Letter to the Editor: The un-Nobel prize

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  • Numerous prior honorees must be questioning the significance of their accomplishments in relationship to this year’s recipient.
  • The formerly high standards for future awards have been irrevocably restated.
  • While President Obama may become a world statesman and may bring peace to the world, at this time his anointment is dangerously premature.

On the same day that Iran once again threatened to annihilate Israel, the trustees of the inventor of TNT with one witless act blew up the value of the Nobel Peace Prize. Numerous prior honorees must be questioning the significance of their accomplishments in relationship to this year’s recipient.

Nominations for the prize must be submitted prior to Feb. 1 of the year of its awarding. President Obama at that time served less than two weeks in office. What on earth were they thinking? Not having any notable accomplishment in the promotion of world peace to this date, it is unthinkable that this once august body would award the Nobel Peace Prize to a relative novice on the world stage. The formerly high standards for future awards have been irrevocably restated.

While President Obama may become a world statesman and may bring peace to the world, at this time his anointment is dangerously premature. His world junkets and attempts at calming world tensions have been ineffective. Neither North Korea nor Iran is showing any signs of capitulating from their aggressive stand on developing nuclear weapons. World peace has yet to be served well by this recipient.

The value of this formerly renowned prize has been enduringly tarnished.

George A. Percel

Marco Island

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MarcoDan writes:

Why do you care who they give their award to? It's their award, they can give it to who they want. It's not like it's an official government-sponsored award, like the Presidential Medal of Freedom given to George Tenet.

Fossil writes:

Mr. Percell, who would you have given it to?

jwputnam writes:

George W. Bush for freeing 35 million Iraquis!

Or...how about George H. W. Bush for freeing the Kuwaitis.

ejburger writes:

Dead on John...Once again I find myself agreeing with Mr. Putnam! Obama has done NOTHING to deserve this award.

Fossil writes:

Mr. Putnam, I hope you don't explode after reading this. Are the Iraqi people really grateful for being liberated? If so, why did one of them throw his shoes at our President? When did the Iraqi people ask to be liberated? In which national poll did the Iraqi people acknowledge they where grateful for the 85,000 plus Iraqi dead that resulted from our "liberating them"? What factual evidence and reasoning did GW use to "liberate" these folks? Was it the same evidence and reasoning the Russian's used when in 1968 the Soviets and their allies rolled into Prague to preserve the Soviet idea of freedom and liberty? If so, I wonder why Hitler didn't get one in 1939 for invading Poland also for contrived reasons? As for GW's old man, it's a "PEACE Prize" not a "war" prize. Try again.

happy6 writes:

hey fossil...bite me!....you are a moron along with issler/lazzarus and arceri...how in the world could this president accept an award for doing nothing....and we have to consider where it comes from EU....and they are fairly useless to start with...obama and his group of chicago cronies have done nothing for this world in the 9 months they have been there...the generals are calling for help...he's studying it...he's about to kill the future of this country....so...bite me again.

Cwazyman writes:

Exactly Fossil it's a peace prize, and what has this man accomplished that is so peaceful. From what some soldiers I know personally have told me "most Iraqi people are grateful for our presence." The U.S army hands out cloths, food, and provides some shelter to those in need in Iraq and Afghanistan. Part of the divided community in Iraq, those that Sudam tortured and killed are the ones that showed their beckoning for help and that was over 20 years ago. For the man that threw his show at G.W, well as you know stuff like that makes for good press. Especially when the majority of the press does not agree with the war. Obviously all your going to see on the news is negativity towards the war. 85,000 dead and counting of Iraqi blood, were not even concentrating on Iraq anymore and terrorist are still bombing their OWN people. G.W's evidence for invading Iraq were WMD's obviously, but go look up the transcripts of the interrogation done after we caught Sudam Hussein. You might be surprised that he said he wanted the U.S to think he had WMDs because he wanted to look like a big kid on the block. He also mentions on how he was using the food for peace funds that he extorted through the U.N to keep his team of nuclear and biological scientist around, for what you might ask? Because he said once the U.S lost interest in Iraq he was going to jumpstart his weapons program. Also a question for you, what country gave up their WMD's after they saw U.S and Great Britain invade Iraq? Maybe some need to start realizing the good that may have been accomplished, But I do agree with you...GW and GW senior both as well do not deserve a Nobel prize. No politician deserves this award, unless we finally get one that’s not so dirty.

27_Year_Resident writes:

Fossil, people like you who voted for and countinue to support this socialist president will live to regret it. Obama is on the fast track to ruining our country. Otherwise intellegent individuals were duped into voting for him. What ever happened to the Constitution of the United States of America? Obama has no respect for this document at all, nor does he have any respect for the citizens of the United States.

