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On the one hand, Marco Island City Councilman Ted Forcht doesn’t like the idea of owning a power company and appreciates the service from the city’s electricity provider, Lee County Electric Cooperative (LCEC).

On the other, Forcht would love to see the city get its power lines underground and likes the idea of doing studies before making decisions on big-ticket items, like, say, owning a power company.

These conflicting thoughts leads to some conflicting emotions.

“I don’t want to own that damn power company,” Forcht said. “That would be the most horrible thing in the world. ... The city of Marco Island has absolutely no business owning another utility. It’s like a nightmare. I’ll be tossing in bed all night just thinking about that.”

But, man, would Forcht like LCEC to make more commitments to the undergrounding project.

“I want somebody from off Marco Island to show us some respect,” he said. “With Collier County, we make up a big part of their budget and we’re treated like morons down here. And Collier County contributes a lot to the state budget and they’re treated like morons up there.”

Such is the state of Forcht’s mind heading into two weeks of what figures to be intense discussion about whether the city should look into getting into the power business. City staff has released a nine-page report that recommends the city contract with a consultant and form an ad hoc committee to study the municipalization of the city’s electricity services. The report says potential benefits could include cost reductions to residents, businesses and the city, and provide additional revenue to pay for police, fire and parks services.

The city gave LCEC the opportunity to see the report and the cooperative produced its own seven-page response. Their advice? Don’t do the study.

And let the lobbying begin.

LCEC CEO Dennie Hamilton requested individual meetings with Marco’s seven City Council members, set to happen this week. In response, the city has provided councilors with two sets of “discussion points” for the meetings — one on municipalization and the other on undergrounding. LCEC spokeswoman Karen Ryan said Hamilton wants to make sure the council is hearing from him.

“He hasn’t met them yet, your paper has written some things and that staff report is out,” Ryan said. “And that’s all we’ve heard about this. We want to talk about it and answer any questions they might have.”

LCEC will also be holding a public meeting on June 12 — and Hamilton will be in attendance — at the Marco Island Marriott at 6 p.m. It will be a general question-and-answer session, Ryan said, but she expects both municipalization and undergrounding to be on everyone’s minds.

“Because there’s been some publicity on it, we thought it’d be best for customers to get answers directly from us,” she said.

All this is leading up to June 16’s all-day Marco city budget meeting where council will decide whether to go forward with the study.

The starting point for these discussions began four years ago when the city signed a franchise agreement with LCEC. The agreement states that the city will receive the revenue from a 5 percent tax on island electric bills to be used for undergrounding power lines.

But city officials became frustrated with rising LCEC cost estimates for the project and what they said was a lack of cooperation in providing information. Last year, a city consultant hired to assist with the undergrounding effort suggested the city look at municipalization, which the consultant contended could add $5 million to city coffers without increasing rates. The municipalization idea has begun to gain traction with City Council in the last two months.

On May 19, council voted 5-1 to authorize bids for a pilot program to bury 4.6 miles of electric lines in a residential area in north Marco. Councilman Chuck Kiester dissented and Councilman Rob Popoff was absent. The city is hoping for a bid to come in with a cost closer to its estimate of $200,000 per mile, rather than LCEC’s estimate of $400,000 per mile.

At the meeting, LCEC said the cooperative was “neutral” to undergrounding and supported the city’s pilot program. There was no mention of municipalization at the meeting from either side. But that’s no longer the case.

As for Forcht, he is inclined to support the municipalization study and is unsure why LCEC would be against the city taking a look.

“As a policy maker, I need to be informed,” he said. “I want to know, why are you afraid of the study? When someone bucks somebody like that on a study, you think they know the answer already and they don’t like it.”

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Comments » 47

Joe_Btfsplk writes:

Why individual meetings with city councilers? Why not just meet the city council as a group?

blackwidow writes:

Mr. Forcht:

If the Marco Island City Council wishes to stop being considered morons, stop acting like morons. The council instituted the STRP without one scintilla of evidence that it was necessary, consistently misled the public with threats of pollution and state-mandated installation which the FDEP itself denied would happen, stopped testing the water quality in our canals because there was no evidence that they were polluted with any dangerous substance that could be related to the use of septic systems, declared that their decisions were not based upon "data" and never were, and now you wonder why the Marco Island City Council is considered to be a bunch of morons?

