Island physician arrested on battery charge

Andrew Guidry

Andrew Guidry

— Island physician Andrew Martin Guidry, 46, of 256 Rose Apple Lane, Naples, a former Marco City Council candidate, was arrested Saturday and charged with domestic battery.

At about 1:30 a.m. Saturday police arrived at 7668 Hernando Court, Naples, to speak to the victim, who reported being physically assaulted and in fear of her husband.

She reported that a verbal argument with Guidry turned physical at their home in Naples when she was supposed to go to Orlando and her husband saw an e-mail between herself and friends about the planned trip.

Accounts of the incident as reported by the victim to the Collier County Sheriff’s Office stated that Guidry grabbed his wife by the hair, forcing her head back and said to her ‘once we find the truth, I can punch you in the face.”

She stated that he then dragged her to the computer by her ponytail.

She then ran out the back door and went to her father’s house because she was in fear for her life, she told police.

Guidry had threatened her life in the past and had several guns in the house, she added.

Guidry followed his wife to her father’s house and told police that he had not touched her at any time.

He said it was his wife who had become angry and left.

Guidry was taken to jail and released on bond after about 14 hours.

Police Briefs are compiled and written by Daily News and Eagle staff and correspondents’ written and oral reports by the Collier County Sheriff’s Office, Marco Island Police Department and other agencies. Arrests indicate suspicion of a crime, not guilt.

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Comments » 76

August8 writes:

"What's This guy, a vetenarian"??????????????

Fossil writes:

What's this about? Seriously, I would like to know. An entire article is written repeating portions of and snippets of statements made by the alleged victem and a statement released by the Police. The incidents and converstations revealed in this article occurred in private between two people with no witness present. Only two people know what really went on here. The accussed gets a one liner quote. Why is so much weight being given to one side? Is it because the husband was a former candidate for City Council? Did the husband admit to the Police that the accusations against him are true? Or is it because we just naturally feel sorry for the wife? Before you convict someone based upon this article, wait until you hear both sides of this story. This is journalism at it's worst. Good reporters investigate, verify and do not accept spoon fed statments that contain little or no validation from the authorities.

August8 writes:

Read your local paper a little more often and you will find daily arrests for domestic battery only to be out done by D.U.I Arrests?
If victim has signs of injury to support allegations, in the wagon they go!!!!!!!
So, this arrests was as common as Butter Fly's!!

lauralbi1 writes:

The blog above by Fossill is almost a self fulfilling request. For Fossill, Bill McMullan, has a long history of articles being written about him and the dishonesty that he has exhibited, both as a Politician and as a Real Estate Broker. He only wishes that newspapers did not exist so his history could remain buried.
Ed Issler

OldMarcoMan writes:

Are you serious Fossil? He was arrested for beating his wife not speeding!
Even IF the article was shallow on facts and follow up was missing, where there is Smoke there is Fire. Its not the HOW he beat his Wife its the fact he did.

August8 the SIGNS or Evidence of a beating is the BEATING !
In the old days of Florida he would be taken out to the Glades and shown how a beating feels, but Society is more civilized now and we arrest them then release these animals on a $1,000 bail (That costs $100 from a Bondsman) so he can go home to his wife and kid again.
I've agreed with you many times Fossil but your completely and totally wrong on this. Spouse abuse is a crime and this is even worse because he was not only was a community leader but a child was in the house.
I cant believe you people.

NobodysFool57 writes:

A veterinarian? No, but he is an Iraq war veteran. Dr. Guidry is an Army reservist who has served "over there". Sadly, spousal abuse by returning war vets is a dirty little secret that is a consequence of our foreign policy of the last eight years. I hope this is recognized and not just swept under the rug as another domestic. As for Issler's latest McMullan rant, I have a suggestion. Take a trip to Iraq, find an angry Shiite, and tell him how proud you are to be an American. That should take care of it.

OldMarcoMan writes:

What a crock

fortl writes:

Guidry, deport him quickly or we will have an OJ scene on little Marco
Run him out of town.
Seems real strange that this guy is around trouble, his parnter with his domestic violence and later suidice and the parking lot deal and now this.
What right do they have to shoot a dog in cold blood? I would like a few minutes with Dr do good myself.
Is he a real Dr or just a D.O.?

strike3 writes:

It is completely normal to have your wife intoxicated, running around the house with a gun, at 1:30am, and then blow the family dogs brains out for barking!

