Letter to the Editor: Open reply to Mr. Waldack

Your open letter to me in the May 27 Marco Eagle only verifies your very ill-conceived modus operandi. I am confident that the electorate on this island will eventually replace you with a true, humble leader who will serve the people.

In case you haven’t heard, seen, or read, millions of people have lost their jobs and more layoffs are yet to come. So, yes, Mr. Waldack, if I were fortunate enough to have a managerial job with the city, I definitely would give back the four percent salary raise. So many people are doing just that in thousands of communities throughout our country in order to keep their jobs and to show their appreciation that they are employed! As a retired Latin teacher/guidance counselor, I never earned a great salary, but I knew that I was making a difference for thousands of students and their parents during my 30-year career. Now, I am grateful for my part time job with a terrific property management company!

Since you are earning a salary to be on the City Council, why don’t you give back some of your salary to the city coffers? The majority of people on Marco are paying thousands of dollars in property taxes, out of control utility bills, etc. You are masterful, though, at your incredulous diatribe and trying to sound so intelligent and righteous. Enough is Enough, Mr. Waldack. Please resign.

Respectfully submitted.

Janet M. O’Connell

Marco Island

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happy6 writes:

well said ms. o'connell...unfortunately mr walduck is a complete moron and will never understand what you just said...unless he asks arceri to translate it for him...he will never resign, it's the only job he has ever had...the man has no gumption...his lot in life is to be a minion, write letter to the editor and stick his head in the sand.

Fossil writes:

Ms. O'Connell, "shadow" is correct in his analysis of Mr. Waldack's employment history. His employment history is a matter of public record and can be examined easily enough via the internet. Even he has stated that he cannot understand how he won a seat on our City Council. But now that we have him we must endure. Do not be angry with him. Be angry with those who put him upon us. Be angry with your neighbors and the condo owners for not doing enough research before they voted him into office.

JohninMarco writes:

Very well stated M. O' Connell.

playballonK writes:

When is the next council election?
Can you condo dwellers that voted in Walduck and his coherts, please get EDUCATED on the issues before you vote this time.
When someone like John Aceri or his ilk come telling tales of doom & gloom to you folks, stand up and actually question their (his) motives.
Look where you got us with your last vote - WE'RE ALL GOING BROKE!

sailingalong writes:

The only thing that Councilman Waldud has ever proven he can do is go bankrupt and inherit his mother's house and money. It would seem that he is applying the same lack of common sense that led him to bankruptcy to his administration of our city.

The successful functioning of a democracy requires an educated and informed citizenry. The citizens failed to properly educate themselves and bought Arceri's contrived pack of lies to elect 3 people that never accomplished anything and couldn't run a hot dog stand.

We are now paying the price.

The scary thing is that Mr. Arceri along with Mr. Woodward and Mr. Patterson are now planning their three shill candidates for the next election. The major qualification they seek is that the candidate be dumb enough to follow their directions as they pursue their own personal agendas of power and enrichment at our expense.

How many millions do you think the five year extension that Mr. Woodward just got for the Marriott is worth? What did we get? Nothing!

lauralbi1 writes:

I guess the bolgs above represent the 5 voters that voted for the "other guys". Mrs. O'Connell, a sincere thank you for your service in the noble profession of educator. Your Pension Fund just called and reported that as a result of bad investments due to the bad economy, they are going to have to reduce your monthly stipend by 4%. So I guess, according to what you have stated above, that is okay. Or, as a better correlation, Social Security is going to ask to take back the Cost of Living increase due to the Bad Economy, and they are asking you to voluntarily give it back. How about we sign you up for all the "give backs" since you appear to be so Civic minded.
Why don't you provide us with comparable salaries between cities the size of Marco Island. I do not know what they are, but it would be interesting to know before you suggest giving back increases. You, yourself, worked for less in a field that had other rewards, like extended vacation and "strong" retirement. City workers (not Management) are NOT overpaid !!
And as far as any comments from Fossill (Mr. Bill McMullan), his resume in Public Service and Real Estate makes Mr. Waldack look like a Public hero !! That is where we should be doing research and publishing the facts, Mr. McMullan's track record.
Mr. Waldack is doing exactly what the people that voted for him want him to do. And I assure you that he will be re-elected if he runs, for the same reasons he was elected the first time.
Ed Issler

dc5799 writes:

Still a vicious man and since your photo appeared in the paper you are also a very ugly man.
Keep your eye on the pickpockets.

happy6 writes:

ed you idiot....you keep going back to an election...it's over man...walduck won...now he needs to be removed..the guy is a compete idiot and serves no purpose on this island other than writing letter to the editor and guest columns...and you buy into his crap...you too are a loser...BUT wait...you and the Marriott are buddies and you want more junk shops on the island and cheap jewelry....and i do agree with the above...you are pitiful looking....alot like arceri and walduck cloned.

happy6 writes:

HEY WAYNE...ain't got b---s enough to reply to the lady?

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