writing on the wall is getting clearer by the day.

Words of advice for City Hall,


ejburger writes:

Hall says he will reprimand anyone who uses insults?? His whole campaign is based on insulting our current council and staff. He claims a "Popoff bait and switch," what the heck is he talking about? This is clearly an insult. Is it acceptable for Hall to insult but not for anyone else? Double standards? Hall, you have lied and I cannot support a liar for council! Marco Island is smarter than you think and you are the wrong candidate.

happyharry writes:

ejburger.....if you don't know what Popoff did, you must not be from around here!

Geezer writes:

This article was one week before the election and ten days before Popoff, Forcht and Kiester were sworn in. There is NO question where the candidates stood on the STRP, Hall is just starting a dirty campaign and needs a scapegoat to attack. Exerts taken from a NDN March 13, 2006 article.

By Billy Bruce (Contact)
Monday, March 13, 2006

The field consists of Joe Batte, Heyward Boyce, Ted Forcht, Chuck Kiester, Rob Popoff, Joe Simons and Steve Stefanides. Boyce served a four-year term on the council, but was defeated in his re-election bid in 2004. Stefanides lost his first bid for a council seat in 2004. The rest are newcomers to the city's political field.

The candidates are as split on the issue as the current council. The sewer program lives or dies when county elections officials announce the results Tuesday night.

Forcht, Batte and Kiester are against the sewer program because they don't believe city waterways are at crisis pollution levels that would warrant such a program. They believe the current council hasn't done its homework on the benefits of sewers over septic systems.

Simons, Popoff, Stefanides and Boyce, however, favor getting rid of septic tanks. They believe that environmental agencies such as the Florida Department of Environmental Protection, the South Florida Water Management District, The Conservancy of Southwest Florida and others are right when they warn that septic systems don't operate properly and pollute waterways when located in low-lying coastal areas like Marco.

"Saying that septic tanks treat wastewater as well as sanitary sewers is just flat wrong," Simons said. "I know. I've built sewers."

The pro-sewer candidates aren't sure whether the city is trying to do too much too fast, and wonder if there may be a more fair, equitable way to charge residents for the connections.

Boyce favors slowing down the seven-year program.

The Collier road construction project has drawn the ire of residents who live in condominiums along the busy four-lane road, as well as business owners whose shop-fronts align the boulevard.

The city plans to finish the project by December 2007, but all seven candidates oppose the city's continued use of the former Glon property — site of the future Veterans Community Park — as a staging area for project contractors.

Popoff, Simons and Stefanides have backed off making such promises, promises they say they can't keep, because they know they can't possibly please all the people all the time. They say they'll be good listeners but will make decisions based on what they believe is right for Marco after they've studied the issues and heard the varying viewpoints.

ejburger writes:

HappyHarry, I've been around here much longer than I would like to admit. I was here when the only bar was the Islander and I could eat clams off of my sea wall because the canal water was so clean. I was here when MITA was started and when, for a short time Fay Biles actually let Russ Columbo be president of MITA. At one time I was a member of MITA. I was here at the inception of the city during the Ed Day, Kjell Petersen days which were equaly as ugly as the contention we have now. And I was here when the last election took place and Popoff, like the srticle above states, was in favor of the STRP.

I am pleased that Hall threw his hat in the ring becasue it will be pleasing to see him under the microscope. Politicians say virtually anything to get elected, remember, "read my lips, no new taxes?" Hall will promise anything and attack anyone who gets in his way, unfortunatly that is his nature and remember a vote for Hall is a vote for Godfrey Davies.

Next I expect that Neylon will announce his candidacy, at least Neylon has his own opinions and ideas and will not be a puppet. But like Hall, Neylon is new to the island and spends the bulk of his time outside of Marco, at least Batte acutally lives here.

lauralbi1 writes:

Let's see, we have 85% of the Island contracted for sewers. I submit that STRP is NOT an issue and without the STRP issue, Hall and Batte have nothing to offer for the future of our City. Let's see, or should we make the STRP the major issue which would benefit the citizens of Marco as 85% SHOULD VOTE FOR CANDIDATES THAT SUPPORT THE STRP SO AS TO SHARE IN THE COST AND FUTURE OF MARCO WITH AS MANY CITIZENS AS POSSIBLE. Hopefully, the 15% (2,000) will be just that and we can get a Council that will keep moving our Island in a positive direction.
So, I guess I would say to Mr. Batte and Mr. Hall, keep expressing your opposition to the STRP and your deisre to stop it as much as possible !! By the way, we will certainly publish your comments over the past two years on this issue so as many Islanders as possible can see wheer you stand in leaving them (the 85%) holding the bag. Thank you for running gentlemen. Oh, Mr. Hall, are you going to offer your property as a storage site for treated wastewater so we can do what you recommended as a result of your interview with Coral Springs officials ?? Or, should we publish the letter from the Collier County Water manager that stated that you mis-quoted him. Or do you want to keep quoting individuals that have everything to gain from continued development of Marco island (Collier County officials).

