Letters to the editor: Oct. 10, 2009

Here are letters to the editor from Daily News editions of Oct. 10, 2009:

Letter of the Day: Right?

Editor, Daily News:

Throughout life there are teachable moments.

Sometimes we learn from them and sometimes we don’t.

All of the brouhaha about turning right on red in the paper and on radio and TV — not to mention the large segment of time spent on the subject during the Collier County commissioners’ meeting last week — were some of those teachable moments.

Maybe one needs to be smacked upside the head with a healthy fine to learn from the moment.

Well, it happened to me as I was cautiously creeping through a right-on-red intersection from westbound Vanderbilt Beach Road north onto U.S. 41.

I got the message delivered by the postal service and paid the citation.

After watching the commissioners’ meeting and reading the Daily News, I fully expect that someday the fine for slowly turning right on red will be substantially less than for the much more dangerous running straight through the intersection on red.

I also wonder if the county will figure out a way to reimburse those of us who have paid in full if they decide to reduce the right-turn fine.

Two points: First, I learned my lesson and will follow the right-on-red laws.

But, second, you might want to count the drivers who continually creep around the corners not marked with cameras.

Lessons not learned.

— Roger Brown



Editor, Daily News:

I awoke Friday morning and thought it was April Fools’ Day.

I heard that President Barack Obama had been awarded the Nobel Peace Prize!

What a joke.

First, the press failed to report that the nominations for the 2009 prize had to be submitted to the committee in Oslo by Feb. 1 and Obama had only been president for two weeks prior to that date.

Second, what exactly has he achieved? Afghanistan is a quagmire and Israel and the Palestinians are further away from a peace treaty than ever before.

Mind you, the folks in Oslo also have awarded their peace prize to terrorist leader Yasser Arafat and President Jimmy Carter, so I would respectfully question their judgment.

— Michael R. Adler

Miromar Lakes


Editor, Daily News:

As President Barack Obama has wrangled with the decision of whether to follow his general’s recommendation for an additional 40,000 troops in Afghanistan, a fly fell in the ointment Friday morning.

That distraction was the Nobel Peace Prize.

Now what do you do if you’re the president of the United States and viewed as the great peacemaker?

Could you envision Mother Theresa, Martin Luther King Jr. or Albert Schweitzer sending in a killing force anywhere?

Could it be that the five-member appeasement committee in Sweden was trying to alter the outcome of our efforts at defeating the Taliban, and will it work?

— Jared Harold

Pelican Marsh

The un-Nobel Prize

Editor, Daily News:

On the same day that Iran once again threatened to annihilate Israel, the trustees of the inventor of TNT with one witless act blew up the value of the Nobel Peace Prize.

Numerous prior honorees must be questioning the significance of their accomplishments in relationship to this year’s recipient.

Nominations for the prize must be submitted prior to Feb. 1 of the year of its awarding. President Barack Obama at that time had served less than two weeks in office.

What on earth were they thinking? Not having any notable accomplishment in the promotion of world peace to this date, it is unthinkable that this once august body would award the Nobel Peace Prize to a relative novice on the world stage. The formerly high standards for future awards have been irrevocably restated.

While Obama may become a world statesman and may bring peace to the world, at this time his anointment is dangerously premature. His world junkets and attempts at calming world tensions have been ineffective.

Neither North Korea nor Iran is showing any signs of capitulating from their aggressive stand on developing nuclear weapons. World peace has yet to be served well by this recipient.

The value of this formerly renowned prize has been enduringly tarnished.

— George A. Percel

Marco Island

History’s lineup

Editor, Daily News:

We learn that President Barack Obama has been selected for the Nobel Peace Prize.

He joins those other distinguished Americans, Al Gore and Jimmy Carter, in this exclusive company.

— Nick Hale


Not sweet at all

Editor, Daily News:

One of the most disgusting TV commercials on national television appeared last weekend.

Hall’s Refresh “candy” appears to be targeting pedophiles or their victims.

A teenager offers a piece of candy to his friend’s mother, in their dorm room, and each are sucking on one, while each stares at the other and expresses private, suggestive thoughts about whether the other finds it “juicy” and “she likes it.”