The real reason why some want to buy the electric company is apparent from the staff report quoted in the article: "The report says potential benefits could ... provide additional revenue to pay for police, fire and parks services."

Please stop treating Marco residents as a bunch of morons! You put a tax on electricity to underground the wires and then use the proceeds to buy an incredible number of street lights. You impose the STRP on single-family homeowners who don't want it and use the money to fix your decrepit sewer plant. You want to spend more money on a survey leading to tolling the Jolley Bridge when the people don't want a toll and the state tells you the bridge is safe and, with reasonable maintenance, will remain so. Stop the BS! Tell the people the truth for a change!

dougenman writes:

If this idea is not seen as a cash cow for the city; then nothing that generates a dollar of revenue will ever be out of bounds again. Kinda reminds me of what junta's do in South America.

CouncilmanForcht writes:

Thank you for your Posting #2. I appreciate the feedback of Citizens on my performance.

I'm sure you are just using me to vent a general feeling of frustration with the Government on Marco, because everyone know I have voted against the STRP on ever vote taken at Council because
1) I promised I would
2) I didn't think their was good data on the effects of Storm Surge, Prolonged Power outages on the Pump Stations and the effect of not having anti-backup values in the event of a catastrophic failure.

I know you know that the study on the Jolly Bridge is being paid by the MPO through Federal Dollars and not first person taxes like your Property Taxes. I also think you know that if a new bridge isn't needed then we don't pay a thing.

I am slightly disconcerted that you called me a liar though. I think that is unfair. To the best of my ability and as far as I can tell I have kept ever promise I made during my Campaign and Election. Not only that but because issues arise in day to day government that cant be anticipated during Debates and Elections I send out nearly 2,000 Email copies of the Agenda of the upcoming Council meetings stating my opinion and ASKING for the opinion of the Voters and Tax Payers in the community.
That list isn't just a list of those who agree with me either. Its made up people who have written me through my City Email:
( ) or my private Email:
( ).

I don't mind if you disagree with me, conflict makes the end product better, but do so as a Mature Adult, leave the name calling to those who can only bring themselves up by cutting others down. I know your better than that.

Once again I want to thank you for your thoughts and opinions they have been noted and recorded.

Ted Forcht

27_Year_Resident writes:

Enman, you are either a complete imbecile or you intentionally mislead. Either way you are a non-entity along with Marco Island’s other shameful names like, Foster, Davies, Hall, Neylon, Guidry, Beaufort, Putnam, etc.

Councilor Forcht, while I appreciate your attempts to rationalize your STRP votes I don't appreciate your middle of the road politics. Do what the majority you represent wants you to do, not what the few loud mouth bullies want you to do at meetings. The only people that come to meetings are ones that have a gripe! As evidenced by the recent election where the citizens told you that they want the STRP you still don't represent those citizens. Every state agency supported the STRP for environmental reasons (blackwidow is misleading and incorrect). Remember the testimony from the head of the SWFWMD, THE FDEP and the FDOH? They supported the STRP along with over 60% of well-informed, sane voters. So get over yourself and your self-righteous anti-STRP sentiments because sewers are good for Marco Island.

While you sometimes seem to be the voice of reason on council we're all tired of your anti-STRP BS...get over it and get over yourself; the real heroes on council stood up to the bullies and voted for sewers while you, Kiester and Discullio caved in to the CAVE DWELLERS. It may have made you popular at council meetings but to 60% of the citizens you did the easy thing not the right thing!

As for the electric company I agree with you Mr. Forcht. I am on your mailing list and this blog is not meant to insult you but to let you know, with the exception of the STRP, I support you and am happy you are on council. Just get over the fact that you politically aligned yourself with the WRONG people. You aligned yourself with people that had personal agendas, not people that want what’s best for Marco Island. Now, please focus on doing what is best for Marco Island…not what makes you popular with the naysayers!

blackwidow writes:

Mr. Forcht:

It is unfortunate that the article carried your picture and quoted you first about Marcoites being treated as morons. My posting was not directed at you although, in re-reading it, I can see how you might take it as such. You were not responsible for the STRP; the preceding council was. They acted as morons when they cut the water-testing budget while claiming our canals were polluted. They acted as morons when they expressed complete disinterest in scientific data. They acted as morons when they bought the utility with only 3 days of technical inspections. They acted as morons when they refused to consider government-approved safe alternatives to central sewers and refused to even examine the evidence. You, Mr. Kiester, and (often) Ms. DiSciullo were the only non-morons on the council and were the only ones who even thought of examining alternatives.

