Lawsuit over the release of public records unearthing asbestos concerns in Marco

Contentious contamination issue unearthed again on Marco. Photo taken by Marco officials in 2006 shows crushed cement on what is now called Veterans' Community Park on Elkcam Circle. Crushed asbestos and other debris kept popping back up on the site between 2005 and 2007 even after officials said the toxic materials were properly disposed. The issue lasted years and many city officials thought it was over until Marco resident Mario Sanchez filed a lawsuit in federal court against the Environmental Protection Agency in mid-September alleging the EPA did not disclose all information as required by the Freedom of Information Act.

Submitted City of Marco Island

Contentious contamination issue unearthed again on Marco. Photo taken by Marco officials in 2006 shows crushed cement on what is now called Veterans' Community Park on Elkcam Circle. Crushed asbestos and other debris kept popping back up on the site between 2005 and 2007 even after officials said the toxic materials were properly disposed. The issue lasted years and many city officials thought it was over until Marco resident Mario Sanchez filed a lawsuit in federal court against the Environmental Protection Agency in mid-September alleging the EPA did not disclose all information as required by the Freedom of Information Act.

— Environmental concerns on Marco Island that prompted investigations into toxic substances several years ago are getting unearthed again through an activist’s federal lawsuit.

Mario Sanchez, a Miami-Dade College professor who lives on Marco Island, is suing the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency, alleging that it did not release information about asbestos found in 2005 on city property as required by the Freedom of Information Act.

Marco Public Information Coordinator Lisa Douglass confirmed asbestos fragments existed on a construction staging site, which is now Veterans’ Community Park.

In addition to asbestos fragments, Sanchez alleges that other toxic materials were handled improperly between January 2005 and December 2007. The lawsuit he filed contends that the city pumped untreated hydrogen sulfide, sulfuric acid and sediment into waterways.

“You can’t find anything to substantiate that because there isn’t anything,” said Douglass, who, before being hired as the city spokeswoman, was the ombudsman for the Florida Department of Environmental Protection and was addressing Marco residents’ environmental complaints sent to DEP.

Sanchez, who describes himself as an investigative journalist, declined to comment on his lawsuit, but said the media could have “taken on the syndicate” when the “crimes” occurred. He did not specify who the syndicate was, but said information could be found on his online blog.

“The reason for the EPA’s refusal to produce the salient, revealing and indictable aspects of the information the EPA has in its possession is because ... now wait for it … the EPA does not want to embarrass those responsible for the environmental crimes,” Sanchez wrote in a Sept. 18 blog.

Sanchez filed his lawsuit without an attorney on Sept. 18 in U.S. District Court in Fort Myers. In his Freedom of Information Act request, Sanchez sought all EPA documents involving Marco Island between January 2005 and July 31, 2008.

Sanchez’s lawsuit says the EPA informed him that his public information request was denied because people investigated by the EPA “may be embarrassed” by the release of such information.

When contacted, EPA officials did not specify what information was not provided or why it wasn’t provided.

“We take FOIA responsibilities very seriously,” said EPA Spokeswoman Deb Berlin. “Once the complaint is received, we will look into the allegations and respond as is consistent with the law.”

Although it’s the EPA’s policy not to comment on pending litigation, Berlin said EPA officials and attorneys are putting a lot of energy into investigating Sanchez’s allegations of FOIA violations.

The issue began in October 2005, when crushed asbestos pipe was discovered on the park property, prompting allegations against the city and Quality Enterprises, a contractor the city hired to complete the Collier Boulevard Reconstruction Project. City officials disputed the contentions, accusing residents of planting the asbestos to derail the ongoing construction on Marco.

“There certainly was enough mystery and misinformation surrounding the issue to make one suspicious,” said former Marco resident Ed Foster, who championed a lawsuit in 2006 against the City of Marco Island, then-City Manager Bill Moss, Public Works Director Rony Joel and Quality Enterprises.

Police Chief Thom Carr said detectives closed their investigation into the planted asbestos theory after determining the allegations were unfounded.

In March 2006, Citizens Advocating Responsible Environmental Solutions (CARES), a former political action committee, filed a lawsuit in U.S. District Court over the asbestos allegations. That lawsuit, which accused the city of violating the federal Clean Air Act, ended in a settlement agreement in October 2006 that required Quality Enterprises to pay for the proper removal and disposal of the asbestos.

