Video Update: Marco Island charter high school planned for 2011

Island high school initiative members set clear steps to reach 'exemplary' public high school goal

Robert Garraty and son Ryan, 3, at the Saturday afternoon meeting of Marco citizens interested in creating an Island charter high school.
Kelly Farrell/ Staff

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Robert Garraty and son Ryan, 3, at the Saturday afternoon meeting of Marco citizens interested in creating an Island charter high school. Kelly Farrell/ Staff

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Jane Watt, a leader among Marco citizens working toward an on-Island charter high school, discusses her desire to stay non-political in the efforts to improve education during a meeting Saturday on the issue at Marco Island Charter Middle School.

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File photo Jane Watt, a leader among Marco citizens working toward an on-Island charter high school, discusses her desire to stay non-political in the efforts to improve education during a meeting Saturday on the issue at Marco Island Charter Middle School.

Gigi Garraty, a sixth grade teacher at Marco Island Charter Middle School, attends a meeting of citizens hoping for a charter high school with her son Ryan, 3, and husband Robert, Saturday, March 21. The Garraty family is also expecting another child, who they hope may some day attend an on-Island high school.
Kelly Farrell/ Staff

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Gigi Garraty, a sixth grade teacher at Marco Island Charter Middle School, attends a meeting of citizens hoping for a charter high school with her son Ryan, 3, and husband Robert, Saturday, March 21. The Garraty family is also expecting another child, who they hope may some day attend an on-Island high school. Kelly Farrell/ Staff

Students speak on a Marco charter high school

Marco Charter Middle School students discuss pros ...

Robert Garraty and son Ryan, 3, at the Saturday afternoon meeting of Marco citizens interested in creating an Island charter high school.
Kelly Farrell/ Staff

Photo by KELLY FARRELL, Staff // Buy this photo

Robert Garraty and son Ryan, 3, at the Saturday afternoon meeting of Marco citizens interested in creating an Island charter high school. Kelly Farrell/ Staff

— Hoping to make the grade, Marco high school initiative members are honing in on the top three state requirements to get a charter high school.

A group of about 50 Islanders met at Marco Island Charter Middle School Saturday afternoon to discuss what exactly needed to be done to make their dream of an “exemplary” charter high school come true.

Mario Sanchez is leading the citizens’ movement for the charter school and shared the state requirements. As members of the committee work to complete an application for a charter high school by August 2010, they plan to focus on the following three elements as set by the state: improve student learning and academic achievement; include learning opportunities for all students with special emphasis on low-performing students and reading; encourage use of innovative learning methods.

Petitions are being circulated that will be shared with local, state and federal officials. There is also an electronic petition being posted on requesting an on-Island "exemplary" high school.

“What is exemplary? Does that mean it’s better than Lely High School? No. It does not mean that Lely is not exemplary,” said Jane Watt, answering questions she said have been posed by many people.

“Exemplary means that every student who attends will be encouraged to reach their absolute highest potential,” Watt said.

“And well-rounded,” Tara Hagan interjected.

Hagan added that athletics and extra-curricular activities will be as important as other academic opportunities.

There is currently a high school on Island, Winterberry Christian Academy, which opened in 2008.

“I understand the desire of Marco residents to have a high school on the island. The students of the Island are able to attend highly rated, local schools from pre K through the eighth grade. It is only natural that they should be able to stay on the Island for their high school years as well,” TJ Freeman, an educator at the Christian Academy, has said to the Eagle.

“In fact, the Winterberry Christian Academy was formed as a solution to this desire and exists to help meet this need,” he added.

The private school has a partnership with the Marco YMCA to assist in providing athletic programs to the 18 students who attend the school in grades six through 12.

Sanchez’s hope is that the charter high school would be attractive to all of Collier County by offering the best possible education, while remaining a public school for people who may not have the money to enroll their children in a private school.

“It’s not a one-way bridge. We want to be the school everyone wants to get to,” Sanchez said.

Councilman Frank Recker was in attendance Saturday with his son Mac, 14.

Frank Recker suggested finding out what it would take to get three of the five school board members to “be on board” with the idea.

Hagan said that in her research and contact with local, state and federal officials, the highest hurdle to jump will be getting the capital dollars to build the school, which is slated for 2011.

Sanchez said “tens of billions of dollars” are available for education grants and possibly more through the America Recovery and Reinvestment Act, better known as the “stimulus package.”