I apologize if, in picking up on your "moron" theme, my posting appeared to apply to you. Nonetheless, I never called you a liar and I say now that I am impressed that you read my posting and responded to it. If you wish to see bad will personified on this blog site, read 27_Year_Resident's above. He/she is still banging on Foster, Davies, Hall, Neylon, Guidry, Beaufort, Putnam, etc. The ill-will is apparent: Foster and Davies moved off the island, and in the end Beaufort was one of the staunchest supporters of the STRP. Let us pray that we do not have a bad hurricane season.

Leroy writes:

27 Years, you got all the names right but Ray Beaufort shouldn’t be on that list; his only agenda was to do what was best for Marco Island. How did Beauforts name get tangled up with the long list of dreadful characters above. Mr. Beaufort is a class act whether you agree with him or not. Yes, in the end he did come to his senses and support the STRP for the betterment of Marco Island.

blackwidow, I do agree with 27 Years on one point and that is Councilors Fortch, Kiester and Discullo did not stand up and do what was right when it came to the STRP. They buckled under the pressure and listened to misinformed loud mouths like you!

blackwidow writes:


It is easy to see how Ray Beaufort's name got on the list. He was one of those who brought suit to have Tucker, Minozzi and Trotter recalled. He, in fact, was the one who actually culled the city's e-mail records for incriminating evidence. He also was the one who found asbestos at Veteran's Park after the site had supposedly been clean and was interviewed on TV about that. Then, all of a sudden, he switched sides and became one of the city's staunchest supporters. There have been several theories why he did that (none of them savory, all of them personal), but considering his flip-flop, he can hardly be called "a class act."

You may think that Councilors Forcht, Kiester and DiSciullo "did not stand up and do what was right when it came to the STRP" but you might find yourself singing another tune when Marco beaches are closed by pollution caused by central sewer system problems. Every waterfront community using central sewers has had such spills, 40 million gallons worth in Florida alone in one year, over 3 billion gallons in the United States according to the EPA. It's just a matter of time when it hits us too!

barfieldfly_lowus writes:

blackwidow, you are obviously brainwashed! The Marco sewer system will never flow into the ocean. It is a state of the art sanity sewer line that is a "closed system" kind of like your mind...closed to the facts. It will not ever leak into the ocean unlike your septic tank that leaks into the canals.

Now that the propagandists like Davies and Foster are gone do you feel the need to continue the lies.

27_Years you missed at least two names on your list of disgusting losers: Byrone Erickson and Bill "Kissimmee" McMullen.

Rachael writes:

MR. FORCHT... it is refreshing to see someone actually stick up for themselves in this blog(and have the balls to post their ACTUAL name when doing so). Many people use this site to belittle and hurt people -- and all under the cloak of anonymity. Good for you for sticking up for yourself!

The back and forth between you and BLACKWIDOW shows what these blogs SHOULD be about -- opposite sides of an issue meeting on common ground in a respectful way. Kudos to both of you and thank you for keeping the peace in this negative place we call the Marco News Blog...

maharg writes:

LCEC is owned by us, the citizens of Marco Island. It is a Rural Electric Co-operative that distributes any net income to its customers(us). If the city took it over, any income over and above operations would have to come FROM US!! LCEC is a responsive, well run company that has one responsibility and that is to its customers. They came around a few weeks ago trimming trees before hurricane season, a cost effective action. Does anyone really believe that the bloated Marco Island government would not enrich itself by increasing our electric bills? Go by city hall and count the city vehicles in the lot! Our property values are plunging and the city will be desperately looking for revenue to make up the tax loss. I have no connection with LCEC but they have always been extremely responsive to any problems. We got our power back after Wilma before almost anyone else. Cityhood proponents back in the 90's said the city needed 7 employees in addition to the Firemen. How many do you think we have now??? This place is out of control!!

