Waldack is fifth to announce Marco City Council candidacy

On Tuesday, he filed with the City of Marco Island to run in January’s City Council elections, becoming the sixth candidate to announce.

He joins candidates Joe Batte, Roger Hall, Butch Neylon, Ken Allen, Frank Recker, and most recently, Andrew Guidry, who announced his decision to run Wednesday.

That brings the tally to seven candidates, all vying for four council seats. Two will become vacant after the terms of Chair Mike Minozzi and Councilor Glenn Tucker expire, with another two, held by councilors Terri DiSciullo and Bill Trotter up for re-election. DiSciullo and Trotter have both said they are still mulling over the decision to run.

Waldack, 68, has one grown daughter, Theresa, and six grandchildren. His first wife, Phyllis, passed away in 1981, as did his son, Robert, in 2005. He is currently unmarried.

Waldack’s first forays onto Marco were during the 1960s, when his parents bought a lot and built a house here, moving in permanently in 1972. He moved to the island full-time in 1995 to care for his elderly mother.

On the island, Waldack is heavily involved in the Knights of Columbus and San Marco Catholic Church as an usher and Eucharistic minister.

Wayne Waldack

Eagle staff

Wayne Waldack

He majored in Aeronautical Engineering at Lewis College in Lockport, Ill., but chose to go into building maintenance when companies in need of aeronautical engineers began laying off employees in 1959. A decade later, he went into real estate in Illinois, working in customer relations and eventually opening his own firm in Hinsdale, Ill.

Waldack said the decision to run for Marco Island City Council was not an easy one, but that he looked at the remarks made by “anti-city candidates” and was compelled to run in defense of “what has been accomplished in the short ten years of city-hood.”

“We elected (City Council) to do a job,” he said. “I’ve seen a lot of people who’ve been very unprofessional in the way they’ve attacked them. Some of it is really unjust. I don’t like that kind of action. I’m not going to be the knight in shining armor — but I’m going to try to do anything I can to bring people together.”

He says the single biggest issue on the island —and the issue he is focusing on— is the question of whether the Septic Tank Replacement Program should or will continue. While he says he wishes that issue was not the most obtrusive in the upcoming election, he feels that it is the one thing that has driven a wedge between the island’s citizens.

“As much as I would like to not make that an issue, we have to look at where we’re at today,” Waldack said. “We should build on it, not tear it down and start over.”

He points to the cost of the sewers, blaming it as the source of the conflict.

“If we were to take money out of the equation, and let’s say sewers were free, I don’t think the sewers would really be an issue,” he added. “In reality, it’s been the money, and we should have spent more time on solving money issues.”

He said he believes the city is too far gone on the new sewer system to cancel the remaining years of construction, especially at the expense of canceled contracts totaling a reported $30 million.

Waldack blames the division on sewers for leading to a City Council that seems aloof. He says the current structure of dialogue forces council members to go on the defensive every time a speaker attacks them “in ways that are not professional.”

“When we get people coming up and attacking City Council, the first thing they do is go like this,” he said crossing his arms and reclining in his chair. “They don’t discuss things in front of the public, and I think the public objects to that. And we have to break down that barrier.”

On outgoing City Manager Bill Moss, Waldack said he feels that Moss was pushed out by promises from the four “anti- city candidates” to get rid of Moss if elected.

“Every (City Council) has given him high praise for his professionalism,” he said. “For four people to get up there and say, ‘We’re going to fire him,’ prior to another election, I think it was really a disservice to the community at large and the next City Council, whether I’m on it or not.”

Waldack said that while Moss has not done his job perfectly, neither has the City Council, and there is something to be said for Moss earning consistently positive reviews from a slate of seven bosses.

“But,” he continued, “it’s not about Bill Moss anymore. It’s about where we’re going and what we’re going to do.”

Among other issues on Waldack’s platform, he says he is particularly concerned about density — either the reduction of it or efforts to hold it steady and refuse to rezone parcels for additional units.

