Letters to the editor: Nov. 5, 2009

Here are letters to the editor from Daily News editions of Nov. 5, 2009:

Letter of the Day: Really a good fit?

Editor, Daily News:

Why does a castle where we can watch guys playing catch have to be built in Naples?

Where is the money to build the roads to this palace going to come from? If you are fond of waiting in traffic jams, go to Lee County in the afternoons during spring training.

We have sufficient traffic problems now with the snowbirds drifting into town; do we want more?

Has any economist done an independent study on the impact of a baseball team moving into a community for spring training alone. Two months’ residence does not a year make.

Spend the same money to entice a business to move here which will provide jobs for 12 months instead of two.

Did you ever notice how many times a player adjusts his batting gloves in a single time at bat? Do you want a business that is too cheap to buy gloves that fit the employees properly to be your neighbor? Think about how else they will skimp and save to avoid keeping their promises.

There will be one benefit to having a spring-training team stationed in Naples — drought reduction. As a child I was taught not to spit in public. Baseball players have no such prohibition; nor does their management who stand on the sidelines in uniform.

Ever see Tiger Woods or Phil Mickelson spit before they were going to putt?

— Venan Thompson


Missed my second point

Editor, Daily News:

Re: Herbert Krutisch’s Oct. 21 letter.

Well, he missed my second point of my letter. One, I said to listen to the “other side” because the liberal press and the network news will not give us this information. Two, I said not to get caught up in the messenger and miss the message.

Krutisch implies that because Rupert Murdoch owns the stations the talk shows are not telling us the truth. I don’t care if it’s Murdoch, Warren Buffett, Ted Turner, Howard Stern or Bozo the Clown. What’s important is what shows they produce, and what message (facts and truths, not opinions) they give us.

We have to listen to the other side of any issue, then decide for ourselves. This is also directed to conservatives who only listen to one talk show, because they all talk about different issues.

Again, if you listen to them, you will be surprised what’s going on in this government, not just the White House.

Let me point out that Krutisch contradicts himself. He says not to listen to talk radio and Fox News because they are controlled by Murdoch. Then he says it’s OK to read the Wall Street Journal even though it’s owned by Murdoch. Which is it? Does he spread lies, or half-truths, or not?

People have to hear how government health care, cap-and-trade, amnesty, bailouts and stimulus bills, etc., will affect this economy.

— Jim Adduci

Naples and Boston

Learn the lesson

Editor, Daily News:

I am amazed that the U.S. Army infantrymen in Afghanistan have been relegated to serving on the low ground, as they have always been taught to take and hold the high ground — a lesson learned in Korea most tragically at the Chosin Reservoir!

What have our infantry commanders been “commanded” to do in Afghanistan? Our regular U.S. Army infantry divisions have been so dramatically decimated (reduced), we must now rely on National Guard and reservists to sacrifice their lives needlessly simply due to the reductions of regular U.S. Army divisions!

The National Guard and Reserves should be pulled out of Afghanistan and Iraq right now! Learn from history, or pay the Vietnam price of over 58,000 dead young soldiers!

— John Lukosky


Rally ’round English

Editor, Daily News:

Supplicatory as my letter may sound, to quote an old phrase: The time has come for Americans of good will and love of country to rise from their easy chairs and come to the aid of their country’s official language — English — which has been, and it is continuously being, butchered.

In an effort to arrive at the root of the matter, I am compelled to place at the head of the list our nation’s complacent educational system.

Our leaders have become lackadaisical regarding the primordial importance of the education of our children, the future of our country. They have permitted the infiltration into our English language words unaccepted by Webster or any other authoritative publication.

Shooting from the hip and in all honesty, if this butchery is not met head-on, and soon, the problem will surely become spinous and possibly unsolvable. There must not be any acceptation of words or phrases which are not written or vocally utilized by the majority of our educated citizenry.

Words and phrases which fall into that category should be outlawed from our educational system, beginning at kindergarten.

Color me importune if you like; however, this wrong must be righted, the bottom line being that we must strive to preserve our American values at any cost.

— Evelio A. Rodriguez


Law and humanity

Editor, Daily News:

The acting president of the Ave Maria Law School, in a recent commentary, described the philosophy and basis of legal training at his law school.

For those who receive their legal training at secular schools and private law schools, the concept of justice involves neither acceptance nor rejection of belief in any deity, personal or impersonal.

The acceptance of any one ultimate criterion of right should not be made a condition of the law. In all relations concerned with legal matters, the moral factor should be the supreme factor. Laws build on the past, but move beyond the past.

There are many cases where the law is adjusted to the case instead of fitting the case to the law. The well-being of society requires the need to address the social order and human needs. Law-school education should encourage the knowledge and love of right principles of conduct and the strength of character necessary to realize them in action.