blackwidow writes:


I find it offensive that you should combine two blog names to post views that are quite the opposite of what either of those people would have written. You've hit a new low in trying to deceive people. When will you use Washington_Jefferson to post Joe Stalin's thoughts? By the way, what is a "sanity sewer line"? There's nothing sane about a sewer line and all leak eventually, even plastic ones that are glued at the seams. This is especially true when they're laid in the shifting sands and muck on which Marco is built. That's why they're so dangerous on coastal islands such as ours. If you don't believe this, ask yourself why the city first videotaped the sewer lines (and never released the results!) and now is testing them with smoke. Use your brains! Think for yourself! Why continue to believe those who have deceived you in the past?

Good post, Rachael, but I support Ted Forcht in general and it is my fault that my first posting was sufficiently ambiguous as to cause him pain. I never should have used his name because it wasn't directed towards him in particular. As he said in his reply, I'm just fed up with the nonsense that passes as intelligence on Marco Island.

Excellent posting, maharg. You're absolutely correct. This is nothing more than a ploy to raise money outside the cap. Ditto for the toll bridge. "Staff" has already told us so.

barfieldfly_lowus writes:

Great comparison; as we all know, Godfrey Davies was both barfieldfly and lowus so to compare me to Washington and Jefferson and Davies to Stalin is very appropriate.

Anyone that feels septic tanks are better than sewers needs their heads examined! If you know so much run for council instead of constantly criticizing everything our community leaders do. They are the elected officials, not you. Their one vote is more powerful than all of your fictional blogs combined.

Get a life loser!

dc5799 writes:

You have really touched a nerve. And I am smiling.

barfieldfly_lowus writes:

What nerve are you talking about dc? On the contrary, I struck a nerve with blackwidow; he said I offended him by using the name barfieldfly_lowus (another loser).You, blackwidow and Van are the only die hard city haters that still don't get it; you are irrelevant, your opinions and thoughts mean nothing to me and I suspect your babbling means nothing to our five outstanding councilors as well. You guys are losers! Reread your blogs during the election; you idiots were so sure the anti-city, anti-everything candidates would get into office. You were wrong about the law suits, wrong about sewers, wrong about the recall, wrong about the asbestos, wrong about the H2S and wrong about t election. You are LOSERS. Stike a nerve?? I think not!! I pity you! Keep up the good work; I enjoy toying with you inept losers.

Fossil writes:

Does anyone besides me think barfieldfly_lowus, 27_year_resident to be the same person? It takes an effort to use the underscore key and I don't believe two different individuals would make that effort in this small community. A review of Leroy's postings and those that used to be made by Ray Beaufort also lead me to think they are one and the same. The strong defense of Ray indicates these folks are either his relatives or they are Ray himself. Just an observation.

MarcoFacts writes:

Fossil, I disagree; just read the blogs on this page above. 27_Year_Resident lumps Bueafort in with all of the naysayers. Why would he write a blog and insult himself? Sorry but your hypothesis doesn't make sense.

Montel writes:

Swore I wouldn't blog after the good guys won the election but this is just too tempting. Fossil must truly be a Fossil if he thinks it's complicated to use the underscore.

Inept Detective Fossil, the underscore " _ " does not take an effort of any kind, you just press the shift key. What in the world are you talking about. Were you also on the grassy knoll? Would love to hear your ingenious opinion on who shot Kennedy.

Wait, I used the word moron and so did blackwidow, therefore we must be the same person...ummm. Hey, I also used the word inept, so I must also be barfieldfly_lowus (whew...excuse me, I'm still recoverimg from using the underscore, it took a lot out of me).

You really need a life Fossil.

blackwidow writes:


Spiders always go for the nerve. Must have struck one if even Lazarus has risen from the dead. Everyone looks at the personalities; no one looks at the facts: 40 million gallons of s__t spilled in Florida in one year, billions of gallons in the United States each year, every gallon coming from a central sewer system. "Staff" knows Marco's sewers leak like sieves. They videotaped them two years ago and have refused to release the tapes. Now they're gassing the lines and, oh yes, if the gas bothers you, just move out for the duration. Why won't these name callers like Lazarus, the newly minted barfieldfly_lowus, Issler and their ilk ever address the issue instead of calling people names?

