Letters to the Editor: April 11

More thoughts on State Farm


RE: Follow up on my letter to the Banner dated 3/28/09.

State Farm, mother of the insurance cabal can’t make any progress with the Insurance Department on rate increase of 47 or 50 percent. Told the department OK no rate increase then we will not renew all property coverage’s. Governor Christ said OK leave and good riddance, but you will take all coverage’s with you. State Farm retreated to their hole and discussed their options. Since they are not regulated like other industries they decided to by pass the Insurance Department and go directly to the State Legislature since they have many “friends” there. We will have a bill passed saying we can charge any rate we wish and no one can tell us we can’t. What gall! If the Legislature passes such a bill it must be signed by the Governor. Hopefully he will veto it.

If by chance a bill like this becomes law it means this green eyed Monster State Farm has taken control of all insurance in Florida. Charge any rate they want. No controls of any kind. Every policyholder is under their yoke.

We shall see. Hope springs eternal.


Bonita Springs

A friendly wave 'bye' to winter visitors


The snowbirds are beginning to head north for the summer. I love the snowbirds, I was one myself not so long ago. I’m particularly surprised and happy with the big turnout this year, we sure needed them economically.

I can’t help but worry a little about how our businesses will do when the visitors are gone. My hat is off to the Bonita Springs and Estero merchants along with the restaurants. Most of all, our new addition Coconut Point Shopping Center. My wife works in Coconut Point and I spend a lot of time there. We have frequented most of the restaurants, we have shopped in many of the stores, we have even seen some great movies. From our experience the courtesy and prices extended by the merchants is outstanding. The service and food in the restaurants is as good as it gets. On most nights you can even listen to beautiful music. Rest easy Bonita and Estero. With the hospitality your business people have demonstrated the “Birds” will all be back next year and they’ll bring their friends. Thanks Merchants for making our visitors feel welcome, we’ll do our best to keep you going till they come back in the fall.


Bonita Springs

We should all watch what we wish for


I cannot imagine a principle more fundamental to our way of life than the right we were given by our forefathers to vote democratically for who should represent us and our interests in government.

In 1951, for reasons that I can’t imagine, we as a nation decided to abridge that fundamental right by establishing term limits on our president. Instead of the complete freedom to choose the best person for the job based on performance, that generation imposed on all future generations a limited choice. These future generations could only choose among people who had less than eight years of experience in the job.

Today we hear of expanding that limitation to members of Congress. Let’s say that we in Florida had a senator with whom we had complete faith in and had represented us in the senate in ways that we found beyond our expectations. If terms limits we ever imposed, whoever imposed them would then tell us, no, you do not have that choice.

States who had not done such a great job in their selection would rejoice saying, now Florida has to lower their representation to the lowest common denominator. The net result: no good experienced senators or representatives.

I’m sorry, but I cannot see this as anything but an attempt to lower the efficacy of the most fundamental of our rights. It’s the path to a less-experienced and less-competent legislative branch apparently being considered by people who believe that our present system has led to an over-competent Congress that needs to be adjusted down.


Bonita Springs

Celebrating Christ through old pagan rites


Letter-writer Peter Apostle questions how the Easter Bunny rose to such prominence, and with the associated hunt for eggs, competes with the celebration of the resurrection of Jesus.

We know that in the transition from paganism to Christianity, the church included some pagan days of celebration in order to entice more of the population to make the change; an example is Christmas, Dec. 25, which was a solar feast day.

The word “Easter” is not a Christian word (in the original meaning), but comes from the name of the pagan goddess of the rising light of day and springtime. Easter is the more modern form of Eostre, Ostera, Astarte, or Ishtar (the Babylonian and Assyrian goddess of fertility).

The spring represents a time of birth and renewal of life, and the rabbit is a pagan symbol that has always been an ancient emblem of fertility. Both the Easter rabbit and Easter eggs were symbols of fertility.

I don’t like the idea of celebrating Christ in connection with old pagan rites, but God knows our hearts and that they are in tune with Him and have no connection to paganism.

In my opinion, it would be best for children to have the fun of collecting eggs on a different day than Easter so they won’t be confused.

One thing to remember is that Christ asked us to remember His death, not His birth, and that the early Christians only celebrated his death.


Bonita Springs

Data shows the climate is getting warmer


I doubt that this letter will convince the mother who objected to her son doing an assignment on global warming or the Florida Gulf Coast University professor who expressed his skepticism about global warming in a recent article.

A rational human being must be willing to change one’s view as better evidence arrives. Openness to new data is essential for understanding, even more for human survival.

Refer to the work of the World Meteorological Organization and the United Nations Environmental Program in which scores of the world’s leading atmospheric scientists and others researchers contributed to a report on climate issues.

Key data establishes as a fact that 11 of the last 12 years rank among the 12 warmest years on the instrumental record of global surface temperatures.

Human-generated greenhouse gases, with carbon dioxide as the main offender, are the primary cause of well-documented global warming and climate change. If you remember your courses in general science or chemistry, you would know enough about the carbon cycle to know the ending means human extinction, along with much of the biosphere, if we allow atmospheric carbon dioxide to continue at its present rate.

I feel like the prophet Jeremiah 2,700 years ago who began a mission that carried him through 40 years of tragedy, a time of gathering doom, reaching a climax of total disaster.

I wonder if your readers even understand this?



Isn’t our country’s future worth more than a game?


A few days ago, I read an article in the Sports section regarding a coach for the University of Kentucky and his salary.

When our president earns $400,000, and we are after CEOs for their large salaries, how can a salary of approximately $8 million a year be considered reasonable?

We have grandchildren who are struggling to pay off student loans, now just struggling to keep their jobs. Is anyone out there as outraged as I am with the coaches earning so much more than the professors trying to “teach” these young people?

Basketball is a game, people — just a game. I cannot understand how this is allowed to happen and the young people come out just being able to bounce a ball!


Bonita Springs

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