Letters to the editor: Oct. 30, 2009

Here are letters to the editor from Daily News editions of Oct. 30, 2009:

Letter of the Day: They’re OK in the UK

Editor, Daily News:

I feel I must respond to Christine Ritter’s letter regarding red-light entrapment cameras.

As a British subject, I know we have had cameras in the United Kingdom for well over 20 years. Mostly these are used to catch speeding motorists and are very successful.

My husband and I have been coming to Naples for 22 years and spend our winters here. Over the years, with the growth of the city and amount of traffic, we have noticed an epidemic of motorists “jumping” a red light and have been amazed there are not more serious accidents due to this thoughtless practice.

Surely, the idea of the cameras is to deter motorists from possibly causing an horrific scene of carnage at these junctions.

The idea that it will have a detrimental effect on people coming to Naples and all the knock-on effects this could cause is laughable. There are roadside warning notices that these cameras are in operation; so it is up to the motorist to heed these.

Surely a safer Naples is a better one, and locals had better get used to them.

— Pauline Dellow


Not all that great

Editor, Daily News:

On Tuesday, President Barack Obama played Helios with a flick of a switch at the DeSoto Next Generation Solar Energy Center in Arcadia.

The potential of this emission-free — and waste-free — photovoltaic marvel, owned and operated by our good friend and public utility, Florida Power & Light, is enormous — if we can believe all the wonderful advantages “under the sun” in pollution control.

To many Florida families, however, who have questioned the fleeting promises for tax breaks and credits by the current administration, wouldn’t these millions of dollars be far better spent in the hands of the single homeowner to amortize the installation of solar panels on every roof in Florida and the southwest United States as well — instead of 180 acres near Sarasota?

The real winner in this project is FP&L, which is already contemplating expansion to 5,000 acres of solar subsistence.

Florida citizens could accomplish this task cheaper and much more simply and eco-friendly with hitherto phantom stimulus funds.

— D.G. Cygal

Naples and Uniontown, Ohio

There they go again

Editor, Daily News:

Next week, our political representatives will meet in Copenhagen to discuss a treaty between the members of the United Nations concerning “climate change” and how to tax those most responsible for “climate change.”

The Copenhagen Accord, the U.N. “climate change” treaty plan, if enacted, will effect a huge reordering of the world economy involving the global redistribution of trillions of dollars in wealth from the United States and other Western countries to Third World countries.

Passage of this would cede the sovereignty of the United States to a leftist “world government.”

If the Obama administration signs on to this, we can expect new taxes, millions of job losses, relocation of industries and new subsidies and tariffs, all under the control of the world body.

It is my understanding that any international treaty we sign will supersede our Constitution and, once enacted, can never be reversed.

This and the destructive domestic cap-and-trade legislation is predicated on the political hoax of man-made “global warming” — or is it “global cooling”? There is no “settled science,” no agreement among climatologists, only among politicians in a never-ending effort to grow government, raise taxes and control our lives.

It is up to “we, the people.” Please tell your elected representatives what you think. They are supposed to work for us.

— Bruce W. Novark, M.D.

Marco Island

It is not a mental illness

Editor, Daily News:

A recent news article grabbed attention with the headline “Mind Matters: Violence a symptom of mental illness” and went into detail discussing domestic violence.

At the Shelter for Abused Women & Children, we greatly appreciate others’ efforts to help end family violence and found the majority of this article well-written. As the executive director of the local certified domestic violence center, I am, however, concerned that this headline is misleading the general public about the realities of family violence.

Domestic violence is not a mental illness, although some abusers suffer from mental illness and others do live with addiction.

Domestic violence is a learned pattern of behaviors that abusers exhibit with their victims.

This is why you often hear experts speak about the “cycle of abuse.”

The abuse witnessed by children makes them 1,500 times more likely to become abusers or victims themselves.

Abusers are not out of control, but rather in control. They are not violent to co-workers or with people they meet on the street — they abuse their victims/family.

To end violence at home we must be willing to hold batterers accountable for their actions while we examine our own beliefs and behaviors about family violence.

If you witness abuse, call 911. If you or someone you love is a victim of intimate-partner violence, please call the shelter’s confidential 24-hour crisis line at (239) 775-1101 or visit www.naplesshelter.org for more information.

— Linda Oberhaus


Executive director, The Shelter

for Abused Women & Children

You think?

Editor, Daily News:

Letter-writer Barry Willoughby dreads the ratification of the Copenhagen Treaty on global warming.

He writes that it will result in world government, massive wealth transfer and the loss of U.S. sovereignty.

Article 2, Section 2, paragraph 2 of the Constitution requires the advice and consent (with two-thirds concurrence) of the Senate before any treaty can be ratified by the United States.

Do you consider it likely that the Senate would concur?

— Roland Tifft

Bonita Springs

Here and there

Editor, Daily News:

On Tuesday, eight of our brave soldiers were killed in Afghanistan.

The same day, the arrogant resident of the White House struts down the steps of Air Force One, gives a wimp salute, then marvels at solar panels in Southwest Florida.

God bless and help America.

— George Goodnight



Editor, Daily News:

Re: Oct. 4 article about Sea Gate Elementary English language learner teacher Maria Cabrera.

She was photographed in front of her blackboard.

Since when is “Can I have some cookies?,” which is on the blackboard, acceptable?

It’s always been “May I have some cookies?”

Have the rules changed?