Foster was the CARES chairman. Although it was settled, CARES filed motions to enforce the settlement and the lawsuit was disposed of two months later.

“The issue is over,” said Douglass.

When the allegations surfaced, Foster, Godfrey Davies, Sanchez and other residents collected and reported evidence to support their contentions that Marco’s underground water, which contains hydrogen sulfide, was pumped into canals to make way for the construction of the island’s Septic Tank Replacement Program. At the time, many residents reported allergic reactions to a rotten egg smell that is associated with hydrogen sulfide.

The Collier County Department of Health investigated the health concerns residents raised in relation to the construction on Collier Boulevard as well as the Septic Tank Replacement Program, which began in 2005.

The city had “all the appropriate health and safety measures in place,” said Collier County Health Department Spokeswoman Deb Millsap. “That doesn’t mean it’s not a smelly process.”

The process has since changed, according to Douglass, who said underground water related to the ongoing sewer project is now sent to the treatment plant. Residents’ complaints are now infrequent.

In 2007, DEP and the South Florida Water Management District ordered Marco Island to stop discharging waste into state waters. However, the order did not result in fines.

Foster, who now lives in North Carolina, said he agrees with Sanchez’s continued desire to collect and share all information that could potentially affect the environment and residents’ health.

Sanchez contends that waiting for the information is like waiting for those who perpetrated the environmental crimes to serve prison time.

In an Oct. 2 blog, he wrote, “The few conscientious citizens on Marco Island have turned over everything we have: pictures, videos, first-hand accounts, city documents, etc. But what we don’t know is what has been provided to the EPA by the perpetrators, accomplices and co-conspirators in these environmental crimes.”

“You would think that the public’s right to know how their health and that of their environment has been affected by the well-documented exposure to several highly toxic contaminants would easily trump whatever pretext the EPA can come up with for refusing to release anything – especially since the criminal case is ‘closed,’” Sanchez’s blog reads.

City officials said they don’t understand what Sanchez wants at this point.

Staff writer Aisling Swift contributed to this report.

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Comments » 42

Leroy writes:

Sanchez is delusional. His group of "responsible citizens", (Sarcasm) is Foster and Neylon, both were in possession of asbestos and Davis, their chief propagandist. This is laughable and so is Sanchez...a paranoid Cuban American who hates all government. I say forget the legal route and seek psychiatric consultation immediately.

ed34145 writes:

Don't forget all the asbestos stockpiled in Foster's garage.

jwputnam writes:

Dr. Sanchez is not only a very intelligent educator, but also a Marine Corps veteran who served in Vietnam. He would be considered by most to be a rather difficult target to attempt to silence with irresponsible, racist slander.

In addition, Dr. Sanchez (and I) opposed Godfrey Davies. We supported Foster and Neylon because they had the evidence and the expertise to back up their claims. They were proven to be correct and asbestos is STILL buried under Veteran's Park.

It is FACT that H2S was released in GREAT quantities on Marco before C.A.R.E.S. and others cried foul. Marco actually almost lost a city employee as well as a contract worker due to this. Many others were stricken as well. This was no politically manufactured crisis. Far from it.

The city's contractors have also caused the release of many tens of thousands of gallons of raw sewage into Marco's waters. Each release has been reported on these pages. They amount to FAR more than all the septic tanks on the Island probably ever were even capable of releasing and we haven't even begun the replacement of the majority of the pipes that the video survey identified.

It is true that Foster had a bag of crushed asbestos pipe in his garage. It was offered to the authorities as evidence of the crime that was eventually admitted to. Only a complete moron (see above) would come to any other conclusion.

Please spare us all your routine, personal vilification of those who bravely stand up and speak out when they see a problem in our city.

playballonK writes:

What has taken so long?

Montel writes:

Dr. Sanchez is an intellegent man but he is in his 40's so he must have been the youngest Marine in the history of the US if he served in Viet Nam. Once again John, you spread have no credibility on Marco Island.

jwputnam writes:

in response to Montel:

Dr. Sanchez is an intellegent man but he is in his 40's so he must have been the youngest Marine in the history of the US if he served in Viet Nam. Once again John, you spread have no credibility on Marco Island.

