Letters to the editor: Oct. 17, 2009

Here are letters to the editor from Daily News editions of Oct. 17, 2009:

Letter of the Day: Time for a major check-up

Editor, Daily News:

I went for a follow-up consultation with my internist, whom I consider to be relatively competent and thorough.

Midway through the consultation, she informed me rather abruptly that if I did not become a member of her concierge service, she would no longer treat me and I would have to look for another doctor.

She indicated that changes in the Medicare reimbursement system make it impossible for her to support her office and make a living.

At first I was shocked by her presentation and attitude, and then, after thinking about it for a while, I was aghast at what this kind of position portends for medical service and particularly for those seniors who are on Medicare and Medicare supplements.

Does this mean that the better, more accomplished health providers will only treat those who are willing to pay more than what Medicare provides?

Does this mean that Medicare recipients will only have health care available from second-tier medical providers, rookies and emergency clinics?

Does this mean that otherwise qualified individuals will shy away from entering the health-care field for lack of earning power?

Is this what the federal government really has in mind?

Anybody have an answer? I wish I did!

— Noel Goulston

Bonita Springs

Story falls flat

Editor, Daily News:

Today it distresses me greatly to have many attempts to invent or exaggerate character flaws of our historical leaders.

A good example is the ongoing crusade we now have with Christopher Columbus.

Recently a fourth-grade class (yes, fourth-grade) in McDonald, Pa., 30 miles southwest of Pittsburgh, with the guidance of their teacher, put Columbus on “trial,” found him guilty and sentenced him to life in prison. What is obvious is that this was clearly not a fair “trial.” There was no defense in the article, suggesting Columbus was “guilty” of bringing disease to the native people and moreover was “bossy.”

He did not know where he was, therefore did not “discover” America and cruelly mistreated the natives.

The absent defense might have pointed out he thought he had “discovered” a new trade route to the east (and he called them “Indians”), had no intent to infect the inhabitants and did not know his ships carried diseases to which the natives were susceptible.

Was the fact considered that he intended to trade with the natives and did peacefully? That there were possibly hostiles and Columbus’ men might be defending themselves? Was any of this mentioned to the children?

This smells of the teacher’s personal opinion of Columbus and indoctrination of our schoolchildren.

— Mickey Baumgartner


Just give us the news

Editor, Daily News:

As a fairly new resident to Naples, I looked forward to continuing my subscription to the Daily News.

After a short while I noticed that it wasn’t up to par with the newspapers that I used to receive.

As an avid crossword-puzzle solver, I gave up after the “musical chairs” with the puzzle and after reading Naples residents found puzzles such as the New York Times crossword “too confusing.”

The final straw came the day after President Barack Obama was awarded the Nobel Peace Prize. There was no headline — only small negative articles that would have been more appropriate later, if at all.

Please just report the news. The people who read the paper are intelligent enough to make up their own minds how they feel about it.

By the way, I am letting my subscription lapse — that is, unless we get a bird.

— Jane Compagnone


Higher authority still there

Editor, Daily News:

What happened to “You judge a man by the company he keeps”?

How long will we endure the radical czars our president has chosen to “remake” my beloved country?

After all, Hugo Chavez, Fidel Castro and Vladimir Putin have all praised our president, who travels the world apologizing for the country I love.

Do we deserve a president who is not proud to be an American?

As citizens of the world, we are giving up our freedom and our sovereignty while our president commits the country I love to bankruptcy and suicidal unilateral disarmament.

Let your heart not be troubled, however, for the good news is that the Lord is still on his throne.

— Norma L. Overbeck


Problems solved, or not

Editor, Daily News:

1. Red-light cameras fiasco: When I got my license, which was a long time ago, you couldn’t go right on red. Red meant stop. Period. Maybe we should go back to that law; end of controversy.

2. The man who wants cameras in public toilets to catch people who don’t flush or wash their hands: What’s the fine going to be for those infractions? And please, I don’t want to review those videos.

