Letters to the editor: Nov. 1, 2009

Here are letters to the editor from Daily News editions of Nov. 1, 2009:

Letter of the Day: Think big: Go national

Editor, Daily News:

Seems to me that The intersection cameras are doing a good job. Problem is there are too few of them.

We need many more — probably at every intersection in Collier County — and they should be monitored and run by the federal government.

The way people drive around here we can retire the national debt in about six months.

— Richard Cashman


Abuse to go around

Editor, Daily News:

Your news story on Oct. 24 about the Florida Gulf Coast University student receiving a $100 award for sharing her “story of ‘leftist abuse’” in one of her classes is appalling!

The reporter in this story rightly stated Professor Maria Roca’s view: “It is important to present students with different viewpoints, particularly to ask them to read texts — including textbooks — critically.”

But the headline over reporter Leslie Williams’ story screamed it was for “leftist abuse.” Notice the quotation marks.

Williams carefully crafted the story. Quotations mean no proof of abuse. Had it been real verbal abuse, FGCU would have had a lawsuit on its hands. Obviously it was only the usual classroom banter.

Williams’ reporting says the Web group called CampusReform.org supports conservative and libertarian students. Hardly. The yardstick to measure whether CampusReform.org is a conservative or lunatic Web group is to ask yourself, “Would John McCain or Bob Dole make statements seen at the CampusReform.org Web site?”

No, they wouldn’t. They do not have the paranoia that this country is going communist and there are traitors in Washington.

For a measly $100, a lunatic group put propaganda on your front page.

Shame on the Daily News.

— Frank Haggerty


Of power and responsibility

Editor, Daily News:

David Axelrod, in discussing his epilepsy-afflicted daughter, said she does not understand why he is away so much and stated: “She asks, ‘Why does (President) Barack Obama need so much help?’”

Axelrod is the chief political adviser to Obama and also ran his campaign. Next to the president and Rahm Emanuel, he is probably the most powerful person in the White House.

According to his comments carried in an article in the paper the other morning, his daughter obviously needs and wants his attention.

Although she is in her 20s, I believe there is no job more important than being a father to one’s children — especially one with special needs.

Axelrod needs to get his priorities straight. There are many people who can provide political advice and strategy to Obama, but there is only one who can be a father to Lauren.

— James Thomas

Bonita Springs

Might it be ... ?

Editor, Daily News:

In the Oct. 24 Amazing Grace column headlined “church looks the other way as playboy priests victimize women,” the breaking of vows by the priest and his paramour, over 20 years ago in Quincy, Ill., are indicative of human weakness and sin.

The Franciscans’ efforts to rehabilitate the priest and the out-of-court settlement reached with the woman benefited all the principals involved, especially the child born of their relationship.

To impute a cover-up is unfair. Might it be that the friars were simply being faithful to the Gospel by offering forgiveness, reparation and reconciliation?

— Rev. Michael P. Orsi


Chaplin and research fellow in law and religion,

Ave Maria School of Law

Getting us in more deeply

Editor, Daily News:

Remember back when you went to school and there were some kids you never messed with?

These were kids who did not put up with any nonsense from anyone; and, if someone confronted them, they took care of their adversary quickly.

In our scenario, President Barack Obama is supposed to be the tough kid, while Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad is the one confronting him. Does anyone think that Ahmadinejad is going to think twice about stepping on Obama’s toes?

Of course not, as Ahmadinejad knows that our president does not have enough nerve to swat a fly.

By the way, to my Jewish friends, this is the same Ahmadinejad who denies the Holocaust ever happened. Keep that in mind the next time we have elections in this country and vote for a conservative instead of a liberal.

Obama is placing all of us in danger; anyone who thinks otherwise, please think back to the good old school days, and picture those who nobody ever messed with.

This time it is much bigger.

— Manny Miyar


We can do better

Editor, Daily News:

Although I have a tremendous amount of respect for the job Maria Cabrera is doing teaching her Sea Gate Elementary School students English, shouldn’t proper grammar be included?

How does an educator win an Excellence in Education Award when she employs the sentence, as quoted in the paper, “Can I have some cookies?” instead of “May I have some cookies?”

I really am beginning to lose all hope.

— Meegan M. McDonnell

Marco Island

We need all kinds of help

Editor, Daily News:

The struggling economy’s psychological impact on recent graduates and those over 50 has been overlooked in our understandable focus on the tragedy of the homeless and unemployed.

Recent graduates expected to be launched into adulthood and instead found themselves still dependent on parents — the 50-plus group whose job security is at best shaky and whose faith in the value of homes, 401(k)s, Social Security and Medicare has come close to being shattered. They are under enormous stress.

As a psychotherapist and career advisor, I am seeing profoundly disturbing symptoms: depression, rage, alcoholism, withdrawal.

Hopefully, more local services can be made available to these groups.

— Estelle H. Rauch, L.C.S.W., C.G.P.


Got her, got you

Editor, Daily News:

You did it again! You printed a lovely article about Park Shore Towers four years after Hurricane Wilma.

But your reporter, a female, interviewed a sweet lady and had to list her age as 75!

How is her age germane to the article? Why doesn’t the writer give her age? We don’t know the ages of the Daily News’ editor or publisher. People who write letters to the editor don’t have to give their ages.

Besides, her husband has let it be known: She didn’t give her true age.

So there!

— Larry Ryan


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