Letter to the Editor: Bill McMullan responds

Bill McMullan responds

Wayne, I’ll make you a deal. If you start listening to your constituents, campaign for your constituents concerns and promote transparency in city government, versus the backroom politics, I will not have any reason to pick on the council or the city staff and will aggressively promote constructive benefits for all our shareholders.

Scout’s honor.

Bill McMullan

Marco Island

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NobodysFool57 writes:

Hold on a minute,Bill. He'll have to get King John's approval before he agrees to that one.

Russ writes:


In your offer to make a “Scout’s honor” deal with Wayne Waldack, please keep the following in mind: I was chairman of Preserve Our Paradise, (POP), a citizen’s committee that sought a charter amendment referendum. During his campaign and in front of witnesses, Waldack promised me that he would make a specific public apology to POP for having falsely accused POP of 1) costing the city thousands of dollars, 2) filing lawsuits against the city, 3) obstructing the STRP project, 4) involvement in a councilor recall action. None, repeat NONE, of these allegations against POP are true!Waldack promised me his public apology well over a year ago but has not kept his word. Instead, unbelievably, today he repeats the very same false POP accusations! Bill, beware of making deals with insincere individuals who do not value or honor their own word. Unfortunately, Waldack fits that description. Such efforts are worthless. Chamberlain learned this the hard way, back in 1938.

Russ Colombo

lauralbi1 writes:

Bill: "Scout's Honor" ??, you don't know the meaning of the word honor. I suggest you take Russ over to Marco Office Supply with you and ask Katie, the Manager to tell us all, including Russ, and whoever else you take with you about how "honorable" you are. Or why don't you suggest to Russ to contact the State of Florida and have them check their records back in 1983-1984 and have Russ find out what happened to your Real Estate License. Or why don't you have Mr. Columbo and others find the Bank of Biscayne or Southwinds Condominiums and ask them how much honor you have and what happened in 1983-1984 that showed how much honor you have. Better yet, why don't you have Russ contact the Commissioners in Kissimmee and ask them how much honor you have (irrespective of what happened with Legal technicalities). Please let us all know about honor. Better yet, let's look at Divorce and Bankruptcy records and determine how much you know about honor and above board conduct.
Bill, give us all a break and don't even try to make anyone on this Island think you know the first thing about Honor. And if anyone still has doubts, let them ask Marco Ace Hardware about what you and your family know about honor. All anyone has to do is ask around and follow these leads and anyone can see what you know about honor. Not interested in any blogs trying to defend you because your conduct as far as honor over the past 25 years has consistently been PROVEN to be anything but honorable. But please nobody take my word for it, do the research yourself to find the truth.
Ed Issler

dc5799 writes:

You are the most miserable man in Paradise. I'm soooo glad Bill McMullan is here just to keep your blood pressure on the edge.
You and Wayne Wayne make an ideal couple. As someone pointed out, it's not about Bill, it's about how the city is run with the corruption that is going on.
So Ed, have a great day in your own little nasty empty,friendless world.

Fossil writes:

Ed Issler, you have spun so many stories. Many of us have done as you suggest and performed our own research. When we research your allegations and claims closely and follow them to closure, we discover the following: You consistantly ignore information that does not support your view of the world. You tend to exagerate incidents that occured 20 plus years ago. You unjustly and with no evidence other then hearsay, accuse people of crimes. You make up stuff and invent stuff to make your story interesting. You are a gossip. We have also discovered that you tend to misrepresent your own expertise on several occasions. You habitually embellish your own professional abilities hoping readers will believe you know what you write about. Your character defaults make it impossible to tell when you are truthful. Don't waste our time with this stuff.

sailingalong writes:

Wayne Walduck is the biggest hypocrite on the island. He is devoid of integrity, full of hate and is not an honest person. He is a disgrace to Marco Island, the Knights of Columbus and the Catholic religion. Wayne Walduck is the puppet of John Arceri and a total idiot as exposed by his s----- comments.

lauralbi1 writes:

To those that would place their trust and confidence in Mr. McMullan, and actually place any validity to what he has to say, I can only say that you should be more careful about whom you trust. If only you were not afraid to do the research (check out why his Real Estate License was taken from him, etc) and talk to fellow Islanders that know what he has done, you would realize there are better people, with more character, to lead the way. But, your words above are meaningless and show a total lack of willingness to check things out. That is your perogative and you can live with the results.
Ed Issler

lauralbi1 writes:

You know, I had to come back and post this for all of you that want to believe in intangibles. Look at what you have written in response to my factual and informational blog. There is a plethora of information and facts for you all to find out. Facts, not Fiction or emotion. And all you pitiful bloggers can do is hypothesize about what you know nothing about (me). All you can do, and have done above, is respond out of emotion and/or frustration. When what you should be doing is researching the facts !!!
Try the facts for a change and don't worry about me. My life is GREAT and full of richness and goodness and people that I want to call friends. If you call Billy Boy a friend, I highly encourage you to research the facts!!!
Stop trying to deflect his problems by "putting me down". Again, the truth shall set us all free of those that do not deserve a second of our time or attention.
Ed Issler

Fossil writes:

Ed Issler, I guess you didn't read my comment. Our research reveals you to be a gossip. That is not a "put down". That is a "fact".

Russ writes:

Mr. Issler:

About eight months ago you wrote echoing Waldack's mistaken allegations against Preserve Our Paradise (regarding non-existant lawsuits, fantasized expenses to city, etc.) When I corrected you, you assured me you would research the facts and apologize if your accusations proved untrue. Very much like Mr. Waldack, I have heard nothing further from you. I am reluctant to believe that you too, like Mr. Waldack, have little or no regard for your given word.
An honest research can only confirm that POP never filed a lawsuit, never caused any cost to the city nor was ever guilty of any of the blind, wrongful Waldack/Issler allegations.
Assuming your 8-month research into POP's activities has led you to these truths, may I respectfully ask your intentions? Hopefully you won't simply imitate Waldack in ignoring the facts and intentionally repeating the lies against POP.

Russ Colombo
Former POP Chairman

lauralbi1 writes:


Here you go Russ, you do the rest of the story. Or are you afraid of the results.

MarcoJimbo writes:

Let he who is without sin cast the first stone. A check of the Collier Clerk of Courts website shows Ed Issler has a police record for a Handicap Parking violation from 2005. Just doin' the research.

dc5799 writes:

Not squeaky clean Ed.

ezeee writes:

I did some research and found that the alleged charge against Ed Issler, referred to by MarcoJerko was dismissed. Therefore no record,those are the facts.

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