MarcoFacts writes:

blackwidow, I step on spiders! Where do you get your information from? Do you make it up? You are full of BS! Stop this nonsense and enjoy the's coming to a house near you.

lauralbi1 writes:

There seems to be a gross misunderstanding off LCEC and it's rate structure and how it does business. First off, LCEC is owned by all of it's customers. It is a cooperative. It was formed to supply power to rural locations, farms and such. Marco Island is subsidizing the LCEC customers as we are it;s cash cow. They spend a lot of money distributing power to farms, with little return on that investment, as opposed to Marco where we are a consolidated power block.
As a Cooperative, they are prohibited from "bidding" on power or buying power via competititve supply. As a result, they pay more for the power that they supply us than does FPL, as an example. If Marco did own it, we could get power cheaper.
Just a little background for your consideration.
Ed Issler

blackwidow writes:


If you want facts rather than spider bites, check the website. Backup for what I stated can be found here:

and backup for the spillage that occured if Florida can be found here:

Read and learn!

MarcoFacts writes:

Hahhhahhhhaaa, therein lies the problem blackwidow, there are no facts on the cares website; only fiction.

The true sign of your lack of intellegence is that you read the cares website and believe the information printed there rather than the facts written by the experts at the FDOT, the FDEP, the SWFWMD, etc., etc., etc.

My conversation with you is complete; you are no longer worth talking to if you believe what you read on the cares website...what a joke!

blackwidow writes:


Idiot! There are links to EPA documents, state documents, university studies, etc. on the web site. There always has been. You needn't believe a thing Foster wrote. Just follow the links to real experts, not local yokels like Iglehart and Tears who just push paper around. Or are you scared you might learn something? Read the EPA's report to Congress on the viability of onsite wastewater treatment. Read the EPA's own estimates of leakage from central sewers. Read about the beach closures in communities that use central sewers.

Look, I'll make it easy for you. Just click on the link given in my previous post to the Florida Clean Water Fund. You needn't even contaminate your browser by visiting the CARES site. Learn something and maybe you'll graduate from idiot to moron.

SmokeyJoe writes:

I can not understand people like ..barfieldfly above. With 3 or 4 postings above, barfieldfly is so negative and brings nothing to an intelligent discussion by Councilman Forcht and "blackwidow". Also 27 year resident,s contribution is "blast" former Council Member Discullo present Council Member Kiester and charge that the 4 losing candidates in the last election are "shameful names" as are Davies,Beaufort and Puttnam. First of all, T. Discullo and C. Kiester were the two Council Members that raised more questions on Council Agenda Items before voting. They did not " rubber Stamp " everything placed before them.

SmokeyJoe writes:

I would like to add the following: blacwwidow provides web site information on actual Marco Sewage Spills [according to the D.E.P. ][ 3 pages ], a 20 page report on various Public Sewer Spills and a 40 Page report by the CLEAN WATER FUND OF FLORIDA covering Sewage Overflows in Florida of Public Sewage Systems[see #22 6-9-08]. The article says , 4 years ago our City signed a Franchise agreement to receive a 5% TAX on our electric bills to install underground electric lines on Marco Island. Why was this money used to install all the new street lights along Collier Blvd and elsewhere? Why did we not determine the actual cost of installation at that time and establish a plan to install the underground wiring in the most Hurricane prone areas first? Marco City Officials should not be looking for more revenue to spend and more staff to hire. They should " Tighten the Belt on City spending " just like we have to do.

blackwidow writes:


Remember the old Hogie Carmichael song "Smoke Gets In Your Eyes"? Well, there sure isn't any smoke in your eyes. You can actually read! Amazing! One of the few readers left on Marco Island. Wake up people! If you don't do your own research, Foster isn't here to do it for you. If you just accept whatever city officials tell you and never question their reasoning, you will get your toll bridge, you will get your electric company, you will lose the cap on spending and you'll wonder where your money went.

