Park improvements, naming rights on city agenda

Meeting begins at 5:30 p.m., Monday

A special-called closed session precedes the Jan. 4, City Council meeting, which begins at 5:30 with a community forum, followed by the second reading of an ordinance to establish a Utilities Advisory Board.

The City’s Utilities Advisory Ad Hoc Committee has worked with the city attorney to create a standing committee to assist council with rate reviews and utility issues. Council will recommend approval of the ordinance providing for a Utilities Advisory Board to serve in an advisory role.

“In this instance, City Council is helping residents on ongoing issues associated with the utility system,” says Marco Island City Manager Steve Thompson.

“The Council had two concerns on first reading in December. One was concerning financial considerations; they recommended some changes to the purchasing limit. The other was assurance that they were not giving up involvement, and responsibility to control the Advisory Board. Both of these issues have been addressed.”

Scheduled next for discussion is the contract award for construction of Mackle Park, Phase 3A.

“This is a continuing master plan for putting in islands around the walking track, and widening the track,” says Thompson. “It further improves the park. They are recommending low bid.”

Phase 3 capital improvements have been organized into two major capital projects, A and B. Project A consists of widening the pathway around the lake, construction of a sidewalk, lighting installation around the walkways, a fountain in the lake, and replacement of the chickee hut.

Council will recommend the contract award to Douglas N. Higgins, Inc.

The third agenda item is naming city facilities and rooms. Council has discussed possible naming opportunities to recognize present and former residents who have given exceptional service, or provided substantial contributions to the city. Chances to name the former Veterans’ Park, the Police Administration Building, Fire Rescue Headquarters, and City Hall are among those included for recommendation.

“Council has requested the opportunity to name city facilities after outstanding residents of the community,” says Thompson.

“They have asked for recommendations on the process they should use. For example, it has been suggested that a room or building be named after former Councilmember Glenn Tucker, and all they will need to do is bring forth a site and a name they would like to have approved by council.”

The Linear Park Trail Grant is scheduled next for consideration. Grant funds are available from the Florida Department of Transportation for construction of a shared use path from San Marco Road to Mackle Park, along the power line easement. Authorization is requested for Thompson to accept $210,000 in grant funds.

“It’s putting constructive use to an easement, with an attractive, landscaped walkway,” says Thompson.

The linear park trail will provide enhanced off-road pedestrian and bicycle access between recreational, tennis courts and Mackle Park; cultural, library and new museum; and government, city hall facilities. FDOT funding will require council to authorize use of the construction contingency fund, to cover the city’s $165,000 share of estimated $375,000 construction costs.

Council is recommending authorization for the city manager to accept the grant, and transfer local matching funds from available construction contingency budget.

Next, City Council must appoint a Marco Island resident to serve on the Firefighters’ Pension Board of Trustees. This board is comprised of five trustees who serve staggered two-year terms. Two are firefighters, two are legal city residents, and one is chosen by a majority of the trustees and the City Clerk, from interested residents who have submitted resumes.

Then, council will discuss selection of an engineering firm based on quotes, to assist staff in future coastal engineering projects. Consulting services included in the quote are beach restoration and renourishment, shoreline stabilization, sand source and borrow area investigation, inlet management, marine structures, coastal models, studies and permitting, dredging and waterfront development.

This is a continuing contract, and the City often awards contracts to several consultants, to obtain a better fit of skills and negotiation of rates. Services are engaged only as needed.

Hideaway Beach is in the process of retaining an engineering firm to advise them about beach structural additions, according to Thompson. Council is recommending acceptance of bids by coastal engineering consultants Humiston & Moore, and Taylor Engineering.

Finally, Hernando Bridge Emergency Repair will be discussed.

“Five years ago, the City adopted a master plan for bridge repair and replacement,” says Thompson.

“Depending on condition of the bridge, due to budget changes, some have been pushed back. Unfortunately, the Hernando Bridge has continued to deteriorate. There are funds available in the Bridge Repair Reserve, and we need to go ahead and make those repairs, by amending the budget and adding the Hernando Bridge repairs to the work plan.”

Of Marco’s 15 bridges, only three remain to be addressed in the immediate future. The two Smokehouse Bay Bridges are in the initial design stage, and are expected to be replaced in 2014. The Hernando Bridge will be remediated to extend its useful life. The Winterberry Bridge will require reevaluation in the next three to five years.

The recommended motion will be to proceed with repairs, using money from bridge repair funds.

Items on the agenda are generally heard in sequential order, and may be rescheduled to a later date for consideration, due to length of the agenda.

For more information about the upcoming Marco Island City Council meeting, visit, or call (239) 394-5000.

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Comments » 15

freedomofspeech1 writes:

Whom will they name the toilets at Mackle Park after???

kosherdeli writes:

Speaking of Parks what is the name of the Park on the corner of Collier & Barfield? If it doesn’t have a name, I suggest naming it Useless Park!!!!! As for renaming Veterans Park who the hell gave it that name in the first place? New name Not Accessible Park!!!!!

OldMarcoMan writes:

Actually that Park is Veterans Park too, or is it Veterans Memorial Park ??
But your right its only good for cheap banners and bake sale signs.

blondie writes:

In these years of finanical austerity, it is unbelivable that the Council sees fit to go ahead to spend, spend, spend money on unnecessary projects throughout Mackle Park, bike trails, bridges and the like. Money, money, money where is it going to come from? The next concern seems to be about going around our city and bestowing names on every buiding, bridge, fence and fire hydrant.
It is time to sit back and take a deep breath and come back to reality. The residents' money and patients can only stretch so far. Marco is home to many retirees as well as young families with children. These people can only stretch their money so far. It is outrageous that you would waste time and money on adding paths, gardens,ponds in Mackle park, bridges and on and on. These new expendatures not olny have to be created, they must be maintained. Perhaps the need for all these projects is so that Marco will have enough new additions to include everybody,s name on something!

