Letter to the Editor: The healthcare debate

Myths, distortions, and bald-faced lies about President Obama’s proposed health care reform have been cynically promoted by the insurance industry and right-wing extremists for several weeks now. And to some partisans, killing health care reform by whatever tactics are necessary is simply a way to derail the Obama presidency.

Evidence is now emerging that these falsehoods – amplified by millions of dollars in special interest advertising and the 24-hour news cycle – have begun to set in among otherwise conscientious citizens, threatening our reform efforts.

As the debate over national health care reform has grown increasingly heated, it’s become more and more difficult to separate fact from fiction based on newspaper accounts alone, despite journalists’ best efforts. In that spirit, here are a few points people should know the truth about before reform comes up for final votes in Congress.

When you or a loved one is incapacitated near the end of life and unable to make decisions, would you like to have your family involved in making the relevant decisions about your care or making sure your wishes are carried out? Some versions of health care reform bills encourage doctors to offer counseling to help you prepare for this type of situation. If you support that, you should support health care reform – and you should definitely ignore disingenuous or misinformed opponents of reform who try to scare you with bogus stories about so-called “death panels.”

Some versions of health care reform contain language about eligibility for health care that is similar to language found in George W. Bush’s Medicare Part D bill from 2003. As any reasonable person would expect, this language restricts eligibility to U.S. citizens and those living in America legally. Yet many of the very same Republicans who voted for Bush´s Medicare bill now oppose President Obama´s health care reform because they wrongly claim it would give benefits to people who are in America without proper legal paperwork. These claims don´t add up, and they deserve to be ignored.

Michael Esposito

Marco Island

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jwputnam writes:

Dear Mr. Esposito,

Just why do you want government health care? What else do you want government to do for you? What responsiblities do you wish to keep? Which ones do you think they will let you keep?

Do you honestly believe that the government is going to do a better job than you yourself are capable of doing?

Please read "Atlas Shrugged".


John Putnam

27_Year_Resident writes:

Another liberal who has drank Obama's kool aid.

Fossil writes:

Mr. Putnam, ask that question to those who are on Medicare. Some folks really cannot do for themselves. Why are you always harping about personal responsibility as relates to health care? Obama still expects you to choose and pay for your own health care. The only kool aid being served on this issue is the flavor dispensed by the Insurance Corporations.

jwputnam writes:

I am on medicare.

As to "why are you always harping about personal responsibility"? I am not sure that you would understand.

u2cane writes:

Move to Canada.

liberator100 writes:

Obama's so called "Health Care Reform" is nothing more than "socialized medicine". It does not work in England; it never worked in Canada and it will never work here. Michael Esposito would support ANYTHING that Obama proposes because he is a true believer and a Kool Aid drinker.

Fossil writes:

liberator100: You do not know what socialism is, do you? Obama is not proposing socialized medicine. What he is proposing is an improved health care system, that you pay premiums for and have the ablity to choose your own policy. On the face of it, that doesn't sound much different then what we have now does it? That said, it does cut back on the profits and tax payer provided subsidies that private insurance companies currently enjoy; it does ensure affordable insurance for all of us, it does inhibit the CEO's of insurance companies from ripping us off with big payoffs, it does stop the death panels private insurance companies currently have as to approving proceedures and where you may be hospitlized; it does make those without insurance more responsible in that they will no longer be able to get free care; it does mean that our costs will be controlled; it does mean that we will all have a chance to get the best medical care our country has to offer. You will have a chance to replace that high deductable policy with a better more affordable one that will cover your child with a cold. Those who earn little or have big familes will receive subsidies to help pay the premiums. There are few giveaways and you will not recieve taxpayer care like those in Canada and England unless you are on Medicare, VA care, TriCare or Medicaid, all of which will NOT be impacted except that they will no longer subsidize private insurance companies. He has promised to only sign a bill if it does not cost the taxpayer a dime. In other words it will all be paid for by existing funds and the help of the very rich. What's wrong with all that?

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