Bye, Bill Moss: Good-natured ribbing, praise showered at farewell luncheon

This time around, any references to Septic Tank Replacement Programs, asbestos scattering and dissident citizens were purely tongue-in-cheek.

Hilariously so for the 150 or so people who gathered at a Wednesday luncheon at Hideaway Beach on Marco Island to say farewell to city manager Bill Moss.

One by one, an array of speakers first weighed in with light touches, and then praised the work Moss has done as Marco Island’s first and only city manager.

Jim Curran, billed as a “resident-at-large” on the program — but who actually is a prolific island volunteer and well-known personality — had the gathering in stitches when he referred to “Sewergate” and “Asbestosgate” before his punchline: “But enough of the good times...”

Curran raised even more laughs when he called Moss to the podium to present him with a “Golden Commode.”

On a serious note, original councilman David Brandt praised Moss’s work in putting the city’s first budget together, and being instrumental in the city acquiring its own water plant.

Former council chair Vicki Kelber spoke of Moss’ assertive leadership during Hurricane Wilma in 2005, while in interviews with the Marco Eagle, a visibly emotional Lisa Douglass — the city’s Public Information Officer — said his staff are happy for his career move to Naples, but sad to see him depart.

Douglass said Moss had set the framework for his successor(s).

“I think the challenge now is for the community to pull together,” Douglass said.

Councilor Terri DiSciullo said Moss had helped her become a better public officer, and that he was always open about current issues.

“Many people might perceive that he makes the decisions, but he gives us (the council) to tools to do that,” she said. “We make the decisions.”

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barfieldfly writes:

Bill Moss leaving, a true S.O.B. story.

MarcoAvenger writes:

You are pathetic barfieldfly

happy6 writes:

if Bill gives the tools to make the decisions....there have been some real bad decisions made..maybe because we're trying to use a snow shovel to dig a hole.flush the gold commode!

kricket104103 writes:

Barfield-fly away! barfield-fly away! far far away!!

exposed writes:

Barfieldfly a true hero!
Moss, don't let the door hit you on the bottom on the way out!

MarcoFacts writes:

Great event with a sold out crowd of civic leaders. Didn't see any of the usual suspects that complain about everything. Moss is not the S.O.B. that title is owned by barfieldfly and several of the other sorry bloggers (probably all the same blogger with 10 different names).

One of the speakers today said it all, Moss was chosen out of 165 candidates and Naples chose the best, most qualified city manager, a loss for Marco and a gain for Naples! Naples Mayor Barnett said that he ignored the 2% of negative complainers on Marco Island which is good advice for our elected officials.

I will not pay to cancel sewers! Why should I pay for something I don't have? Canceling the STRP now will cost everyone. Count me in on the class action lawsuit against any councilor that votes to cancel the program.

Flowerpower writes:

barfieldfly, you are a piece of work. God help us if people like you get your candidates in office.

JohninMarco writes:

He left the frying pan and jumped into the fire. I think his time in Naples will be very telling.

MarcoAvenger writes:

Message to JohninMarco,exposed,barfieldfly, and van – Can you guys post anything that makes any sense? You guys write in some juvenile code. Perhaps you need to get out of the house for some exercise and some vitamin D. Perhaps that would help your bleak outlook on life. Please remember there is more to life than sitting in a dark room typing on the internet.

Lolala writes:

150 people were actually found to attend this function? How many of them were City employees, present and current council members? How many were members of the Chamber of Commerce? How many were Rotarians? How many were members of the Real Estate Community? How many were representitives of our Corporate community? I wonder how many residents that did not have a business or job related interest felt compelled to attend?

7ate9 writes:

Seems to me Avenger, what Barfieldfly and the others are saying is the sentiment amoungst our citizens, at least from what I'm hearing.

15yearsmarco writes:

MarcoFacts your quote

"I will not pay to cancel sewers! Why should I pay for something I don't have? Canceling the STRP now will cost everyone. Count me in on the class action lawsuit against any councilor that votes to cancel the program."

Now you know how I feel about the STRP, why should I pay for something I do not want or need?
If the people elected in the next election cancel the STRP it is because the majority of voters want it canceled and the people who are responsible for any cost you may incur are the counselors who went ahead with this ill conceived project without the support of the people of Marco.

ba10da69 writes:

Does this man at least have more than one suit....he always wears the same suit.

bbyrone46 writes:

Now if we can just get rid of the other big spenders, our City will be able to get back on it's feet. If you are tired of all the construction, great mounds of dirt, dust and dump trucks tearing up our bridges and roads, vote for CHANGE. Vote for four of the following Allen, Batte, Guidry, Hall and Neylon each an advocate of our residents and not the developers and builders.