Anyway, best wishes, Smokey!

Montel writes:

Sounds like you struck a nerve MarcoFacts. Good Job!

I'm pretty convinced that blackwidow is a frustrated retired dentist who has to stare at a polk-a-dot house all day long. No wonder he is so disgruntled. The only thing he has going for him is his lovely wife; he has lost every battle he has been involved in on Marco Island.

Foster is a complete idiot and so are you blackwidow. I don't need any of you morons to do research for me; you'll just misinterpret it and use it to mislead.

Geezer writes:

Are we still talking about sewers? Come on people, sewers are a dead topic. In case you didn’t realize it blackwidow, you lost and intelligence prevailed.

I find it interesting that SmokeyJoe defends the only councilor in state history that was caught deliberately destroying public records. Sounds to me some of you just need to argue to feel good about yourselves. Childish but VERY entertaining.

Our new council is a well balanced and intelligent council and I trust that they have our best interest in mind. Whether it’s LCEC, sewers or the bridge, we voted them in office to make the tough decisions, let’s let them do their jobs!

As for the relentless blogging by a few anti-city people, let it go, you are the minority. Most of us are extremely happy about the last election. We’re happy that some of the big mouths with personal agendas left. Do yourself and everyone else a favor and give it a break.

Have a nice day :)

blackwidow writes:

Hey Geezer,

Guess you're getting pretty old. Can't remember Tucker bragging that he deleted e-mails he didn't like by the score? Can't remember DiSciullo saying she deleted those she didn't think were necessary? Can't remember poor old Sal Sciarrino standing before the judge with Arceri and Monte's pitchforks in his back? Can't remember that Kiester wasn't "caught"; he cooperated with the sheriff fully but, rather than pay a fine as others have done, decided to fight this s----- law.

Have a nice day :)

Flowerpower writes:

I haven't posted a blog since the election but after reading all of the nonsense from bloggers like blackwidow, van, dc and smokeyjoe I felt the need to once again remind the cavedwellers that they are in the minority. They were given a very strong message at the polls that the community has had enough of their pessimism and lies.

What has caused all of the problems on Marco is that a couple of individuals with personal agendas have tried to pass themselves off as experts and leaders and people followed them. Where are your experts and leaders now? Once they realized that their charade was exposed they left the island in shame and disgrace.

We had a chance to pay only $10k for the sewers but the anti-sewer people campaigned against this plan. A guy actually came to my door and told me not to vote for this plan. I don't understand this line of thinking at all; these people cost us money!!

We have a great city council right now; they ask a lot of questions and for the most part have no agenda other than to do what is best for Marco Island. Other bloggers have said it and I feel I must repeat it. “The STRP is a done deal so stop your complaining!” Our council was elected by the majority and that is the American way! And the majority on Marco Island is an intelligent, well-informed majority!

lauralbi1 writes:

Blackwidow: You have some good thoughts and opinions to share, but you need to get on with it. Technology has come a long way with regard to sewers and leak control. That train has past. That is like when Butch neylon tried to talk about 40,000 gallans a day in leakage for Marco's sewers when he was quoting figures from los Angeles, a little bigger and older. Maybe you are Butch Neylon, but either way, you postings and references are skewed, bias and are not applicable to Marco Island. CARES was in the habit of quoting EPA documents for Asbestos during their hayday. The thing was that the concrete pipe contained asbestos, it was not asbestos and all the facts that they were quoting, most did not apply. Even the EPA differentiated from what CARES was quoting and saying.
Enjoy your life on Paradise and start trying to look at the positives.
Ed Issler

marcoredeagle writes:

Please drop the idea of sewers. It is behind us.

To move forward MI needs to focus on efficiencies of the markets and not to allow additional bureaucracy to take money out of our pockets.

Belief 1: I have been very satisfied with LCEC past history of service. I have no suggestions for improvements.
Belief 2: LCEC is efficient and we have low rates
Belief 3: Why change things?

Clearly it doesn’t make sense to trust the City and move to an unknown. We have seen previous consultants say "(I) contended (it) could add $5 million to city coffers without increasing rates." The City has been trusted in the past to not increase costs and they have failed. MI does not have a history of fiscal conservativeness and they continue to spend as if there is no tomorrow.