“My recommendation is that all of the properties that are zoned, their zoning should not change unless it’s going to be for a lesser use,” he said.

He also says he would like to restrict complexes from placing parking areas across the street from the actual buildings. He says it would not only limit the density of those buildings, but also prevent a “hazard” with patrons crossing the street from parking areas.

Waldack says he would also like to see a teen center finally established, calling it “overdue,” and says the city should work closer with the YMCA to see that together, the two entities can continue to provide quality services without overlapping one another.

Additionally, he advocates responsible spending within the city’s 3 percent spending cap, but concedes that the city will likely run into funding problems if the state continues on its current track of property tax cuts.

“We should live within the cap, but it may become an issue down the road if we have further depreciation of property values or tax cuts by the governor,” he said. “I don’t think the cap should be a hindrance, but I think it should be really observed.”

The same principle should apply to the questions of how to fund bridge repairs and a possible special fire assessment, he added.

“I think it has to be kept in the budget, but being able to raise the extra moneys, and still keep it in the spending cap,” he said of the fire assessment issue. “Now that’s a tricky situation.”

He says he does think property values will experience an upswing soon, though it will take the completion of major projects like North Collier Boulevard and the sewer installation to reverse the downhill trend.

He said the construction has been a necessary pain that will improve the quality of life and property values for people island-wide.

“I would rather see all of these projects done today so we can get it over with,” he said.

“Remodeling a house is a major inconvenience. Doing it on an island, it’s a bigger inconvenience. But we’ve had thirty years of neglect by the county to deal with.”

With a background in real estate, Waldack says he is certain that property values across the island will be improved by eliminating septic tanks.

He says he knows the issues on the island are contentious, but that the island can only be returned to the paradise everyone knows it to be after the factions here can come to a consensus.

“It’s about getting the two sides together,” he said.

Not an easy task, he admits.

“I think what we have to do is let down our guard,” he added.

“We’re gonna have to develop a dialogue of some sort, whether it’s through an open forum, or over coffee.”

“We have to develop one set of ideas that’s good for the community. We both have to give. I don’t want to say 50-50, because I don’t want to give my position away,” he said with a laugh.

“But you have to be negotiable.”

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15yearsmarco writes:

You are wrong Mr. Waldack most people are not againt the strp because of the money, most people are agenst it because the way it was forced on them.
People are mad that they did not have a say on a $130,000,000 project that would dig up this island for years without evidence it was needed.

15yearsmarco writes:

I forgot to do spell check to my post, please forgive the mistakes.

waterday writes:

Wow, we have a candidate for council who thinks our city manager and council has created Real Estate Magic! Property values are not going to go on an upswing with sewers. Sewer assessments not paid attached to these properties by homeowners who can not or defer payment for the 20 years or so allowed, will not be able to sell. The sewers are not going to make Real Estate Magic! The Road Mess when finished is not going to add any Real Estate Magic. This is quite laughable- I also have a Real Estate background, and find these statements quite ridiculous and untrue. I would come to the conclusion that this mess completed or uncompleted has and will bring already downswing economy prices of Real Estate even lower.
I do hope the four candidates- that I will now call"for the Residents that live in the City" do get elected, I do believe you have it all wrong, when you classify these individuals as "against City" this also is quite funny. If Moss had done his job correctly the majority on the island would not feel like we had no say in the Sewers and that the city just pushed this mess on us. Was it needed? I do not think so. But No one like us old timers who have lived here a very long time, had any say. From what I just read above, I will classify you as "For the Sewers" and do not count on a vote from me for your council seat. I do agree with you on one issue. The children on this island are long overdue for a Teen Center. But hey, we have bigger spending items on the agenda- our kids don't matter- we have to build bigger roads, and add more sewer lines as quick as possible, spend spend that money then the City passes the debt onto all of us. We at present live in a dictatorship on this island, we need councilors that will listen to the majority of the island and will do what is necessary to turn around a mess created from councilors that have been puppets for a city manager, that managed as big government would have done. We are a small island. We are not New York!