A practical legal education should focus on what the law can do for and with our fellow humans to create a more just and humane world. Look to human resources to solve human problems.

A meaningful legal education places the fulcrum of understanding of the law firmly in human experience and particularly on human moral experience. Knowledge of the right has been evolving. Start with the moral obligations already reached and advocate a progressive ideal.

I hope those who consider becoming lawyers will see the law through a human lens and will formulate their understanding of the law in human terms.

— H.H. Hermann


An ugly Oasis

Editor, Daily News:

The newly commissioned Oasis of the Seas (Saturday’s Daily News Business section) must be the ugliest ship built since Noah’s Ark — and Noah had an excuse.

The picture brought to my mind beautiful ships such as the United States, Normandy and the Queen Mary.

Even the World War II Victory ships (my recollection is that they had three holds, each of which held 1,784 men), which brought me back to New York from France, had more beauty than the Oasis of the Seas.

— Treacy Gibbens


A losing proposition

Editor, Daily News:

I may be terribly wrong, but is there anyone in Naples who cares about the Chicago Cubs coming here, except some very big-shot business leaders and a few politicians, who all forgot that we are fighting for our lives here to get out from under a recession?

Yes, let’s build a multimillion-dollar stadium, and then have them — the Cubs — nickel and dime us to death every year for extras they want, just like the other teams did to Fort Myers. Then have them threaten to leave if we don’t comply.

It is the same old story with every city that gets involved with these clubs. I am a baseball fan, but I am telling you, in the long run, you will pay for this.

— Richard Gassner


Where there’s will ...

Editor, Daily News:

Thanks to John Auer for his sensational insight that we can “will” ourselves out of war.

He would have had more support throughout history had the like-minded not been butchered or enslaved. If President Barack Obama could just keep pace with Auer’s logic, he would cease wavering on whether to send more troops to Afghanistan and allow the Taliban and al-Qaida to get back to the business of annihilating us.

It’s true you can “no more win a war than win an earthquake.” But history has proven relentlessly that the world will always be inhabited by the global equivalent of schoolyard bullies: maniacal tyrants with subservient zombies and weaponry to inflict mass murder.

And as long as these hellish thugs impose their will on those who cannot or will not stand up to them, we are indebted to those who risk it all and rise to the eternal challenge.

Auer apparently finds comfort in his denial. It is the ultimate irony that reluctant warriors go to battle to protect the freedom of their merciless chastisers, allowing them the freedom to ponder their folly.

To “will” peace is about as futile as “willing” people to understand the wicked and their perpetual obsession to overpower humanity’s elusive quest for peace.

— Larry Meholick


Let’s hear both sides

Editor, Daily News:

I am not a scientist nor a novelist.

I recall more than 50 years ago my college professor reminding us that a theory made without studying all material on the subject is unscientific. He used the example, “See the black cow in the field?” The correct scientific response is, “At least it is black on this side.”

The global-warming issue is so politicized that to question the science on the issue labels one as someone in denial.

My position is that there has never been a scientific debate involving both sides of the issue. There is not enough space to list the scientists (around 100, most are Ph.D.s) who would like to have an opportunity to express another point of view. They are from the largest and most prestigious universities and institutes worldwide and the concluding sentence in their report dated Nov. 19, 2008, to President Barack Obama is:

“Mr. President, your characterization of the scientific facts regarding climate change and the degree of certainty informing the scientific debate is simply incorrect.”

The statement is followed by all the names with titles and affiliations and was published in The Wall Street Journal by the Cato Institute (www.catoinstitute.org). Is there any room for another point of view without the character assassination asserted in the column by Ben Bova?

— Robert Gicking


This is the way it is

Editor, Daily News:

I did vote.

But I did not vote for President Barack Obama.

Our system of electing our leaders is the best in the world. The majority of the people elected Obama by the method of elections we accept. Vote for him or not, he is our president, because we, the people, choose this form of government.

Politicians seem to negatively speculate what will happen. It looks like they condemn our president only to strengthen their party and to get more votes and members of their party in office, not to help this country be positive and succeed.

Being too negative is like telling a child “you are no good,” “you will fail.” Say it enough and there is a better chance that the child, or this nation, will fail. Nothing new about positive thinking.

If a negative statement fails, it will go away with the wind.

Should that negative statement come true, then that person will proclaim his genius in the demise he helped achieve. Pride in destruction.

In our form of government the majority rules. It is not that you voted for the person who was not elected, you voted with the system that elected him. Accept the outcome of the elections rather than dwell on your voting for the one who lost. You win because of the system. Your options are to find a better way of electing officials, or do a little research and find the country with the system you think is better.

— Bill Wilson

Bonita Springs

Plain answers, please

Editor, Daily News:

It comes as no surprise that some in local government object to recent legislation that seemingly restricts their speech on issues of public concern.