Leroy writes:

Maybe I'm missing something? What is wrong with organizations like the Chamber of Commerce, Rotary, Board of Realtors, Kiwanis Club, and the others you mentioned barfieldfly? I guess I will never understand your way of thinking, these are great organizations.

tptcolumbusway writes:

hysterical, this mediocre city manager spent us to the poor house and these morons can laugh. Good luck Naples, it was a nice place. Little wonder Lisa Douglass was emotional, most qualified executives don't need a public relations manager to say hello for them. Don't worry Lisa, Moss will make Naples a mess and need you too spin his misdeeds for him.

tptcolumbusway writes:

Marcofacts, I have been in the search business for a long time and many companies pick the wrong guy. 165 candidates, why not say 300 million since that is the population of the US. Do you really think that this guy did a good job here? I doubt that the search guy had 165 candidates. As to why they picked him, I am surprised. He has been mired in conflict for 2 years, misled the people of this city, been deceitful, he needs a public relations person to spin his message. I am thrilled that Naples saw him as a good candidate. We can debate this on here if you like, but it has all been said. The asbestos debacle, the sewer fees being padded with costs that are not legally allowed to be passed on to the new users, no testing to support the sewer project. The list is long and embarrassing to him and this city. Just because Naples picked him does not make him a good city manager. He was the last man standing when Marco picked him.

We are all sure that your contributions to the city, Marcofacts, are substantial and it is obvious that you have had encounters with Moss. Politicians are engaging people and Moss is a politician. I am sure he smooth and has charisma. I never met the man and have no need to. I can look at his record and decide. He needs to go and we need a change. It is that simple Marcofacts. "It's not personal, it’s only business", to steal a line from my favorite movie.

EdFoster writes:


There's nothing wrong with any of those organizations or with the work they do. I believe the writer of the blog you object to simply wanted to point out that most of the 150 attendees probably were connected to the city in some way (councilors, city employees, members of business organizations) who felt "obliged to attend" and were not necessarily representative of the typical Marco resident. Now, if there were 1500 people who turned out to wish Bill well, that would mean something, but 150 means nothing; there are close to that number at a Sunshine Rotary breakfast.

Personally, I wish Bill well in Naples. I do think he had become a center of controversy on Marco and it is best for our island that he move on (his tenure here was far longer than is typical of a city manager) but I've never questioned his effectiveness.

Ed Foster

blondie writes:

Reply to Lolala, once again you are right on target. Yes, they do a lot of good and yes, they consist of some very nice folks. None the less, they are made up from an inner circle rather than general citizens. The majority of Marco's population is a rather mixed group of people from all over with varing backrounds. It may appear that the City"s inner group of Clubs is rather incestuous and of one mind rather than the more broader field of citizens. To Leroy, yes, these organizations do much good and are also made up of wellmeaning citizens. However this group too,is close knit and does not match the profil of all the citizens of Marco.

Hawke1 writes:

MarcoFacts: Believe what you like. Fact is Moss acted as a spoiler to those 135 candidates found by the search committee and paid for by the tax payer. Moss didn't apply until the last possilble minute. He wasn't in the official running until he slipped his application under the back door of the Naples Council Chambers. He did not compete until the field was already whittled down to a managable group. He probably had a whole bunch of CC and Marco politicos bending the ears of the Naples politicos before he dropped his application off. This is SWF and that is likely the way this went down. Only question remaining is how much are all the promises and favors going to cost the citizens of Naples?

MarcoFacts writes:

I like the new and improved, kinder and gentler Ed Foster. I actually agree with your last post and that of tptcolumbusway...I don't mind disagreeing I just hate the “agree or be chastised” attitudes of some. Maybe we are making progress.

EdFoster writes:

To the author of the above post:

I am not new; I'm getting older by the minute. Maybe I've improved some; I try to improve each day. I am not kinder nor am I gentler than I was; I am the same Ed Foster. Those who know me, know that I am kind and gentle, that I do not lie nor do I purposely deceive, that I check my facts very carefully and that I strongly believe that we must protect our environment because, without a clean environment, clean canal waters and clean beaches, we have little left to enjoy or to offer to visitors.

That is why I oppose the STRP so strongly. It is dangerous. Those that support the STRP try to besmirch me and my message because they cannot refute it. They are the true hate mongers as was painfully apparent at the Celebrate Marco meeting where they called for opponents to be shot. Perhaps it is you (whoever you are) who has improved and is kinder and gentler than you were so that you are open to consider my message. If so, maybe we are making progress.


Ed Foster

EdFoster writes:

Thank you Joey. And happy holidays to you and yours too.

Ed Foster

barfieldfly writes:

To LEROY; MARCOFACTS and the resident inbred JOEYWALNUTS; Where the hell did I write anything about the Kiwanis club, Rotary Club etc... You Bozos as usual just make up crap and then feed off of each other lies, taken right from the book of Aceri and Minozzi. Nicely done fellas.

tathiede writes:

Those of you who oppose septics did not attend Butch Neylon's informational meeting a couple of weeks ago at Mackle Park. It was very enlightening and full of facts. Everything he showed us - photos, charts, graphs, etc. made common sense. There's no way I would want sewer on Marco knowing what I know now. Already there have been sewer spills from the Tigertail area. We will have broken pipes out the wazoo since our ground seems to shift easily. After Wilma many homes had the ground sink around them and pulled their pipes along with it.

Oh, by the way, I saw Bill Moss and his wife looking at new Lexus' this past weekend at Germain. He looked like a farmer needing a John Deer tractor more than a luxury vehicle!

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