Letters to the editor: Oct. 29, 2009

Here are letters to the editor from Daily News editions of Oct. 29, 2009:

Letter of the Day: The Oscar for best employee at a movie theater goes to ...

Editor, Daily News:

I just want to say thanks to the Regal Cinema Hollywood 20 employees.

They are very honest people.

I lost a small Bank of America envelope with over $140 in it. I had just gotten paid.

I ran back and asked everyone who worked there about it and whether or not they cleaned the theater where I just watched “Where the Wild Things Are.”

The employees were so helpful, and it turns out that someone who worked there ended up turning in the money straight to management.

I was so happy! And even more surprised! I couldn’t believe it!

Whoever turned it in knew what was inside; I could see that they looked through it.

They didn’t take the money. They just turned it in! It was amazing!

So there’s my story. I plan on writing a personal letter to the employees and giving them a pound of coffee from Starbucks, where I work.

Thank you, thank you, thank you. There are still honest people in the world!

— Ward Amber


Much deeper into debt

Editor, Daily News:

Last Saturday’s edition of the Daily News contained a front-page Associated Press story by Martin Crutsinger that should frighten every thinking person (I sometimes wonder if there are any) who reads the paper.

Crutsinger wrote: “What is $1.42 trillion? It’s the federal budget deficit for 2009, more than three times the most red ink amassed ever in a single year. It’s more than the total national debt for the first 200 years of the republic. ... As a percentage of U.S. economic output, it’s the biggest deficit since World War II.”

Are you aware that it is President Barack Obama’s plan to double that debt in the next five years?

The leaders of this country get away with committing economic suicide to retain power by playing to the tribal and ethnic stupidity of the masses. They talk about right-wing conspiracies and left-wing lunatics, knowing full well that most of the dupes vote blindly without thinking.

We are broke. Social Security and Medicare must be fixed before we even consider new programs. We don’t even know what Obama’s health-care plan is, and leaders in the Congress want to vote it in before it can be openly debated.

People have to stop thinking as rigid Republicans or Democrats if they want to save the republic. We must vote Obama, Harry Reid and Nancy Pelosi out of office.

I honestly believe Larry, Curly and Moe couldn’t screw things up any worse than this bunch of lightweights.

— Robert H. Studley


Bottom line

Editor, Daily News:

Our eight-year war: Thousands dead, over $1 trillion down the drain and no end in sight.

On CNN the other night they had two U.S. House members stating that we must stay the course in Afghanistan as long as it takes in order to destroy al-Qaida and its safe havens.

Hello. Have they ever heard of Pakistan? We are now in the process of sending Pakistan another largess of more billions, and this country is as corrupt as Iran and the other countries in that immediate area.

President Barack Obama says “no” to a withdrawal, so I’m certain that the next move will be to send thousands more of our youngsters into harm’s way.

Before he does this, I suggest — once again — that he sit with the British and Russians, those who fought the Afghan army and were badly beaten. Maybe he may learn something and finally say, “we have had enough,” just as they did. They both withdrew their armies and are much better off today for it. There was no honor lost!

That mountainous terrain is a veritable nightmare for our troops. It’s not the sandy beaches I fought on in World War II. Remember it: “The war to end all wars!”

Staying in Afghanistan any longer will be an error of historical magnitude in loss of life and trillions monetarily.

We must get out now!

— Oliver J. Marcelli


Or what?

Editor, Daily News:

When all of Collier County’s citizens were expressing their gratitude for the service of former county manager Jim Mudd, County Commissioner Tom Henning had nothing nice to say, as usual. The Daily News quoted him as stating, “My evaluation in the past has been critical.” (Understatement.)

Henning went on to say that Mudd “got us out of a heck of a hole.” Henning was critical of Mudd even after Mudd cleaned up the messes created by Henning.

I have an evaluation for Henning: He is not worthy of representing Collier County as commissioner.

Henning wanted to spend thousands of dollars on a national search for a new county manager when the county is short of funds. Henning voted against making Leo Ochs the new county manager.

Is Henning just totally incompetent or what?

— Ken Riceman


A one and a two and a ...