— Lorraine Rau


Taking stock

Editor, Daily News:

This United States was founded on change and progress.

Along with this, our ancestors brought to this country good solid values and traditions. As of late, we have increasingly become complacent and lazy. We have also lost sight of our worth and conventions. Change has given way to “comfortable.”

Progress has become “greed.” Values are only “what feels good.” And, last but not least, tradition is another name for “meaningless.”

Let us use change and progress to restore this great nation. But let us also return to the values and traditions that made this country great.

— Nancy Waters

Bonita Springs

Way out of hand

Editor, Daily News:

It has been recommended in the letters to the editor that people should listen to the likes of Rush Limbaugh, Glenn Beck and other similar broadcasters rather than the “liberal” press.

Well, here is just a short list of what you get from broadcasters of that ilk: President Barack Obama is the “anti-Christ,” a Muslim, a socialist, a communist, not a citizen of the United States, “I hope he fails” and that he hates white people, according to Beck.

What value is there in listening to that type of broadcasting (unproven and distracting) other than to justify biases and prejudices? What constructive ideas do they represent?

Unfortunately, the negative results of that type (and even worse) broadcasting are very serious. There have been more death threats against Obama than any previous president, says the Boston Globe; and soon after the election, a former Klan grand wizard got 2,000 new membership applications, says CNN!

Some people are so worked up that they were carrying automatic weapons to meetings on health care!

— Al Hannigan


Can we talk?

Editor, Daily News:

After reading Jeff Lytle’s column Sunday regarding communication and our Collier County School Board, I must say that he hit the nail on the head.

In addition to his observations, I have noticed that the entire process of communication between the board and our community in general is lacking. Just in the past year alone, many issues could have been resolved quickly had there been clear communication that is inclusive rather than exclusive.

The best way to represent the community is to have ongoing, open, two-way dialogue.

With regard to our sex-education health curriculum, giving our young people the knowledge to make informed decisions is critical. A case in point is letting them know that there can be legal and/or criminal consequences for sexual activity among young people.

That fact has been well illustrated in a recent article by staff reporters Ryan Mills and Kate Albers. Our kids need to understand that there are lines that should not be crossed.

Part of education is empowering our kids, which gives them the confidence to make informed choices in life.

— Joe Whitehead


Candidate, Collier County School Board

They did the right thing

Editor, Daily News:

On Oct. 5, the City Council of Bonita Springs voted to uphold the recommendation of the Local Planning Agency (LPA) and the city’s comprehensive plan by not allowing a commercial development to go into the long-standing neighborhood of Brookside Estates.

Thanks to City Council members Martha Simons, Bill Lonkart, Pat McCourt, Richard Ferreira and Janet Martin for showing respect for the planning that went into the comprehensive plan, as well as listening to concerns of the residents in the neighborhood.

Thanks also to Larry Warner, former member of the LPA, who explained the LPA’s decision, as well as the considerations that went into the development of the comprehensive plan.

Thank you for upholding the promise of the comprehensive plan!

— Debra Giambo

Bonita Springs


Editor, Daily News:

Conservatives believe in limited government.

Conservatives believe that government’s role is to protect its citizens’ physical well-being and to secure the citizens’ property.

Socialists, liberals and now Democrats believe in the expansion of government to accomplish outcomes which they perceive just and fair.

The original framers of our government were historians. History taught them, as it should us, that people — some good some bad — left to rule others by enforcing their perceptions on others always led to tyranny.

With this historical information they replaced man with a document: the U.S. Constitution. This document replaced man as the ultimate ruler.

This concept has been effective for over 200 years. It worked as long as men and women in the body of the Supreme Court upheld the principles and intent as well as the meanings of the original document.

This genius and principle of our government have been changing. Many justices no longer adhere to the strict writing and intent of our Constitution. They have placed themselves as ultimate ruler by superseding the Constitution with their own perceptions.

Now the president has appointed a member of the Supreme Court who shares his perceptions. He has stated that he intends to put people on the Supreme Court who have empathy with minorities and women, not an adherence to the document.

The ultimate ruler, the Constitution, is about to be replaced. The next step is tyranny.

— Tom Macchia


They think all that helps?

Editor, Daily News:

Again, as an independent, I do listen to all news channels, including Fox.

No network has ever exercised its right to free speech more than Fox, with the likes of Glenn Beck, Sean Hannity and Rush Limbaugh.

They have been attacking President Barack Obama from day one, starting with his running for the office over over two years ago now, with many lies and half-truths at best.

Their favorite words are Muslim, communist, socialist and liar.

Now if you would like the real facts and to verify the above, go to www.snopes.com/politics/obama.

There are over 100 pages of such garbage.

Have you ever heard one positive thing from them on the president and Democrats? I certainly have not.

Now they and the Republican Party are criticizing and pushing the president into a quick decision on the Afghan war. Former President George W. Bush, former Vice President Dick Cheney and Republicans apparently couldn’t make any right decisions on that war while they were in office and our wonderful soldiers were dying for all those years.

Where is the common sense of these people? I have absolutely nothing against the average conservative or liberal; both are right in many ways. Most conservatives are good and moral people, whereas many liberals are the most giving and caring people on Earth.

What I do have a problem with are people on the very far right (guess) who are masquerading as conservatives, who are critical and negative about every single issue.

The First Amendment works both ways.

— E.L. “Bud’’ Ruff


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