Marco doctor charged with soliciting sex for medical services

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  • Earlier domestic battery case disposed
  • Defense attorney says Guidry and alleged victim, a longtime friend often joked with sexual overtones
Andrew Guidry

Collier County Sheriff's Office

Andrew Guidry

— A 24-year-old Naples woman, unemployed and uninsured, went to her childhood physician in search of medical treatment and in return received an indecent proposal, according to Marco Island police reports.

The unnamed victim told Marco police in early July that the doctor, Andrew Martin Guidry, told her that in order to get treatment she would need to have sex with him.

Guidry, a 46-year-old Marco physician and former Marco Island City Council candidate, was charged Monday afternoon with solicitation to commit prostitution, a misdemeanor charge.

Guidry, a Naples resident who operates a practice at Marco Medical on Bald Eagle Drive, was arrested at 4 p.m. Monday at the Marco Island police station and released on a notice to appear in court.

The alleged victim reported to Marco police Detective Glen Zirgibel on July 10 that she had been a patient of Guidry’s since she was 12 or 13 years old and until she was about 20 years old, at which time she moved away from the area for about four years.

When she returned to Naples in fall 2008, she reported to police in a sworn statement that she contacted Guidry because she was sick, did not have medical insurance and was unemployed.

Guidry treated her for a minor illness, said his defense attorney, Jerry Berry of the Naples law firm Berry, Day and McFee, in a phone conversation Thursday.

Berry stated that this is a case of “no good deed going unpunished.” He said Guidry and the alleged victim were friends and that Guidry knew her more on a personal basis than as a patient.

According to the police report, the alleged victim said that she went to a 2005 wedding as Guidry’s date and ended up in his bed. She told police that Guidry told her they had slept together but she had very little memory of the event.

“They sometimes had conversations with a sexual overtone,” Berry said.

Attempts to reach Guidry were unsuccessful. Patients, including a young boy and an adult woman, sat in his office on Bald Eagle Drive on Thursday afternoon, but the receptionist there said they weren’t at the office to see Guidry.

The victim told police that the first sexual encounter occurred when she called Guidry again earlier this year when she became sick and shortly after the suspected suicide of Guidry’s medical partner, physician Mitchell Shaw.

During the visit, the victim claims Guidry told her she might have “scarlet fever,” needed to examine her thoroughly, tried to fondle her breasts and attempted to unzip her pants, according to the police report. The victim told police she told Guidry she felt uncomfortable and felt his actions were inappropriate. She reported that Guidry then got upset, went to the medicine cabinet and threw antibiotics at her and said “this should take care of what’s wrong with you.”

The woman, according to the police report, said the proposition of sex in exchange for services occurred after she contacted Guidry again in June when he was arrested for domestic battery charges. That case has since been disposed.

The following is according to the police report:

The victim said they sent each other texts and he said the suspected domestic battery incident was not true and needed a hug. She said she went to Guidry again for medical advice on July 2, asking about removal of an “Implanon,” a birth control device in her left bicep that she said was “messing with her body, causing a problem.” Guidry called her back and said he did not have the training, but felt he could remove it.

She said she looked for someone certified to remove it and found that it cost about $300.

The two sent each other text messages and scheduled for Guidry to remove the device after normal business hours on July 9. He said he wanted her there after 5 p.m. because the procedure was expensive and he didn’t want anyone knowing he was doing it for free, according to her statement. She then told police it became clear he wanted her there after 5 p.m. so they could be alone and he would like to have sex with her in exchange for him removing the birth control device. She said she would prefer to make cash payments.

Guidry then got mad and responded: “If she wanted to have it removed, she knew the cost,” according to reports.

The interaction was discontinued and then she contacted police, she said.

After providing the sworn statement, she agreed to record a phone call to Guidry from the Marco police station. She said during the phone call that she would agree to his proposed arrangement, the report said.

Guidry then names specific sex acts and quickly terminates the phone call after becoming very professional, police reported.

The doctor then calls back on her cell phone and said he couldn’t talk earlier because a staff member had walked in on him, according to police accounts of the recorded phone conversation.

Guidry tells the victim about two specific sexual positions he hoped to perform. When the woman states that they are talking about her payment, Guidry confirms, “Yeah, we are talking about making sure that you’re fully compensated and I’m fully compensated,” according to the police report.

Berry said the two were joking and that an unnamed friend and co-worker were present.

Guidry, who is married, told the woman he was not married, she said in the police report.

The woman told Marco police that she agonized over reporting the incident but feared that Guidry would do the same thing to other women.

Guidry canceled the appointment they scheduled for the sex act in exchange for medical services due to other matters, according to the police report.