Avenger writes:

Fascinating—Wayne Waldack wants to start a dialogue now! He says that “It’s about getting the two sides together.” A laudable idea, but one that is coming from a man who worked overtime to encourage the divisiveness we have here. He even appropriated Monty Lazarus’ acronym “CAVE” to denigrate anyone who dared disagree with his positions.

I did a search for “Wayne Waldack” on Marconews.com, and got back about seven pages of the letters and comments that he has written. Others might find some of those letters very revealing. I think the one below certainly gives us more insight into what Wayne really believes. (He ever explains what “CAVE” means!)


Wednesday, August 15, 2007

"What do Joe Batte, Fay Biles, Kjell W. Pettersen, and Sayre Uhler have in common? All have written letters to the editor and or guest commentary’s and all belong to the infamous group appropriately named C.A.V.E. (Citizens Against Virtually Everything) which includes MITA, CARES, POP, Friends of Marco,
the waterway council and the recall committee.

Joe Batte states it is appropriate to keep the status quo with septic systems. Has someone forgotten to inform him that there are two potent sources of the hydrogen sulfide aroma that permeates the air?
1. The fact that below the island paradise we live on once was a mangrove swamp, that man created into this island paradise.
2. The effluent runoff matter from existing septic systems.

Common Sense tells us that septic systems and a mangrove island are not compatible.

Collier County Officials made a huge error when they permitted septic systems on the island to appease the lot owners in undeveloped areas so they could build. It was wrong but the expedient thing to do! That huge error was realized some 15 years ago when septic system permits became only temporary permits. Where you informed?

Everything I read from various sources state that septic systems in coastal areas, low lands, near swamps, rivers, lakes and other bodies of water suggest other means of sewerage (waste) treatment. Some members of C.A.V.E. have reported an opposite viewpoint based on taking bits and pieces of information and developing their own theory that satisfies their objective.
Preserve our paradise and eliminate septic systems."
Wayne Waldack , Marco Island

Leroy writes:

Way to go Wayne! Recker and Waldack for Marco City Council. We have to do whatever we can to keep the "hate slate" from getting into office. A vote for the "hate slate" is a vote for Godfrey "Goebbels" Davies - leader of the anti city propaganda machine!

Lolala writes:

So his principal motivation for running is to defend “what has been accomplished in the short ten years of city-hood.” That's going to be a good trick. I used to have a paved street outside my house now I have a sand trail. For months I haven't been able to wash my car because it gets dirty just going to the supermarket. This city has borrowed so much money we will never get out of debt. I will now have to pay a utility bill for sewer that I was never shown I needed. My City is going to build an expensive redundent deep well to dump re-usable water into rather than bring it to my lawn. Our street lights on Collier Blvd ensure high electric bills for our city for eternity. We have no money in our reserves to help us in case of a large storm. The money we paid to the utility company to bury our neighborhood power lines is all gone. There is no money to maintain the enfrastructure we have. We are about to be double charged for fire/rescue service so that money can be found to continue this uncontrolled spending. Mr. Waldick, this is your platform? Who in their right mind would vote to continue this mess? I'm sorry but I have to ask one more question. Why are the Knights of Columbus so determined to make us broke? First John Arceri, then Mike Minozzi and now Wayne Waldick? The Knights are known for their beneficial work not for taking advantage of their community. Please stop sending these folks up for City Council that keep increasing our taxes and spend our treasury for things we cannot afford.

tptcolumbusway writes:

Your letter to the editor creating the CAVE acronym says it all. I am bemused that you think a 30 million dollar error requires us to spend another 100 million dollars on top of it. Will that correct it? Your position has been clear from your letters to the editor. Read carefully, Sewers are the single biggest source of pollution to coastal waters in the United States. In addition, Marco is no longer a mangrove island; it has been filled with sand. Sand is used as filtration for waste water all over the world. If Marco was still a mangrove island it would be floating like all of the other mangrove islands. Take a boat ride and see for yourself. Please stay retired and give your service to the Knights of Columbus.