“Having high school students, 16, 17, 18 years old driving all the way (to Lely) isn’t a safe thing.” Watt said.

Marco Island Charter Middle School sixth grade students Erin Homuth, 12, Jordyn Verville, 11, and Mariel Sanchez, 12, all said their greatest reason for wanting an on-Island high school would be to use the hours spent commuting off-Island to school for better purposes such as homework, sleep or extra-curricular activities.

Sanchez said a charter high school offers increased college potential and high school students could have the opportunity to get a jump-start on college level courses before high school graduation.

The most promising results for charter schools relate to the long-term outcomes of high-school graduation and college entry, according to RAND corporation’s studies on charter schools.

Charter high schools appear to have substantial positive impacts, increasing the probability of graduating by 7 to 15 percentage points and increasing the probability of enrolling in college by 8 to 10 percentage points, according to the studies in Chicago and Florida.

The report, “How Charter Schools Affect Student Outcomes,” can be found at The report was conducted as a collaboration between RAND Education, Mathematic Policy Research, Inc., and Florida State University.

If interested in learning more about the idea of a Marco Island charter high school, e-mail members of the initiative at

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Comments » 42

sailingalong writes:

Thank you Mario. You are really making a difference on our island paradise. Your leadership has brought us the ability to use our septic tanks for irrigation and you are leading the movement to establish a much needed high school for our island. Interestingly, your ideas either save us money or bring back some of the money we send to Collier County. All our council can seem to do is think up new ways to tax us so they can spend more of our money.

marcoislander writes:

no tax dollars for a island high school. do you not hear the majority?

Marcoptomist writes:

Keep up the great work. This really is exciting for the community of Marco Island. I hope that we can finally get to apply some of our Collier County tax dollars to spend locally on a high school of our own. I believe I heard or read that Marco Island on average, is already sending about three times the amount of taxes per student to Collier County than Collier County as a whole? Using tax dollars is not a bad thing, in fact in this case, it would very likely increase property values, bringing in more dollars, create more jobs of which they will be likely spending money locally, again creating more tax dollars, ect...... Anyway, I am glad to see so many people interested in working toward the possibility of a Marco High School.

marcomarc writes:

Mario Is one of Marco Island's Treasures.

liberator100 writes:

Treasure? You have got to be kidding!

deltarome writes:

This is another waste of precious resources, land and money. There isn't a site on the island available, without purchase, large enough for a real high school, not just a classroom building. Tract K is just too small and the local traffic would be disruptive.
The idea that we can just take tax money that is presently going off the island, to get the same amount of students educated here on the island, is a cruel hoax of a dream. The county has existing teachinig staff and schools. They are short of funding now and looking for ways to cut staff and even may close a high school.
Ever look at your tax bill? Only 10% is funding the city, the rest is funding the County and the county wide secondary and college school system is a large piece of it. The county will just raise the taxes there to overcome any loss from Marco Island students.
To hire another staff and administration to run an unneeded High School just so kids don't have to travel off the island is just a waste of money.
I always love how people think that federal money is "free". We can't pay our way in the world now and buy from cash rich nations such as Japan and China. Why burden our kids with the repayment of this to China?

freedomofspeech1 writes:

Someone needs to speak to these children about how long the commute to Lely the above video the poor kids who appear to be "brainwashed" say that it take 3 hours to go from Marco to Lely!!! Let me tell you that you could WALK to Lely and it wouldnt take 3 hours!
The bus picks the students up at 6:30 and by 7:00 they are at the school....Now I am not an MICMS graduate, but I did learn some math while I was in school, and that math taught me that if you leave at 6:30 and arrive at 7:00 it would take you 30 minutes!!! Stop exaggerating the process of attending school off island. The people that really need to learn a lessson are those that either legally or illegally attend other schools in collier county that are really "wasting" their time travelling to and from school. The Marco High School will never offer what a large public school can. Going to the Marco school would be like attending a small private school. Great if you want that, but most "intelligent" people want their kids to experience the entire package and have an opportunity to meet people from all walks of life, participate in "real" sports and prepare for the world after high school..Marco High would fall way short in ALL areas...the only area of interest is in the fact you could keep your little birds in the nest a few more years longer...Hardly worth the price.

lelymom1 writes:

A charter school is a public school, and the state has already declared that they will NOT be building another school on Marco.
According to the title of this article, a high school is planned for 2011? Where, and with what money?

waterday writes:

Do not listen to the negative.. think positive and get that high school for Marco Island!.. it can be done.. there are a lot of smart individuals on this island. I am glad to see this happening, my children will not benefit, but many other children will benefit from the caring individuals that live here.

faithfultrojanette writes:

oh please.....get a grip on the real world!

jwputnam writes:

I take exception to the following comment quoted from above:

"most "intelligent" people want their kids to experience the entire package and have an opportunity to meet people from all walks of life, participate in "real" sports and prepare for the world after high school."

