Resignation requested: Council to discuss board’s future at Monday’s meeting

— Marco Island’s City Council member Chuck Kiester recently asked Carol Glassman to step down from her position with the code compliance board. Now, City Council will discuss dismantling the code compliance board in favor of hiring a magistrate, at Monday’s meeting.

The city charter allows council members the liberty to choose and appoint those who best represent their position and board appointees are expected to mirror the philosophy and policies of their council appointers in all issues brought to their attention and up for vote, according to Kiester.

The councilman initially cited the reasons for his request was to appoint someone “more in sync with my policy of being more Island friendly when dealing with infractions.”

The Eagle caught up with Kiester who explained his position further.

“The best example of Ms. Glassman’s non representation of my views can be seen in the tape of the last code compliance board meeting. Two board members are vilifying the city staff about the change in approach in attempts to get compliance,” he said, who personally appointed Glassman in 2009.

When asked if he ever sat down with Glassman to discuss his feeling that she was in essence departing from his policies, Kiester admitted he had not formally sat down or otherwise contacted Glassman to explain his concerns about her positions.

“I think it came to a head when she voted along with two individuals of the board who I considered to be excessively punitive in their way of going about business. It became clear to me that this was not going to work. I could have spoken with her but I felt it would not have made any difference,” said Kiester.

Kiester feels he followed the board decisions made by Glassman — maybe not as closely as he should have — but hasn’t been happy with her or the board’s decisions since before he took office.

“The Dec. 6 City Council meeting agenda will address the question of whether we should have an attorney who would hear the petitions for issues and concerns regarding violations that arise from the staff,” said Kiester.

“This would be a person, rather than a board who would make the decisions on this qausi-judicial board for those issues. He would be the voice of the code compliance board. The whole matter should not be punitive.”

He stated that he is surprised that the charter allows folks to appeal the code board’s decisions to the City Council and that he believes those appeals should be referred to a court.

Kiester further stated his position that Glassman does not technically have the freedom to accept or reject his request for her resignation.

“Once I decide to make that decision according to the city bylaws, I have the right to end the relationship. I mean her no harm. I just have a difference of opinion about going about things,” he said.

Glassman said that she is as stunned today as she was when she first heard news of Kiester’s resignation request two weeks ago.

“I am not happy with this and would not treat anyone in the way I have been treated,” said Glassman, and believes that the two board members were not “vilifying” the staff in the board meeting, as Kiester mentioned. She said there has been “a trend in the past few months” that the positions of the board have been “watered down.”

“When we (the board) make a decision, it is supposed to hold. If people don’t agree, the ordinance says they have to take it to a circuit court. I don’t feel it’s worked that way on Marco. The two people who wanted to adjourn that day noted that we had two or three cases and we were being made to feel irrelevant.

“The other two members who voted to stay are relatively new members and I was made to feel irrelevant and that is why I voted with them to adjourn early,” she added.

The code compliance board has specific duties and sits as a quasi-judicial board with powers not granted to the city manager, the City Council or other boards, she explained.

For five years, Glassman said that she sat through every code board meeting as part of her former duties as a reporter for a local news publication. Her experience with city matters also included her attendance at City Council meetings.

“Kiester appointed me, and the other council members voted to approve me. If I don’t resign, it would have to go to the City Council and the decision would have to made from there,” she said.

The local government code enforcement boards states that “The members shall serve in accordance with ordinances of the local governing body and may be suspended and removed for cause as provided in such ordinances for removal of members of boards,” per the statute 162.05 (3) (f).

Glassman maintained her record of personal integrity and community involvement and said she only had letters of praise from Councilmen Kiester.

“My philosophy was not punitive; it has always been compliance — compliance over heavy fines. If I made one vote in favor of a fine at some point, no one ever mentioned it to me at the time. To me, it looks as if he (Kiester) doesn’t like the way some people voted, and if I voted in the same fashion he thinks I am a copy-cat voter,” said Glassman. “I am feeling a little beaten down for what he did.