My property taxes have doubled in 5 years. I have not received a doubling of services. Have you?

ejburger writes:

Our property taxes doubling are a result of the county taxes not the City of Marco Island. City taxes have been reduced every year since incorporation.

If you don't like your tax situation go to a County Commission meeting and complain. Once again, when the sky falls don't automatically blame our city; learn the facts first.

blackwidow writes:

Mr. Burger,

City tax RATES have declined each of the past several years but unless your property was homesteaded, your actual city taxes increased because of the increase in property values so marcoredeagle is probably correct that his taxes doubled in 5 years. Now that property values have plummeted, the council is caught between a rock and a hard place. They would have to increase the tax RATE to make up for the reduced assessments, but the state says they have to reduce the tax rate, not increase it. Since the council simply can't resist spending money on anything, they'll have to get "creative" and come up with more "enterprises" like the water company, sewer company, etc. to milk the people for money outside the spending cap and the governor's restrictions. That's the reason they're so interested in buying the power company. LCEC has served us well and charges lower rates than FPL or Tampa Electric. There's absolutely no reason to buy them other than to find another source of revenue (uncontrolled by any regulatory agency!) to keep the wild spending intact.

Suggest you "learn the facts first."

lauralbi1 writes:

Blackwidow is absolutely correct. LCEC Cannot competitively bid for power due to the rules that apply to a Cooperative. If Marco Island bought the utility, it could then get power cheaper than LCEC does today. The point to even looking into buying LCEC is to make money for the City. But that can be done without raising the electrical rates (at least not as much as LCEC is going to raise them as a result of fuel prices). There are many cities in Florida that own their own electrical utilities.
Ed Issler

SmokeyJoe writes:

Issler.... How big do you want our government here on Marco to grow? The City of Marco Island only became in exhistance when the Charter contained a Budget Cap. When anyone attends the City Budget Hearings next week, it is easy to see all the specially funded sections of the Marco City operations not covered by the Budget Cap. See also how much Government has grown in employees,vehicles, equipment,Capital Projects, repairs,gasoline and oil expense, Insurance and employee benefits on this 4 by 6 mile Island. Why is it not time to look for ways to reduce costs instead of looking for more sources of revenues to continue our big time spending? While we can understand increased Gasoline and oil costs, it is time to stop trying to do too much too fast.

Leroy writes:

SmokeyJoe, you understand increased gas and oil costs? Please explain it to the rest of us.

Your statement that we only became a city bacause of the CAP is not true. This is a myth created and perpetuated by Fay Biles and MITA. Let me guess, you are a paying member of MITA.

Leroy writes:

I just wish that all of the negative unhappy cave dwellers would move to Sun Cuty where they belong. Marco Island is a growing and dynamic TOURIST DESTINATION, not a retirement commuity.

Avenger writes:

So, Leroy, you want all non-tourists to move?

Leroy writes:

No Avenger, just the crusty old constipated naysayers like you!

Avenger writes:

Gee, Leroy, that was my first post in this thread, so I couldn't have said "nay." I just asked a question, and you had to resort to name-calling. What drives you to respond so hatefully?

ejburger writes:

You have to admit that "crusty old contipated naysayers is pretty funny." Thanks to Leroy we can find some humor in the blogs. Although Leroy sounds pretty harsh I wouldn't take it seriously.

Like many of the bloggers, I have grown too old and too tired of misinformaton on Marco Island from all the same names. The facts are the facts, I just wish people would accept them!

The majority on Marco has had to deal with so much negativity over the last several years I guess it has become contagious. The good news is the majority voted in a positive, pro-city council and they are doing a great job!

blackwidow writes:

Keep drinkin' the Kool-Aid.

OldMarcoMan writes:

Aren't we a Vacation Community for Old Crusty People?

Flowerpower writes:

After reading your blogs blackwidow it really appears that you are either drinking the koolade or manufacturing it. Either way, you are a relic on Marco island and your opinoins don't matter anymore.

dc5799 writes:

You matter to me blackwidow, after all we relic's have to stick together to teach the s----- ones.

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