Editor, Daily News:

President Barack Obama, no one can doubt that you are a great campaigner. You ran a great campaign for the Democratic nomination (the tougher one)!

You ran a successful campaign for president (more against former President George W. Bush than your real opponent).

But now it seems you can’t seem to stop campaigning! You’ve been to the United Nations. You’ve been to Copenhagen for Chicago’s bid for the Olympics. And you’re always going elsewhere.

You have a lovely family in the White House. You have a country in a recession here in the United States.

If you can’t — or won’t — stay put, we’ll have a chorus of “Won’t you stay home, Bill Bailey, (Mr. President) won’t you stay home?”

— Charles C. Hewitt Jr.


P.S. — And then there’s Punxsutawney, Pa., for next Feb. 2.

It’s all good

Editor, Daily News:

The argument most repeated by opponents of offshore drilling is the danger to our pristine beaches and subsequently Florida’s tourism industry.

Coastal water quality is an important issue from public health, environmental and economic standpoints. There were 285 beach advisories in 2006 — the latest data available: the primary cause being high levels of microbial pathogens from human and animal wastes. Only nine of the 35 coastal counties were reflected in the data. These wastes enter the coastal waters from municipal sewage-treatment plants, sewer overflow, stormwater systems and pollution runoff. Other causes are rain, high bacterial levels and oil spills. Transport-related incidents account for most oil spills, not drilling.

Monitoring coastal water quality and closing beaches when there is a threat to public health will not solve Florida’s coastal pollution problem. Sources of pollution must be addressed and remedied.

Oil rigs produce some of the most diverse fishing in the country by providing protection for bait fish, attracting the larger food and game fish. Marine life has multiplied around these huge artificial reefs. Louisiana produces one third of America’s seafood because of, not in spite of, these platforms. More marine life has been found around an oil platform than in the surrounding Gulf bottom.

Florida’s fishing fleet uses the oil platforms, so the fish we consume in our restaurants may have been caught in Louisiana.

Drilling would also have a positive impact on the Florida charter fishing industry, now in jeopardy due to exorbitant fuel costs.

Support drilling.

— Frederick Alexa


Consolidation is the key

Editor, Daily News:

After reading last Friday’s letter from Janet Vasey, I realized that she was, once again, speaking with authority but very little factual information.

She is right that Collier County Emergency Medical Services was once among the best in the nation. That was years ago. After years of poor management, though, EMS is a shadow of its former self. Many quality paramedics have left EMS, tired of being mistreated by the management at county level.

Vasey states quality of care will decline if fire districts are allowed to operate as EMS units also. This is blatantly false. There are numerous reasons why this is untrue, but locally there is some real information she is ignoring.

First of all, the best and brightest paramedics who left EMS got fire certified and went to work for the fire districts here because they wanted better pay and working conditions and, for the most part, they are very happy.

Secondly, most of the time fire trucks arrive on scene before an ambulance can arrive. This allows for more timely treatment of the patient. Firefighters are very dedicated to the people of their district and work very hard to maintain the relationship with the people they serve.

This whole dustup over paramedic services is purely political. It is being instigated by a person seeing his kingdom dissolve. The basic fact is fire-department-based EMS is more efficient and cost-effective. It has been successful everywhere it has been used.

Consolidation just makes good fiscal sense because it helps fire districts combine expenses and standardize equipment and training.

— Tom Hoffman


‘Viewed another way ... ’

Editor, Daily News:

One of the refrains often read here is that “we need less government.”

That, to me, is like saying that we need less weather. It’s so general and abstract as to be meaningless.

Government plays certain necessary roles in our lives. An example of less might be Somalia where they have no government — perfect freedom, but none of the necessary roles of government played either.

When I think of some of the roles played by our government today, many are, in the opinion of many citizens, well played: Medicare, Social Security, the military and Veterans Affairs, crime prevention, court system, interstate highway system, Coast Guard, Homeland Security, etc.

When people cite examples of roles played objectionably by the government, they often point to the post office. Of course, that is an entity in a dying business, accomplished now by contractors delivering catalogs that nobody needs or wants, while the profitable part of the business — rapid delivery of packages — has been siphoned off by FedEx and UPS.

