Letter to the Editor: Waldack’s un-American red herrings

Waldack’s un-American red herrings

I believe we concerned citizens of Marco Island are finally figuring out why City Councilor Wayne Waldack has become our City Council-City Hall public voice of outrageous unreason, petulance, childish behavior and very absurd, uncommon sense.

As he continually reveals: He is a red-herring proxy for elite citizens and self-serving, special interest lobbyists seeking commercial exploitation and profit-and-gain exploitation while continuing the marginalization and disenfranchisement of a majority of Marco Island residential property owners.

Let me explain with these questions:

We, the People, are assuredly asking, albeit tardy: (1) Why Councilor Waldack’s weekly ed-Letters and op-eds are ignored and unanswered by our other elected councilmembers and our hired City Hall executives who should know better and should express some semblance of enlightenment in democratic governance and consensual leadership? (2) Do members of our Chamber of Commerce and the Realtors Association support and endorse Waldack’s harsh rants and silly bombast? (3) Shouldn’t citizens be embarrassed by the frozen silence of his elite Marco Island sycophants of greed and profit so blatantly celebrated by Waldack’s outrageous media screeds? and (4) How come Councilor Waldack is accorded such attention when his messages are filled with hyperbolic exaggerations, false and irrelevant information and misleading interpretations of our community’s rich and exceptional historic development for the past 50 years?

Indeed, why has Councilor Waldack emerged as our vibrant community’s sole spokesperson based upon the frequency and bland acceptance of his nearly weekly media diatribes against.

Why is Councilor Waldack allowed, unchallenged, to vilify every sincere, informed dissenters and critics among us? Where is our collective community’s democratic finger of shame and embarrassment over Councilor Waldack’s counter productive, un-American and immensely toxic vulgarities?

Sayre Uhler

Marco Island

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happy6 writes:

sayre...every person on this island knows walduck is a nut...and a compete moron. why do you waste your time with this character?

27_Year_Resident writes:

It's called freedom of speech Sayre! One could say the same for your long-winded, unnecessary verbose rants!

JohninMarco writes:

Mr. Waldack is just an embrassment to the residents of this island. He has freedom of speech but by expressing himself in the way he does, he comes off as nasty fool.

OldMarcoMan writes:

I'm all for Wayne. He helps even out the crazy stuff Bill McMullan says.

Marconian writes:

How does Sayre write so intellectually but when he speaks verbally he sounds like a vulgar old drunk? His thesaurus must get a rugged workout!(LOL)

Fossil writes:

Sayre Uhler, thank you again for writing what so many of us are thinking.

lauralbi1 writes:

Unfortunately for all of you that would complain about Wayne, you need to realize that he beat all of your candidates for City Council by a Landslide margin. And he will do it again because he represents the views and voting patterns of ther majority of the citizens on Marco Island. As far as what Wayne writes, at least he has character and Civic pride behind him and a history of honesty. Not like others that would try to write Civil Discourses and the like.
Ed Issler

JohninMarco writes:

Not the point lauralbi, He has done more damage dividing up the community. His slash and burn effect has caused more problems than its solved. Even his fellow councilmen state, "well you know it Wayne, not me."

playballonK writes:

Sayre was never one much for the corrupt good ole boy network on Marco.

happy6 writes:

ed,,,,there you are..wondered what bar you've been in since the ol solar deal went south...go talk to monte...he's the only one that listens to you.,but...then there poor wayne...he'll listen to anything.

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