Guidry is due to appear in Collier County court 8:30 a.m. Aug. 12.

Check back for more details on the case.

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Comments » 33

August8 writes:

"Oh Boy"????????????????????????
This is going to set of a fire storm, run and grab yall's towel's, look-out police, they come after you as well!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

ed34145 writes:

The negative faction on Marco sure can pick their candidates!

themessiah writes:


Here comes the ya gonna spin this one "good doc" & friends.

Did she kill a dog too?

I think the woman should have 24-hour police surveillance on her starting today with this bozos history.

Vote Guidry 2012!

happy6 writes:

where there's smoke there's fire...near as i can tell dr. guidry is guilty of something...and no ed issler...he won't be running for council i don't don't even start that diatribe...we really don't need it...if all this proves to be true...guidry will pay dearly...and he should.

FreshFace writes:

OMG, shaw killed himself? he was so young and he WAS a good doctor. Probably was so messed up from guidry. I'm telling you, this paragraph rings so true about a friend of mine that went there years ago with guidry: "During the visit, the victim claims Guidry told her she might have “scarlet fever,” needed to examine her thoroughly, tried to fondle her breasts and attempted to unzip her pants, according to the police report. The victim told police she told Guidry she felt uncomfortable and felt his actions were inappropriate. She reported that Guidry then got upset, went to the medicine cabinet and threw antibiotics at her and said “this should take care of what’s wrong with you.”

WOW...I feel horrible to know that shaw died. I was angry he worked with this man, but I never went back there after my encounters with guidry. There better be more investigating going on. Unfortunately, I have no contact with the friend that went through a similar situation as stated in the above paragraph...Like I said.l...he shouldn't practice again.

He almost KILLED ME! He is NOT a good doctor. Dr. Shaw was a professional, but was too influenced by this egomaniac <sic>. If you're a man you have NO IDEA what we are talking about then. Guidry is not only a sex freak, but a horrible doctor. To send someone back to work while coughing up blood and xrays still showed double pneumonia with some sort of "growth" in the lung???? WTF? The guy is a raging mess.

until they give him his day in court DO NOT allow him around children giving free physicals. Please, do not do that.

FreshFace writes:

(This comment was removed by the site staff.)

August8 writes:

"No-No-No" !!!!!!!!!!!!!!
This old boy needs to grab a hat and move out west where he can perform on sheep !!! There is quite enough evidence present in the totality of all the situations that he should no longer prectice his profession on Marco or Naples, the AMA should get involved !!!!!!!!!!!!

themessiah writes:

MarcoRat, give us a break.

Guidry WAS arrested....and released with a NOTICE TO APPEAR. You cannot be summonsed with a N.T.A. without first getting ARRESTED.

playballonK writes:

Forget the Obama plan, Guidry may be onto something here to lower health care costs.

Sweetmama46 writes:

No wonder I kept getting double billed. I was paying for all the freebies!!

FreshFace writes:

in response to MarcoRat:

(This comment was removed by the site staff.)

(This comment was removed by the site staff.)

FreshFace writes:

He has always been so slimy. eeewww. I remember the first time I had to deal with him. I, of course, had an appointment with Dr. Shaw and guess who walks in the room instead??? This sick piece of garbage. He said to me, "Hey gorgeous. You sure don't look sick to me." Ummmm....WHAT???????????????/ I don't think he has many patients. I think they all were coming for Shaw and he just slid some of us to guidry to be nice to the guy. I think more of an investigation into Shaw's death is needed. I didn't know him personally, but he seemed genuinely happy.

Oh, another time I went to see Shaw I asked the receptionist quietly, "Could you make sure it's Dr. Shaw that sees me?" She said sure. Well, guidry was about to walk in my room (I paniced), and the nurse told him that I wanted to see Shaw. He started SCREAMING out in the hall that I have no business demanding to see a certain doctor. That I was s----- and knew nothing about him. Swore about me...I was about to leave (while crying...I was very, very sick with what we now know as a rare illness) when shaw came in. He apologized up and down and referred me to a great pulmonologist. that was the last I ever went there. God, all the terrible memories are coming back. Please, make sure he never touches another person again.

Sweetmama46 writes:

Guidry told me that I needed a hip replacement after he did some x rays on me. When I went to an Orthopedic Doctor, I didn't need a hip replacement after all. I also made appointments with Shaw and the same thing. Guidry would walk in. I asked him and he said that Shaw was busy. This happened over and over. He once yelled at me and told me to shut up and listen.

happy6 writes:

not saying he's not guilty..BUT where were all you ladies when this happened? asleep? why did you wait until it happened to somebodey else and he gets arrested to start screaming?..just curious.

ski4life writes:

Definitely a weird office. I went once and never went back (did not feel violated, but didn't feel it was the best care). Shadow, that's a good point - and yes, many people agree, but I think maybe what we all experienced was not enough to press charges or make a story....but when something like this happens, lots of ppl can agree that they didn't feel comfortable.

jimbo46marco writes:

Where there is smoke there is usually fire.