Viewed another way, all roles that require organizations of people are played either by profit-seeking private enterprise, nonprofit charities or government. It’s easy picking to find examples in each category of highly functional and dysfunctional organizations — all being due to the fact we are merely human, with the strengths and weaknesses that implies, so our constructs are equally capable and flawed.

But, we are what we are, we do what we do. To anticipate perfection or failure in any organization of humans prematurely, without specific evidence of it, is naive.

— Peter M. Zuris

Bonita Springs and Rochester, N.Y.

Through the years

Editor, Daily News:

In accordance with the Mayan calendar, and many prophecies by astrologists and people who believe what is being written and said, something important soon will happen to the world we inhabit.

To be exact, it is called doomsday, the day that massive destruction will obliterate our world. And that date will be Dec. 21, 2012.

And here I thought we had enough to worry about with the seemingly never-ending wars between countries, the high cost of living, unemployment, 103 banks in the United States going under, the inability of many of our citizens to purchase insurance and health benefits;

The price at the pump beginning to skyrocket; the failure of our government — past and present — to find a formula the problem of foreigners crossing borders unto our soil undocumented or not, blatantly taking advantage of the benefits that, through sweat and tears, we earned through the years;

And lest we forget, the audacity of Democrats and Republicans working against each other with us in the middle, “taking the lumps,” instead of putting priorities in order, which are simply our well-being and safety and that of our children, and children to come.

So, for those who were worriless, now you have 2012 to worry about.

And those of us who worry about all of the above 24/7, 365 days per year, I suppose, as survivors and seasoned veterans, we shall overcome an additional worry (2012).

— Evelio A. Rodriguez


This is more like it

Editor, Daily News:

I was impressed with John Lukosky’s letter regarding Eddie Filer.

I was particularly impressed with his comment, “Filer is a sage who espouses his views and leaves it to the readers to make their own decisions.”

I suspect Lukosky is unfamiliar with the meaning of the word sage. According to the dictionary, the word sage means “a profoundly wise person, a person famed for wisdom who is venerated by his peers.”

Given this, perhaps Lukosky would choose to describe it in another way. How about, “Eddie Filer is a regular contributor of letters to the Daily News. Judging from the responses to these letters, one can only assume that a vast majority of readers find his letters to be pretty much obnoxious and devoid of factual content.’’

Sage, sagacity or sagacious are not words I would use to describe his prose.

— Brian P. Kenedy

Bonita Springs

Time for him to go

Editor, Daily News:

The health-care/insurance-care circus in Washington is moving to a conclusion.

I wrote to Florida’s U.S. Sen. Bill Nelson, asking him not to support a bill that would be harmful to seniors. His answer was disappointing.

Here is my take on what he and others of his party are thinking.

First, we seniors are stupid. We would not know when we are being had, so why worry about what we think. He may be right on this one. The polls say we have a very low opinion of Congress’s performance but we keep sending the same people back to Washington.

That does seem stupid. If we bought a product that we found was much less than we expected, how many times would we have to continue to purchase it to be declared stupid?

I think the folks in Congress also think we old folks have very poor memories. Since much of the bad stuff is planned to occur after the next elections, they are betting we will not remember who did what. A number of people are really going to be surprised as to how this affects them.

As for the memory bet, the good old boys in Congress may have this one right also. How many folks really remember the role congressional Democrats played in the housing crisis via their push of Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac?

My point is, we need to retire Nelson as soon as possible.

— E.R. Russell


What goes around ...

Editor, Daily News:

To all you people writing about how we should stop criticizing President Barack Obama, check your memory.

For eight years you spewed out your filth about former President George W. Bush. Now you want us to be quiet about our new socialist president.

Why? Is it any different for us than it was for you? He is doing everything in his power to weaken our capitalist system, which has created the wealthiest and most powerful country in the history of the world.

He is spending us into oblivion, and he wants to control our health care. We are doomed with him, as we were by former President Jimmy Carter — and hopefully it’s the same: one term and out, so America can get back to business.

So, be prepared.

The letters calling him out for what he is will continue. He will not change his socialist stripes, so it is up to us to remind you of his failings.

Deal with it.

— Lou Cohn

Naples and New York City

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