Marco councilor rejects committee member’s allegations of impropriety

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— Armed with e-mails and a letter, Electric Municipalization Committee Member Bill McMullan formally withdrew from the committee set up to study Marco’s takeover of the electric company at Monday’s Marco Island City Council meeting.

McMullan who operates the Web site obtained public records including e-mails between city councilors, city staff and former City Councilor John Arceri, regarding takeover and negotiations with Lee County Electric Cooperative. McMullan posted those e-mails, many of which are from Arceri, who also has an extensive background gained at an electric company in New York, to the Web.

McMullan also brought a sampling of the e-mails he found most questionable in their intent and brought them to the council meeting.

In his letter to City Council, McMullan wrote: “ ... I have some serious concerns that members of the city staff, City Council and the ex-city Councilor (Arceri), are perpetrating a fraud on this committee and this community.”

McMullan added that he believed using the committee to “hammer” LCEC to their knees was unprofessional if not illegal, and to avoid the “appearance of impropriety” resigned from the committee.

City Councilor and non-voting chair of the committee Jerry Gibson said he doesn’t think there is “any basis” for McMullan’s statements.

“When you talk in business you brainstorm. John (Arceri) is brainstorming a little bit in those e-mails. That’s all the man is doing,” Gibson said.

The Electric Municipalization Committee meets 2:30 p.m., Wednesday, at the Marco Island Fire and Rescue Station.

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waterday writes:

Thank you Bill McMullan for bringing out the disservice and fraud that is taken place. Arceri and the City already have decided that Marco should own the electric. Why? to Charge us VERY LARGE PROFITABLE BILLS! We appreciate you and please keep all residents informed as to any underhand doings. The City has no business with our Electric Company. LCEC does a remarkable job and charges fairly and keeps electric on - even during hurricanes LCEC gets the electric up quickly and efficiently.

Fossil writes:

Good for you Bill. Thanks again for exposing these people for what they are and what they are about to do to us. Some of the ideas expressed by John Arceri in these emails bring to question his wisdom and honesty. Some appear to promote a very real effort to blackmail LCEC veiled by words like "leverage". Some appear to have been hatched in a prison yard. Why would Jerry Gibson defend these ideas as simply being how one conducts "business" or as the product of "brain storming"? He brings into question his own wisdom and informed judgment. Jerry's comments serve to warn me to avoid whatever he is selling or promoting. Not someone I am willing to do business with.

Leroy writes:

The posts above have to be alias' of Bill McMullan because no one could actually be dense enough to trust his judgment or credibility. The irony is that somehow he claims to be the watchdog for Marco politics. DUH, what a joke…call the city of Kissimmee and ask them if he can be trusted.

Remember, the cave dwellers lost the election by a lot of votes. There is a silent majority on Marco Island and we know the truth about McMullan. He is a laughing stock on Marco. What's so pitiful is that he is so arrogant he doesn't even get it. People at church know about him, the places he eats and the places he shop...we all know about Bill McMullan and his background and he has no credibility with the majority. Keep drinking McMullans kool-aid; the space ship is about to land in southwest Florida.

jchamberland writes:

Bill McMullan IS up to something and it can't be good. Leroy, you are right, most of us know about McMullan and his reputation. He is a real piece of work and as I have said before he is shameless. How he has the nerve to get up in front of council with a stack of blank paper and claim he has 1400 emails is so irratating I have to change channels when he speaks, which is more often than any other speaker. I just wish one of the councilors would put him in his place! They just reduced taxes and this loser gets up and tells them they are irresponsible. He is disgusting! He comes across as a fake and I think most people realize that.

August8 writes:

Well Gang,
You know, If it looks like a duck, quacks like a duck--You know the rest ok!
No doubt, we should stay out of the electricity business and scrutinize the sponsors!!!!

lauralbi1 writes:

McMullan just was too lazy and saw that the Committee has no Political opportunities. He is trying to make a name for himself, but if you research his past (Google him) you will see that he has already done that
Ed Issler

Montel writes:

(This comment was removed by the site staff.)

Fossil writes:

The City Council did NOT REDUCE TAXES they actually INCREASED them! Montel, it is really unbelievable how many times your comments are removed by this paper's staff. You are a real trip. Everytime Bill McMullan lifts the shades and exposes the misdeeds of a former council member, they bring out this old history. This is simply mis-direction designed to discredit the messenger. Whatever Mr. McMullan did in the past is relevant only in that his experiences have obviously given him a unique ability to recognize suspicious political activity when he sees it. The people of Marco Island are learning from Bill's efforts what is going on in City Hall. It has become very clear to many of us that our Mayor is unelected and works in the shadows. What really scares you Montel, jc and sailor is that this rehablitated tormentor of your hero, may actually have come across some real evidence that could present serious complications to your hero's plans and force County or State authorities to take a look at Marco Island. I and many Marco Islanders appreciate Bill's efforts to allow the sun to shine on our government. You should too. Remember, denial is a symptom and not a defense. Think of Bill's activities as a volunteer community effort to positivly correct the behavior of one citizen and his puppets in City Hall.

Avenger writes:

Yes, Fossil, I think you’ve nailed it. Monte and his bois must really be worried about what Bill has uncovered to go after him the way they are doing.

dc5799 writes:

I agree with both Fossil and Avenger, Bill has got them running scared, so they just harp on the same subject over and over.
Something smell's and if anyone can uncover it Bill can

Montel writes:

What amazes me is that the paper actually removes public information about Bill McMullan. There was absolutely NO abusive language or insulting remarks, only facts about McMullans checkered past. Why would the Eagle staff remove this...McMullan must have pull with the press!

To find out more about Mr. McMullan google his name as follows, Bill McMullan Kissimmee, or just visit the link below:

maharg writes:

Bill McMullan was one of the co-chairmen of the Marco Waterways Org. which bamboozled the council into passing the now defunct anchoring ordinance. The city spent tens of thousands of dollars trying to defend that in court and lost. He waved enormous piles of paper around during that folly also. He should take up a hobby other than community activist.

NtJstUrMarco writes:

I was glad the emails came to light. Actually most of them made me sick to my stomach. The STRP became a division made by polictical few, but we all share the electric provided by LCEC. The mere idea that was suggested in an email, about how to condemn the system, should be enough to scare us all. "The Mayor" has it all planned out. Will they listen to us about not wanting to purchase the electrical system?!!! I seriously doubt that one. "Just some thoughts".

lauralbi1 writes:

The FACTS (I repeat FACTS) are that the e-mails are informational and no violation of ANY laws !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! All the posters above "thanking" Mr. McMullan should research his past and what he did to taxpayers such as yourself. Once again it needs to be said, that research would lead one to believe that if not for the error of a young, inexperienced District Attoney, we might be talking about a convicted Mr. McMullan. Of course, this is what the articles suggest, we all need to come to our own conclusions. But none of you that are so quick to support Mr. McMullan are interested in the facts. Do we once again have to remind all of you about the results of the recent election. The majority of Islanders are not interested in Mr. McMullan or what he has to say, as fictionalized as it is.
Ed Issler

Montel writes:

There will always be a very loud vocal minority on Marco Island that will mislead, misinform and misquote at every opportunity and McMullan is their leader. The last election proved once and for all that they are only the minority. I say ignore them; the more we talk to them, the more embrazened they become!

NtJstUrMarco writes:

The last election had us divided....I have yet to hear anyone say they wish we purchase the electric system. "Just some thoughts".

marcoobserver writes:

Marco Island is on the Arceri railroad train and Monte Lazarus, aka Monte, is pulling the whistle so you'all better get out of the way or they will run you over.

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