Letter to the Editor: The silent majority no more

As concerned, informed citizens, we don’t seem to communicate as we should with our elected government officials locally, at the county and state levels and with our senators and representatives as well as with our President in Washington.

We have well-learned since the 2006 Congressional elections, during President George W. Bush’s last two years in the White House and, now, with President Barack Obama’s Inauguration in January, 2009, that we can no longer afford to be just plaintive, naïve and muted voices of the silent majority.

As American citizens, clearly we have been too negligent, incoherent, irresponsible and indifferent in exercising our God-given, Constitutionally guaranteed civil rights and civic duties. Today more than ever, we need to convey loudly and lustily our concerns, passions and fears about what our municipal-county-state-federal governments are and should be doing in serving and meeting our best interests as citizens. Is there any question that most concerned citizens want to restore our exceptional all-American nation, states, counties and local communities, as exemplary leaders, models and protectors of the world’s fragile democracies, large and small?

On this Tax Day-Tea Party date, we should join with the majority of our informed American citizens in expressing our collective outrage at the rampant public spending and the seemingly out-of-control growth of governments in the City of Marco Island, Collier County, Tallahassee and Washington, DC. We need to show our abhorrence to the flawed stimulus-bailout bills and pork-filled earmark budgets now dominating all government spending proposals supposedly to foster and nourish our prosperity and common well-being while devastatingly rewarding incompetence, personal greed and avarice along with paying off perverse political party debts and allegiances.

We must loudly demand that our elected officials oppose vigorously the empowerment of government at all levels: 1. To spread and redistribute personal wealth as a function of taxation and massive government spending.

2. To solve all of our economic, communal and social problems through increased taxation and dubious stimulus-bailout schemes based on deficit spending, irrational borrowing, strident and intrusive government controls, and the excessive issuance of extremely unstable, inflationary currency.

3. To burden our children and grandchildren with deficit spending and loans created by political paybacks, questionably illegal and toxic investments and the obvious malaise of government regulators, bureaucrats and party politicians in concert with unscrupulous public-private sector accomplices thwarting capitalism’s free markets.

4. To spend its way to prosperity by either attacking, revising and/or ignoring the very foundations, traditions and principles of our great nation.

On this commemorative day in history, we citizens need to remind all of our elected officials — municipal, county, state and federal — that they are our employees and that all government powers are derived, indeed, from We, the People, not with elected government officials no matter how wise, gifted, experienced, sagacious and talented they see themselves once hired by “We, the People.”

To all citizens, best wishes for a joyful, memorable Tax Day-Tea Party on this April 15, 2009, with many, many happy democratic returns.

In response to inquiries about Marco Island’s plans for a Tax Day-Tea Party, the people have spoken loudly and clearly: “Too little, too late” indicates we should not rally-demonstrate.

Actually, many concerned, active citizens report planning to spend the afternoon-early evening hours that day in attending the two Naples’ rallies-demonstrations and/or the “really big Tax Day-Tea Party event” scheduled for Fort Myers via WINK radio (fmteaparty.com). Both sites promise to be worth attending with lots of hoopla, professionalism and even fireworks, apparently!

Web links: taxdayteaparty.com, teapartyday.com and teapartypatriots.com.

Sayre Uhler

Marco Island

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ejburger writes:

Why does the Eagle continue to print this nonsense from Ulher; the man is insane. Every week you publish one of his crazy diatribles...I mean honestly, why??

marcoislandres writes:

There just being fair and balanced, Wayne Waldack has one every week and he's a wacko.

sailingalong writes:

I look forward to Sayre's comments. He is one of the most intelligent people on the island. Contrast his reasoning with the tripe from Wayne Wacko (thank you marcoislandres). Who would you rather have a drink with?

themessiah writes:

If Sayre's one of the most intelligent people on this island, we all have a horrific future ahead of us!


Sayre Uhler [sahyuhr yool ur]
a crusty irascible cantankerous old person full of stubborn ideas.

grouch, crank, bear, sourpuss, crosspatch.

see also:

OldMarcoMan writes:

I heard Sayre was running for City Council. That should improve the ratings on their twice monthly monkey show.
He will have the rage of Keister and the Logic of Waldack and we end up on U Tube

Marconian writes:

themessiah... Finally at long last we have a mutual agreement!

matt#206381 writes:

Unnecessary insults aside, Sayre just needs to realize that the majority in this country, at this moment, want the government to step in and fix the problems created by decades of mismanagement. That's what the polls say.

It's not a partisan issue and it cannot all be blamed on the last President. Far from it.

We all want a trimmer budget, but that might have to wait until this crisis has passed.

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