3. They changed the radio station 92.5 FM to a talk format and someone wrote in that we should all listen to that garbage those hate-mongers are spewing. No, thanks.

By the way, it took one day to change the information on that station on your newspaper’s daily list. But when they changed 100.1 FM from smooth jazz to whatever it is now, you have yet to list it correctly; and that was six months ago, at least.

Check it out. It still says “smooth jazz,” which by the way was the best station in Naples. Maybe someday it will return.

If you need a man to check copy before you go to press, I’m your guy. Obviously no one else is doing it. I need the work.

— Leo Arria


‘What he may see ...’

Editor, Daily News:

What is President Barack Obama really thinking?

My guess is he now sees firsthand that people who have some kind of power are not always honorable. They may be world leaders, CEOs, bankers, politicians, lobbyists or even the media. For that matter, anyone else who may have a big influence on how the world turns.

What he may see and what I see is how these people have become so unethical they would turn their backs on their own loved ones to gain whatever need they have.

Most of these people are highly educated and have learned their skills very well. How they can look themselves in the mirror is beyond me.

So far, I believe our president is trying to get these people to stop thinking single-mindedly and to look at the world problems as a whole — as a concern for everyone.

The “me generation” has outdone itself. Now is the time to do or die. All of our problems need to be addressed in a very unselfish way of thinking.

Otherwise, we will get exactly what we deserve.

— Pat Solie


We will see?

Editor, Daily News:

Just wondering if colleges, universities and high schools will be requiring students to view the new movie “Not Evil, Just Wrong,” as they did “The Inconvenient Truth”?

We’ll see if the agenda was education or indoctrination.

— Barbara Berry


He asked for it

Editor, Daily News:

Normally I disregard letters written by our secular progressive biweekly contributors like Ed Hummelstein.

However, being in a charitable mood, I have succumbed.

Sophistry demands rebuke.

The deceptive assertion that during Queen Elizabeth I’s reign “250 criminals either died in prison or were executed principally for treason” neglects the fact that 312 English Catholic martyrs (primarily priests) and 210 Irish Catholic martyrs (again, primarily priests) were starved to death in prison or butchered by being hanged, drawn and quartered.

Their common crime: professing to be Roman Catholic.

Subsequent to 1585, being a Catholic priest and being on English soil in and of itself constituted an act of treason. Apparently, the loyal subjects nicknaming her “Good Queen Bess” were not celebrants of the Latin Mass.

I anxiously await disregarding the next fact-challenged screed from our esteemed scribbler.

May God bless and protect our military personnel.

— Bob Friedmann


Winning is a breeze now

Editor, Daily News:

Following the Nobel Peace Prize committee’s lead, henceforth Ivy League colleges will award a Phi Beta Kappa key to all incoming freshmen, and on the first day of football practice, all those trying out will receive a varsity letter.

Gimme a break!

If President Barack Obama has any class, he will decline the prize, for he is light years away from being in the same league as Theodore Roosevelt.

But don’t hold your breath.

— Edward G. Bourne


Hooray, hooray

Editor, Daily News:

Today is a day to rejoice for former Alaska Gov. Sarah Palin and family.

They say: “What goes around, comes around.”

It has happened to no better person than David Letterman.

So rejoice and be happy, happy, happy!

— Santo Naoli


He — or we?

Editor, Daily News:

Am I the only person asking myself these questions?

When our president announced that he would “change” our United States of America in five days, most of us said, no way!

1. President Barack Obama says he will make the changes! How come we the people are not allowed in on these changes?

2. “By the people” has been ignored. How come “the people” have not been asked to vote on these changes?

3. The changes proposed and enacted upon behind our backs do not seem to be “for the people.” If these changes were for the people, the tea parties held across our nation would not be fighting for this nation to be a nation for “we the people, by the people and for the people.”

May God have mercy on us loyal, upset citizens and our children.

— Milla Price


Through their eyes

Editor, Daily News:

Our government’s attitude toward the war in Afghanistan reflects elite, over-educated politicians’ views of their own worth.

