Charter school officials find themselves on the defensive

Public records requests and meeting minutes lead to more questions and concerns of “dirt digging”

Former Marco Island Charter School Board Member Monte Lazarus shows his disgust Thursday evening over recent questions and requests for information.

Photo by KELLY FARRELL, Staff

Former Marco Island Charter School Board Member Monte Lazarus shows his disgust Thursday evening over recent questions and requests for information.

— A slew of requests for information has left Marco Island Charter Middle School officials busy complying with public records laws and in some cases, on the defensive.

During a Charter School Board meeting Thursday night, former board member Al Diaz said he found the public records requests offensive.

“People asking for public records are hurting our school. Anybody can walk in the school and get anything you want.”

Another former school board member, Monte Lazarus, appeared even more upset, raising his voice and pointing his finger at this reporter saying the newspaper shouldn’t “give these people, who are making innuendos about a lack of transparency at the school, a platform to speak.”

“This is a fishing expedition, that’s all it is.”

Principle George Abounader said he has been spending more time than ever on public records requests.

Requests came from Marco Island police officer Jennifer Lofy, school board member Cathy Cleary, Marco resident Bill McMullan and parent Mario Sanchez, who is also a candidate for the board. Sanchez has since withdrawn his request for information.

The board complied with all requests except they chose so far not to give student and parent names and addresses, which was the nature of all four of those requests.

McMullan has also made other requests including e-mail between all board members adding up to more than 500 pages of information thus far, Abounader said.

Cleary said the board offered Lofy parent e-mail addresses.

The board agreed to create a form for parents to fill out so they can choose what information, if any, is added to a new parent directory that the PTO plans to create. The issue is to be discussed again in November to ensure the school complies with all laws and protects students and parents, said Board President Jim Reinders, who is also up for re-election.

School board member Joe Hausauer, whose seat is open, described the request for information as “digging for dirt” and took offense to any questions of transparency at the school. He said it was offensive to the “unsung heroes,” who helped make Marco Island Charter Middle School an “A+ school” with successful athletics as well as a beautiful building and campus that took a lot of work to support financially.

Councilman Frank Recker was the only one quoted in the Marco Eagle about his goal to add transparency to the school as a potential school board candidate. He said he was a bit taken aback by the level of defensiveness at the meeting.

“That’s just what I do. I stand for transparency,” Recker said.

After the meeting he added: “I was going to put an application in because I was told they needed a non-parent on the board.”

He is now reconsidering the idea.

School Board member Tarik Ayasun announced that he would not run for re-election and cannot serve anymore terms due to bylaw restrictions.

“Although I’m not on the board, I’m not going to stop raising funds.”

Ayasun and Orion Bank Vice President Keith Dameron said there was an error in the September 2008 board minutes.

“Ayasun made a comment that during the transition of the accounts, $100,000 was erroneously put into Tarik’s personal account for one day. It was transferred the next day back into the correct account along with interest,” wrote Board Secretary Jennifer Tenney.

Tenney said she didn’t summarize the situation well.

Explanations made at the time by Ayasun and Dameron took away any potential board concern, she added.

“It was considered such a non-event.”

The minutes are incorrect, Tenney, Ayasun and Dameron agreed.

“It looked to (Ayasun) like it was on his account and it freaked (Ayasun) out,” Tenney said.

Dameron said school accountant Maria Hayden brought the check to Orion Bank to open a new CD for the school.

Ayasun was among several signatures on the check and is the only board member who also held a personal account at Orion Bank.

“A customer with more than one account may be issued a combined statement,” Dameron said.

He added that normally if Ayasun had come into the bank, he would be asked if he wanted a record of the deposit to by tied to his statement of all transactions.

In this case, the bank representative made the assumption to connect the two by hitting a “yes” option that comes up in the bank system, Dameron said.

So when Ayasun pulled up his statement on the internet on a Friday evening, three days after the transaction, he saw a line item of $100,000 deposited to open a CD.

Ayasun had reported to the board and the bank that it was not clear to him that this transaction would not appear to be tied to his personal finances.

Dameron said the CD was never actually in Ayasun’s name and he would never have access to it.

At Ayasun’s request in September 2008, a letter from Dameron was put into the school record to explain the situation in case it was ever questioned.

The Eagle asked for a copy of that letter on Friday and will share the information once available.

“It really scares me that people are pouring through the minutes looking for dirt,” Tenney said.

