Will doctor’s practice survive latest headlines?

Andrew Guidry, a former council candidate and Island physician, won't necessarily lose his license if found guilty of solilciting prostitution in exchange for medical services

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  • "He's innocent until proven guilty," a patient says as a reminder.
  • If found guilty of a sex crime involving a patient, a doctor's license to practice in Florida is not automatically lost.

If found guilty of soliciting prostitution in exchange for medical services, should a physician lose their license to practice medicine?

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— Reactions varied in the days following the release of a police report indicating that a longtime Island physician, and one-time political candidate, was charged with soliciting prostitution in exchange for his medical services.

Some say Andrew Guidry, a family physician specializing in internal medicine, should continue to be trusted professionally. Others say parents should not take the doctor up on his recent offer to provide free school physicals each Friday through August.

“As far as I’m concerned what his personal life is and what he does professionally as a doctor are separate. He is innocent until proven guilty and that’s all I can say in terms of this most recent charge,” said Gary Shirey, an occasional patient of Guidry’s.

Shirey said he first met Guidry in February and that the doctor was very professional.

“I wouldn’t have a problem going back for medical reasons,” Shirey said.

Guidry won’t automatically lose his license to practice medicine in Florida whether proven guilty or not.

“Conviction of a crime is a basis for discipline that can range from reprimand, to a fine and the ultimate, which is revocation of the license,” said Eulinda Smith, a spokesperson for the Florida Department of Health and Florida Board of Medicine.

Smith said a review by the board would determine the discipline, if any.

“It’s on a case by case basis and fielded on a complaint basis,” she added.

That means the victim, a law enforcement officer, another doctor, or someone in the public would need to make a request for the Florida Board of Medicine to review the doctor.

Smith said such a request remains confidential until the conclusion of the board’s review.

She said the details of the case, history of the doctor and several other factors would be weighed out by the board.

Marco Island police released the report on Thursday afternoon that may decide the fate of Guidry and his practice at Marco Medical, which is right next door to City Hall — a place Guidry also sought to spend more time when he ran for City Council in 2007.

Shortly after Guidry’s failed attempt at a council seat, a dispute led city officials to barricade the parking lot he once shared with City Hall.

The wall eventually came down and tensions thawed later in 2008 as the city began compensating Guidry for increased insurance costs caused by public use of the lot.

Guidry made headlines again in June when he was charged with battery following a domestic dispute. That charge, also a misdemeanor, was dropped earlier this month.

Guidry’s practice was also in the news earlier this year, when his partner, Mitchell Shaw, was discovered dead in the Naples office. It was a suspected suicide.

Now, new accusations involving the island doctor are creating news as a 24-year-old Naples woman comes forward with her story in which she claims the doctor offered medical services in exchange for sex.

The Naples resident, who operates a practice at Marco Medical on Bald Eagle Drive, was arrested at 4 p.m., July 20, at the Marco Island police station, right next door to his medical office, and released on a notice to appear in court.

Guidry, 46, was charged July 20 with solicitation to commit prostitution, a misdemeanor charge. Guidry’s defense attorney, Jerry Berry of the Naples law firm Berry, Day and McFee, could not immediately be reached for comment on the possible effects a conviction would have on Guidry’s practice or license to practice.

Guidry has expressed an interest to share his story with the media, but under his attorney’s advice has declined to comment.

Read the original story on the allegations, including details made by the victim in a sworn statement and comments from Berry, Guidry’s defense attorney, in related stories.

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Comments » 20

SoMuchOlderThen writes:

Didn't this wack job also appear on a TV talk show ( i.e. Springer or Povich ) in a diaper ?
Who the heck would trust him for medical needs?

jimbo46marco writes:

I do.

People do goofy things in the course of life but my sense is there is something going on here that is not being reported. What the press did report is this chick was very familiar with the doc...she slept with him at least once four years ago and they had a relationship, were texting each other, keeping in touch. She trusted him enough to ask for medical favors and he trusted her enough to ask for sexual favors. How this gets turned into soliciting for prostitution is a bit of a mystery. Is it revenge? Is it for money? Do the other antics including run for council, Shaws death, the episode over the parking lot play into this? Is somebody trying to get this guy?

There is a "smell test" problem here and while I admit a guy with this profile should be a little more reserved and dignified, I for one will not attack him until it all comes out.

karma123 writes:

I trust him too and have been going to him for the last 5 years. Wow it must be nice to be so perfect like "somucholderthen". The ignorance on some of these bloggers kill me. Who doesn't have something in their past they wouldn't like for the world to see? Give me a break "oh perfect ones". Shame on all of you for not giving him the benefit of the doubt. It does stink and I think she has set him up for something..don't know what? Anyone can see this is NOT soliciting prostitution...that is a joke. She knew exactly what she was doing when she went to police on this..somebody must have coached her. I know he is in the best hands with Jerry Berry and like I said he is going to have a field day with this young unemployed/uninsured one! WOuld love to be in the courtroom for this!