It is a surprise that until now the state of Florida did not have such a law. Presumably, the purpose and intent of this legislation is to prevent the use of public funds to influence the outcome of a question to be decided at referendum or ballot issue at an election. Any expenditure by a local government for this purpose uses taxpayer funds to which some taxpayers might object, while at the same time taking an opposing position on varying issues.

Some taxpayers, correctly, do not want their taxes to be used against their own interests and may not have the equivalent level of resources to expend on an opposing view.

While local government officials may believe that they are always acting in the best interest of taxpayers, referendums are opportunities for citizens to directly participate in the democratic process by expressing their will, even though it might conflict with that of elected officials.

Local governments should present the questions to be decided in a neutral, factual and unbiased manner, absent any form of advocacy for or against.

Also, the restriction should not be limited to expressed advocacy of “vote yes” or “vote no,” but to any printed communication, paid for with public funds, that, taken as a whole, considering tone, tenor and timing, is intended to influence the public’s vote.

Nothing precludes public officials from expressing their own views publicly as long as they don’t expend taxpayers’ funds to do so.

— James F. Mathias

Bonita Springs

On highest authority

Editor, Daily News:

The pope’s offer to the Anglicans to join the Catholic Church got me thinking that we should go him one better.

Why not merge all or most of the Christian religions? After all, many religions arose over now seemingly petty issues, such as indulgences, the pope, power, etc.

There would be many benefits: lower costs due to fewer buildings; lower salaries as fewer clergy would be needed; fewer wars.

The most important benefit is that Jesus would be thrilled at the ecumenical spirit demonstrated by Christians around the world.

Think about it!

— Peter Kirk


Now we’ll see

Editor, Daily News:

As Congress prepares to debate health-care reform on the House and Senate floors, the American people will now have the opportunity to know the true nature of this bill and whether it will contain an abortion mandate forcing Americans to subsidize abortion through their taxes and insurance premiums.

Our president promised that “no federal dollars will be used to fund abortions, and federal conscience laws will remain in place,” but now we see he and the Democrats brashly ramming this type of “reform” down the throats of the American people, disguising the Freedom of Choice Act (FOCA) for health care and being more beholden to those in the abortion business, like Planned Parenthood, than to the wishes and desires of Americans who, at their very core, vehemently oppose paying for or participating in the killing of innocent life.

The truth about their intent will be measured in part by whether they will allow Michigan Democratic Rep. Bart Stupak’s amendment to be discussed and voted on by our representatives in Washington.

To do less will be to impose upon the entire country an abortion regime that violates our freedom, and the integrity of our government will be forever eroded in the hearts and minds of the American people.

— Peggy Stinnet

Ave Maria

Not common in our culture

Editor, Daily News:

I agree with letter-writer Tamara Nelson 100 percent.

I am also Haitian, and this is the first time something like the Damas family killings has happened in our culture.

I was also very offended by Linda Oberhaus’ comments. Where did she get her information? How many Haitians did she use in her study? I expected her, as a director of a shelter, to be more educated.

We (Haitians) already have a bad enough reputation in this country because of the negativities portrayed on the news; we do not need Oberhaus to add to it.

Haitian women and children are not considered the properties of their husbands and fathers. A woman is free to leave if she chooses to do so. In fact, the Haitian community looks down on a man who abuses his family.

In the future, please make sure people get their facts right before writing garbage in the newspaper for others to read.

— Bernice Kendrick

Lake Wales

‘I love you, man’

Editor, Daily News:

Jerry K. Hartwig, retired longtime Collier County elementary school principal, was my hero, my mentor in life and the finest man I ever have known!

Collier County has been blessed with many fine educators, but Jerry may be the greatest. His legacy will live on through the nurturing he gave to his family, students, teachers and friends.

I love you, man!

— Tom O’Reilly


This just in, yawn

Editor, Daily News:

The front-page of a recent Daily News carried the headline, “Forecasters predict wet, cooler weather.”

Last March, the same forecasters predicted 11 named storms, of which six would be hurricanes and two to five were going to be major. These are the same forecasters who are scaring us to death on their dire predictions of global warming.

The bottom line is, I’m not going to Walmart today to buy rain gear or winter jackets.

— Russ Anderhalt


Look who, where it gets us

Editor, Daily News:

The political issues seem so familiar.

We have “enemies lists” that exclude certain media outlets, a feckless military policy, a stagnating economy with no change in sight and incompetent advisers.

Everyone (or at least 54 percent of everyone) voted for change, and we ended up with the worst of former presidents — Jimmy Carter and Richard Nixon.

— Kim Frosell

North Naples

Bus business

Editor, Daily News:

Headline this “East Naples Against CAT Transfer Station (ENACTS) says no to bus transfer site.”