Dr. Sanchez was in the United States Marine Corp in the Vietnam Era. FACT. I am unsure if he actually was inland. His comment to me in an email was that he had "served in the United States Marine Corps during the vietnam era".

Now, do you wish to debate the issues in my original comment? Do you find anything out of order there?

I thought not.

ezeee writes:

Mr. Sanchez was born 3/5/56 the Paris Peace Accords was signed 1/27/73, which would make Mr. Sanchez 16 when the Vietnam War ended. He was not eligible for service until 3/5/73. You want to debate that

marcoislandres writes:

We did not leave Vietnam until April 30 1975.

jwputnam writes:

What is with you guys? Why not argue the details of the article? Is it because they are undeniable?

Such sillyness. How did Monte ever pass the bar?

EdFoster writes:

A few comments and corrections:

Picture 1 of 8 was taken on Collier Boulevard in front of a beachfront condo. I took it. It is clear evidence that the asbestos was "friable" and "dangerous." There was asbestos all along Collier in the construction area. It was tracked into hotels and stuck into carpets. It was tracked into homes and cars. It was NOT confined to Veterans Park although there was plenty there too.

Apparently referring to the discharge of Hydrogen Sulfide loaded water into the canals, Ms. Douglass is quoted as saying: “You can’t find anything to substantiate that because there isn’t anything." Untrue! Godfrey Davies took many readings of dangerous levels of H2S where contractors were "dewatering." Mr. Joel concocted a Rube Goldberg contraption to try to remove the H2S from the ground water. It didn't work but why would he build the thing if there was no H2S in the groundwater? And why would the city finally do the correct thing and direct the polluted water into the sewer lines rather than dump it in the canals as had been happening all along?

The placement of Chief Carr's statement that the "detectives closed their investigation into the planted asbestos theory after determining the allegations were unfounded" could lead one to believe that the allegations that there was asbestos contamination on the Glon Property was "unfounded." I can't fault Kelly for that because I know how things get shifted around as an article is edited and the precise wording is correct: the allegations made by the city (and one councilor in particular) that citizens were planting asbestos in the park was unfounded. The asbestos was there; the police were investigating whether the allegations that it was planted were true and found no evidence to substantiate that ridiculous accusation.

Ms. Millsap's statement that the city had “all the appropriate health and safety measures in place” is reminiscent of the statement of Jon Iglehart, Director of the FDEP in Fort Myers that the city and contractor were following proper procedures for handling asbestos when he had never visited the Glon Property. I give it the same credence! Furthermore, why did the SWFWMD order Marco to stop discharging water into the canals if "all appropriate health and safety measures" were in place?

I was NOT chairman of CARES when "CARES filed motions to enforce the (Clean Air Act) settlement." I refused to endorse the mediation settlement to which I was refused entry and had resigned from CARES. The City and QE refused to honor the agreement they had made with the new chairman of CARES and so he "filed motions to enforce the settlement."

I DO support Dr. Sanchez' effort to get at the truth and, despite Ms. Douglass' glib statement to the contrary, the matter is NOT over. If "City officials ... don’t understand what Sanchez wants at this point" I suggest they submit to psychiatric evaluation. He wants the records, dummies. Duh!

Ed Foster

lauralbi1 writes:

Why and who "CARES"??? If Mr. Sanchez wants to sue EPA for his own etification, then go ahead. He seems to have the same ego to inflate as Ed Foster. If this does it, then so be it. Nobody else gives a hoot, other than to stir up something to occupy their time.
This is old history and it wasted a lot of time and money. It doesn't have to do the same thing now.
Ed Issler

condoseller writes:

Now, Mr. Issler. "There you go again". Not long ago, you wrote in an Eagle blog that you don't make negative personal comments about people. In fact, you have and you do, as evident in your comment about Mr. Sanchez above. If he wants to file a suit to get the records, you should be supportive. After all, he only wants the facts. The same thing you claim to seek when you openly challenge others to "get the facts". Open the records, let's see the facts. There should be no fears about embarrassing anyone. People act and speak as they do and can only embarrass themselves. Open the records. They will either confirm claims of no wrong doing, embarrass someone for mis-speaking or reveal criminal conduct.

ejburger writes:

John, I don't want another debate (it always gets kind of ugly) but its just that you regularly make claims that are misleading like Dr. Sanchez' "serving" (your word) in Vietnam and Lisa Douglas making $100,000 per year. Both are incorrect and misleading. That is why I question what you write.