27_Year_Resident writes:

I heard Obama saw a college footballl game and now he's going to receive the Hiesman Trophy.

jwputnam writes:

I really can think of only one thing to say: What would have happened if he had thrown his shoe at Saddam, hmmm?

lauralbi1 writes:

Just so we all know, the blog below was a follow up to a guest commentary written by Bill McMullan. Unless there are 2 (two) Fossils, which I doubt, we can all see that Mr. McMullan is, in fact, Fossil. The fact that anyone would hide behind a psuedonym is unforgivable and cowardice.
You can all confirm who wrote this blog. Just click on Fossil (above) and find this date and time. Then read the subject Guest Commentary.
Now that we have confirmed that Mr. McMullan is Fossil, we can really start having some historical fun.
Ed Issler

March 7, 2009
8:09 a.m.
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Written on Guest Commentary: Electric Municipalization - The answers and the real questions:
deltarome: The only point I was trying to make is that every subscriber of LCEC has preconceived notions or attitudes about the service and cost of this utility. Attitudes that favors one way of feeling or acting over any other is bias. Attitudes are the result of personal learned experiences that individuals relate to. The world is not run on "facts" alone. It is run by people. People relate to their learned personal experiences or attitudes to make decisions. Just how would Mr. Gibson erase those attitudes or bias from the member's mind? Cannot be done.

jwputnam writes:


I NEVER get your point and all you do is deflect the topic...maybe intentional..I don't know, but you continually ruin the fun of reading and writing on these commentary sections.

I do not mean to be abusive, but you are NOISE, just NOISE. You bore me frankly.

PS You forgot to mention the 62% vote count.

Fossil writes:

Cwazyman, I like your name. Too bad you got your history so wrong. That's probably because you watch too much faux news. 20 years ago, Iraq and it's dictator leader was a frind of ours. There are pictures of Dick Chaney kissing sadly insane Sadam in one of his Palaces in Baghdad. Are you aware that Iraq and the U.S. were once allied and that Sadam and the CIA were working together to win a war against Iran? There was no evidence of WMD in Iraq except for the biological and chemical weapons WE taught them how to make. Those weapons were used by Sadam on his own people and they were the only WMD he ever had (we found out after the war that he had destroyed them on his own). I presume you are referring to Lybia's ablity to make WMD and that they gave that up when we invaded Iraq? False assumption. Isreal took care of the Lybian reactor many years before the invation and they have had no nuclear capabilities since then. You really do listen to faux news and read a lot of wingnut editorials don't you? Do your own research in the future and you might get your history right. Shadow, our country is a Republic run by a civilian elected leadership. We do not have a Junta of military officers ordering our elected leadership around by the nose. This is the United States, go to South America where the Generals are obeyed. 27 year.... What did happen to the Constitition? I wasn't aware that it had been moved from the national archives. It's still there isn't it? Trying to give medical care to 47 million Americans is respectful don't you think? He understands the Constitution better than you do, he is an acknowledged expert on Constitutional law. Where do you get your ideas? Issler, you are so wrong. My name is Fossil. Don't give McMullin credit for anything I write. I'm sure he doesn't want it anyway.

Leroy writes:

Ed, I think your fossil thesis is way off. McMullan may be a lot of things but he is definitely not a liberal. I think fossil is Byrone Erickson, an old cave dweller who no longer lives on Marco Island.

Fossil writes:

Leroy, you too are as wrong as Issler. I am Fossil, that is my name. You imply that I am a liberal. Why? Because I am willing to research and question the policies of our elected officials? Because I refuse to allow historical fact to be mutated? Because I believe in fiscal conservatism? Because I support health care reform? Because I do not accept the influence the Chamber of Commerce has in Marco Politics? Because I am angry at our local government for setting mindless self serving priorities and a refusal to cut expenditures? Because I cannot let people get away with rewriting history? Because my interpretation of the Constitituion is the same as that of William F. Buckley Jr.? I think I'm the conservative.

u2cane writes:

In the spirit of goodwill and socialism I would like to see Obama donate the prize money to our national debt. After all, he wouldn't have received the award if he wasn't elected by this country. Hmm, at the very least it should be a nice sum that he pays in taxes on that money he receives!

Marconian writes:

I'm in agreement with all who oppose his receiving a noble prize. what has he done?
The question is what is he going to do? personally I feel most of the answers to this question will be found in Corinthians and Revelations, ruin the country PSHT he is going to end the world!

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