Letter to the Editor: Shame on all of you

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  • You all have ruined that dream for us (as well as many others).
  • I never made a salary that came even close to our city manager’s, yet I managed more people and a larger budget than he has ... except that I did it for profit.
  • I must admit that I am very angry and bitter.

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Dear Council: I received my “Notice of Proposed Property Taxes” today. The “market value” of my home has declined from $1,600,953 to $1,298,040, yet if the proposed budget change is made, my taxes will increase from $12,072.37 to $13,343.63 (The Marco increase is $525 of this figure). If no budget change, I get to pay $13,674.92 (Marco is only $200 of this increase ... lucky me), or an increase of approximately $1,600 (around 13 percent plus).

I must admit that I am very angry and bitter. I will pull no punches, so some of you may wish to stop reading right here. Some points:

1. I live off of my 401K and a few other very conservative investments. I will now have to withdraw an additional $1,600 dollars from them in order to cover this unexpected increase. Like everyone, I have seen considerable market losses in the past year. I have been trying diligently to reduce our family spending so that we need not remove money from the market at a reduced value as well as pay income tax on those withdrawals. I have cut our expenses by almost 40 percent in 2009. How have you done? (It has not been at all easy, ask my wife.) This $1,600 will cost me much more than the base value ... probably close to twice.

2. I am not particularly wealthy. My “wealth” comes from my conservatism. I do not buy what I cannot pay for with cash. I do not speculate. I owe no one. That is how I was brought up. I never made a salary that came even close to our city manager’s, yet I managed more people and a larger budget than he has ... except that I did it for profit.

3. I have never gone bankrupt as two of our city spenders have done. I have never gone through foreclosure as they are both now doing. I never borrowed even a third of $350,000, let alone $750,000, yet these two are in charge of directing city spending and borrowing. I assure you that I would resign my elected position if I had made such errors in judgment while holding the public trust. I would be humiliated … but then, I would never have placed myself in that position. (Incidentally ... I would not be writing to the local paper with weekly advice to citizens like myself on any topic were I one of the two aforementioned.)

4. I promised my wife that we could fly her ailing elder father and mother to Marco to visit us this winter, even though our “income” has shrunk, but you have made this even more difficult than I expected. I am particularly bitter about that!

5. I purchased my lot on Marco many years ago … long before I retired. It was “cheap” by today’s standards, although I didn’t think so at the time. It was my wife’s dream. We never considered the “investment value.” We just wanted to live in this quiet, peaceful, boating environment. What a sad turn of events. You all have ruined that dream for us (as well as many others). We would sell our dream home and leave the Island in a heartbeat if we could. No homes are selling in our neighborhood. None. Two more of our best neighborhood friends have recently announced that they are attempting to sell. Their reasons echo our own … exactly … except that they have actually signed with a realtor.

I am thoroughly disgusted with our local government.

John Putnam

Marco Island

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Montel writes:

Too much mis-information to even address. John, you really need to stop embarrassing yourself!

sailingalong writes:

Monte, instead of spending your time insulting our citizens, you and Areceri should hold a benefit for poor Wayne Waldack so he can make the payments on the $325,000 loan he took out on the house his mother gave him.

It is really embarrassing having a councilman that is being foreclosed on and is probably not even a taxpayer. Hopefully, you and Arceri can find more qualified shills to run in the next election.

dc5799 writes:

Who is the other council member that is in foreclosure?

lauralbi1 writes:

Dear John: And your point is ?? I was happy to read that you are in fact a millionaire. Boy, I wish that I could say the same about myself. It sounds to me that, based on your Letter, that you should camp out on the steps of the County Commissioner's meeting and try to get the County to reduce needless spending !!! If you compare the budget, staff and taxes for Marco to other cities the same size and population, you will find us very, very favorable. And, if in the end, you just cannot reconcile the $500 increase, maybe you should consider selling your computer. And, oh by the way, the make-up of the Council and the voting and the concern of the current Council will not change for many years to come. So, enjoy it MILLIONAIRE !!
Oh, one last comment, should we start bringing up Mr. McMullan's past again to balance what you have tried to imply in your letter about Council memebers (which is really irrelavant). Or should we concentrate on Mr. Kiester's actual conviction of a crime as a Council member. I suggest anyone who wants an earful, to attend a Florida League of Cities meeting wearing a Marco Island T-Shirt. It is a very revealing, historical experience (especially when Kissimmee politicians get a hold of you).
Ed Issler

