Letter to the Editor: Failing the American people

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  • The President’s action will likely fail, thereby resulting in the tragic loss of life of our brave military men and women. In my mind, the commander-in-chief will again fail the American people.

The former community organizer, possessing no military (or any other) experience is now second guessing his personally appointed professional military expert (General McChristal) concerning required troop strength in Afghanistan necessary to ensure victory.

The President will likely continue to “kick this can down the road” for as long as possible, and eventually decide to increase our troop strength by an amount significantly less than the number of additional troops suggested by General McCristal (i.e., an additional 40,000).

The President’s action will likely fail, thereby resulting in the tragic loss of life of our brave military men and women. In my mind, the commander-in-chief will again fail the American people.

Yale Kellman

Marco Island

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Fossil writes:

I beleive the General in question's name is spelled McChrystal. I understand former Marine General Jones, Director of the NSC and Secretary of Defense Gates of DOD are also advising the President. I guess they too should take second fiddle to the General who is on the ground? If they follow that logic, then they shouldn't neglect the private in the foxhole in some valley of a land he never heard of. Should we ask him if we should even be there? Our country has committed to fight this war to eradicate a gang of criminals who killed 3,000 Americans and foreign workers in New York City. Our military has a chain of command. The President is the Commander in Chief. That means General McChrystal has a whole line of folks in front of him to answer to before he get's what he wants. This fellow may walk on water as far as the public is concerned but there are military family members and some lower ranking soldiers out there, that are not so sure. Although he is credited with commanding the forces that brought us the death of Abu Musab al-Zarqawi, leader of Al-Qaeda in Iraq, our General was also criticized for his role in the investigation (cover-up) of the Pat Tillman friendly fire incident. President Obama will do the right thing and we will succeed with our mission.

happy6 writes:

the president is out on the campaign trail...he was elected to the ill senate...did nothing but campaign for the us senate...elected there and then campaigned for president....fossil...what in the world has this man every done? nothing!!!!except be a lawyer and trainer for acorn....he was hand picked by the soros bunch years ago...open you eyes...this president has never done a thing in his entire life for the betterment of the free world....ask the people in chicago what they think of him....they are as disgraced by him as they are of jesse jackson and his antics....
if i were still in the service i would have a hard time swallowing his crap and following his orders...although i would.

happy6 writes:

and fossil...who cares how the blogger spelled the name of the general....we all understood exactly what he/she said...except the moronic you.

Fossil writes:

Shadow: He won an election last November. You should not be surprised at the policies he has attempted to enact. He campaigned on everything he has attempted and hopefully will be successful. After all, that's why all those folks voted for him. The only reason he has not been able to deliver is because America's oponents continue to try to stop the will of the people. Before you conter with his throwing money at Wall Street. Remember, the TARP was sold to Congress and initiated by his predessor in October of 2008. The current President only completed his predessor's actions and the actions of both have been credited with avoiding a depression. He saved the largest manufacturing base in the country, the automobilie industry and it's millions of employees. For starters, that was all done in the first seven months of his Presidency. He has also regained respect for our country throughout the world. Now Dick Chany would even say that these past 10 months have been attack free in the U.S.. Therefore it stands to reason he is doing something right as far as keeping the terrorists at bay. You ask what has he done to better the world. Well for starters he reset the nuclear clock when he pulled those useless missles out of Russia's backyard. Who told you that he was hand picked by Soros? Faux news? I thought the people of this great nation elected him President. Glad to hear that you remain a good faithful American and admit you would follow his orders if still in the military. Defend the Constitition, our freedoms and liberties. Don't let Australian media mogols and former sports casters masqarading as news commentators tell you what our country should look like. We live in the best run country in the world. Anyone who doesn't believe that, should find one that has a better government and move to it.

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