Letters to the editor: Oct. 3, 2009

Here are letters to the editor from Daily News editions of Oct. 3, 2009:

Letter of the Day: The dish

Editor, Daily News:

Several weeks ago you published a letter I wrote about potential dangers during storms from household TV satellite dishes in disrepair.

I have had several people I know who live in other neighborhoods around Naples tell me they also had TV dishes on their homes that were also no longer needed or in use because they were using cable TV.

Perhaps cable providers should offer a bounty (free HBO for a month?) for people who turn in unused or unneeded satellite dishes.

This would be a great community service.

The Daily News has done a community service in exposing this situation; now the issue should be addressed by all local TV providers.

Thank you.

Jeffrey Ryan


A front-page affront

Editor, Daily News:

Can these wacky congressmen get any wackier?

With all of the problems facing citizens (recession, health care, etc.), this wacko introduces a bill to allow deductions for pet care. Where do we go from here? Maybe a deduction for expenses incurred in producing home-grown vegetables? You can’t make this stuff up!

And for the Daily News to dignify this outrageous assault on common sense with a front-page article is equally outrageous.

— Dick Sloan


What makes more sense?

Editor, Daily News:

After reading the Florida statute on turning right on red that was in the Daily News, I can say that after following the statute explicitly at several intersections, it is usually impractical for lack of adequate vision.

For intersections with a right-turn-only lane, the statute should be changed to require a driver to yield. With no exclusive right turn lane, drivers should stop.

However, I don’t believe the cameras are necessarily for safety. The county could use a little logic and not send out citations in some cases for what is obviously not a hazard, and not impose such large fines.

— Will Donaldson


It’s just not worth it

Editor, Daily News:

We should stand forth and support our troops and bring them home!

I challenge anyone to prove that Osama bin Laden is alive.

If it can be proved that he is alive and a threat to our nation’s security, then President Barack Obama should certainly mobilize the Salvation Army and send its troops over to pacify the restless natives in Afghanistan.

We do not belong in Afghanistan after eight years of warfare!

Did we not learn anything from Genghis Khan and the Russians’ attempt to “pacify” these folks?

— John Lukosky


Seen in traffic

Editor, Daily News:

I was riding along Airport-Pulling Road on my way to Publix. A car passed me with a bumper sticker which read “Stop Socialism.”

This caught my attention since I had just finished my morning Scripture reading, which included:

“They devoted themselves to the teaching of the apostles and to the communal life, to the breaking of the bread and to the prayers ... . All who believed were together and had all things in common; they would sell their property and possessions and divide them among all according to each one’s need.” — Acts

I didn’t think the owner of this bumper sticker intended to give an anti-religious, anti-Christian message. Yet the description of the early Christians, which I had just read, seemed to be a rather clear instance of “socialism.”

Well, after all, it was only a bumper sticker and they do tend to use slogans with very little nuance.

— John J. Hollohan


Very serious, dark business

Editor, Daily News:

Re: Letter on Thursday headlined “What was going on?”

The expression “You can lead a horse to water but you can’t make it drink” applies to abusive situations.

When people who stop taking their medications because they feel they are OK is the time when everything goes wrong.

They believe they are not at fault; they won’t go to counseling; they feel they do not need help.

There are all kinds of abuse — physical and verbal. From what I have been reading, eventually verbal abuse turns physical.

Women are in a catch-22. If they take a stand, their life could be put in jeopardy.

It is a very difficult situation. When children are involved the situation is worse.

The women need to know: Can they make it on their own? Will they be safe?

Just because the two have split up, doesn’t mean he is out of your life.

A restraining order is worthless.

— Elaine Paulson


There is a lot more to it

Editor, Daily News:

Letter-writer Dale Danford feels the decision to abort should be based on facts; however, those presented by Planned Parenthood are not quite complete.

If prospective moms were fully informed about taking the life of a very little person, plus all the sordid details involved, would there be as many abortions?

I think not!

— Lee B. Miller


‘OK. It’s not perfect’

Editor, Daily News:

I am just delighted with the new format of the Daily News.

It is some years since I stopped reading National Enquirer. Now I don’t need to miss it any more.

What a joy. If the range of trivia on Page 1 is not enough for me on a particular day, I can immediately go to Page 4 for the Southwest Florida police report to see which of my neighbors and friends has committed the most recent crimes in our area.

From there, the rest of this section offers a wonderful potpourri of uninformative but nonetheless fluffy articles.

OK. It’s not perfect. There are occasionally some boring real news items in there as well. An oversight?

After the beating we’ve all taken in the financial markets, I’m so glad to see that the Daily News’ policymakers took our concerns to heart. You not only shrank the financial section from its former meager size, but have successfully hidden it in the back of the Community section.

May I suggest that in addition to condensing this conveyor of awful news, the Daily News could be a real pal and shrink the typeface of the statistics so it would be completely unreadable?

I loved a recent feature article in Business about Bruce Springsteen. Clearly Wall Street Journal material.

What I really wish? Move the comics to Page 1.