Fossil writes:

Issler: What's your point? You write the most rambling meaningless dribble in this media forum. Have you nothing to say? The fellow is angry and is venting. At least he has a valid complaint. Local politicos (city and county), do not consider revenues and assessments to belong to their constitutents but treat these funds, as their very own. I'm surprised they haven't paid off their personal loans with some legal mumbo jumbo. Our elected officials in Marco Island were given to us by the Chamber of Commerce. We the people endorsed the Chamber's selection during the last election. That endorsment entitles ALL of us to complain (even the informed, who obviously voted for more worthy candidates). That is the Amercan way. Get over it.

happy6 writes:

fossil...ed will never forget the "last election"..it's his only claim to any sort of victory in his demented/sheltered life...everyone needs to understand that ed's opinion is the only opinion and he is the only person entitled to an opinion...that's just ed's makeup.

marcoredeagle writes:

Welcome to the City of Marco Country Club. At the end of each year they just divide their overspending by the amount of homes over $250K ... you have an issue with that? That's how it is done.

Heck someone else is paying for it. So lets keep hiring and overspending. We can't have a budget line that isn't overspent.

lauralbi1 writes:

My Fellow Bloggers: It is you that do not see the point. You would have our Public think that our Council is being flippant or extravagant with our money. Well, yes, it is a fact that you are in the minority. I respect John as a person. After all, he is the only one that went over to Marco Office Supply and confirmed that Mr. McMullan was, in fact, caught taking supplies (Computer Cables) and trying to leave the store (in fact he did) with them in his pocket. So I know he is interested in finding out the truth behind things. I wish he and all of you would take the same initiative and compare our Budget and expenditures with other cities the same size and population in Florida. Then, and only then, can you give credible input and opinions as to what is or isn't required. And then, it is up to all of us to vote and determine how we want our City run. I can only hope that the same amount of voters vote and that they vote the same way they voted last time. It is funny that one of you would just want to sluff off the results of the last election. So typical and so head buried in the sand idealism. It's just almost as reassuring as the quote from Mr. Petricca alluding to the fact that the Town Center Master Plan was for tourists and not residents (being able to walk under the bridge, fishing pier, etc). We can only hope that MITA and you bloggers above keep this kind of thinking. It will serve the majority for a long time to come.
I guess it's time for a Letter To The Editor that actually reveals the truth and the majority opinion. I'll take care of it.
Ed Issler

OldMarcoMan writes:

Popoff is the other one

27_Year_Resident writes:

Mt. Putnam, I for one am truly tired of you! You are angry at life and want to blame someone!

I have checked the county records for each councilor and have found that one councilor has an open foreclosure on his main residence. Another has a lot that is in foreclosure under a corporate name,(most likely a bad investment). Upon my search I also found that the STATE OF FLORIDA had a case against another councilor for Sunshine violations (I am personally more concerned with a Sunshine Violation than a foreclosure in this economy). With that being said, what is your point? These are very difficult times, people all over the country are struggling.

Mr. Putnam (I call you "Mr." loosely) why don't you run for office if you are so perfect. You seem to complain the most and have all the answers. If you run, I'll put your sign in my yard, NOT!