In their minds, members of the military are just physically trained and are not as valuable as the political leaders who examine, contemplate and negotiate. They measure their worth like lawyers who review each five seconds of an incident for hours, weeks or months after the incident.

They believe their conclusions are more valuable than the physically trained soldier or officer who prevented the incident, or stopped it in progress.

These people cannot allow a military solution because it would not allow them to take enough credit.

— Bill Greystone


Writing from experience

Editor, Daily News:


Many letters are begging for close cooperation with the “Pied Piper of wealth distribution.”

How many of those praising the current leader are sending extra money to the U.S. Treasury to support this idiotic drive to socialism? How many of these writers have ever been in direct touch with real live communists?

Have they ever visited Cuba, Chile in the early 1970s, Brazil in 1963-64, Guyana, Venezuela, East Germany, China, Romania, Poland, the U.S.S.R., etc.?

My career put me into the unenviable position of trying to get these folks to pay for Caterpillar equipment they had purchased on credit terms. Without exception, the people I dealt with were unabashed liars who always used the argument that Cat was a rich company and should just forgive their debts.

Now we’ve got a leader who has surrounded himself with radicals who would love to change the U.S. into a clone of those listed above. Socialism/communism does not work. It enslaves and demoralizes its citizens.

Now it is becoming clear why President Barack Obama has no resume. He talks but never makes decisions.

Example: He is dissing his hand-picked general who asked for more troops. Why? He’d rather float around making a lot of senseless promises.

Finally, Iran defaulted on a $50 million debt. These guys have our guy on a yo-yo string and will soon be trotting out the big bomb.

Remember Nero and his fiddle?

— H.R. Buttleman

Fort Myers

Skip the ‘bribe’

Editor, Daily News:

It sounds as if seniors will be receiving $250 from the government in lieu of a Social Security cost-of-living increase next year.

While many seniors might welcome this “infusion” of cash to make up any shortfall, I believe it is nothing less than a naked bribe to solicit seniors’ support for health-insurance reform currently before Congress.

May I suggest that a good use of this cash might be to contribute it to a federal candidate who has taken a principled stand against any reductions in Medicare coverage?

That would be a good investment and potentially save not only the equivalent of $250 in cost/tax increases, but safeguard benefits as well.

If nothing more, it redirects this “bribe” to a more respectable purpose.

— James F. Mathias


Just peachy

Editor, Daily News:

The president is proposing a $250 payment to every Social Security recipient because they have not gotten one for the first time since they were initiated years ago.

Oh boy! I’m in that group but wondering where it is coming from since we are out of money?

It’s called “fuzzy math,” which is defined as getting the correct answer if you’re just starting in the right direction to solve a problem. Sounds like the intention of the Nobel Peace Prize committee.

We used to call this borrowing from Peter to pay Paul, but this is a real new one. The government is actually taking from what you don’t see coming down the road and giving you a check to make you feel good about the health care you’re going to lose.

The bottom line is, they are going to write checks totaling $20 billion for this handout and take away $40 billion of Medicare coverage.

Maybe informed seniors will write their congressmen and tell them to forget it and leave them alone.

— Jared Harold


By the numbers

Editor, Daily News:

Re: Letter-writer J.N. Miranda’s comment that “(President Barack) Obama won the election by a mere 8 million votes”

Does he forget that the government which got us into debt and led us into two wars lost the popular vote by 543,795 and only won the election by 95 Electoral College votes?

— Mike Deery


Let wildlife be wild

Editor, Daily News:

Usually I’m more than happy to read any article about our wildlife, but I was so offended to see all the different people on the beach being allowed to touch and handle the baby loggerheads trying to make their way back to the Gulf.

People carry diseases and germs, and this should not have been allowed.

What were members of the nonprofit Turtle Time Inc., who were on site in the story, thinking?

Could too much attention and disruption be the reason for your headline: “Two weeks left in sea turtle nesting season and numbers not looking good.”

Leave them alone; they know what they’re supposed to do.

— Kate Barton


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