I have found Guidry to be a fine general care doctor that sticks to his area of expertise and pushes you to more qualified when needed. The office runs pretty tight to schedule yet I have never felt pushed aside. Medications are prescribed with care and he does not milk the system, looks for cost containment.

That said I think the community is going to lose him...too much smoke.

34145 writes:

I have to say I agree w/ Jimbo... Whether these allegations prove to be true or not, I received very good care and referrals when necessary. Oh, by the way, I was always treated respectfully.

themessiah writes:

Jimbo & 34145.....I presume you are men.

Marcosfinest writes:

I went to Guidry many times hes a good doctor.. I think when he went over to the middle east for a couple of years it screwed him up. But hes a good guy and a True American. Good Luck Guidry u hired one of the best lawyers in town. He will take care of you.

Fossil writes:

The following is according to the police report:
"The victim said they sent each other texts and he said the suspected domestic battery incident was not true and needed a hug." This statement by Guidry obviously was made because "she" asked if the story was true. All published reports of that charge indicated this fellow struck his "wife". The artlcle contains another extracted statement from the police report: "Guidry, who is married, told the woman he was not married," Either the police report is advancing the woman's allegation or the implication that he told her he was not married is false. Could it be this is all out of context and the paper is simply guilty of making up a story to inflame it's readership. Consider this. Why have no other female patients (or their husbands for that matter), reported this type of behavior to the police previously? Offenders such as this do not suddenly start this behavior. They have been doing it for a long time. Because of the type of alleged crime and lack of any reported prior history, it is unlikely the motive offerred by the victim can be taken at face value. It is possible to believe from the attorney's statment and the few facts presented, that they had a consential though inappropriate relationship of some kind. That alone is not a crime. So now we have a criminal charge of solicitation to make it all worthwhile. The alleged facts as presented in the story appear to show that services of some type using barter may have been exchanged. I want to know who really initiated it. A professional married, high profile member of our community, who had much to loose, or a victim who had no other means of payment. Also, the tone of this story, the one regarding the alleged battery and the comments made by the same few "shocked" and convinced citizens who have no first hand knowledge, appear to show we have a real effort in Marco Island to run this fellow out of town. Now that is a story that may be worth reporting.

Leroy writes:

Russ Columbo once said Guidry was "a fine American Patriot," well once again Russ should keep his opinions to himself. If it were any of Guidry's supporters children who was mistreated I guess they'd be taking a different stand now.

As for the past election, LOL...these people, with the exception of Batte (misguided and misled) supported the biggest group of losers ever assembled in the history of politics, led by the most self-centered individual around. Where's Godfrey Davies now?? ANyone that has the audacity to defend this guy is an idiot.

Oh Russ, you may want to keep your comments and endorsements to yourself...hahahahahaha

ladyironhead writes:

This is no surprise...a few years ago, my daughter came to visit, became ill, saw Guidry because Dr. Shaw was busy, and he asked her out. He was married at the time, but continued calling relentlessly until my husband got involved. She was 20 at the time.
As we remember Dr. Shaw in our prayers, don't forget Kevin Murphy, Guidry's nurse and best friend.

August8 writes:


Maybe after Sotomayer, you might be considered for the highest court in the land???

Sailor writes:

Fossil, you are a complete idiot!!

Fossil writes:

Sailor: You must have a low opinion of me if you think I am your equal.

Sailor writes:

Fossil, Nice try but I don't consider you anywhere near being equal to me!! Let's face it, we all know that you're Byrone Erickson and you don't even live on Marco anymore. What a miserable life you must have to have to sit at your computer and type blogs about a community that threw you out with the rest of the dirty bath water. You are pitiful Byrone...still defending anyother one of your lost causes. Have you EVER won an arguement or fight on Marco? Guidry has a long history of being inappropriate with some of his younger patients!! DO you have a daughter?? What if she complained about him propositioning her? As I said before...You are an Idiot!!