Semper_Fidelis writes:

I don't mind a little friendly debate, just read your own blogs.

jwputnam, you wrote:

"Dr. Sanchez is not only a very intelligent educator, but also a Marine Corps veteran who served in Vietnam."

Then you say:

"Dr. Sanchez was in the United States Marine Corp in the Vietnam Era. FACT. I am unsure if he actually was inland. His comment to me in an email was that he had "served in the United States Marine Corps during the vietnam era"."

Make up your mind Mr. Putnam. You do seem to embellish an awful lot in these blogs.

As for Mr. Sanchez suing the EPA I really don't give a hoot. If there was wrong doing in any way I encourage him, and support him in his efforts.

happy6 writes:

i was born in 1946 and i was in the water, rivers, under water, rice paddies...etc...WHO CARES....point is that moss and his cronies lied my opinion ed,monte et al.if you really care get obama out of the white house and let's finish the freakin' war we got going now....the whining/crying crazies (liberals) and the crooked idiots in the administration are going to make all this crap a moot point.
maybe mario is suffering fromn ptss and is confused...he actually served in the gulf war....but again who gives a flip.

jchamberland writes:

Thank you for your service Shadow.. I agree, our country is in some deep Sh_t with Obama. Pelosi, Frank and the rest of the liberals are dead set on ruining our country. God help us all.

Dan_OHagen writes:

What is it with jwputnam, he says he wants to stick to the issues in the article then he throws an insult to Monte Lazarus, albiet an easy target. jwputnam stick to your principles or don't expect anyone else to. Then he asks for a debate, gets an invite to debate, is proven overzealous in his blogs and then no answer. I thought he was a man of ideals.

Montel writes:

This says it all with respect to Dr. Sanchez.

jwputnam writes:

Thanks Montel. We at least agree on something:

"Excellent professor, extremely knowledgeable. If the class isn't hard your not going to learn anything Programming is not an easy topic! If your looking for easy get an MCSE or something."

"Excellent professor!!! I learned a lot! excellent person and helpful at any time. You definitely end class learning a lot."

Fossil writes:

Seems to me that if the case has been resolved as Ms. Douglas claims, why not release all the documents? This is not about national security nor is it about a criminal event or individuals. It is about a process. Did the EPA enforce exisisting laws? Did it's employees make every effort to protect our citizens and our enviornment? If they did, good. If not, why not? Once we the citizens who lived here during that time fully understand what happened we can seek closure. One way or another this history must crawl out of the shade and be exposed to the sunshine. We the citizens should not have to drag it out. Our City, County, State and Federal officials owe us nothing less and should comply with the spirit and intent of the law. Any further delay in releasing these documents imply wrongdoing.

jwputnam writes:


So clear. Wish that I could have said it that well. My hat is off to you sir. Nothing else needs to be said.

Thank you

ejburger writes:

A rare day when I agree with you fossil but "well said." I appreciate your comments because you took the politics out of the equation and stated clear and concise facts.

Besides, we have more to be concerned with; Obama won the Nobel Peace Prize. I simple ask, for what?

Fossil writes:

Maybe our President won the Nobel Peace Prize just because his demeanor calms the world down. Or because he offers the oppressed on our planet an alternative view to that presented by fanatical religious zealots and haters of our country. Or maybe because he is an American President who is seen by foreigners as representative of all this great country has given and continues to offer the world. For whatever reason, this prize represents what the Nobel Committee thinks of us as a people. When given to the head of a nation, it is not personal, it is representational. After all, it was the people of this great nation that put him into office, he did not take it or arrive there on his own.

jwputnam writes:

Oh geez.....I went too far! (just kidding)

happy6 writes:

fossil...surely you are not serious with your post re. nobel peace prize/obama...but when you consider they gave it to the biggest loser ever elected...jimmy carter...i guess it's ok to but obama in the same class....losers.

jwputnam writes: about Gore? Surely you don't consider our protector of the planet to be a phoney or a loser, now do you? Who else propels their private jet on his own gas I ask you?

condoseller writes:

"The American President just won the Nobel Peace Prize. By any reasonable measure, all Americans should be proud"
... Rachel Maddow

I feel sad for all of you who can not see the need for strong and fair leadership to be recognized regardless of the period of infancy or longevity. Thankfully, we as a nation, are moving away from gunboat diplomacy and violating the terms of the Geneva Convention.