Whats the big deal? Doesn't that happen at everyones house on Saturday nights?

OldMarcoMan writes:

".....the rest of you girls are to cowardly to face Doc G in person." AkcionJaque

If we faced him he might beat us like he did his Wife. He likes to hit 'girl' it seems.

playballonK writes:

was kinda odd the way the Eagle got this to press without both sides of the story.

Good job Eagle.

OldMarcoMan writes:

(This comment was removed by the site staff.)

Fossil writes:

August09 and OldMarco: I only wantted to point out that this story is incomplete and how unfair it appeared. You do believe in a newspaper's obligation to report the truth, don't you? When the paper starts accepting what the police tell them without verifying the facts - that is unprofessional and amounts to gossip. Did the reporter ask to see the Police Report? Did the reporter interview everyone involved? When allegations are made, the police usually make an arrest. That arrest, does not necessarily mean they got the right person, it only means they acted in the interest of public safety based on the information they had at the time. Investigations usually follow. If Dr Guidry's discription is accurate, then this reporter should be fired. I know that I will find it difficult to believe anything this paper ever writes again. Dr. Guidry is a respected member of our community, an Iraq war veteran, and a good family doctor. If the story is false, he deserves to be treated better then this. For the record and so that he cannot claim I never denied it, Issler, I am not Bill. Keep guessing. You are at least consistantly wrong. Don't break your record.

dc5799 writes:

Ugly Ed,
Your blog above had nothing to say about the article, only your obsession with Bill McMullen. Let it go, it's getting old.

Meganm314 writes:


Why are you lying? This is crap. Is your reputation so important that you have to abuse your wife then drag her name under the ground. your wife would never shoot an animal and the sad thing is I couldn't say the same thing about you.

Meganm314 writes:

PLUS, check the records how the animal died. Wasn't shot. I truly cant believe you Andrew!

August8 writes:


They are reporting an arrest, they do that all the time!! If the police did not have cause for the action, he would be seeing his patients, right.
He will have his day in court, oh, How about oldmarcoman, he reports above that this guy is "violent"???
C'mon dude, get your butt off your shoulders, ok

themessiah writes:


You idiots campaigned for this schmuck!

Androux you call yourself, congratulations for the biggest SPIN since Dancing with the Stars.

Are you serious? Do you expect us to believe this drivel? Are you telling us the Marco Police are SO inept that they would make an arrest without warrent?

Get off our island you wife-beating loser! Take your lackey Fossil with you.

Come-on, blaming Post-War syndrome for the actions of a moron....give us a break...where do you come up with this stuff???

Skid2 writes:

It sounds like Dr. Guidry, writing this comment, is trying to cover up his mistake. Andrew Guidry has a history of domestic violence check out Two previous retsraining orders have been placed on him, by two different people. It is the nature of an abuser to turn it around on his victim. And how does he know that his household is back in order? And if everything is back in order why is Guidry, if he is so loving, trying to throw his wife under the bus, to make his image look OK?

Skid2 writes:

His dog was hit by a car, ask animal services, so if Guidry is lying about "his wife shooting it" then what else is he lying about. Lastly, while the police were taking the report, if you read the actual report, it states that both dogs were with the victim at her fathers house. If she shot the dog, which supposedly started the argument, why were two dogs with her when the police arrived on scene. Andrew Guidry is trying to lie about something- could it be that he is trying to lie about being an abusive and controlling husband?

OldMarcoMan writes:

WOW, Guidry tampers with a Crime Scene? This looks worse and worse.

OldMarcoMan writes:

(This comment was removed by the site staff.)

macdoke writes:

dead dog, wife running around drunk with gun, what fine upstanding citizens they are. what about his deceased partner, what really happened to him ???

OldMarcoMan writes:

(This comment was removed by the site staff.)

webtruth writes:

Heard what was going on with this and decided to come forth. Andrew, before you try to lie your way out of this you had better start thinking about the fact there may have been witnesses to this that you don't know about. I heard the commotion that night, I know for a fact both dogs were with your wife at her father's house. I saw the dog the next day hit by a car. It is true Andrew has been charged with domestic violence before with BOTH of his previous wives. check it out. Why was he screaming at her that night saying no one will believe her because you're a doctor? I SAW YOU! If your wife really wrote that letter to the Eagle she must be scared to death of you. He is afraid the public will find out what he is and it will ruin his business. There's other neighbors that know what's been going on out here, too. He should be forced to take a lie-detector test. If anything happens to his wife I hope he will be the first suspect. This is very serious and thankfully this has come out to the public.

