Letters to the editor: Oct. 24, 2009

Here are letters to the editor from Daily News editions of Oct. 24, 2009:

Letter of the Day: Seeing red

Editor, Daily News:

In the Marco Eagle, in a story about Konrad’s Restaurant on Marco Island, there was a vivid explanation of preparing Maine lobster.

My question: Is there not a more humane way to cook lobster? Does it have to be “split alive” and boiled?

— Renate Kelly


We are, in a word, better

Editor, Daily News:

On Oct. 14 I noted consecutive letters that so represented liberal versus conservative offerings.

The first asked where smart conservatives are, although containing the usual terms “lies,’’ “loonies,’’ “no-ists,’’ “slimy,” “un-American,” etc., and actually including no facts or backup.

The second, by a conservative, included five specific examples where Obama’s health plan fails to meet prior promises.

These experiences lead me to ponder “liberalspeak,” coming up with these translations!

Spewing hate (their favorite!): Repeating any fact that doesn’t fit liberal ideas.

Lies: Darn old facts for which liberals have absolutely no counter.

Special interests: Any group with the nerve to oppose liberal measures.

Corruption: Anything suggestive of illegality/immorality unless by a liberal, in which case it is a résumé enhancement.

Bipartisanship: Two liberals working together against any conservative.

Racist: A label to use when a liberal has run out of all other arguments.

Un-American: Label to use just before “racist.”

The word limit prevents other examples, and don’t bother with “conservativespeak.” We mean what we say and say what we mean.

— Donavan A. Baumgartner Jr.


Get real about Ave Maria

Editor, Daily News:

As one “Healey” to another “Healy,” I feel obliged to respond to a few points in Jeff Lytle’s “One on One” interview with Nick Healy, president of Ave Maria University.

Regarding the invitation to President Barack Obama from the University of Notre Dame, Healy states school officials did it in defiance of the local bishop.

As Healy knows full well, the local bishop has no jurisdiction over the university, just as Bishop Frank Dewane has no control over Ave Maria.

The tradition at Notre Dame is to invite the current sitting president to be the commencement speaker. Former President George W. Bush did so, in spite of the fact the Vatican had spoken out against the unjust war in Iraq. The conservatives were silent about that, although there were campus demonstrations against Bush.

Lytle asks Healy: “Why would a family choose Ave Maria over a Boston College or a Notre Dame?”

Could the answer be because they can get in? Notre Dame, Boston College and Georgetown, to name a few, have high admission standards and more applications than they can possibly accept.

Please do not lump Ave Maria in that elite group of Catholic schools.

— Jeanine Healey


Why Publix?

Editor, Daily News:

Re: Saturday article about farmworkers picketing Publix.

I would like to address this letter to the Coalition of Immokalee Workers.

I don’t wish to appear naive, but could someone please explain how Publix, Taco Bell, Burger King or any of the other businesses the organization has protested are responsible for the deplorable housing conditions and low wages of an Immokalee farmworker?

Why is the organization not protesting the farm owners and contractors who are responsible for hiring and housing?

Why is the organization not seeking out those within the farm community who are perpetrating the crimes that the coalition is protesting against?

Why is the coalition not getting code enforcement and other agencies involved to improve the housing conditions? Is the coalition in any way affiliated with the farm owners and contractors of Immokalee?

How does the penny-a-pound increase find its way into the hands of the farmworker? If there is an increase in the price of the product, doesn’t that money go to the owner or wholesaler of the product?

I understand the need for the organization, but the protests seem to be blatantly misdirected. I do hope Publix does not relent to this misdirected intimidation.

I hope the coalition contacts the appropriate agencies and residents to clean up the housing problems, and I look forward to the coalition protesting the people directly responsible for the low wages and the plight of the farmworker.

— Tara Linn


The nerve of them all

Editor, Daily News:

I don’t understand the Republicans.

How dare they picket NBC-2 for slanted news reporting? How dare they form tea parties to protest the policies of this administration?

By engaging in these activities, don’t they realize they are Nazis, haters of this country, terrorists? Remember those who joined the Million Man March, the Gay Pride March on Washington, the mass protests against former President George W. Bush and the war in Iraq?

Republicans just don’t have the same rights as those citizens. The audacity of them to exercise their freedom of speech or their right to assemble. Didn’t their mothers teach them the many lives lost protecting those rights were rights meant only for Democrats?

