Letters to the editor: June 10


of sweet tea


I’m writing to comment on Doris Reynolds’ recent column about the southern staple, iced tea, but first I wanted to say how much I have enjoyed her food column over the years but have never taken the time to say so.

She did a column on iced tea a couple of years back, which I felt was more to the heart and soul of the true southern tradition of sweet iced tea and although I realize the current column was intended to be broad in scope, the recipe for James Villas’ “real” southern iced tea had a glaring error. He gave his readers the latitude to “sugar to taste”, whereas all southerners know that iced tea has a definite amount of sugar; namely, “a whole bunch”!

When I read Ms. Reynolds’ previous column on iced tea I intended to write her a letter heralding my Aunt Louise, in Cairo, Georgia, as the queen of iced tea. We had a family saying that if you ate breakfast at Aunt Louise’s and she didn’t have any cane syrup (which of course she always had) you could just pour her tea on your pancakes! If you were to ask my son, who hasn’t seen his Aunt Louise in years, what he remembers about her; he would quickly reply, “her sweet iced tea”.


Bonita Springs

What kind of test are we talking about?


Is this an example of violating the spirit of affirmative action. That is the Sodamayer case where a group of firefighters took a promotion test. Whites, Hispanics, and just a few Blacks passed. She threw out the test results because she felt it discriminated against Blacks. Could it just be possible that the Blacks that took the test failed? Can someone explain how a test can be rigged to cause only Blacks to fail?



So much for free speech


There was an article in the May 29th edition of the Bonita Daily News by Reporter Tara McLaughlin which was full of inaccuracies. Mr. Jude Reichenthal spelled out each and every one and asked for the corrections to be printed. To date I don’t believe the paper did so. So much for accurate reporting. The reporters, “those valiant people who seek the truth.”

That reminds me of the letter I sent to the Banner referring to the Federal Discrimination Suit again the City. City Attorney Audrey Vance called Chad Gillis the editor of the Banner and said, “Oh Chad, please don’t print the letter from Mr. Lewis as it is full of “inaccuracies.” The letter was never printed and the “inaccuracies” were never spelled out. So much for free speech.


Bonita Springs

That’s a good thing


When the nominee for the Supreme Court seat, Sonia Sotomayor, says her background gives her an edge for better decision-making, she means “she’s been there.”

Growing up underprivileged is not the same as growing up privileged. Years ago I read about a college student from the upper echelons of Detroit society who had decided not to attend an Ivy League school and, instead, joined the Peace Corps. When asked why, she said she was ashamed of not knowing there were needy and poor people in Detroit, her own backyard.

This awareness was too much for her and she needed to make amends.

As a college student years ago, I myself was a witness to the aftermath of a street riot as I was riding a bus past a hospital. About 20 young people boarded the bus, all bloodied and full of bandages. I consider that incident as having “been there” — a touch of reality that jolted my inexperienced soul.

And even more pointed, for those who have not “been there,” I remember when Mayor Ed Koch of New York City forced some “slumlords” to live in their own decrepit buildings for a week to open their eyes to the plight of their poor tenants.

Plenty of repairs followed!

So Sotomayor is just reminding people that although she is a product of Ivy League universities, she has also “been there” — a life lesson some others may not fully understand but that may add wisdom to her view from the bench.



Up in smoke?


Using the Bonita Springs Fire Control & Rescue District 2008 Annual Report, we can do some strategic planning as far as the needed fire department personnel requirements are concerned.

For instance in 2008 we had a total of 49 structure fires and explosions in the district and about 80 brush and grass fires. The question I have is how many or what percentage of these type of alarms required additional manpower beyond a first alarm capability?

For the purposes of this question, I am assuming that a typical first alarm response brings out two engine companies and a ladder company with a maximum manning of four firefighters/officers per company and the shift battalion chief for a total crew of 13.

The battalion chief determines if a second alarm is necessary in such a case and another two engine companies and the heavy rescue squad is dispatched or a mutual aid unit from North Naples, Estero or Fort Myers Beach is called out adding another 12 firefighters/officers to the incident. Or in the case of a brush fire, mutual aid with additional brush trucks from North Naples, Estero, San Carlos Park and the Florida Department of Agriculture’s Division of Forestry is called out to help contain the blaze.

Basically, I want to know how many times a year is it necessary to have additional help at a fire beyond a first alarm call at either a structure fire or a brush fire?

In this same vein regarding emergency medical calls, does the deputy chief for EMS distinguish between priority one calls, i.e., what I call life and death medical calls as examples heart attack, stroke, cardiac or respiratory arrests, and life threatening injuries from more mundane or non life threatening calls such as cuts, falls, broken bones, and non critical illness calls?

In other words, what percentage of medical calls are considered as serious life threatening emergencies?


Bonita Springs

Eyes wide shut?


President Barack Obama has the unique ability to beguile, entrance, hypnotize and otherwise render the American people oblivious to any shortcomings he may have.

Aided and abetted by friendly media reporters who seem to be under his spell, he continues to seek world favor and, in the process, creates problems for Israel.

He is now treating Israel as a second-class state rather than as the only democratic nation in the troubled Mideast. Israelis will see his ploys for what they are.

Unfortunately, however, at a time that violent anti-Semitism rears its ugly head throughout the world, American Jews will continue to fall prey to Obama’s charm, and I believe the overwhelming majority would vote for him again.

The Obama administration is doing irreparable harm to Israel, and the world will be the worse for it. Its recent demands that Israel curtail “natural growth” are arguably contrary to understandings which led Israel to agree to the “road map to peace,” as well as to disengage from Gaza.

Israel was created as a Jewish homeland, and the ill-founded acrimony leveled at this small nation has foundations in the same anti-Semitism that brought on the Holocaust. It is an outrage that Israel is the only nation on Earth which is so threatened that it must mobilize its entire population in “drills” which practice dealing with incoming rockets.

Americans need to awaken from their hypnotic state and refuse to fall prey to empty rhetoric.


Fort Myers

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