Lolala writes:

Geezer, it is common knowledge on this island that the reporter's story you quoted had a bias supporting the City. That is probably why he was fired. You will not win any converts quoting his writings. Popoff told us that he would stop the STRP until he was able to study the way we paid for it and make it more equitable. His first vote was to do the opposite. He never stopped or delayed the STRP as he promised. Many of us fell for that promise and we let him know how disappointed we were with his vote at the time. He even received a letter from former MI politicos severely reprimending him for using their support in such an underhanded way. It was a classic bait and switch act to garner votes, it exposed his lack of integrity early on. If he had been honest like the other anti-STRP condidates many of his votes would have gone to Batte and the STRP would have been dead. That's history. By the way, Mr. Hall does not lie. Has your hate clouded your mind so much you no longer understand what a lie is? If you want what the current leadership is doing to continue then do not vote for Mr. Hall. By the way, stop voting 8 times every time you sign on to this site. That is dishonest to say the least.

Oracle writes:

Last time I checked there will be 1,000 sites completed at the end of this year. That leaves 5,500 to go. I expect that a lot of contracts will be awarded this winter in an effort to bury us in the project. It still will be cheaper to cancel the contacts than to move forward. The next council will stop the STRP. The question is how much damage are the current members willing inflict on the city to try and trap us into continuing with this absurd project.

rogerhall59 writes:

Thank all of you that have called, e-mailed and responded in a positive manner on this site. I appreciate and need your support.

I believe the issues at stake are more important than simply serving as fodder for anonnymous banter on this site. I invite all interested parties to visit my web site www.voterogerhall.com and go to the blog. My positions are clearly stated and I will respond to your questions there.

Thank you,

Roger Hall

Geezer writes:

Popoff did nothing wrong and you know it. Is this the first time a politician disappointed you? In the mean time Hall and Batte are setting themselves up to promise the world and not deliver. Political candidates get elected and find out they are not as quite sharp as they think they are. And let's be honest, if Popoff didn't run Stefanites would have beat Batte. My recollection is that he got more votes than Batte. In addition, does Hall need to run his campaign on attacking those that disagree with him while saying that he doesn't like name calling. As for voting eight times, I wish you would tell me how to do that!

MarcoFacts writes:

A biased reporter, like Bania? What does that have to do with a political stance. Billy Bruce did not get fired. One lie and spin after another from you people. Just like the accurate article stated, Batte, Forcht and Kiester were aginst the STRP and the other candidates supported the sewer program. The candidates in the past election were clearly entrenched in their stances. Keep up the good work with the negative propaganda and lies it will only help the honest candidates that run for office.

barfieldfly writes:

GEEZER, (and your 7 other aliases.)
Did you not know that CARES backed Popoff in the election under the FALSE pretense that Benedict Popoff promised to halt the STRP 'till there was sufficient evidence for its need?'

I guess birds of a feather really do flock together.

Lolala writes:

Marcofacts: get your facts straight. One day Billy Bruce was there the next he was gone. We call that being fired where I come from. Don't campare Bania with the prostitute Bruce. Bania has real talent and doesn't care if the city feeds him or not, there is plenty of "negative" work going on in City Hall that he doesn't need any help from the CM. He tells it like it is. It is not the fault of our citizens that this story has a "negative" twist. The City has been making all the news during the past two years and it has all been negative. If any candidate runs to support the current Council and it's activities, they can't possibly be honest, can they? The city has already proven that it is self-serving and interested only in spending our tax dollars as though those dollars belonged to the Council. MarcoFacts, it is time to be honest. Stop your spinning.

Lolala writes:

Geezer, being dishonest is a crime in my book. But then I hold my elected officials to a higher standard then you do. Popoff lied to his consitutency and thus stole votes from other candidates to achieve his ill gotten goal. He has no integrity. Geezer, tell me something. How is a candidate running against the policies of the current crowd going to be successful without showing the obvious? Of course candidates are going to be aggressive and hit on these policices and the intentions of those who designed them. That is what this election is all about. The current Council and City Manager have left our city looking like a war zone. It stinks, it is contaminated with hazardous waste and owes more money then we can pay off in a hundred years. That is the legacy any candidate must deal with. Don't vote for Mr. Hall if you like what you see.

Soloman writes:

CARES never backed Popoff period. They campaigned against him. What a down right lie. Typical politics, I guess Hall can't get elected on his own merits so he needs to get elected by making up faults with our current leadership.