And how dare they listen to Glenn Beck, Sean Hannity or Rush Limbaugh. They should only listen to the fair, balanced and unbiased views of Chris Matthews, Rachel Maddow and Keith Olbermann.

If the Republicans would just cease exercising any of these rights, the liberal left would have a much more warm and fuzzy feeling for them.

— Betty Pfeffer


Excellent my eye

Editor, Daily News:

I laughed watching a TV commercial proclaiming “excellent journalism” in your paper.

Your reporter asked the biggest mass murderer in Naples’ history: “Did you kill them?” Considering the crime and no other suspects, it’s on the level of asking Big Bird if he’s yellow. Any fifth-grader could have asked that. Add “why” to the question.

Smaller newspapers like the Daily News outsource most “reporting” to the Associated Press. Their liberal-biased reporting is far from “excellent journalism.” Recently, people protested a local TV station because of its affiliation with NBC News, another perfect example of a liberal-biased, agenda-based organization.

The big three networks, two out of three cable news channels and most papers’ “news” stories are just a liberal reporter’s opinion of events, not fair and balanced investigation.

This highlights the popularity of Fox News and talk radio. Much information there is not reported in the mainstream media, which would not dare challenge the current president, his questionable associations or anti-capitalist agenda.

The fact this administration refuses to talk to Fox News should be cause for alarm. Its correspondents actually ask tough questions and present both sides of an issue!

Excellent journalism was recently displayed by two young filmmakers exposing the corruption and fraud of the Association of Community Organizations for Reform Now (ACORN). Most newspaper readers learned about that on the opinion pages, not the “news” pages, until the story could no longer be ignored.

Journalism in America is not excellent. It is dead.

— Scott Mansell


Tunnel vision?

Editor, Daily News:

If there are only cameras functioning in one or two directions of the red-light-camera locations, then that would mean only a quarter to half of the people who are violating the law in that intersection are being ticketed.

The people going in directions not monitored by cameras in the same intersection would be getting a pass.

How, exactly is that equal protection under the law?

— Samuel S. Carliles


‘Very limited’ is enough

Editor, Daily News:

Many “Americans” have degraded into that most destructive of political forms: the cult of personality. The standard-bearer of these sycophants is President Barack Obama.

As with those collectivists who have destroyed countless lives before him, Obama offers the unfulfillable utopia, paid for by the few achievers and prayed for by the chronic malingerers. His toady supporters become near apoplectic when he is actually dealt with honestly.

Keep in mind in a republic the first analysis of a leader is his legality and then, and only then, whether his actions are “good.” In a tyranny it is whether the leader is doing “good” (by his standards) and legality is a non-issue. The latter is the reality of the Obama reign.

Since I have been asked by one of my detractors to support my contentions about Obama’s actions, I offer the following very limited listing.

Incidentally, that letter writer suggested that my positions, if true, would warrant impeachment. I don’t take that position, but it could be defended:

Obama fired corporate officers and set salaries of private corporations; has used public money to purchase private companies; has used public money to finance foreign automobile companies.

He has, for patronage, taken private industries from stockholders and given them to workers’ unions.

He has illegally fired inspector generals.

If we add to these violations his “apologize for America” international road show and his appointment of many policy-making advisers (thus bypassing Congress) who can best be described as radical un-Americans or “philosophic eccentrics,” my case is made, many times over.

— Andrew R. Joppa


Making my blood boil

Editor, Daily News:

The alarm clock is ringing. Don’t even think about hitting the snooze button again. It is time for you to wake up.

Our country is bankrupt. Our health care is about to be ruined. Energy costs are being forced through the roof. The totally unproven man-made global-warming hoax is destroying business, along with confiscatory taxes.

Congressional bills are being written not by Congress, but by the Apollo Alliance, a left-wing radical group. We are not allowed to read the bills. Congress does not read them either. Everything is pushed through at Mach 6.

We have people running the government who are communists, felons, terrorists and radical every which way. They report to nobody but the president.

Ask yourself, how did this happen? Who is actually running this country? The answer is globalists, people like George Soros and others, determined to bring down our once-great country.

Stop drinking the Kool-Aid. We are systematically being destroyed. Think about your children and grandchildren. They’re toast!