“I really hope the people going for election aren’t up to this,” she said.

Sanchez, who currently has no pending requests for information, said citizens requests for information is nothing other than them exercising their rights.

After the meeting he described the outbursts of some former board members as “shameful and grotesquely disrespectful to a sitting board member and to anyone that values a democracy built on transparency.”

Election process

- Applications to be a Marco Island Charter School Board member candidate are to be available Monday and due back Nov. 6.

- A meeting is scheduled 6 p.m., Nov. 12, to approve the slate of candidates.

- Ballots will be sent to parents Nov. 20 and they must be returned by 5 p.m., Dec. 8

- The ballots will be counted at 6 p.m., Dec. 8, and the annual meeting and new members will be seated Dec. 10.

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JenniferTenney writes:

I would like to clarify why it scares me that people are digging for dirt in the minutes-I am not scared that they are going to find anything but a summary of committed and honorable people helping a wonderful school. This is an A+ school for 9 years running, that has always been run in a fiscally responsible way that has resulted in a surplus in the budget for every year since maybe the first year. The teachers of the school are dedicated, hard working, and good at what they do, and George Abounader is a true asset to the school and the community. The parents and students of the school are overwhelmingly happy with it, and if they ever have a concern, there is always an open door for them to bring it to the board or to George himself. I am proud to serve on the board.
What scares me is if a prospective board member feels that the only way he or she can win is to try to find something negative or wrong with a wonderful school; I am worried about how that person would be as a board member. We have a fiduciary responsibility to support the school, raise the funds to ensure that it has the resources that it needs, and improve it if we can- but we should never try to attack it or break it down just to try to find a talking point for an election. I hope that we continue to have good and honorable people serve the school so that it exists, as good as it is today, when my daughter is old enough to attend.
Jennifer Tenney
MICMS board member/secretary

JohninMarco writes:

What should alarm most of us is that a member of the local police deptment is involved here too.

jwputnam writes:

Dear Ms Tenney,

I believe that you have forgotten to mention that fellow board member Cleary has asked for this information for TWO YEARS without sucess. She HAD to resort to a 119 because of YOU and TARIK. Just who the hell do you think you are kidding?

AND, speaking of being offended, how about the following: Monte Lazarus, appeared even more upset, raising his voice and pointing his finger at this reporter saying the newspaper shouldn’t “give these people, who are making innuendos about a lack of transparency at the school, a platform to speak.” NOW THAT OFFENDS ME! And this Jackas is actually an attorney! I think that I recall that you are an attorney as well. Too blasted many attorneys!!!!

At any rate, shame on you!

JenniferTenney writes:

As far as I know, Ms. Cleary has been provided with every bit of information she has ever asked for. George and his staff have been working very very hard, spending many hours compiling information and reports for Ms. Cleary over the last year. No request for information, either formal or informal has ever been denied save one-we are not authorized under FERPA to give out parents and students addresses and phone numbers without giving parents the chance to first opt out of having their personal information distributed.

jwputnam writes:

Almost forgot:

What is at all improper about asking for parents names and email addresses so that a candidate can contact them? After all, you have them do you not Ms. Tenney?

What the board truly needs is to purge itself of the attorneys and add an educator or Dr. Sanchez...a student parent as well.

jwputnam writes:

in response to JenniferTenney:

As far as I know, Ms. Cleary has been provided with every bit of information she has ever asked for. George and his staff have been working very very hard, spending many hours compiling information and reports for Ms. Cleary over the last year. No request for information, either formal or informal has ever been denied save one-we are not authorized under FERPA to give out parents and students addresses and phone numbers without giving parents the chance to first opt out of having their personal information distributed.

uh huh. And so did you give the parents the opportunity?

Flowerpower writes:

Putnam, you are truly an imbecile! Stay away from our children and our schools as you know nothing about our community. Also, please keep endorsing Sanchez because he is not liked and neither are you. You call us the syndicate but we are simply the majority. I do not want my name and address released by the school and I will fight it. I am also trying to get some community leaders to run against Sanchez so he will not poison our school!

Dan_OHagen writes:

Putnam, is there a fight on Marco you don't start or get engaged in? You still haven't answered the much asked question:

"What have you ever done for Marco Island?"