Fossil writes:

A click on SoMuchOlderThen's moniker reveals him to have over 147 entries. Yet, only two recent ones are available to read. Could it be that this paper has finally figured out that some of these folks are one and the same. Using their IP address to verify who is signing in under another name is one way to do it. I say this because this fellow's most recent comment was almost verbatem to one said by another moniker during the election. I am starting to believe we have a small group of folks trying to sway public opinion with this media. In this case they may even be guilty of trying to run this doctor out of town. I hope they are not successful because he has been my doctor for five years and I have never had a problem with him.

Smeg writes:

Will the City of Marco aquire the Doctor's building?

dc5799 writes:

I have faith in him also, as a Dr. he is very professional and right on the money with his diagnoses. Also who of you are without sin? Not just the lusters but the wheeler dealers who want to steal our taxpayers money.
Also Kelly you never write the good Drs name without adding that he lost his bid for City Council. What does one have to do with the other?

OldMarcoMan writes:

Good idea Smeg. Maybe the City could start a battered womans shelter there.

themessiah writes:

I cannot believe what I'm reading here. Are you all serious???? No wonder why women are completely terrified about coming forward with allegations and testifying against their accusers with supporters and naysayers like you around!

"People do goofy things in the course of life".

Multiple arrests for domestic violence, spinning lies of dead dogs later to be retracted, propositioning (one that we officially know of) women with sexual advances....come on "Goofy Things", Really?

With this argument, we can say the same for OJ Simpson, Mike Tyson, Bernie Madoff, the list goes on. Wouldn't you consider these "Goofy Things" during the course of their life?

You don't have to be a genius to see a pattern of behavior here. It's obvious this guy's "Goofy Things" have crossed the line into his professional life and are now affecting not only him but the people around him as well.

It's time the citizens of Marco Island speak up and demand some justice before something truly terrible happens with this guy. Based on the past history pattern and increase frequency of events, it's only a matter of time before these multiple misdemeanors become a tragic felony.

Based on the immortal words of Jimbo46Marco, That wild and crazy Jeffrey Dahmer sure did some "Goofy Things" during the course of his life....didn't he!

cassieben writes:

Dear "themessiah",

I am so thankful of your recent post! Thank god for people like you that can see right through all of the smoke and get right down to the real matter at hand.

Does it really matter "KARMA123" that this young girl is unemployed/uninsured as you stated above? You feel like this makes her a bad person?? I certainly do not think so, you also basically state that no one is perfect so why are you criticizing a person simply because of their employment status? That is not a good solid reason for someone to be completely discredited.

If you ask me, someone with a rap sheet is a person to be more likely discredited!

Fossil writes:

TheMessiah: You keep accusing this fellow of committing domestic violance. Why? Because he was arrested for it? How did the trial go? Funny how this paper and people like you never tell us how these things end. Just because one is arrested by the Police does not mean one is guilty of anything. It simply means that a police officer used their descretion to get a judge to look at accusations made by another. People make false accusations all the time. Sometimes they withdraw the accusations and say they were made in the heat of the moment. Sometimes the accuser never shows up in court and the case is dropped. Somestimes it's simply a he said, she said case with no witness present. The media loves those stories. They do not like it when judges dismiss them or decides the charges have no merit. They never print front page stories as to how a previously published arrest ends if the case is dismissed. Why is that? Also, why do people like you show so much interest in domestic incidents in which you have no personal first hand knowledge? This fellow is a good doctor, a veteran and an good citizen that gave the City the very land it's government buildings stand on. A citizen that dared to run for City Council. You and your petty friends at City Hall have never forgiven him for that. Yes I do think the young lady has a gripe. But it's not the one you and your muckrakers have been promoting. Why don't you look into her real motives?

themessiah writes:

Multiple Domestic Violence Cases.

Are you telling me he is innocent on MULTIPLE occasions?

Guilty people NEVER get off, do they? HA!

Let's see....
OJ Simpson - Not Guilty
Chris Brown - Not Guilty

Oh, by the way, Michael Jackson never touched those kids either....

Get a life Fossil. I hope you don't have a wife or daughter who EVER has to go through the horrific tragedy of being terrorized by a man. If you do, I will be the first one to come to her defense....I wish I could say the same about you....

It's people like you who are the reason women don't come forward with these types of crimes and end up carrying the horrific memories with them their entire life.

I feel sorry for you.