Check it out on You Tube and judge its content for yourself: www.youtube.com/watch?v=Z6MNvg40x3g

This is sick in times where pedophiles and child molesting run rampant in our society; and now somehow seems to legitimize it with this trash on daytime TV.

How it possible that no one has the moral decency to not promote their products in such a sleazy manner? Of course it is all in the name of profit. Even the TV networks are mercenary to allow it.

The candy maker, Cadbury, claims to be socially responsible and yet it does such a dastardly deed. Someone should be fired for approving such a commercial and broadcasting it.

The the next time you go into a store that sells its products, ask the store manager to take them off the shelves. That will get Cadbury’s attention — and maybe some morals and social responsibility!

— Steve DeFillippo


Not looking good

Editor, Daily News:

The former community organizer, possessing no military (or any other) experience, is now second-guessing his personally appointed professional military expert (Gen. Stanley McChrystal) concerning required troop strength in Afghanistan necessary to ensure victory.

President Barack Obama will likely continue to kick this can down the road for as long as possible and eventually decide to increase our troop strength by an amount significantly less than the number of additional troops suggested by McChrystal (i.e., an additional 40,000).

The president’s action will likely fail, thereby resulting in the tragic loss of life of our brave military men and women.

In my mind, the commander in chief will again fail the American people.

— Yale Kellman

Marco Island

Look at this, not me

Editor, Daily News:

The other day, the Daily News published a very in-depth article on a U.S. Marine lance corporal who had been shot in both legs.

I read it with my heart pouring out to him and his mom who took care of him.

I want to send that article to our president, but I know he would never read it. Too busy. He wouldn’t alter his thinking about sending more troops over there, anyway. For shame!

I keep saying that our president should cease the “war” and get our guys back where they belong. But, on the other hand, the unemployment lines would just get longer, and the psych wards would get more crowded. And larger unemployment numbers are not good for his ratings.

Remember, folks, I voted for Ralph Nader.

— Don Heflin


All about America

Editor, Daily News:

Wake up, America! The oil-producing nations and our “friends” in Europe are having clandestine talks about using currencies other than U.S. dollars to close international oil contracts; and then, subsequently, other international business deals would naturally close in non-U.S. dollars also.

The value of the U.S. dollar has already declined to its lowest levels ever, which has caused us to pay higher prices at the pump, when we buy foreign cars, refrigerators and all other items that we import. A move away from the U.S. dollar as the international currency would decimate its value and rampant inflation would occur for everything we import, including the oil we love to consume.

Wake up, America. Take a step to save the future for yourself, your children and their children. Buy only items made in the U.S.A. Buy only USA-made cars, refrigerators bikes, wines, foodstuffs and anything else you need.

Continue buying USA-made products only, and you will see employment swell again in the manufacturing industries, service industry, transportation, real estate, agriculture, banking and every other sector of the economy.

America will once again become the economic powerhouse it once was.

Wake up, America! If you don’t start buying American, you will be poor, as will your children and their children. We cannot depend upon the professional politicians of both major parties to save us; have no doubt that they are the reason we are where we are today.

Wake up, America!

— Alan R. Schneider


Just say ‘yes’ to our town

Editor, Daily News:

Let’s keep the “town” in downtown!

I join with other city of Naples residents and business owners in protesting plans by the U.S. Postal Service to close the downtown post office located on Sixth Avenue South.

This is not merely a rally against losing a convenience; rather it is a recognition that our neighborhood post office is a community landmark that helps define our downtown and serves as a public gathering spot while providing much-needed services. We have already witnessed the disappearance of a pharmacy and grocery store on nearby Fifth Avenue South, making it harder for downtown residents and business people to walk to their everyday destinations. Each time a business leaves downtown, part of our town goes with it.

Please join Naples Councilman John Sorey and hundreds of other concerned citizens by signing the petition (located in the lobby at City Hall) and demonstrate your support to preserve this asset to our community.

Visit the Sixth Avenue South post office soon to purchase stamps or mail a letter or package; in doing so you may help us prevent a great loss that would forever change the character of our small town.

— Lisa Boët


Owner, Bamboo Cafe

Tune in to the right side

Editor, Daily News:

I strongly suggest to President Barack Obama’s supporters (if there are any left) to at least hear the other side.

But you won’t get that from the network news and most of the magazines and newspapers. You will only get it from talk radio.