I realize you will never answer this question that has been asked so many times of you because the answer is nothing. Just remember, the blogs are only read by a few while the emails that the majority send are read by a lot. Your name and Marios are names we laugh about. You and I agree on many things, there are individuals we mutually dislike. I choose not to attacked them as some of them are hard working volunteers, they put their money where their mouth is. While you just babble and complain about everything and everyone and you volunteer for nothing. In this country many of us have the ability to respectfully disagree while you have just become an irritation. Like another blogger said,

"stop your armchair politics and run for office or just shut up!

freedomofspeech1 writes:

in response to JohninMarco:

What should alarm most of us is that a member of the local police deptment is involved here too.

Why would a member of the police dept be involved????

Dan_OHagen writes:

Because she is the school liason officer, none of the parents, kids or staff like her. Why she wants the names, addresses and phone numbers of the students and parents is beyond me. Cleary, Sanchez and McMullan are looking for dirt where none exsists and they are causing a lot of unecessary work for a wonderful school.

jwputnam writes:

Mr. OHagen,

I choose to oppose the syndicate on Marco. That is what I do. It is my opinion and that there could be no more necessary effort. If you ask my friends, they will tell you that I am an extremely energetic and enthusiastic volunteer if that is what you are wondering, but I am sure that anything other than syndicate sponsored projects would just bore you.

Tell me Mr. OHagan, do you approve of Monte's remarks as reported above? Is he your kind of guy? Do you approve of Lazurus, Patterson, Granda, Arceri, etc. running every single board and committee on this Island? Why?

Incidentally, you don't appear to be laughing actually. Nor does "Flowerpower" (Lisa Douglass).

I don't bully easily. You have my name, address, phone numbers. Feel free to stop by any time. In the meantime, I think that I will just continue on writng my letters to the editor and you can keep supporting a school board that is proud to send it's kids on to a "D" rated school for $30,000 a head. Good for you and Lisa and Monte. Nice job.

Oh...PS. I have to say that I am VERY proud to have a friend like Dr. Sanchez. You should be so lucky.


stepuporshutup (Inactive) writes:

The reason that the school board does not want more parent involvement on the board is simple. Parents tend to do what is best for their child, not all of the children. Parent board members in the past have pushed for subjects that they want for their child (Japanese, Interpetive Dance) and not for the majority of students (Spanish, Music). Parent board members also use their influence to gain favoritism for their children. For instance a newly elected board members son did not make the golf team this past season and she went to the coach and "persuaded" him to put her son on the team (classy move). In my opinion all members of the school board should be non-parents. Imagine a board full of qualified people that have no personal agenda. Parents can come to all meetings and have a voice just as they always have. Parents are no different here than anywhere else in wanting what is best for "their" child. The Charter School is an A rated school that is extremely well run. While that is no reason to become complacent, those individuals that are looking to "stir" things up should stay at City Hall meetings. There is plenty of work to do there.

MarcoMaryBeth writes:

This whole thing is silly. The Charter school has been a fantastic school since it opened. I do not agree that the school records can be pulled so easily. The media and the press is going too far.

Dan_OHagen writes:

John, I have absolutely no desire to ever meet you. Giving me your name and address does not make you a courageous man. I do know about you, I know about your reputation of bullying at the yacht club. If people don't agree with you then you bully them and chastise them. Your reputation proceeds you and it is not a good one. I have a vested interest in the MICMS as my child goes there. What is your interest other than stirring the pot as you do everywhere you go?

I will not respond as to the names you mentioned. They are leaders in the community and my personal feelings for these individuals are immaterial. If you were actually a contributor in this city I would give you a little credibility. You seem to hate all authority figures.

It is sad that you cannot handle yourself in an acceptable productive manner. On these blogs you just appear to be the kid in the playground that no one plays with so he hates everyone. You are really no different than the individuals you name above, your way or the highway.

jwputnam writes:

Well, I see that you finally are reduced to personal attacks and ugliness. Frankly, I am a little surprised as you seemed to be reasonable.

I don't mind the name calling, but the lies are unacceptable. I do NOT belong to the yacht club and I know no one there that I can recall.

I will accept your apology if you are man enough to make it, but I doubt it.

Actually, you have spurred me on to a great new LTE that should wake some up.

JohninMarco writes:

in response to freedomofspeech1:

Why would a member of the police dept be involved????

One of the people requesting information is named as a Marco Island Police officer.

castaway writes:

John, did they finally throw you out of the Marco Bay Yacht Club or are you fibbing again.