EdFoster writes:


Nobel prizes traditionally have been given to recognize an incredible breakthrough or a LIFETIME of accomplishment. In my opinion, the committee has disgraced itself and demeaned the many laureates honored in the past by giving a Peace Prize to Al Gore for making a fictional movie and to Barrack Obama for giving a few speeches. I have known several Nobel laureates personally including Victor Hess, Isidore I. Rabi, Peter Gabriel Bergmann, Eric Kandel and several others. Nominating a man 12 days after he has taken office and who has not one accomplishment to his credit so far, simply because he is not George W. Bush, is an insult to past Nobel Prize laureates. Today the Nobel Prize is no more than a $1.4 million lottery.

The Nobel Prize is a private award and the committee certainly has the right to give the prize to whomever they wish. They just make fools of themselves, and insult past laureates, by giving the prize to President Obama for obvious political reasons. FDR was nominated for his successful efforts to crush Nazism and promote freedom in the world. He didn't get it. President Reagan was nominated for ending the Cold War and promoting freedom in the world. He didn't get it. Mother Teresa was nominated for helping thousands of children in India. She didn't get it. Barack Obama gets the prize while conducting a war in Iraq and in Afghanistan, and contemplating a strike against Iran ... or did he get it so that he would be influenced to withdraw from Iraq and Afghanistan and to make nice with Iran until they have a nuclear weapon and can blackmail the world? I trust he will not be influenced by this prize to do other than to protect American interests and those of freedom-loving people everywhere. But I can't be sure. He has an amazing ego even for a President. If he had integrity as well as an ego, he would thank the committee for their faith in him but respectively decline the prize until he has earned it.

Ed Foster

blondie writes:

Bravo Mr. Foster, I could not have said this better myself.

condoseller writes:

Again, all Americans should be proud. You have shown you hold your conservative arrogance above national pride. I and many others are very proud of the progress the president has made domestically and internationally. He is our president and we should all be proud.

condoseller writes:

The City of Marco Island will be happy to read we are all off topic of this article. Proud of the Peace Priza, or not. McCain or Obama supporter, don't forget this blog should focus on Mr. Sanchez's law suit, which we support. Now, we are back on topic.

EdFoster writes:


I am proud of my country (national pride as you call it), and I am proud of the concept and office of the United States Presidency. That does not automatically make me proud of the person who occupies the office at any given time. From what you've said, I imagine you are not proud of George W. Bush and I am not proud of Barrack Hussein Obama. I am conservative and proud of it. You may be proud you are a liberal (if you are). Neither makes any difference. I challenge you to state "the progress the president has made domestically and internationally" because I can't find any. Good intentions? Yes. Good speeches? Yes. Good progress? Not yet as far as I can see!

I agree that this is far off the subject of the article which instituted this blog so let's drop it.

I would like to make one correction to my statements however. Mother Teresa did receive the Nobel Prize, but I'll add two others who deserved it, were nominated, but didn't get it: Winston Churchill and Margaret Thatcher. As I probably said before: doesn't pay to be a conservative. It's a tragedy that what should have been a "noble" prize so often is not when it comes to the "peace prize" and the "literature prize." Unfortunately, they are both "political" prizes awarded, more often than not, for one's agreement with the political objectives of the committee.

Ed Foster

condoseller writes:

Obama richly deserves Nobel Peace Prize

By The Kansas City Star Editorial Board

Barack Obama has inspired. He has elevated. He has brought hope to people around the world. He has reinvigorated dialogues that seemed long dead, or hidden on back burners.

For that, on Friday, he was awarded the 2009 Nobel Peace Prize.

Obama’s work for peace is still promise. Critics, even some supporters, suggest it’s too early to hand this young president the world’s most prestigious award. After all, it’s a frighteningly exclusive club; it doesn’t, for instance, include Gandhi.

But Obama does share something with many who have accepted this award before him including Nelson Mandela, Elie Wiesel, Desmond Tutu, Mother Teresa, Martin Luther King Jr. and Lech Walesa: The ability to lift eyes upward, to prompt dreams of a better future.