I attended both private and public schools...three different high schools. There is no equal to small classes and highly dedicated teachers teaching a college preparatory curriculum. For that matter, they taught athletics similarly and that very small military academy competed city wide with the very largest of the surrounding public schools....while barely having enough kids in one class to put together a full team! In addition, there was no lack of socialization or noticeable elitism. We were still a part of the overall community. Virtually all of those kids went on to college and became successful.

I loved that small school and hated to leave, but it was expensive and my parents sent me on to the largest public school in the area for my final two years. I noticed no difference socially, although there were now "clicks" instead of a single unit. The instruction was excellent in the sciences if one paid attention, but classes in literature and government simply could not compare. Imagine discussing a reading assignment with 6 or 12 students as compared to 30, 40 or sometimes more.

Those who want to learn will learn in any environment, but I was a very immature teenager and without the boost that I received from that small school experience, I doubt that I would have gone on to college. I would not have survived that "social experiment" that some of you seem to find so enticing or necessary.

The citizens of Marco continue to send huge amounts of money to Collier County to support a school system that is currently listed as a "D" school (like it or not...not my rating). We get little in return. It is time to take control and do better for our kids here on Marco. Why not? God knows we provide enough cash! There is no need to raise anyone's taxes. That is a ridiculous argument.

John Putnam

Marconian writes:

Great! I'm glad to see progress moving forward on this issue.Were is most of the money going to come from a lot of you ask? your answer is as part of the bill passed by Obama and congress, (The American Recovery and Reimbursement act) it is stated there will be unlimited funding for building and renovations of charter schools.And Marco High will be a charter school.

Marconian writes:

Also FYI for (THE STATE WILL NOT BE BUILDING ANOTHER SCHOOL ON THE ISLAND),Government does not have say so over a charter school being since it is not funded by the state or built by the state as a fully government ran facility. Only certain state laws apply to how the school functions not whether or not it can exist or be built!

lelymom1 writes:

Poster #10, somesense..someone should knock some sense into you. Your username should be somecrap, you ignorant racist. Many of those students you see leaving Lely are far better people than you will ever be.

At least you're honest about your prejudice. The other pro-Marco highschoolers hide their true feelings with lame excuses and untruths. Anyone really believe it's a 3 hour round trip to Lely???

Marconian...a charter school does not get state money? Where do you think the money comes from? What you are really talking about is a private school,not a charter school.

The Lely students I know are not interested in limiting their high school experience by buying into this ridiculous idea, fueled by fear and ignorance.

actualmarcoresident writes:

- I think that you are all crazy to try and send your kids a Marco high school. I currently attend lely and am offended by this-
- "All anyone with children has to do is drive by lely shortly after school lets out and see how safe you would feel about sending your children there."
- All anyone with a brain has to do is come to MY, OUR, school and observe an AP or honors class. Please come observe our Band, JROTC, Criminal Justice, Construction and all the other classes that a small island school could NEVER have. All you ever hear is how bad lely is but I am here to tell you that lely is the only reason I am going to college. Had I continued on the "academic only" tract started in MICMS I would have dropped out long ago.
- And for all of you people who say that lely is sooo far away, you need to get real. It takes 25 min to drive from Marco City Hall to lely. I drive it every morning. As for not being safe? Don't you drive to the Mall? We had more fights in MICMS than in my three years at lely.


