Letter to the Editor: Conserve water

Underground cisterns are certainly one way of conserving water. An alternative to underground cisterns could be enlarged rain barrels that can be utilized to their full capacity.

This also maybe the right time for another alternative to conserving water, simply contact a quality landscaper to assist you in a timely upgrade to your existing landscape plan.

The seven simple principles of Xeriscape landscaping have been used by landscape professionals for years. Here is an overview of the seven principles.

Plan and design: Make a sketch of the landscape site. Base your plan on your site conditions, existing vegetation and topography — the natural features of the land. Assess the area’s growing conditions and think through intended uses of the landscape. Landscapes are dynamic, so include elements of growth, time and change in your plan.

Obtain a soil analysis: Determine the soil’s composition, from sandy to clay, and test for the pH of the soil its level of acidity or alkalinity. This information will help you decide which plants are best suited to the conditions of your yard.

Choose proper plants: When choosing new plants, match each spot in your landscape with plants that thrive in the specific conditions of that spot. Look for plants known to be resistant to disease and pests. Consider each plant’s mature height and width, its need for sun, shade, soil and water, and its tolerance to cold or salt. Preserve as many existing trees and shrubs as possible, provided they’re healthy and the root systems are not significantly impacted by construction. Native vegetation appropriately placed will remain healthy with minimal supplemental irrigation and care, once established.

Use turf wisely: Grass is often a yard’s largest water user, but it can still play a role in a water-conserving landscape. Use turf where it is most functional in the landscape plan, such as where children or pets will play, or for erosion control. In other areas, consider more water-thrifty alternatives such as groundcovers or mulched walkways.

Irrigate efficiently: Group plants based on their water needs. Put moisture-loving plants in moist areas and plants that prefer well-drained sites in drier areas. Group together plants that may need irrigation so that water is only used in limited areas. Only irrigate when plants need water or when rain has been inadequate, and use the right irrigation system and proper sprinkler head for each area.

Use mulch: Mulch helps hold moisture in the soil, moderate temperature, slowly release nutrients, reduce weed growth and slow erosion. Spread mulch around shrubs and trees and on flower beds, two to four inches thick, keeping mulch from coming into direct contact with plant stems.

Perform proper maintenance: Keep plants healthy. Too much water and fertilizer promote weak growth, as well as increase pruning and mowing requirements. Remove weeds by hand before they get established and crowd out the plants you want. Watch for pests and make sure they’re truly a problem before waging war, then do it organically whenever possible.

There are many alternative ways to conserve water and we should use everything that we can afford to use. Stop leaky faucets and commodes, install water miser showerheads, don’t rinse your dishes by hand use a quality dishwasher instead or take a shower instead of a bath. There are many ways. Use common sense.

Wayne Waldack

Marco Island

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Fossil writes:

Mr. Waldack, thankyou for encouragaging water conservation. For those considering conversion of septic tanks to sisterns, multiply collection and storage by adding rain barrels to your system. This additional capacity is easily affordable and will save untold amounts of utility imposed fees expected in the future. By the way, Mr. Waldack simply supply the author, document, website or link you used. At the very least tell us what professional media you took this from. In the future do not plagiarize someone else's research or work. Let the credit go to those who actually have the knowledge and skills to provide the services you are promoting. Thanks again.

JohninMarco writes:

Can't be Wayne's letter, no one was attacked.

happy6 writes:

wayne copied this from somewhere..he ain't got the where with all to write this...BUT...arceri writes most of waynes crap....this clown has a fetish for getting his name in the Eagle every week....a pitiful example of the human spieces.

sailingalong writes:

Wayne hasn't had so much press since he went bankrupt.

happy6 writes:


Avenger writes:

Could this be the source?


happy6 writes:

Congratulations Avenger...you win the Patriot Award for exposing the Pinhead Walduck...he copied this report practically verbatim...ie//plagiarized
the report and offered no acknowledgement of the source of his diatribe....the eagle needs to look into mr walduck's future "guest commentary" a little closer

happy6 writes:

hey wayne...what say you? copy it from somewhere.

happy6 writes:

waynes' calling arceri but no one's home.

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