Fossil writes:

You are wrong as to who I am. The rest of your your comments are not worthy of any response and only reflect who you are.

themessiah writes:

I bet Guidry is hoping for another celebrity death so his story gets moved off the headlines!

karma123 writes:

OMG does this stink! This unemployed and uninsured 24 year old (why can't the paper produce a name?) has been texting and sleeping with this man and now has to pay for her services and now she is trying to nail him for hoo girlfriend. Get a job and work and stop calling the doctor that supposedly has been making you uncomfortable for how long and you keep going back? I don't know about the rest of you but I don't have my physicians personal cell phone and text back and forth and then claim he is only my doctor? Oh I forgot about the part that she slept with him on a date she had with him too? Come on! This stinks and she set him up. I just hope honey you are prepared for Jerry Berry to do a number on you and your accusations in the courtroom. Karma honey...hopefully when you are 40 something and have a job maybe/maybe not and someone does this to you when you have 2 babies at home and your best friend just killed himself that you will look back and say to yourself..why did this happen to me? Good luck Guidry we are here for you!

CapriComments writes:

in response to ladyironhead:

This is no surprise...a few years ago, my daughter came to visit, became ill, saw Guidry because Dr. Shaw was busy, and he asked her out. He was married at the time, but continued calling relentlessly until my husband got involved. She was 20 at the time.
As we remember Dr. Shaw in our prayers, don't forget Kevin Murphy, Guidry's nurse and best friend.

Thank you for remembering Kevin, however his correct name was Kevin L. Ray. Murphy was his wife's last name. Kevin has been gone for exactly 6 years already but it's so nice to know that some of you have not forgotten him. Kevin is missed and still much loved everyday.

karma123 writes:

Just heard some great news for all you
Pro-Guidry fans! Boy is this going to send some of you over the edge!!!LOL! Way to go Dr. Guidry!Can't wait until it's public knowledge!! What comes around goes around!


Wow, to the "themessiah" (that's quite a complex you have there)and other haters, it's unclear to me whether you are all blithering idiots, myopic Philistines or malignant narcissists, (i.e. Hitler, Stalin, Saddam Hussein, etc)...perhaps all three definitions apply - yes, I believe they do.
....were you raised by wolves....because I know if you had a mother she would have told you; believe none of what you hear (in this case, read) and half of what you see. Apparently you do not know how to read "between" the lines.
Does your jaw unhinge once you have captured your prey? You haters must all be the standard bearers of what is 'right' in this world...your deep insecurities and inflated self-images are showing.
FACT: Dr. Guidry was never, I repeat, NEVER arrested for this bogus, vicious allegation...check the Collier County web site yourselves, you have public acces (I would think you would have known that)...oh well, happy to pass it on to you.
Oh yes, to cassieben, no, an unemployed/uninsured stripper is not a bad person, however, when that same person fabricates such a vicious story for financial or what ever gain, (That's what I got from the article) that makes WHAT she did unscrupulous and evil. Actually I pity her; apparently she never had a good role model. Has anyone bothered to look into her history?
So, he was on the Howard Stern Show...and that has 'what' to do with the price of tea in China? Do I detect a bit of jealousy here? Sorry I missed the show, I hear tell it was very funny. The 'themessiah' stated he 'felt sorry' for some of those who penned a positive note on this take, I believe he wouldn't know how to feel sorry for must be awful to be so pathetic in his skin.
Do you know the number of animals; horses, dogs, cats, etc. that Dr. Guidry has rescued; OK no, you don't; Do you know of how generous he is to patients that cannot afford medical you don' you know how well he treats his entire staff along with their families whom you are also berating, no you don't; do you know of the children he has helped thru his unselfish support along with donating his time and expertise to, no you don't; Do you know he is a veteran who has protected your butt and tended to our injured brothers, no you don't...Luckily there are so many wonderful people on Marco who have the intelligence and insight to know these charges are bogus. Fortunately he has a wonderful patient base that can see right thru this bull. Dr. Guidry has been and will continue to be my physician as well as members of my family and I might add, he is a great diagnostician.


Wow, themessiah, you liken Dr. Guidry to OJ Simpson, Jeffrey Dohmer, Mike Tyson (I forgot what he did), Bernie Madoff; I’m surprised you left out Jack the Ripper. Luckily, his patients know the truth and won’t be swayed by a bitter, ugly soul such as yours and the rest of the haters. I certainly hope I am not a neighbor of yours….ah, but I would immediately recognize you by your hate and your coward ness because it would spill out thru your aura, and it’s a very ugly color. I would put that stone down if I were you. Try breathing exercises, they really do help. You told Fossil to get a life: Sounds like he already has one…sounds like you really need to get one.
PS I wonder if once he is found innocent of these charges, I wonder if that story will get as much “ink” as this story has gotten and I wonder if the local TV news will ticker tape “Marco Dr. found innocent, charges dropped & he was never arrested as we originally reported, we were wrong,” I wonder if that will be flashing every half hour, nah, because that would be honest journalism and not sensational enough…back page if any page.

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