- P.S. please go and talk to LTC Price (JROTC) or Ken Fairbanks (principal) if you really want to KNOW lely. lely IS an amazing school

actualmarcoresident writes:

Way to go lely mom! thank you for having some backbone even if others do not.

lelymom1 writes:

Thanks for the pat on the back, actualmarcoresident. We are speaking with an educated voice. Others are not.
So glad to hear you're having a great experience at Lely, just like the majority of your peers. Keep up the good work at Lely. When you go out into the world, you'll be well prepared.

actualmarcoresident writes:

- I would like to know who came up with the idea "The commute to the nearest high school is 1.5-3 hours round trip." that is Insane! Have any of you ever even driven to lely? It takes 1 hour round trip to get to the mall. That's Naples High not lely. It takes me around 20-25 min in traffic to get to lely every morning. In 3 hours I could walk to lely.
Just in case you don't trust me trust mapquest!
1:Start out going NORTHWEST on JAMAICA RD toward TRINIDAD AVE.
3:Turn RIGHT onto N COLLIER BLVD/ FL-951 N.
4: Turn LEFT onto TAMIAMI TRL E/ US-41 N/ FL-90 W.
5:Turn RIGHT onto BROWARD ST. (Lely sign)
6:Turn LEFT onto TEXAS AVE. (you can see lely bus loop)
7:Turn RIGHT into lely on the next street
-Estimated Time: 19 minutes
-Estimated Distance: 11.72 miles


jwputnam writes:

I do not understand all of this adverse reaction to establishing a charter high school on Marco Island. The project is all about building a school for our kids in their neighborhood. No one is attacking Lely or denegrating the Lely graduates. In mentioning that Lely is a "D" school that is currently under review by the State Review Board, the writers are only stating the truth, but this is not the primary reason for the initiative. Visit the website at and take a look.

I am truly amazed that such a heated discussion can take place over such a noble cause. If it is money (taxation) that drives this concern, you need to do some research....and also consider what our city government has spent on unused parks, spray parks, etc. These folks are currently proposing $36 million in new parks and recreation projects for Marco in THIS economy. Where is the sanity?

At any rate, there is no need to get angry and spew hate. There are no racists involved in this project. For that matter, the majority are educators or have very close ties to education.

John Putnam

HMW writes:

No one has ever answered the question as to where this school will be built on the island. If the eagles leave tract k tomarrow, there still is the six yr waiting period to see if they how does that equal the yr 2011. It's frightening to think that Mario and the gang will get around the eagle LAW.

SaraBeth (Inactive) writes:

If this new school is actually "private" as some suggest...will you be providing reduced rates for low income families, so their children can obtain a better education?

The bus ride for some children in East Naples (6 L Farms area) is 11 miles...almost as far as the ride from Marco Island, 13 miles.Attending school on Marco island would reduce their bus ride by 4 miles.

These children could benefit from smaller classrooms...since language barriers are an issue and more one on one time is needed to teach them English.

Is this an option being proposed for a school on Marco Island?

marcoislandres writes:

For those who think Lely is a 30 min. drive try doing it in a school bus that makes 40 stops to pick up children before it leaves the Island.
Unless you are the last one picked up before the driver heads to Lely it is much more then a 30 min. drive.
Even some of the kids who take the bus from Tommie Barfield and live on the Island have a 45 min. ride.

LelyMom20 writes:

I have been reading the blogs about a new high school, and I should put in my thoughts. First of all, a high school is not going to happen by 2011. Dr. Thompson has made it perfectly clear that the school board will not support it. With this economy, the funds just are not there. If you think we are going to be taxed, forget it. This high school will be a charter school. Do you realize how much the middle school is lacking with funds? There is no way that there will be available funds for a high school.

I really feel that this is a racial issue. You need to get your children out of the Marco Island bubble. Unfortunetly, people on the island love to talk and gossip. I heard some serious racial comments about Lely from moms who are supporting this high school. Please do not say that it is not a racial issue because it is.

As for the drive...It is a 20 - 25 minute commute. How difficult is that? Do not use this as a factor either because someone could have an accident from the Y to Publix.

The only reason why Lely is a D school is because the lowest 25% did not make the required gains. How would you do on a test if you went to Mexico and were required to take a high stakes test. I admire these students for the work they are putting in to their education.

In my book, Lely is an A school. The teachers are supportive, dedicated, and love what they do. My children are very successful, and I am ready to send them into the world as a result of the education they have received at TBE, MICMS, and LHS.

Go and talk with Mr. Fairbanks. He is an excellent principal and knows all of the students by name. He takes the time to talk to them and how great they all are.

If you put the effort into Lely as you are with this high school on the island, you will find that Lely is a great place with "exemplary" teachers and administration, "exemplary" students,and an "exemplary" education.

It sounds like some of you need the planning for the University of Marco Island to start soon too!!