Oracle writes:

Ray Beauford, Soloman, Geezer, sailingalong, etc. we all know you are the same bitter, hateful judas that turned against the malcontents. If you remember, you were as angry as everybody else on the island with Popoff's vote for the STRP. It's people like you that hide behind multiple aliases to spread distortions and hate that undermine the quality of the debate. We all know your track record as a leader. Why don't you use your energies to take care of your family instead of telling us how to run the island? Please take your crap and go "sailingalong"

tinhat writes:

This is my first ever try at this. My husband tells me that the people who write in this blog are mostly frustrated wannabes that haven't got the guts to run for Council and just want to make noise.

He may be right, I keep seeing the same people harp on about the same s----- thing. The person who claims that someone isn't a voter, and keeps going on about it should check the voter list in Naples. It's easy to do, just walk in and there's a terminal right there and they'll show you how to do it. I've done it.

My husband and I, and many of our friends and neighbors voted for Rob Popoff. We thought he was a breath of fresh air, a good looking young man with a lot of energy. My husband knows Tom Owens, who is now married to Rob's mother, a very nice lady, with a wonderful family.

I don't care what the writers in here say about Rob and what he did, and what he implied. I know what I and everyone else heard and read, which is why we voted for him in the first place. Words cannot describe the shock, disbelief, disgust, and feeling of betrayal, we have all experienced since that first Council meeting when we all saw for the first time the real Rob Popoff and his real agenda. Whoever helped him with a "switch and bait" plan is a devious, cunning person with no morals. I don't think any Popoff would have behaved like this, somebody put him up to it, and he went with it.

He made a mistake that he has to live with, because no one I know would ever trust him again with anything.

My husband is friendly with Ray Beaufort, who is a nice man that follows all the goings on with the Council. Somebody has to keep an eye on them and Ray is the man for the job. My husband just showed me a letter that Ray sent to somebody talking about Rob Popoff and this one paragraph tells me all I need to know about what happened at the last election.


You are truly an intellectually challanged preson. Did you actually think that we would let you join with us to take back our island. HELLO!! I was being facetious when I invited you to join us. Your vision for the future of Marco Island is far from our vision. This group of so called "malcontents" as your minority calls us wears that badge proudly.LAST ELECTION WE DEFEATED EVERY CANDIDATE YOUR MINORITY GROUP HAD THROWN AT US EXCEPT ROB POPOFF AND HE HAD TO LIE TO THE PUBLIC TO GAIN THE MARGIN NEEDED TO WIN AND I ASSURE YOU THAT WILL NOT HAPPEN AGAIN.
Ray Beaufort.

I'm looking forward to this next election, looks like the campaign has started. I'm voting for Hall and Batte. I voted for Batte last time and I like what he has to say. Roger Hall tried to make a difference to Marco with the recall, I think that went away, but Roger Hall didn't and he isn't giving up on Marco. All my friends and neighbors and even my husband is sick of what is going on, we need to change that!!

Thank you for reading my first blog, my husband will be mad at me, but he'll get over it.

Lolala writes:

I have it on good authority that someone very close to the top of CARES really did vote for Popoff. Many were fooled, including those who
believed four anti STRP candidates were enough. Tucker sure blew that idea out of the water too. Do you think Tucker put Popoff up to it?

Geezer writes:

Lolala, if being dishonest is a crime in your book how then could you possible back Hall? He lied about the John Glenn letter from the Sierra club and he also lied about his conversation with Mr. Rech from the county Health Dept.? The facts are the facts, stick to your standards or to quote Ed Foster and Lolala "Put up or shut up!" The fact is, you can be given facts in black and white and still manage to spin them. It will be a very interesting campaign and hope for your sake Mr. Hall is ready for some VERY direct questions during candidate nights!

Come on Barfieldfly, it's pretty obvious that all your posts sound like you're the same person so let's be honest, if in your case it's possible. Hall has no platform so he will just run a negative campaign in hopes of winning at the expense of someone else. Doesn't work but have at it! And don’t worry yourself with my vote. One thing is for sure, my wife and I will NEVER vote for the dishonest newcomer Recall Roger.

barfieldfly writes:

Geezer, Tinhat has your jock.

Flowerpower writes:

What does any of this have to do with Hall and his qualifications?

optomist writes:

Beaufort/Geezer and all your other names, Hall didn't lie about anything. John Glen wrote a letter to the council. Hall helped him with it. He didn't forge Glen's signature. Glen doesn't have any problem. What's your problem? Rech did not recant any of the positions that Hall said he took. He did not back away from the statement that the septic tanks are working fine on Marco Island and will continue to do so for the foreseeable future with proper maintenance. You are the hypocritical liar on this blog as the above postings prove. It is a sad commentary for the other side that you are the best spokesman they can come up with. I wonder what they will think of you now your e-mail to Tarik is on display? Have you no shame? If you had any decency you would crawl into a hole and disappear.

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