“Many folks have asked ‘As a volunteer why do you have to endure that type of treatment?’ But there is one thing, I know. They want to get rid of the code board and hire a magistrate. Get rid of the seven volunteers and pay someone to come in and give an opinion. Well, that’s interesting,” she said.

The City Council will hold a public hearing on the issue of establishing a special magistrate for the code enforcement board on Monday. Read Friday’s Eagle on what that may mean for Marco Island.

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Comments » 32

RayPray writes:

"Now, City Council will discuss dismantling the code compliance board in favor of hiring a magistrate...."

Probably a great idea.

Several years ago, I was talking to one of our stalwart code nazis.

Sounding some frustration, he showed me a pile of complaints and said his main function is helping people torment neighbors they didn't like.

He told me a small group would keep calling to lodge complaints against unsuspecting neighbors, and when he got too many complaints, he had to go out to write up the poor shlump.

Then there are our friendly island businesses -- such as dock and sea wall repairers -- who snoop around to snitch on their neighbors in order to generate complaints and drum up trade.

Code regulations reach about 100 pages. There is no home that is safe from some arbitrary complaint if you look.

ed34145 writes:

Dictionary definition of "Kiester"- see "Keester"= "rump", "buttocks"- I can't think of anyone more appropriately named.

The city is laying off staff but now they want to pay for a magistrate? One of Recker's friends?

freedomofspeech1 writes:

The more appropriate way to handle this would be to allow her to complete her appointed term. If the councilor wants to make a change than at that time it is his prerogative. This is simply Mr Keister not happy with how his appointee is voting...he wants a puppet!

marcosandflea writes:

It was Carol Glassman who was taking notes at the very first public meeting at the church where Ed Foster explained how bad a deal the STRP was for Marco.

She then presented the notes to her "bosses" Bill Moss and Rony Joel. Both denied having sent her on that spy mission.....and we all know what happened next.

mymommd writes:

Unbelievable all that goes on in this city. Council members, Manager, Department Heads. What a disappointment.

happyhorowitz34145 writes:

in response to ed34145:

Dictionary definition of "Kiester"- see "Keester"= "rump", "buttocks"- I can't think of anyone more appropriately named.

The city is laying off staff but now they want to pay for a magistrate? One of Recker's friends?

Finally a true definition of some of our councilmen. HAHAAHA
HMMMMMM !!!! Whom do you think will be hired as a magistrate at probably $100k a year ????
A few come to mind.

JohninMarco writes:

This should have been done long ago. This would end the law suites that have been piling up against this board and end there crazy rulings. It will also save thousand of dollars in court costs.It about time we got rid of the hobbists and brought in a PROFESSIONAL.

ajm3s writes:

Folks, go listen to the Code Enforcement Board 11/9 meeting [12;10 time stamp], you will clearly see the arrogance of some on the Code Board who actually wanted to adjourn (Joe Granda, Tarik N. Ayasun, Carol Glassman). Why? Because they did not agree with the city in exercising its role in compliance and issuance of fines. Those board members had to be reminded by the other sensible board members that they have a responsibility to hear cases NOW in front of them.

Unbelievable, imagine they wanted to adjourn because the city wants to bring cases to the board only when the city feels fit; in cases when all other city efforts have been failed.

Joe Granda, Tarik N. Ayasun, Carol Glassman time to relieve yourselves. It is so apparent why we are where we are. I am sick of this arrogance and irresponsibility to actually recommend adjourning. DO YOUR JOB or resign. Unbelievable that these members feel the need to adjourn because the city is now showing leadership which includes compassion and resolution without establishing fines.

Mr. Kiester Fire away!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!Boldness is required and thank you.

Remember Carol, Joe and Tarik wanted to leave their jobs as board members that day and now Carol is complaining that Chuck is asking her to make it permanent. She complains that he never called her. Why would he, you were clear on November 11th. Did you call Mr. Kiester to tell him I did not want to be responsible that day?

And may I suggest the removal of Tarik N. Ayasun and Joe Granda. Is that bold enough!

And to all in the new Code Compliance Services including Sgt. Jim Hassig and Ms. Carr continue your efforts. This city is finally making sense yes COMMON SENSE.