Marconian writes:

Less travel time for students: RACIST! Smaller classrooms equals better one on one equals higher education:RACIST! Continuing on to high school with your life long friends and peers also Racist! I don't believe those of you spewing the race issue even truly know what racism is? Have you ever lived in or near a true inner city to even contemplate the gross negativity of what you are accusing?I for one have and im not talking about 20 miles outside of the nearest ghetto in my quite little suburban home! But rather right there in the hood where walking down your own street after sun down might be the last stroll you took before they found you shot in the back the next morning! a place where racial tensions could grow so high at the point they broke riots could go on for days,a place where murder was so common 99.9% of the time it wouldn't even make the 6 O clock news! A place where a black man could be killed for something as simple as dancing with a white women!Which happened! and inspired the book a true story called (The other side of the River)To all that want to truly know what that nasty word you throw around so freely means try reading this book and educate yourself of what you accused to others!

lelymom1 writes:

LelyMom20, yes, Lely gives the Marco Island student an "exemplary", well-rounded high school experience. Thank goodness Parker Ayres, and other talented Lely students, weren't forced to attend an "exemplary" Marco high school! Just think of the missed opportunities.

Poster #10- No one is buying it. No other meaning can be derived from your ignorant statement.

Marcoptomist writes:

Simple solution. If you want your children to go to Lely after Marco Island has a Charter High School, send them there. If you think they will benifit from going to the Marco High School, then send them there. For those that love Lely so much, you can still have your children attend that wonderful real world school. I still have nothing bad to say about Lely, only that Marco Island, the size of city we are, should have it's own high school, period.

Marconian writes:

Well said marcoptomist.Just the plain simple truth!

HMW writes:

So what you're saying "Marconian", is that racism only happens in the ghetto, and that one has to live in or near a ghetto to be or know what a racist is? It's good to know we have racist expert on the island to let us know what is and isn't racism. Why don't you start with "Somesense" and ask he or she what she meant by "drive by Lely after school lets out and see how safe you feel about sending your children there". Were there children fighting that day or carrying guns around? No... just children of different ethnic backrounds. Oh but that's ok for "somesense" to say, because she doesn't live near the ghetto and doesn't know the meaning of racism. As far as children continuing on with thier life long friends...I'm pretty sure they can do that at Lely while learning about diversity and making friends w/ children from different backrounds. Isn't this what makes a cohesive society?

nwtwths writes:

From a totally neutral viewpoint ... is it a possibility for Marco Island to have its own separate district (not affiliated with collier county) with an elementary, middle and highschool, and all of the Marco school tax revenue staying on the island for education here? If you can incorporate as a city can you become a seperate entity as an educational institution as well?

WoolyBully writes:


Only way to do that would be a Boston Tea Party...succeed from the Union type of deal!!
Marco could form its on county, say like Paradise County. That way ALL tax dollars would stay here. Lely still would be a school of choice. My wife graduated from Lely and I've had two kids go there as well...both in college doing great. My third child will be a freshman this fall. Mr. Fairbanks is a great guy...

Marconian writes:

no! hmw what im saying is I have a hard time with people born into privileged upper class families talking of subject matter they truly know nothing about! secondly,I have a problem with peoples trying to take away from the subject matter by trying to make it a totally different issue such as race. what does that have to do with anything? Point being We are a city without a high school! does it make any sense that we dont? No! It doesn't. And the only reason why school officials in Naples will oppose this has been stated and is truth and fact. Marco is their cash cow and they want to hold on to our communities moneys for their communities benefit!If collier county was interested in the money they took from marco to be used in marco we wouldn't be suffering all the construction going on today in the time of collier rule before incorporation they taxed the crap out of all of Marcos residents and pumped the money into Naples infrastructure and down town areas leaving marco to deteriorate,one of the reasons for incorporation was due to this and now one more step to growing up for this CITY is to provide a high school for its Kids.

Fossil writes:

This is not about Lely high school. This is not about race or social class. This is about establishing a Charter High School in a community that has no high school. A community that pays a disproportiante share of revenue for education. A community that must transport it's children 20 miles a day to obtain an education. Our children do not live in a rural community. Our children have a right to go to school within the community they grew up in. When we bacame a city we became a commuity with responsiblities. Educating our children in our community is one of those responsilbities. Talk to your clergy, write to your political leaders (city, county and state), talk to your local business owners and your neighbors. Make our leaders accountable, share with all of us via letters to the editor the responses you get. Be very loud. Make this happen and ignore all the irrelevant writings made here. This is only about our children and their ability to go to their own school in their own home town.