Thank you, Daily News, for using the vast new investment you have made in the physical plant to introduce a format that will leave many of us gasping for a long time.

— Ron Diorio


Still not quite right

Editor, Daily News:

The Collier County commissioners have had a chance to revise their policy regarding fines for “right-on-red” camera citations, but they haven’t made the correct change yet!

The policy reminds me of the GM commercials currently running on TV. You know the ones where the actor intimidates children. In one, a little girl is offered a ride on a new bike, but when she tries to leave a painted box on the floor, he stops her and says she must ride it only within the box.

Have you seen the dirty look she gives him? Well, that’s the same feeling, or worse, that drivers have toward the commissioners.

At an earlier time in history, when there was a gasoline crisis, states passed laws permitting right turns on red in order that drivers wouldn’t have to waste gasoline waiting for a green light to turn right.

Then came the regulations: a dead stop at the boldly painted line before the crosswalk. Then creep forward before turning right.

Trouble is, if there are cars on your left you can’t see oncoming traffic if you are behind the bold line. You must creep forward of those cars. Bingo, you get a ticket because you didn’t ask the camera before passing go.

That’s why there were more than 500 such tickets at one intersection in a month’s time.

All the commissioners did at the review session was to make the box on the floor slightly bigger. Sorry, guys, you still get the dirty look!

Turn off the right-on-red cameras and let the original reason for turning on red prevail.

There is absolutely nothing wrong with ticketing those who go straight through red lights. They are the ones causing accidents, deaths and injuries!

— Warren White


Compare and contrast

Editor, Daily News:

The double standard is alive and well when it comes to politics. No need for me to explain how most of the media is controlled by liberals. We all know it.

But, when it becomes so obvious that it makes your head want to explode, something has to be said.

Let’s start in the great state of Massachusetts where the Democrats passed a law preventing the possibility that their Republican governor — at the time, Mitt Romney — might appoint a Republican to the Senate seat that would be vacated if John Kerry were elected president.

When Ten Kennedy died, these same Democrats pushed through a law that negated their previous one so that the current Democrat governor could appoint a Democrat to the seat. Can you be more obviously corrupt?

In his 2005 State of the Union Address, former President George W. Bush was booed loudly by Democrats. He made no faces but kept on with his speech. The House did not spend several days on this issue, nor criticize or sanction any of the offenders.

Switch to the present and the Republican House member who called President Barack Obama a liar when he said the health-care plan would not cover illegal immigrants. I thought Nancy Pelosi’s face would crack.

Such outrage, even though the claim was correct. And, no doubt, if Bush had deserted our allies in Eastern Europe, supported a Hugo Chavez disciple in Honduras and backed off on his campaign pledge to pursue the war in Afghanistan to a positive conclusion, the liberal media would have been on him like flies on sugar.

Obama was elected with 56 percent of the vote and his approval rating is down to 50 percent. As Mel Allen used to say when a home run was hit by a New York Yankee: “Going, going, gone.”

— Lou Cohn

Naples and New York City

This would be beautiful

Editor, Daily News:

I keep hearing all this talk about beautiful Bonita Springs, our mayor’s favorite subject.

Yet, we still have that mess around the banyan tree right in the heart of the city.

Why is that?

A bunch of hypocrites running this city? Maybe I missed something?

Enough is enough, guys and gals. Maybe we could direct some of our resources to a facility close to or in Bonita so we could renew our driver’s licenses without driving to Fort Myers or Naples? Maybe in Bernwood?

We have enough people year-round to rate a place of our own.

Just a thought.

— James Broomhall

Bonita Springs

Backing off

Editor, Daily News:

We must exit Afghanistan now!

Its recent presidential elections were flooded with fraud and Hamid Karzai is as corrupt as any politician in the entire nation.

Are we going to build another billion-dollar embassy in this country as we did in Iraq? We are presently engaged in building roads, infrastructure, etc. How about our own broken-down roads and hundred-year-old sewer systems?

We must not wait until thousands more of our young men and woman die in this futile attempt. Rise up, America, and say no to this war. We cannot win in Afghanistan. We must leave now!

Think of the good these billions of dollars being spent in complete futility could do here by putting millions of unemployed to work building our roads and bridges. Let’s start thinking America first for a change.

More and more of our patriotic sons and daughters are feeling that we have had enough. We are tired and weary of war.

The entire world is saying loud and clear, “Let the good old U.S.A. do it; they can just go on printing all of the money they need.”

My wife and I are lifelong Democrats, but we did not vote for President Barack Obama.

We do have respect for him, but we no longer think he is up to the task!

— Oliver J. Marcelli


Beware the yack attack

Editor, Daily News:

Please refer to your editorial on DUI checkpoints.

This is so paradoxical! It has been proven that cell-phone use while driving a motor vehicle is more dangerous than DUI. Yet, the “yackers” yack with impunity.

Get arrested for DUI and the book is thrown at you (a certifiable leper bell could be included).

For lack of better phraseology: to me, this is a perfect example of “legislative hypocrisy.”

— Ed Frick


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