Wake up, America, before it is too late. It’s not about Republican or Democrat; it’s about America.

— John Katsigianopoulos


Chilling effect

Editor, Daily News:

It’s apparent to many that the mainstream media is engaged in deceptive reporting when describing global warming and associated climate change.

If man is the cause of global warming, why has Earth’s temperature been falling for 11 straight years since the peak in 1998?

Why the rapid increase in Northern Hemisphere snow cover over the past 10 years — from 2 percent below to 2 percent above? In fact, on Oct. 14, 20 percent of the United States was already covered in snow.

What is the reason low-temperature records are being smashed all across the world, and not by just a few degrees?

The empirical evidence is there for all to see, but it is not being reported. The reason is clear. The argument for man-made global warming is nothing more than a political device to force the U.S. into signing a United Nations’ climate-change treaty in Copenhagen this coming December. And like everything else emerging from the current administration, it is expected our government will rubber-stamp the treaty.

Here are the highlights of the treaty: a world government is going to be created. There will be a huge transfer of wealth from our country to Third World countries in what is called our “climate debt.”

And, finally, this new world government will have the power to enforce its rules and regulations upon the U.S. In other words, the U.S. will lose its sovereignty.

Is this the change you expected when you voted for Barack Obama?

— Barry Willoughby


It can be treated

Editor, Daily News:

This letter is in reference to the article written by Rose Padrick headlined “Electrifying solution for hubby’s sleep apnea.”

She wrote sometimes the cure can be worse than the disease and continued to say, “Boy, ain’t that so.”

I found her article to be simply appalling. It was completely irresponsible for her to write such an article. Padrick may have been trying to write a humorous article, but really there is nothing funny about sleep apnea.

There are many people currently suffering with sleep apnea who may read her article and will not go to the doctor to seek medical attention because they are now scared!

My husband was diagnosed with sleep apnea over 10 years ago by a doctor in Naples and he sleeps with a continuous positive airway pressure machine.

The CPAP machine does not make much noise; my husband sleeps well and so do I.

Sleep apnea has been linked to many chronic medical conditions, and even sudden death. A good friend of mine lost a loved one to sleep apnea.

— Heidi Clay


Now hear this

Editor, Daily News:

How’s freedom of speech doing these days? I have to ask because I am not too sure.

Let’s see! We have the White House railing against Fox News, saying it behaves like the right arm of the Republican Party; doesn’t really report news, but only the anti-government point of view; that other “news” channels should throw Fox News out of the club. (I have no idea what this means.)

Now you may like Fox News or not, but since our Constitution still says we believe in free speech, I believe its correspondents are entitled to their dissenting opinions.

And now we have our White House. for what I believe is the first time ever. attacking a particular news channel in what seems like an attempt to gag it.

Next, we hear that our government is thinking about providing stimulus money to newspapers. So once the government has a stake in our newspapers, will it make suggestions as to what news the papers should print — and what point of view the papers should take?

How could the government resist the temptation? And will we now have a newspaper czar managing them? To me, this is all kind of scary.

Are we heading towards a Hugo Chavez-style of government? Will freedom of speech continue to be respected? Let’s hope so!

— Don McCobb


Why bother?

Editor, Daily News:

Our government has long punished savers and rewarded the profligate.

If a family had saved money to pay for a child’s college, the government intended that they pay. If the family next door, with the same income, had spent rather than saved, the government paid.

Now, as a result of the spending to prop up our banks, the interest rate on the safest investments — AAA municipal bonds — is 0.06 percent. That’s not a dividend; that’s confiscation.

The prudent investors who own those bonds are being stripped of any return to pay the profligate bankers who got us into the current financial mess.

And we wonder why the American savings rate is one of the lowest in the world.

— Jay Wolff


Special delivery

Editor, Daily News:

I have news I’d like to share.

There are many honest people.

The other day I went to the post office to mail letters. Having several (first-month bills), I just dropped them all in the mailbox.

I had forgotten that I hadn’t addressed my brother Jim’s birthday card and check.

When I realized I had forgotten, it was too late.

Several days later, my card and check were returned to me. I hadn’t sealed it. Check had my name and address. The post office in Fort Myers mailed it back to me.

How thoughtful. How thankful I am that they renewed my faith in honesty.

— Nan Zwerk


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