Letter to the Editor: Trashing the Constitution

I have watched with increasing disbelief, anxiety and anger the government’s assault on our Constitutional Republic, free market capitalist system, and the private sector people who make the country work.

Our President and elected representatives — each sworn to preserve, protect, and defend the Constitution of the United States — are trashing it.

“Free” health care for all: Without question, our health care system is costly, inefficient, and in need of improvement.

Do we really want to turn the health of our families over to the people who run the Department of Motor Vehicles, the Post Office, and public school education? The Obama plan will (eventually) have a health czar and board deciding what doctor you may see, what studies and treatments (if any), s/he may provide and if, in fact, government thinks it is cost effective to treat you and keep you alive. I think it’s safe to assume that the “political class” will have their own doctors and their own rules.

Years ago I took some surgical fellowship training in the U.K. and saw the British NHS up close and then practiced in Seattle, about 120 miles South of Canada. Both “free” healthcare systems were and are characterized by decisions made by government bureaucrats and severe rationing resulting in delay and denial of care. Costs have increased so much, both have begun to allow some privatization. People are now warning that it would be a mistake for us to follow the same path.

If you think healthcare is expensive now, wait until you see what it costs when it’s free.

Contact your elected representatives. It is up to “We The People.”

Bruce W. Novark, M.D.

Marco Island

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Fossil writes:

Actually, the DMV does a pretty good job considering some of the folks it serves. As for the Post Office; I can send a letter across the country for less then 50 cents and it usually arrives within 4 or 5 days (try to do that for less with a commercial courier provider). As for our schools, Public School Boards are your real problem. These boards are staffed with political hacks that the users vote for, not the burocrats. It is the politicos that make policy, set hiring qualifications and approve pay scales, not the employees. Does our country have the best medical care in the world? There is no doubt. Do we have the best medical schools and equipment in the world? Yes we do. But the system is a failure in that it is far too expensive and it does not serve all of us equally. Although we are all taxpaying citizens and we all feel as though we are deserving of the best medicine the richest country in the world can offer, too few of us actually benefit from the system. Afraid of the government involving itself in your medical care? Then, those of you on medicare, don't use it, those of you on VA care, don't use it. Those of you who have no insurance, stay out of Emergency Rooms. Doctor, your profession is part of the problem. Don't be critical of those of us who are trying to make it better, the government is only a part of the problem. It's biggest failure is that it allows the system to operate with regulations designed to protect those who make the most money off of our citizens. The elected officials who WE elect do nothing to improve the system. Our elected representitives are hogtied by the money the medical industry provides them to gain office. Target your frustration at those who make the most money from the way things are currently being done, not those who are trying to change the system. We can do better and we can do it within the law.

themessiah writes:

Ever heard of paragraphs Fossil?

Fossil writes:

themessiah; welcome back. Glad to see that you are back to being your old self again. I'll bet you have a lot to say about our medical system. How much out of pocket are you? Oh, that's right Medicare picked up the worst of it.

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