HMW writes:

Fossil, should we ignore the eagles on tract K also,and just plow them over. 37 blogs here and no one has answered my question in regards to the eagles. You are right Fossil when you say educating our children is our responsibility within the community, so what kind of message are we sending the kids when we build their school where protected wildlife exists?..."Well kids, there was protected eagles living right here where your new school is, but we got around the law that protects them and put up a school. So you see children, you can go above the law and oh don't worry about the environment or wildlife". Make it a park for the children to learn about respecting and protecting the environment and wildlife instead of destroying it.

Marconian writes:

Why couldn't permits be obtained from the E.P.A to relocate the eagles? Permits are obtained daily here in Florida to remove protected wild life! or is the message going to be someones over sized home is more valuable than an educational facility?

Fossil writes:

HMW, nobody I know has suggested disturbing the Eagles. Nobody I know has suggested that the only place to build a high school must be on tract K. The points you bring up are distractions and have nothing to do with getting this project accomplished. Stop being an obstructionist and join our parents in finding a way to motivate our community leaders to set this as a priority for Marco Island.

HMW writes:

Fossil, so anyone with an opinion other than building a school is an "obstructionist" because it's not your deluded opinion. How dare you suggest I keep my mouth shut and "set this as a priority for Marco".Last I checked I live in a free country. As for these "distractions" as you call them, they are valid issues that have to be dealt with before any deal is ever made, so I suggest you wake up from your dream world because a pile of money and land is not going to fall into your lap. Ya know Fossil, I was on the fence about this issue, but I want to be as far away as possible from someone like you who tells people how they should think!

strike3 writes:

HMW...Yes, you are correct. We should put the 2 eagles "rights" before what's in the best interest of the community. The jobs created by building a school are less important than 2 eagles. Creating new teaching jobs? Unimportant in comparison to 2 eagles. Bringing new families to the island in search of a better education for their families. I guess those two eagles are more important? Look at US 41 going to Miami. What are the odds of adding 4 more lanes to that. They are zero. Why? Cause some trees and a couple animals are more important than humans. If you have ever seen the aftermath of an accident on that road (usually head on) they look fatal. Then there is the future trafic relief for i-75. This thinking will continue to set the USA behind the rest of the world.

Marconian....permits, EPA, FFWL, etc. would take millions of $ and years in court. Or, a shot gun and 2 shells would solve this problem quickly and inexpensively.

Do I want the birds harmed? Hell NO! But if we weren't here and their tree fell down what would they do? They would find a new one.

HMW writes:

Strike 3, you don't want the eagles harmed but you say a "shot gun and 2 shells would solve this problem quickly and inexpensively". You are an uneducated, selfish, low life not worth wasting any time on! Perfect name you call yourself-you definately struck're not even in the ballpark!
Just curious, are you writing this email from prison.

lauralbi1 writes:

We need to combine the Middle School with a High School and expand the Middle School. I have it on good authority that the Middle School will not have any money to run it within the next two years. If that is true, then combining seems like the way to go.
Has anyone looked into this possibility ??
Ed Issler

beetlejuice writes:

Marco Island should have a public high school serving students on Marco. It was forgotten in Deltona's plans.
strike3 is ignorant to me.
Education on Marco Island should REMAIN on Marco Island from start to finish. Lely isn't cutting it anymore. It's older, than old, and time has arrived to have a high school on Marco. Closer private high school is quite a St. John Nueman in G Gate. Round trip, it would be a distance to travel to and from school.
Best of luck to parents who care about kids education, and want to make it better.

strike3 writes:

HMW or heavily medicated woman? madam, are a moron! there is no animal, plant, type of dirt, etc. that should stand in the way of bettering or making things safer for the human race. If a bird is more important than creating jobs or offering children another option for their education then we are on the road to no where. Similar to your brains location.

beetlejuice...maybe you missed the point. maybe the above will help you understand it. we should have a high school in this city. though, if we don't get one, i really couldn't care less. i know the idiots living on this island will never understand the value it would bring to marco in terms of jobs and home values, quality of life, etc. values that are by the way... no where near bottom.

lelymom1 writes:

The PR on the Marco high school pusher side has been negative from the beginning. Many of that small group are relatively new to the area. They didn't realize they were going to meet heavy resistance when they decided to use an attack mentality towards beloved Lely High School and the thousands of people who support it. Now they know.

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