The prize is only sometimes given out for accomplishments. As commonly, it is awarded to give strength to a position, to provide gravitas for a noble individual struggling for peace against a corrupt system.

Obama was chosen as a way to welcome the United States back into the global community after years of unilateral policy. This award is therefore not just to the man, but his nation. And it’s focused as much on what we can do, and what with Obama as president we seem to have the will to do, as on what he’s already accomplished in the short time he’s been in office.

He humbly acknowledged that in his acceptance announcement on Friday.

Already, his administration has reopened discussions with Iran, addressed nuclear disarmament and confronted the Western-Islamic divide, the source of so much that is wrong with the world today.

So, maybe, Obama, to date, hasn’t earned a Peace Prize for sealed deals. But he brings hope.

And, sometimes, hope is worth rewarding.

Fossil writes:

All good American patriots should put aside their political pettiness when our country is recoqnized by foreigners. Republican and Democrat alike have had good men and women with good intentions. We are not talking about who has the best football team. We are talking about our nation. I am a proud American and as an American which party represents us in the Whate House when our country makes good is not important. When I fought in Vietnam, the fellow on the right and left of me was all I was concerned about, we were on the same side and we depended upon each other. Conservatives and Liberals alike need to reconsider what it means to be an American because the word games being played today are destructive and undermine our unity as a people. All Americans should be proud of this day.

jwputnam writes:

I could not disagree more. Should every Cuban stand behind Castro? Chavez?

Why should I support a man who hob nobs with Bill Ayers? A man who appoints self proclaimed Marxists for "Czars" (how appropriate, don't you think).

Obama is a marxist. I despise him. His action in the Honduras should be enough to alarm all of us greatly. His inaction in blockading Iran will surely lead to an eventual bloody war. His elimination of the missile shield certainly has not made Czech and Poland safer. Do they love him more now?

Do you like the suggestion of a 15% VAT tax?

Come on people, stop being lemmings. Your country is going to hell in a hand basket and you are still drinking the Koolaid. AND YES, THIS PERTAINS TO THE ORIGINAL ARTICLE ABOVE AND OUR MARCO POLITICIANS AS WELL.

Actually, my favorite Obama move was to present the Queen an Ipod filled with all of our great leaders past speeches. And then Saturday Night Live proclaims that they can't come up with any humorous material to spoof dear leader.

As long as I am on a roll, perhaps you should ask 35 million Iraqis how they feel about US "gunboat" diplomacy. Surely they preferred Saddam and his lovely sons. How about the Kuwaitis? Maybe we should have sacrificed them as well? For that matter, most Europeans should be speaking German for all I care about them! Look what we did for the North Koreans by pulling back.

Liberalism is a disease!

Makes me want to puke. I HATE "Kumbaya" and always did.

ejburger writes:

John, our local politics may differ but I couldn't agree with you more about Obama and his Marxism agenda. Well said!!

jwputnam writes:

Actually, that was one of my worst tirades, but thanks anyway!

Be prepared...we had about 3" of snow up here yesterday and we may head south soon. Hide your children!

ezeee writes:

JWP, never thought I'd see myself say this, but I also couldn't agree with you more about that flaming ultra liberal SOB in the White House.

Good grief, I can't believe I just agreed with you on something. Must be something in the water.

Fossil writes:

Mr. Putnam: I never suggested you stand behind or in front of President Obama. Nor did I ask you to support him. I simply suggested that we be patriots and applaud our nation when it receives alcolades from abroad. Instead you go off on some tirade about Marxist hiding out in the White House. Do you really believe all those wing-nut talking points? Were you happier when foreigners threw shoes at our President?

condoseller writes:

Liberalism may be contagious, but is certainly isn't a disease. If it was, I would much prefer it over Limbaughitis, which I hear is like having the crabs... Creates a rash, followed by an itch which the unfortunate infected scratch until it becomes a bloody mess (much like "W" made of our economy, retirement funds and international reputation). Lucid and thoughtful people are known to become irrational and hateful. Glad I got my shot early

ezeee writes:

Alfred Nobel wrote in his will that the prize be given “To the person who shall have done the most or the best work for fraternity between nations, for the abolition or reduction of standing armies, and for the holding and promotion of peace congresses”

I think not.

jwputnam writes:


"Obama wins Heisman trophy following gathering with friends to watch a college football game!"

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