Oracle writes:

I think we have had enough of the Knights. They are not supposed to be a political organization. Poor Wally hasn't had a job in 12 years and is obviously nothing more than a Minozzi clone. Wally, if you haven't been successful for 68 years why should we believe you can change the pattern now? We need winners with proven skills related to our needs to lead us out of the morass. You are a nice guy and we respect that you retired at 56 to take care of your mother. Unfortunately, Marco needs a different skill set.

barfieldfly writes:

Oh, If I was a rich man.. doodoood doood doooodo dooooo, dum dum dum dum dumda dede dum do do do do do dod doooo do do do do
Everybody sing!
Um oh, sorry I saw a picture of Anthony Quinn and I got carried away.

Hawke1 writes:

Mr. Waldack, which is it? Are you advocating the continued irresponsable spending of our treasure on a badly thought out project like the sewer or are you willing to control spending? Every month this project runs into difficulties and expensive increases. Now we find that we have little money left to repair and replace our bridges. Sounds to me like those who continue to dig this hole do not care about our city's ability to pay it's own way. The sewer project alone put such a heavy strain on our revenue stream that we cannot absorb a 9 per cent mandated cut in revenue from the State. Only last year we had more than 3 million dollars in our reserves which is gone now. We seem to be unable to maintain our fire/rescue capabilities hence your consideration of an assessement and one Councilmember even suggested that we should give up our police department. That sir, is very serious and threatens the continued existance of our cityhood. If a City can no longer offer services to protect it's citizens, why have it? It is thoughts of unending money without accountablity that will cause the demise of our hometown. Continued support of unbridled spending policies inititated by irresponsible representitives like Minozzi, Tucker, Trotter and Popoff are revealing these Councilmembers to be anti-city. If the policies these men support are permitted to continue at the current pace, we may find ourselves under the county again. Please rethink your support for the continued unnessary sewering of our community at it's current pace. Don't furthe threaten our very existance.

EdFoster writes:

Mr. Waldack:

You claim to have majored in Aeronautical Engineeering at Lewis College? That's interesting! Lewis College does not offer a degree in Aeronautical Engineering. They do offer an Associate Degree in Aircraft Maintenance. Is that the degree you were awarded?

There's a big difference between Aeronautical Engineering and Aircrat Maintenance. I wouldn't feel comfortable flying in a plane designed by a grease monkey. Would you?

Tell us truthfully: do you or do you not have a college degree and, if so, where and when did you receive it and in what discipline. Having a college degree is not the be-all and end-all in life; I know many extremely intelligent and successful people who do not have a college degree and many who do who are total imbeciles (including more PhDs than I care to mention). Whether or not you studied Aeronautical Engineering doesn't matters; whether you lied about it does. So which is it?

Ed Foster

EdFoster writes:

Oh, one other thing Mr. Waldack: could you tell us exactly what you mean by "building maintenance" and how that qualifies you to sit on the Marco Island City Council? Is that sort of like "janitor"? Or am I mistaken?

Ed Foster

ondeckcircle writes:

Mr. Waldack is NOT QUALIFIED for the city council position. He is an Amway salesman. There is nothing in his past that qualifies him for the position. If he is elected, he will be in over his head. Let's not let this happen to the city we love.

ondeckcircle writes:

I must clarify: I know that Mr. Waldack has been an Amway salesman. He approached me about getting involved. I do not know if he is still involved with Amway. That would be interesting to know. To his credit, I must say I appreciated that he did not pursue the Amway issue with me. I made it clear I was already employed and not interested in becoming involved with Amway.

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