GBR writes:

"I do not agree that the school records can be pulled so easily."

Must have been a big Bush/Cheney supporter.


jwputnam writes:

Oh shoot! You caught me Ray.

Here I thought that Mr. Ohagen was referring to the Marco Island Yacht Club. My bad.

Actually, I have been a member of Marco Bay Yacht Club (an informal cruise club) for many years. I have never been an officer (my choice) or even a board member. I do not even attend board meetings, so I am forced to "bully" my fellow members via the monthly newsletter that I put together for five years, or maybe it was the annual roster, or maybe the member mailing lists that I have kept and updated for so long. No, no, no, now I know how I have done it. It has to be the website at www.marcobayyachtclub that I voluntarily developed for them a few years ago. That must be it. Man, I really go after those members in that. I even post their photos and tell insulting stories about them. I do feel bad about being such a bully, I admit.

Thanks to Mr. O Hagen, I now understand why they secretly despise me. It hurts. It truly does.

Wow, I probably should admit the errors of my way and cease organizing the cruises that I put together for the club fleet captain each year too. I have probably offended many of them with that as well.

It is tough being thought of as such an as like Monte. I get it now.

Semper_Fidelis writes:

John, as an outsider reading these blogs I can only say that you insult, demean and attack people on the blogs all the time but when someone questions you in any way you get insulted. Grow up old man! Toughen up or don't play this game!

jwputnam writes:

Probably true.

Here is one of you better compliments:

"Foster you are so pitiful. You keep attacking Monte Lazarus who is a humble Yale Law Grad and retired Executive VP of American Airlines. I would put Lazarus against you any day of the week in a mental battle of the minds. If your IQ was above 130 I would be amazed."

Toughen up old buddy!

Semper_Fidelis writes:

I stand by that post but the difference is John I don't cry like a pitiful baby when someone fights back. You are a vile and vicious fighter, perhaps you learned that from serving in Vietnam. If you are going to fight on these blogs don't expect to get away with a different set of standards then those you attack.

jwputnam writes:

I don't get your point frankly. I don't cry about any criticism, I correct it. Am I not to stand up for myself? Give me an example of my crying about something. Again, perhaps you mistake correction for "crying".

I admit that responding to the true idiots really does not accomplish much, but I will not let outright lies stand. Name calling is alright. It only makes the writer look weak....and yes I have been guilty of that as well.

I do not believe myself to be viscous. I can be sarcastic as hell, but not viscous. My comments at the top of all of this were not "viscous". You might read them that way (perhaps I use capitals too much...but they don't allow for simple underlining), but I attack the statements, not the author...unless the author prefers to attack me. I cannot help it if they take personal offense to Monte OBVIOUSLY did with Kelly in this article.....and Ms. Tenney is simply not telling the truth about denying Ms. Cleary's requests.

At any rate, I am going to be more careful with framing my arguments and I have no problem with you or any one else criticizing them. You might even find that I will apologize if and when I make an error in fact...but not opinion. It my be nice if Lisa Douglass were a little more specific as to her disagreements with me. She rants and raves but there is no substance. Nothing but personal attack....ever.

It is just too easy for so many to say nasty things from behind a curtain of anonymity, don't you think? I would guess that these comment sections would be considerably more civil if stood up for your convictions by putting your name to them.

ENOUGH, I am even boring myself. I appreciate the conversation. I do....and I would not waste everyone's time on this if you simply allowed private messages as I do, but you don't.

lauralbi1 writes:

This Community is sooooooo fed up with the "Holier Than Thou" attitude of Mr. McMullan and his continual requests to prove some theoretical dceception to boost his cause, his website and his "ticket" that a few of us have decided to do our own official document retrieval. We are traveling to Miami in two weeks to spend the day retrieving the Miami Grand Jury documents, from the archives, that relate to the Indictment of Mr. McMullan for the biggest Real Estate Fraud scandal in the history of SW Florida that took place here on Marco. Then we are going to get sworn statements from the Manager and 2 employees of Marco Office Supply that apply to Mr. McMullans' illegal actions in their store. Then after Christmas, we are going up to Kissimmee to get documents, speak to Commissioners and District Attorneys to get all the information we can on the activities that Mr. McMullan was involved in up there. We will have the results published long before the next election.
Mr. Putnam, I invite you to come along for the trip. We want to make certain that our research is objective and the documents relevant. Please blog below if you wish to join me and one other on the trips. They will be day trips.
Upon our return, we will skip the Eagle and go right to the Naples Daily News. The Eagle can print the excerpts from the documents then.
Mr. McMullan has brought this upon himself. He has no business trying to create disception or discredit decent citizens when he, himself, has been involved in and accused of the worst sort of conduct. For him to be making these document requests will soon be exposed as hipocritical.
John, let me know, we really want you to come with us on this fact finding mission. We will put this Mr. McMullan right in the light that he deserves to be cast. We may also approach Chief Carr and Ace Hardware to see if we can get sworn statements from them regarding him and his family and past activities.
The Community deserves to know what sort of person Mr. McMullan really is, especially given his supposed "Citizen Action Enforcer" mentality.
We look forward to you joining us on the trip.
Ed Issler

jwputnam writes:

Mr. Issler,

Words cannot express what I am thinking at this moment, and that is saying a lot for ME. I will spare you them.

I know nothing of what you speak and frankly, I don't really care. I do not see the relevance of your accusations at all, even if they were at all substantial.

I also do not know why you would invite me into your heinous adventure. I can think of a few of your friends that would be salivating at such a prospect.

I do not think that you are such a terrible person, although you are certainly a little "different". This time, I believe that you have gone a little off the deep end perhaps.


John Putnam

dc5799 writes:

You are truly a sick man when it comes to Mr McMullan. Who care's only you and your cronies. Also leave his family out of this just as you wanted your family business not mentioned.

clearlystated writes:

Many people showing negativity towards MICMS are pro-Marco High School people. Hidden agenda at work.
Others are negative about everything they get involved with. Such a shame. Power hungry people, not putting the kids first.
MICMS has a track record of success. People should rally in support of the school, and dismiss those who try to pick it apart. Work together for the betterment of the children.

jwputnam writes:

What a terrible crime to be "pro-Marco High School people".

Up until very recently, Lely has been a "D" rated school on the verge of losing their own charter. They are now a "C" I understand....and for this our Marco citizens pay $30,000 per student. This is almost three times the national average.

This makes me most seriously shake my head and wonder what it is that some of you have against establishing a very good High School on Marco that could serve Marco as well as Naples students. The same folks who cheer an unnecessary bridge to match the Jolly seem to find a new premier High School a threat to them. Absolutely amazing! Do we forget that we are talking about our children's futures here?

Please explain.

This "Malcontent" wishes for nothing other than the best for our kids.

freedomofspeech1 writes:


clearlystated writes:

You pro-Marco High School people were whining about the ride to Lely High School...too long a ride, wah, wah, wah.
But, hey, it's okay if the Naples kids have to ride down to Marco. Not too far for them! Only too far for Marco kids.
Speaking of transparency, we see right through you. DUH!

jwputnam writes:

How terribly silly.

What reason could you possibly have for not bettering our kids education experience? I suspect fear for some reason, although I cannot put my finger on it. Is it prejudice? Do you feel that your child would be excluded? Do you feel that he/she could not compete. What is it?

I am most serious.

Fossil writes:

If the parents of our children want a high school closer to home, the city and it's business community should do whatever it can to help them achieve it. Why would any parent want their child to travel twenty miles a day to get an education? Me thinks there are people in Marco that feel our wee city cannot support two schools. After all, many have given much to one and now another will be asking for donations? The Chamber needs to ask for more money from our hotels and our wealthy needs to dig deeper. Did you think those elementry kids wouldn't grow up and need a high school too? The job is not done, either use your political influence to get county money or open your wallets. Your community and it's future requires more from you then your volunteer work.

jwputnam writes:


Why can't we support it with the $30,000 per student that we send to the county now?

You know, I personally don't find the commute to be all that bad, though it is a little far. My real interest is in seeing a curriculum that challenges the kids.....more of a college preperatory school. I attended a small college preperatory high school for two years and graduate from a VERY large public high school. Both were excellent schools, but the prep school was what prepared me for doubt. In addition, the smaller school allowed a far greater percentage of the kids to participate in sports and we were reasonbly competitive in the city.

I am not denegrating Lely. It may be just fine for kids. Ms. Tenney herself is a graduate and she is obviously very successful. I just hate being taxed at $30,000 a head and not having any local input or opportunity for our local kids. It just is NOT democratic.