Sgt. Hassig responses to Joe Granda direct questons were excellent and to the point. The Code Compliance Services will be responsible for educating and issuing fines.

Folks, pay attention. There are people on this island whether elected, paid or volunteer who should be cognizant of the fact that they should do their job. Adjournment is not an action of responsible behavior for those that serve this island and have cases pending before them. Unless, of course you wish to resign which is an option that is available and which I recommend.

The island has a bright future, I see the sun rising in the east again.

ajm3s writes:

Apologize for my grammatical errors, but this makes me crazed, and the meds have not kicked in.

Me: But Honey, I hear the Code Compliance Board wants issue fines.

Spouse: Oh here I come, time for the little pills. This will make you better.

Me: But Honey, they have accents and want to issue fines and their lady friend says so too. And one of them is really mad, so much so that he wants to leave the meeting and is asking others to go.

Spouse: Take the pill!

Me: But Honey, they want to go. they waaaaaaant to goooooooooo. zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

Sleepy time again.

marcosandflea writes:

The Code Board was stacked with ugly, nasty little people, just to get even with the residents that dared taken on city hall and the standing joke, STRP.

That mess is almost cleaned up with the removal of Rony Joel.....only Nancy "what's asbestos" Ritchie left to go and the sooner the better.

lauralbi1 writes:

Dear Marcosandflea:Please keep in mind that the Code Board is made up of citizens who are appointed by City Council members. The Island had a referendum on the STRP the election before last. If the results had been close, you may have had an argument. But a landslide majority of citizens clearly expressed their wish to complete the STRP. It does not matter what the make up is or was for these results. We live in a Democracy and the people spoke.
MITA, CARES, MIH and other organizar=tions are good at disseminating information. But they will not change the results of the elections as long as we have voter turnout. It has been proven on many occasions that the vision fopr Marco Island, held by the majority, does not match the vision of CARES and MITA.
Don't blame the Code Board for it's make up. The people have spoken.
Ed Issler

GorgonZola writes:

Seems like a lot of fluster over one rather unimportant person, so it begs the question: what is REALLY going on? Since we are into words and definitions today, try this: ex·pe·di·ent (k-spd-nt) AS IN - the City and its councilors and 'manager' do what is expedient -- not necessarily what is morally right, polite, or decent and honest.

adj. 1. Appropriate to a purpose.
2.a. Serving to promote one's interest: was merciful only when mercy was expedient.
b. Based on or marked by a concern for self-interest rather than principle; self-interested.
3. Obsolete Speedy; expeditious.
n.1. Something that is a means to an end.
2. Something contrived or used to meet an urgent need.

WHEN the city does something like this you know it precedes a coverup of some kind. Some decent, idealistic people actually volunteer for these positions thinking -- mistakenly it seems -- that they can do some good. Unfortunately, as shown here, the chain cannot be broken
and heaven forbid an individual should have an independent thought. No one has to name names or be nasty about it - just lay the blame where it belongs and try to see through the trees to the core for once. When blinded by small-minded emotion, you lose sight of the real problem: who will benefit by the loss of a code board - isn't that what this agenda is really about? Follow the dollar.

grunt writes:

Carol don't take it personally. These committees are a joke. Independent thought is discouraged on these committees. You are to vote in manner consistent with what is in the head of who appointed you. However, the one that appoints you never talks to you or listens to you. Let them fire you. It is a badge of courage.

marcosandflea writes:

The spokesperson for the MM is correct that the majority has spoken. True. And the majority has given Marco asbestos contamination, polluted the waterways and destroyed marine habitat with the pumping of millions of gallons of toxic water into the waterways, nearly $250,000,000 in debt, citizens fighting against each other because of the rate structure that benefits one group over the other and a moral corruption in city hall that is still there with Trotter and the Environmental "what is hydrogen sulfide" Specialist. And in the past the majority is always correct like they are correct on Marco because in the past the majority gave America slavery (majority was for it), making women second class citizens (majority was for it), mass arrests because of race by putting in concentration camps Americans born in America from oriental parents (majority was for it). So in the corrupt mind of the MM, as long as the majority spoke then all is well.

marcosandflea writes:

If the same election that Ed Issler keeps harping about was held today, and with the advantage of hindsight, I think it's very doubtful that the results would be the same.