Now I know, whether you are a Democrat/liberal or independent, you love this country and only want what’s best for it. Yes, we all wanted some kind of change, but I doubt you wanted this type of change.

For some reason the conservatives could see the handwriting on the wall. We didn’t have to read between the lines because Obama said what he was going to do all throughout the campaign and after he was elected. You people just didn’t hear it or see it.

Now, out of love of country, get the facts, learn the truth about the issues. Find the time to listen to the following talk hosts; I know you will be surprised. And don’t attack the messenger, for they all have their own style: loud, angry, silly, etc.

Hear the message (and give it two to four weeks, not two hours):

Michael Savage, Glenn Beck, Mark Livine, Rusty Humphries, Laura Ingraham, Neal Boortz, Rush Limbaugh, Sean Hannity.

— Jim Adduci

Naples and Boston

The next step for cameras

Editor, Daily News:

I am upset over the outrageous number of people in Collier County who use public restrooms and neither flush the toilet nor wash their hands afterward.

I therefore propose that Collier County immediately install cameras in every public restroom and fine those responsible an outrageous amount of money solely for the purpose of curtailing these activities.

Since Collier County is obviously far too impoverished to pay for the installation and monitoring of these cameras, I suggest commissioners hire a private company. whose sole motive would be profit, to install and monitor these cameras for a sizable share of the revenue.

Since Collier County’s motive would be completely altruistic, I propose that the county’s share of this revenue be used to “enhance” public restroom cleanliness, much the same way that the state of Florida so obviously uses lottery revenue to “enhance” education.

— Daniel J. Steer


Big and little problems

Editor, Daily News:

There are not many who do not recognize that something needs to be done to make health care available to everyone, and it may be true that savings in Medicare and Medicaid could pay for part of it.

A couple years ago, I was having some skin problems that necessitated three 15- to 30-minute appointments with a dermatologist in Naples who shaved some lesions from my leg. These were sent to a laboratory for examination.

The bill for these three appointments was more than three times the cost of my annual physical at the Mayo Clinic in Rochester, Minn., which included blood work, urinalysis, chest X-ray, mammogram, EKG, eye examination, plus consultations with my primary physician, a gynecologist and a dermatologist, who also attended to some lesions.

For some reason, the Medicare reimbursement level is much higher in Florida than it is in many other areas, and because the Mayo Clinic is located in the agricultural heartland, it is considered a rural facility with a lower reimbursement rate.

President Barack Obama cites the Mayo Clinic and Cleveland Clinic as models for the delivery of health care, but to accomplish this on a national level would mean that all physicians would be salaried and would need to merge into multidisciplinary practices.

I don’t know how that could be accomplished except by a government complete takeover of health care.

Where is Solomon when we need him?

— Jane M. Scanlon

Marco Island


Editor, Daily News:

A tip of the hat for two well-written (and well-placed, I might add) editorials in a single day in the Daily News.

First: Mayor Bill Barnett’s stand against illegal weapons and the violence they cause. The opposition and calls for his ouster highlight the extreme views of the right wing of the GOP (Is there any other wing of the GOP?).

As you say in your editorial, “sad but true.” I couldn’t agree more!

Second: It is high time “voices of reason” were heard from on the health-care debate! It’s not surprising to hear Sen. Mitch McConnell, R-Ky., immediately discount the views of these well-respected members of the GOP (especially former Senate Majority Leader Bill Frist) and continue with his “just say no” mantra.

Whether it be guns, violence or health care, the voices that are the most extreme are the ones too often heard.

— Chris Loop


Raising the bar

Editor, Daily News:

We now live in a time where we constantly read the stories of our so-called leaders who succumb to greed and massive egos.

Meanwhile and quietly, Jim Mudd has set the standard of what a real leader is. Based on the principles of honesty, integrity, the love and respect of family, community, country and putting service above self, he has raised the bar to a new level.

We are very appreciative of what Mudd has accomplished to enhance the safety and quality of life for all in Collier County.

As a person and leader, Jim Mudd can and will always stand tall.

— Ernie Bretzmann


Ode to Jim Mudd

Editor, Daily News:

I have too many accolades for this amount of space;

When it comes to passing grades, former Collier County Manager Jim Mudd’s integrity wins the race.

— Harry Rogers


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