Yes, it’s been two years or more since ENACTS began its activities expressing strong opposition to placing a county bus transfer site at the Collier County Operations Center on Radio Road.

Due to construction on Radio Road, action has been delayed until the road work was completed. That has now been accomplished and, finally, dates have been set for the county to complete the approval/disapproval process.

The first activity, a neighborhood information meeting, will occur on Nov. 16 at 5:30 p.m. at the New Ministries Church on Davis Boulevard, when county transportation staff will meet with residents of those communities most affected by this possible placement.

I want to urge all interested residents who support ENACTS’ strong opposition to attend this meeting. This will be a time to express our reasons for this opposition, to ask questions of our county representatives who will be present and to defend our position.

We have got to show the county that we mean business and will do all we can to defeat this proposal.

— Bill Kearney


Need more ‘Leeway’

Editor, Daily News:

I must take exception to the idea that we who are subscribing to the Daily News, Bonita edition, must go online to see the real estate sales north of the Lee/Collier County line. We are interested in the sales in Bonita Springs, Estero and environs.

We may have a passing interest in sales in North Collier, but our real interest is in Lee County.

May I suggest that you publish the Lee sales in the Bonita edition of the Daily News or drop the fiction that the Bonita edition is significantly different from the Naples edition once you drop below the masthead on the front page of the newspaper.

— Richard Ricketts


Go ahead, test it

Editor, Daily News:

Fred Rogers’ letter published Tuesday says: “Even Charles Darwin in his ‘On the Origin of Species’ could not explain the unusual suddenness of the Cambrian explosion of multiple life forms or the absence of fossils preceding that event to support his hypothesis that we all crawled from the primeval swamp and evolved from a single organism.”

Mr. Rogers, if you have an open mind, read “The Greatest Show on Earth” by Richard Dawkins.

It answers all your questions and proves that intelligent design really is not intelligent.

— Allan Yenter


Passing of the guard

Editor, Daily News:

Having lived and owned property in Collier County’s District 2 since 1990, I don’t claim to have “seen it all,” but I certainly do remember when representation in our county was not what it should have been.

I have always been proud to say, “Frank Halas is our commissioner in District 2.” He has accomplished much, and not just in his district, but for the entire county.

Much of the public isn’t aware of the arduous, long hours the commissioners expend on study, preparation, meetings, travel, public appearances, etc., to name a few. The list is exhausting.

With Halas now announcing he will not seek a third term, I join his enthusiasm for having Gina Downs in the running to be the next county commissioner of District 2.

The momentum and continuation of sound leadership will be served well with Downs as commissioner.

— Betty Hull


What we stand for

Editor, Daily News:

There are those who have become deaf to the cries of invisible babies being killed and removed brutally from the wombs of victimized and exploited women.

Jodi Bisogno, a letter writer, claims Planned Parenthood provides affordable medical care, when in fact it is the organization used to encourage young people to participate in an over-sexualized lifestyle that creates a demand for the products and services it sells (www.plannedparenthood.org).

Planned Parenthood claims birth control is safe and can protect you and that abortion is safe and easy.

The truth is, with birth control you are still at risk for both pregnancy and a number of sexually-transmitted diseases. With surgical abortion or the RU486 drug, women have died and many are left with physical, emotional and behavioral disorders (www.SilentNoMoreAwareness.org). When contraception fails, Planned Parenthood is there to turn another buck — abortions and/or testing and treatment for STDs (Planned Parenthood Web site).

The purpose of those standing for life at the Naples clinic is not to intimidate and scare; rather, to inform those coming that they are not making a choice based on complete information. The literature that we provide educates and advises them of the dangers and consequences of an uninformed choice, as well as free local services to help and protect women.

Those who want freedom and the pursuit of happiness must first protect all life because it is our first and foundational constitutional right.

Come join us to protect the rights, health, safety and security of all life within the human family.

Abortion is not health care. It is one killed, one wounded!

— Barbara Goduti


Or else?

Editor, Daily News:

My wife and I own a home in Naples, have never been late on a payment, have an accelerated program for paying our mortgage and have a 694 credit rating.

We own stock, have IRAs and both work in Naples.

Every day on TV there are ads about debt reduction, refinancing and loan modifications. We have supported the president in everything he has done. Even though I am a lifelong Republican, I figured he would do the right thing and he was trying in a tough market.

Then we have this credit card with a $6,000 balance and the company sends us a notice that the interest rate is going to 29.9 percent from 12 percent, unless we close the account. In New York. we call that loan sharking.

I don’t know if these guys are pulling the wool over the president’s eyes, or they are just trying dupe everyone again. But in my mind this is criminal.

I think if you look, we are paying their salaries as taxpayers.

— David Wilson


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