EdFoster writes:

Name something after E. Glenn Tucker, the city councilor who bellowed and castigated citizens from his almighty position on the council and who, by his own admission, lied to the public when he accused citizens of "planting" asbestos on the island and claimed to have pictures of them doing so?

Name something after E. Glenn Tucker who, in the same type of "shade" meeting scheduled for this January 4, suggested that the city hire a private eye to investigate a Marco citizen who disagreed with him and, when the city attorney advised against that because whatever was found ... good or bad ... would have to be given to the court, queried whether he was free to hire his own investigator to keep the results out of court if they weren't to his liking?

We all die. Dying does not deserve to be memorialized. Honesty and decency do, and E. Glenn Tucker was neither an honest nor a decent man as the above examples demonstrate.

Ed Foster

getreal239 writes:

No naming of anything

Tinkers_Damn writes:

Spend cash and drive into debt as deep as possible now. Pay back with cheap inflated dollars in the future (if at all).
Marco City has access to plenty of funds. If the expenditures aren't made soon the costs will sky rocket and very few improvements will result. When property taxes actually reflect fair market values the funds will dry up and the mil. rate will be increased considerably to maintain the city.

Amend the charter and spend like there's no tomorrow.

Saul Alinsky

marcoorig writes:


E. Glenn Tucker DOES deserve to have something named after him. He did alot of good things for this island.
Did you know him personally? He was an honest and decent man. Probably more so than you will ever be.

EdFoster writes:


I knew E. Glenn Tucker as well as he would allow me to know him. He refused to speak with me and openly proclaimed that at council meetings. He refused to read e-mails addressed to him from anyone he did not wish to hear from and announced that at council meetings! How can a man claim to represent the people of Marco Island ... ALL the people of Marco Island ... if he will not speak with them or read e-mails from them? How can such a man ... in his position as a city councilor ... be called "decent" or "honorable"? How can a man who accuses his fellow citizens of despicable acts and claims to have photographic evidence (which he later admits does not exist) be called "decent" or "honorable"? How can a man call for a private investigation of a citizen who has done no wrong other than to oppose what E. Glenn Tucker supports, be called "decent" or "honorable"?

Perhaps he was your friend and treated you well. That's fine but do you think he should be memorialized because he was your friend? I think it should take more than that. I'd like to see a list of all the great things he did for Marco Island. Yes, he served on the City Council. So have others. Yes, he negotiated deals to hire city attorneys (at substantial rates) who proved incapable of handling the city's legal affairs and had to call in consultants at even higher rates. And when he left the council, he wanted the council to appoint HIS law firm as city attorneys. Did I miss some of the other wonderful things he did for Marco Island? I imagine he kissed a baby or two, gave speeches to this group and that, voted to give money from the public coffers to groups he supported, wheeled, dealed and otherwise acted as a politician. Is that what you respect so much?

I am sorry he died, but die we all must. If he was your friend, I presume you grieve for him and that is good. But to name a building or room or whatever after him just because he was a (in my opinion) rotten councilor who died shortly after he left office is no more justified than giving Barrack Obama the Nobel Peace Prize for giving a speech saying he desired peace.

Giving awards to politicians is a dangerous business. It reminds people of who they really are.

Ed Foster

marco97 writes:

How about the E. Glenn Tucker wast water treatment plant? I could support that.

lauralbi1 writes:

Mr. Foster: With all due respect, you just do not get it, nor have you ever gotten it. Irrespective of the fact that you no longer live here, you left with absolutely no appreciation of who represented the majority of us, who got Marco Island into Cityhood, who brought this Island to the greatness that it is today. And yes, I repeat, greatness. And the 2,000 or so of you that do not believe or accept this, well you are 2,000 out of 14,000 registered voters and 60,000 that live here during season. You can vote for your candidates and they may or may not win, but you certainly do not represent the major portion of the Island population.
As far as Marco Island is concerned, the fact that Mr. Tucker would not give you the time of day just shows what a great man he was. He had no time for people that their only interest was serving their ego at the expense of the City. Most of us feel the same way. When, just when, are you and the past members of CARES going to realize that the direction of this Island will be determined by the majority. And you were wise to move because the situation with new residents and what they want for the Island is no where close to what you and your past followers want for the Island.
Ed Issler

freedomofspeech1 writes:

I feel that there is no place for naming buildings after public figures. First and foremost these individuals are politicians not HEROES. The line between public service and self service is a fine one...

jwputnam writes:

in response to freedomofspeech1:

I feel that there is no place for naming buildings after public figures. First and foremost these individuals are politicians not HEROES. The line between public service and self service is a fine one...

EXCELLENT. Deserves repeating.

EdFoster writes:

Mr. Issler,

What does your blathering (two above) have to do with E. Glenn Tucker and whether he deserves to have some public something or other named after him? He was what I said he was; that's a matter of public record and you can't change the public record by voting against it.

Ed Foster

P.S. For the record, Glenn Tucker was opposed to Cityhood. Go research it!

dc5799 writes:

You really do BLATHER a lot. Also since your such an expert on researching where can I find the article where Tucker admitted he lied about having proof of people planting asbestos?

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