There....that's it.

capt1black writes:

Mr. Putnam:
Your frustration with the amount paid in school taxes is understandable, but I believe misguided. Most of the money collected by Collier County is sent to the State of Florida and redistributed throughout the state. I admit I do not know the exact numbers, but a lot of what we pay does not stay here in Collier. We are paying for school children in the less affluent areas of Florida. The minimum mileage rate is set by the state in order for them to redistribute our wealth.

jwputnam writes:

Understood. Thank you sir.

happy6 writes: need to be real careful when you make the kind of accusations you made in this blog...
these are some fairly strong statements from someone who was gonna' sue the last blogger that "defamed" your puritanical persona.

liberator100 writes:

Putnam: You wrote "I do not believe myself to be viscous". Did you look this word up in the dictionary before you wrote it? Webster's defines VISCOUS as: of a glutinous nature or consistency; sticky; thick; adhesive...
The word you were looking for but had some difficulty spelling due to the remarkable education you claim to have received at a small college was VICIOUS; meaning reprehensible; blameworthy; wrong;spiteful; malicious;addicted to or characterized by vice; grossly immoral; depraved;morbid, foul, or noxious.
Difficult to choose in your case; are you VISCOUS or VICIOUS? Or both?

jwputnam writes:

Wow. You are just too sharp for me, but hmmm....let me see...nope, I didn't say "small college" now did I. Oh well, we all make mistakes, some writing, some reading.

freedomofspeech1 writes:


jwputnam writes:

You could not be more wrong. You make false assumptions.

PS Check your Caps Lock. I think that it is stuck.

liberator100 writes:

Putnam if you were not so VISCOUS you would be really funny!

OldMarcoMan writes:

I think we just heard from the Teachers Union

u2cane writes:

Until we get the full story from the press, all of you just wasted your time. 1st off, why is this woman requesting this information? What reason does she have for wanting this info? Is she selling it to marketing companies or what? I mean, if you are an employee of a school how can you be sure that parents aren't requesting information about you to attack you or confront you at home because your child didn't earn a certain grade? What is it going to take to stop divulging this information, some psycho parent to go crazy on a teacher? How do you know that a sex offender isn't requesting this information? What good reason is there for the school to divulge this information???? I think this opens the school up to trouble. Also, a lot of us expect the press to contribute and report the facts, but many times they only print half the story to slant it a certain way. Why did this reporter choose to only print half a quote? That is the bigger question. You have to remember that they are trying to sell papers, ad space, and bring attention to themselves. Unfortunately this isn't always in the best interest for those of us reading.

jwputnam writes:

I believe that she is attempting to find out what went wrong with the sexual battery incident last year. She wants to examine the safeguards. At least this is what I hear. No malice at all.....AND she is a board member.

u2cane writes:

Believe or know? According to Webster's those are two very different words. And I don't care if she is a board member or not, doesn't mean she is squeaky clean either? Doesn't mean that she has alterior motives. I still feel that certain things should be kept private, especially personal information (like home addresses and such) of employees. Now if that person was convicted of something in the past, now that is different. But personal information that can lead to stalking or possibly open someone up to an attack, nobody needs that info.
Still, I have to ask why the reporter would only print half a quote? and why they would suck you in with that headline to lead you in one direction. Shame on you Kelly for slanting your story and not printing everything relative to the case, only what she wanted to slant the story in a negative direction. Why do that? Negativity unfortunately sells in our society. Says something about the state of our current society also. Do you think the Romans saw the fall of Rome? If they knew that their society was in decline and could have done something about it, would they have? So what are we going to do? Learn from the past or repeat it?

stepuporshutup (Inactive) writes:

This is the same board member whose son is under review for bullying classmates. Apple/Tree.

marcoislandres writes:

Today with computers all I need is a first and last name and I can find your address, age, police record and a lot more with just a few mouse clicks.

u2cane writes:

So marcoislandres, stalk much??

marcoislandres writes:

You don't need to be rude, I have two kids going to school on the Island and would not want the school releasing my info without my consent. I was just pointing out that anyone can find info on anyone online nowadays with just a few clicks of the mouse.
The kids, wife and job don't allow time for stalking I have better things to do with my spare time.

livingonmarco writes:

this is for

SHAME ON YOU! how do you know all of this information about someone at the school which should be private. Do you work there? maybe you should just do your job and not blog

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