The STRP would have been stopped and the city wouldn't be in such a poor shape financially.

Butch Neylon was right.

RayPray writes:

"Poppoff for example promised the same and change as a turncoat."

Didn't this guy maybe lose one too many wrestling matches with his son?

marco97 writes:

Issler why do you always forget about the election that would have stopped the STRP 6 years ago had Tucker not changed his vote after enough people were elected stop it? Tucker was corrupt in my opinion.

dc5799 writes:

in response to marcosandflea:

It was Carol Glassman who was taking notes at the very first public meeting at the church where Ed Foster explained how bad a deal the STRP was for Marco.

She then presented the notes to her "bosses" Bill Moss and Rony Joel. Both denied having sent her on that spy mission.....and we all know what happened next.

I have often wondered who the snake was at that meeting.Do you know this for sure? If so get rid of her.

marcosandflea writes:

It is her who infiltrated for 100% sure. When Sanchez got the emails under a 119 request looking for criminal activity especially on the fake/fraud asbestos dumping investigation by Moss-Reinke-Guerrero in there was an email exchange of Moss-Joel-Glassman as proof. And speaking of traitors and spies does anyone know if Ray Beaufart is still alive? He supposedly worked on the recall with Hall but all along was feeding information to Moss (his neighbor) at exact same time Beaufart's son was arrested for breaking into a gas station and then got off.

marco97 writes:

in response to marcosandflea:

It is her who infiltrated for 100% sure. When Sanchez got the emails under a 119 request looking for criminal activity especially on the fake/fraud asbestos dumping investigation by Moss-Reinke-Guerrero in there was an email exchange of Moss-Joel-Glassman as proof. And speaking of traitors and spies does anyone know if Ray Beaufart is still alive? He supposedly worked on the recall with Hall but all along was feeding information to Moss (his neighbor) at exact same time Beaufart's son was arrested for breaking into a gas station and then got off.

Flea, he did not got off, he did a year in the can.

marcosandflea writes:

marco97 - Thank you greatly for the clarification. I thought that he did the year in the can for the first time he broke into the gas station (remember they even have the surveillance video of him coming through the ceiling) and that he got off on the second one with "time served". I stand corrected, thank you.

GorgonZola writes:

Well marcosandflea (& dc5799)-- wasn't that the day you turned up in dirty shoes and with a spot on your shirt, and Glassman used a green pen to write with?? Like how relevant is any of this petty garbage? My wife noticed that and always said before or since, Glassman always takes notes everywhere-- and since it was a public meeting and there were reporters present -- and what has all this nonsense to do with anything in this article? Give it a rest already. If you didn't want her there at the time you should have asked her to leave. My God you must be tired of carrying around all this garbage! Did you have something to hide? Hey, didn't you see the city engineer who also attended? Someone pointed him out to you too at the time -- I may be old but nothing wrong with my memory. Go pick on him too. Stick to the topic.

marcosandflea writes:

To now expose people for who they were and still are is considered carrying baggage. So for people like GorgonZilla to just state facts is baggage. And that is the problem with this island - take sides with the MM of Arceri-Issler-Turk-Minozzi-Moss-Joel-Trotter-Tucker and when you are discovered for what you are, then the discoverer is the problem. That's right keep putting your head in the sand because dear 'ol Glassman just took notes everywhere she went. A great student she just took notes and notes and notes. Yep. And if Keester now wants to make the Island citizen-friendly why not expunge the Tarik from any city post? Any challenge to expose him too what for he is? Want to see his emails? His writings? Oh yea, a lot of baggage. Until the new governor is not in office and orders the new inspector general to start prosecutions of the local MM, keep dreaming.

marcosandflea writes:

K is Exactly - those are some of the examples of the Tarik that the MM keeps putting on boards. And do not forget the email where every other word was the F word. How about that article he wrote making racist comments about the guy who was running for charter school board while he was one of the other 4 MM members still on the board just to make sure that NO TEACHER and NO PARENT and NO EDUCATED PERSON and a NON MM MEMBER would make it on the board and like everything else on Marco the herd followed his advice and the TEACHER and the PARENT and the EDUCATED PERSON and the NON MM MEMBER did not make it on the board so the board has not one teacher and not one parent and not one educated person. Yes Keester make sure that Glassman gets off the board but keep quite about Tarik.

liberator100 writes:

Kiester is wrong as usual.
Council members do NOT APPOINT Code Board members. They NOMINATE them. All seven members of the City Council vote on the nomination and if the nominee receives a majority of the votes in the affirmative; the nominee will then be appointed. If a City Councilman, WITH CAUSE wants the removal of one or more members of the Code Enforcement Board, he or she shall make a motion during a regularly scheduled City Council meeting, get a second and then the member vote to remove or not to remove the Code Board member.

liberator100 writes:

in response to Klabautermann:

(This comment was removed by the site staff.)

Klabberyapper: There you go again; you want three members of the Code Enforcement Board to "relieve themselves". What a great suggestion! Where would you suggest they relieve themselves? On your red, fat and ugly face maybe? Learn to read and write English you dope!

marcosandflea writes:

The code board is the last place on Marco that the likes of the turk and the little italian can be big men.

Without Popoff and Minozzi both these dwarfs have nothing going for them.

happyhorowitz34145 writes:

in response to Klabautermann:

(This comment was removed by the site staff.)

Hey Klab...Why is it last week when I posted on the Joel firing and stated that the mental midgets (Pepe Granda & Taliban Tariq) should also be let go, you were against the idea.
Now you change your mind and jump on the band wagon.
So I'll say it again these two should also be asked to leave the board, and fire Laura Litzen as well.
When Litzen is gone, the city will find out how inept Reviere really is.

lauralbi1 writes:

To All Citizens: You are finally encouraged to attend tomorrow night's Council (12-6-10) meeting and express your opinion about a Charter High school being located on Marco Island. This is in response to, and opposed to, the ridiculous position expressed in the e-mail below:
From: ChairMarcoAcademy
To: Undisclosed-recipients:
Sent: Friday, December 03, 2010 11:40 PM

After searching appx 18 properties on island for a temporary location for the high school, we have run out of options. I have asked the district for the property they own on island and they have denied it to us. Every property I have investigated on island has:

1. MICA deed restrictions
2. Zoning restrictions
3. Neighbors who don't want it
4. Not affordable for a school.

I am going to ask the council if they are willing to give us a solution. I have spent the last 18 months trying to find a location but have been blocked every single time. Either the City, MICA, etc. makes an exception and sees the value that the school will bring and finds a location for us or they will force us off the island.

5:30 p.m. at the Community Room, 51 Bald Eagle Drive, Marco Island


Jane Watt, Chair
Marco Island Academy

Talk about a "spoiled brat" syndrome !! This e-mail is written with the assumption that Marco wants this school, and that Marco island has any responsibility to this School.
Please show up and express yourself. You have been doing it in the blogs, now it is time to let the City know how you feel.
Ed Issler

RayPray writes:



Gunga Jane Sounds her bugle!

Out from their subterranean nest swarm all the evil, bug-eyed imps of the Gang of Watt, paltering and pandering to $hake us down for the loathsome Marco ME-JANE Apartheid Academy.

liberator100 writes:

happyhorowitz34145, marcosandflea and klabberyapper:
did you see your hero Kiester on TV last night? He was ripped up, torn and discarded. That is usually what happens to men(!) who publicly beat up on women.
hahaha! What a bunch of losers you all are.

liberator100 writes:

Klabberyapper: I am a Vietnam era veteran. On the other hand, you look like you might have been involved in WWII (on the wrong side of the fence, I might add).
Councilman Waldeck is a most honorable single man; he can go after any available woman on this earth he sees fit. Do you have something against that Uwe?

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