August8 writes:


This guy Guidry gets more press than "Brad Pitt"


webtruth writes:

(This comment was removed by the site staff.)

OldMarcoMan writes:

It seems you have the truth,,, Truth.


Obvioulsy all you haters/losers don't have anything else better to do then to talk horse feathers!!!! No one knows what went down, but them. It seems to me that all you haters feel you are perfect. I wonder if so much attention would be given to any other story if the person wasn't such a prominent figure. The mention of the late Dr. Shaw was totally unnecessary and out of line. What is wrong with you people.... have you no shame.... apparently not....


tweeter writes:

How flippant he is in the wake of his dog's death, especially in the violent way as he claims.."everything's fine..its all a crock..just rediculous" Whats this guy prescribing himself? Geez...his dog's dead, his career highly damaged, he has a violent past and now a missing wife whose probably packin' heat. By the way, her name is spelled with a K. Doubt she'd misspell her own name to the Eagle. Take the guns/kids/remaining animals away from these two wingnuts.

Fossil writes:

"Old Marcoman", "TheMessiah" and "August8". Could they be the same author? Seems to me I recall these three constantly saying negative things against Dr. Guidry when he was a candidate for public office. They also rose their collective heads when he and the City of Marco Island had a battle over his parking lot. They along with Ed Issler also had insensitve comments to say when his partner passed away. They are also frequent defenders of controversial City policy decisions. Now, throughout this list of interactive blogs, they are the primary voices responding to every defender of the good doctor. Whomever you are, why all the interest in this subject? Were you in the room when this happened?

Martin_Van_Buren writes:

This is troubling especially considering Dr. G's history of (suspected) spousal abuse. I feel sorry for his family and hope things work out. That being said, instead of debating his innocence (or lack thereof) on a blog, let's let the justice system figure this out. However, I have no tolerance for wife beaters and if he is convicted--make him pay.
What happened to the article that had the part about the dogs and the supposed email from Mrs. G?

OldMarcoMan writes:

Bet the School Board is glad to have Guidry taking the heat off them.

themessiah writes:


I am not affiliated nor do I know Old Marcoman or August8...but thanks for playing.

Using your logic, should I assume Fossil, Sailingalong, and Shadow are all one-in-the-same?

You spout your rhetoric in unison...

"good doctor"? I think you forgot the "for nothing" between the good & doctor.

I'm sorry, but with your "good (for nothing) doctor's" past history :
Wedding, Domestic Violence, Divorce....
Wedding, Domestic Violence, Divorce....
and most recently...
Wedding, Domestic Violence .... you do the math.

I find it appalling that you, Fizzle, would come to the rescue with some "post war syndrome" excuse.

OJ didn't do it.
Mike Tyson didn't do it.
Chris Brown (Fizzle, you will have to google this one old timer) didn't do it.
Guidry didn't do it either I guess.

Sorry, Fizzle and Friends, your beating a dead horse (or dog) trying to defend your buddy.

liberator100 writes:

What a great City Councilor he would have made!
Hey Fossil; Were YOU in the room when this happened? I thought she shot the dog! I guess you are a bark from beyond.

OldMarcoMan writes:

Actually, don't the Tax Payers of Marco pay Dr. Pudding in excess of $4,000 a year to be able to park in his Parking Lot ?
Oh thats rights, the day after he got fewer voters than anyone in the History of Marco he closed his 'Gift Lot' and started to extort the City.

Oh my! I feel like he has given me a Tax Payer Prostate Exam! OH MY I HOPE THAT WAS HIS FINGER!!!!!

MrBreeze writes:

I find it sad in all of this a 8 month old dog is dead. Another victim of BAD OWNERS and abuse. Very sad to see this on Marco Island.

August8 writes:

Your to much dude, ha, Give me a hug man, c'mon

August8 writes:


Never really gave this brain surgeon much thought until the timely reporting of his arrest?
I 'am my own dude man, please do not confuse me with any of these old F--ts!!!

fortl writes:

How about his dead partner from suicide? He had a huge argument with his wife the day before in Aversana Apt1804. She was newly pregnant.
He takes his gun and a bottle to his and Guidry's office in Naples and does himself in.
Probably from being in practice with this mental Dr. Do Good D.O.
This story is far from over.