Montel writes:

27 Year, just ignore Putnam, the village idiot; he is a small squeaky vocal minority with sanity issues.

EdFoster writes:


Get your facts straight. John Putnam is not the village idiot. Marco already has two: Ed Issler and Wayne Waldack. (Make that three if you count yourself, but I don't really think you are an idiot. A curmudgeonly hateful old goat, yes, but not an idiot!) John is simply objecting to a council that doesn't seem to know how to align spending with economic conditions and, in that, he's surely not alone ... not on Marco, not anywhere! Not sure how many towns of Marco's size can boast of two councilors so economically astute that two of them have their properties in foreclosure ... even in these dire times.

Ed Foster

dc5799 writes:

Ask Issler, he know's. He know's everything

ezeee writes:

Good grief Putnam, the only thing missing from your post is the violin music. Everybody is hurting a little, some more then others. Stop your crying and be thankful you have the resources to pay. Show a little compassion and stop hammering those that have fallen on hard times.

lauralbi1 writes:

Mr. Foster: Our budget was already aligned long before you left. The Spending Cap is the reason and it is a good thing. But, because of that, there is very little room, if any, for significant reductions. And with the CAP structured the way it is, reducing spending is counter productive to future budgets. Thank God that your postings are insignificant. It must pain you to no end that my blogs and my opinions are reflective of those of the majority of voters on the Island. So I can only say to others above, keep your heads buried and your opinions coming, it will only help in the realization of the majority for our future.
Ed Issler

marcoislander writes:

ed foster i could not agree with you more.

Montel writes:

Marco Island had three village idiots and got rid of one of them, Davies, unfortunately Uhler & Putnam still remain. Ed my old friend, I can't call you an idiot, after all you have a self-proclaimed IQ of 177.

While I may be a "curmudgeonly hateful old goat," I am an honest, factual and caring old goat. Putnam is still just an idiot and you are a worthless old has been. I may be the only one on Marco that misses you; you are/were priceless entertainment!

katieb writes:

Boy, you bloggers totally miss Putnam's point! I couldn't have explained my frustrations any better. All of you must be wealthy enough to not be concerned about the cost of living here. Good for you. But you should not criticize a local citizen for expressing his very valid concerns. And what a shame that people are forced to move from this island because s-----, unecessary expenditures keep increasing our cost of living. Unfortunately, I may be next. Also, why is everyone on this board so hateful? Jeez! Take a walk on the beach for heaven's sakes.

jwputnam writes:

Dear Katieb,

Your comments are refreshing. Most of the above are frequent writers and have allowed their personal frustrations to taint their objectivity. I have been guilty of this myself, but I am trying hard to resist the temptation. It is not fun to read particularly nasty comments about yourself, but you learn to simply consider the source and their always singular objective. The Alinsky liberals are taught to attack the messenger and denegrate them as much as possible.

I would like you to know that I have received a great many phone calls and emails in regard to this recent LTE and they have all been a mirror of your own comments....for which I thank you.


John Putnam

Soloman writes:

Wow John...taking the high road for a change. Does it make you feel all warm and fuzzy inside? Wonder how long this will last. You repeatedly attack specific city employees, council members and volunteers by name yet you find it in your infinite wisdom to cry "victim" when it happens to you. Here is your quote: "It is not fun to read particularly nasty comments about yourself, but you learn to simply consider the source and their always singular objective."

John, you Hypocrite!

jwputnam writes:

Katieb: see above typical nonsense.

jwputnam writes:

Oh...and newbie Katieb: notice which ones hide behind a moniker and which ones use their real name. Kind of interesting, isn't it? Courage of conviction. It just KILLS them. They can't handle it. Not at all.

happy6 writes:

keep at 'em john...you're getting under their skin and they don't know how to deal with it other than name calling and b-----t.

EdFoster writes:


If you consider yourself "an honest, factual and caring old goat," get your fact's straight. I never claimed an IQ of 177 ... 173 is as high as I ever got and I was drunk at the time. Sorry to disappoint you, but you're not the only one on Marco who misses this "worthless old has been." Maybe I'll come back to "entertain" you some more. I understand prices are getting downright reasonable and you may be needing new blood on the City Council.

Ed Foster

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