OldMarcoMan writes:

Oh, oh, oh ! Maybe he can get a Job as Ft Myers Beach City Manager !!!

karma123 writes:

Dear Cassieben? Fact=unemployed/uninsured APPARENT victim. Not criticized just fact. The main reason it appears in this case was she could not afford services from a doctor...then she claims he asked for services...which had been performed before between both parties the apparent victim already agrees had happened....get it? Whether I do or do not have an opinion on employment or not is not the issue nor any of you blasted business..check the classified there are plenty out there ...get it? I am here to state my opinion about Dr. Guidry and not blog with all these others wanting to run him out of town. I will not respond to any more of these so don't even go there.

cassieben writes:

Dear KARMA123,

I won't try to debate with your ignorance or your poor grammar.

karma123 writes:

How pathetic can one human being be?


Wow, to the "themessiah" (that's quite a complex you have there)and other haters, it's unclear to me whether you are all blithering idiots, myopic Philistines or malignant narcissists, (i.e. Hitler, Stalin, Saddam Hussein, etc)...perhaps all three definitions apply - yes, I believe they do.
....were you raised by wolves....because I know if you had a mother she would have told you; believe none of what you hear (in this case, read) and half of what you see. Apparently you do not know how to read "between" the lines.
Does your jaw unhinge once you have captured your prey? You haters must all be the standard bearers of what is 'right' in this world...your deep insecurities and inflated self-images are showing.
FACT: Dr. Guidry was never, I repeat, NEVER arrested for this bogus, vicious allegation...check the Collier County web site yourselves, you have public acces (I would think you would have known that)...oh well, happy to pass it on to you.
Oh yes, to cassieben, no, an unemployed/uninsured stripper is not a bad person, however, when that same person fabricates such a vicious story for financial or what ever gain, (That's what I got from the article) that makes WHAT she did unscrupulous and evil. Actually I pity her; apparently she never had a good role model. Has anyone bothered to look into her history?
So, he was on the Howard Stern Show...and that has 'what' to do with the price of tea in China? Do I detect a bit of jealousy here? Sorry I missed the show, I hear tell it was very funny. The 'themessiah' stated he 'felt sorry' for some of those who penned a positive note on this take, I believe he wouldn't know how to feel sorry for anyone...it must be awful to be so pathetic in his skin.
Do you know the number of animals; horses, dogs, cats, etc. that Dr. Guidry has rescued; OK no, you don't; Do you know of how generous he is to patients that cannot afford medical coverage...no you don't...do you know how well he treats his entire staff along with their families whom you are also berating, no you don't; do you know of the children he has helped thru his unselfish support along with donating his time and expertise to, no you don't; Do you know he is a veteran who has protected your butt and tended to our injured brothers, no you don't...Luckily there are so many wonderful people on Marco who have the intelligence and insight to know these charges are bogus. Fortunately he has a wonderful patient base that can see right thru this bull. Dr. Guidry has been and will continue to be my physician as well as members of my family and I might add, he is a great diagnostician.


Wow, themessiah, you liken Dr. Guidry to OJ Simpson, Jeffrey Dohmer, Mike Tyson (I forgot what he did), Bernie Madoff; I’m surprised you left out Jack the Ripper. Luckily, his patients know the truth and won’t be swayed by a bitter, ugly soul such as yours and the rest of the haters. I certainly hope I am not a neighbor of yours….ah, but I would immediately recognize you by your hate and your coward ness because it would spill out thru your aura, and it’s a very ugly color. I would put that stone down if I were you. Try breathing exercises, they really do help. You told Fossil to get a life: Sounds like he already has one…sounds like you really need to get one.
PS I wonder if once he is found innocent of these charges, I wonder if that story will get as much “ink” as this story has gotten and I wonder if the local TV news will ticker tape “Marco Dr. found innocent, charges dropped & he was never arrested as we originally reported, we were wrong,” I wonder if that will be flashing every half hour, nah, because that would be honest journalism and not sensational enough…back page if any page.


Oh, by the way cassieben...I wouldn't criticize karma123 too much for her grammar....you neglected to capitalize "G" for God in your 07.31 entry.....

karma123 writes:

Well said. Thanks for the poor grammar support... oops they turned my words around. I would love to be your neighbor. A kind soul goes a long way. If something went wrong in my life I would love to have you on my side. What a good person you are! Debate teams are in high school!

cassieben writes:


I never mentioned anything about Dr. Guidry's appearance on the Howard Stern Show. I really could care less about that since it has nothing to do with the subject of the article.

By the way I don't feel any of us are blogging on here are bad or evil people. We all are simply stating our thoughts and opinions on the subject.

I hope everyone can feel this way. We may put it as simple as this, you may hate the color orange and I may absolutely love it, that doesn't mean we should be enemies.

Time will tell and the truth (whatever it may be) will come out.

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