Johnnboye writes:

You people should be ashamed. I have been a patient of Dr. Guidry's for over 10 years. He is very kind and considerate. Is he a Saint? Ofcourse not. But I'm sure all of you have your own dirty little secrets you would not want published in the eagle. But because he is a prominant figure, his life is an open book. Don't forget, he has never been conficted of anything. Maybe he has an affinity for hot-headed women. Who knows. Certainly not you bloggers. Give him his day in court.

Many of you only want to lambaste him because he did not support your precious sewer. I know for a fact for him the issue was the financing method in which 1/2 of marco citizens are being required to pay for a system from which the entire island will benefit. Not very fair. And I'm ON sewer....have been for years. He is right. It is not fair method. He became involved because he cares about you nitwits.

Finally, Old M. Man, the city is only paying for the increase in liability insurance which Doc incurred "trying to be a good citizen by donating the land for our new police building."

Sweetmama46 writes:

(This comment was removed by the site staff.)

OldMarcoMan writes:

You need to get the facts, Johnnboye.
The money the City is paying Dr G isnt linked to his Liability Insurance. Its just an arbitrary amount he claimed it would cost him to provide Parking for the 23 some odd meeting the Council has per year. He said the cost was for the ware on his paving.
Don't parrot what others says, its just makes you them by Proxy.

cassieben writes:

Dear fortl

Your post #40 is quite incorrect. His partner did NOT have any type of argument with his wife. By the way she was 8 months pregnant not newly as you suggested.
They were not at the AVERSANA at all. They were at home on Marco Island. Mitch just left the house and drove to the office where it happened. So there - you now have your facts straight.

fortl writes:

The dead partner owned two units priced over 800K in Aversana and refinanced them three times. Money was a big issue.
The argument happened on Xmas day. I know.
They argued frequently. There are all sorts of other stories tothis.
Guidry will surface again, but in another worse way. It always takes its course.

Johnnboye writes:

Greetings old marco man,

The "facts" were revealed to city council who wisely approved the payments to Dr. G. City manager Thompson confirmed with the insurance company that the increase in liability conerage was accuate. So, no, the cost is not arbitrary. It is locked. As for ware on his parking, he could probably get more than he is being paid. Check the cost to rent space at any public parking lot. Cost 4 or 5 times more than what he is being paid. He is only asking for what he MUST pay to the insurance company.

Now you know all the facts. Go out there and enjoy beautiful marco. Stop being so negative.

August8 writes:

???Johnnboye????// WHAT ????????????

What to sewer's and doctoring have to do with knocking your wife, or wives, around????
C'mon boy, this is 2009, hey the Obama era, we do not touch women for any reason!!!
Oh, did I tell ya, Obama stinks!!!

SnowbirdFL writes:

This is headlining news down here? All I see is bunch of he said, she said jabber. The guy is a prominent figure in the community. Had Joe Blow done this, it'd be simply placed as allegations made in Police Beat. Hopefully the Eagle posts the outcome of this case to either genuinely convict or validate him....not lead people on to convict him on an unknown source.

tweeter writes:

#32..I agree...Where is the updated version of this story from yesterday afternoon where the Eagle claims to have confirmed Dr. Guidry's accusations? Where is the e-mail from Mrs. Guidry? And where is the more- than- creepy post by Dr. Guidry himself that started all this aftermath, in which he clearly stated that his drunk wife shot and killed his puppy. (it was among the first ten posts) Seems the Eagle is backing down or backing off when it should be stepping up for some real answers. Maybe the lawyers are starting to weigh in ??

Johnnboye writes:

Hey Mr (or Ms) August eight,

The good doctors civic activities directly apply to the verbage being broadcast. The pro-sewer folk enjoy "stinking-up" any one that stands in there way. Doc G. was trying to take care of the folks being taken advantage of by the city. (despite his being on sewer for years.) Stern activities were over 10 years ago. No one gave a darn back then. But the desperate sewer fans will try anything to bring clouds. It is all relative.

As for spousal abuse, even the cops on scene report no evidence of injury.

Give the guy a break fella (gal). This would not be in the blog-light had he not tried to change the way the city financed the sewer.

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