Marco council blog: Resident gets police escort for speaking poorly of late councilman

Jolley Bridge design revised for Marco safety, aesthetic and future trail plans

Article Highlights

  • Mackle Park improvements and emergency Hernando Bridge repair projects approved
  • Naming facilities after Marco heroes turns to heated debate between chairman, resident on Tucker
  • Council creates a five-member standing utility board

— Marco Island's City Council reviewed design plans for a new Judge S.S. Jolley Bridge span presented by Florida Department of Transportation Officials tonight. City Parks and Recreation Director Bryan Milk and members of the city's beautification committee have expressed concerns about safety and aesthetics in the design of the bridge.

Public comments to council prior to agenda issues

Council heard from residents before digging into the issues of the additional two-lane bridge span to be built using stimulus dollars; upgrades to Mackle Park; an emergency Hernando Bridge repair; naming city facilities after citizens who contributed greatly to the city and the creation of a utility board.

-Dave Gardener of the VFW requested assistance with funding for the veterans' memorial at Veterans' Community Park

-Bob Olson urged everyone vote in the January election. He was concerned about government debt and urged support for a "pay as you go" philosophy. Olson said tax increases have caused people to leave the island in droves as well as code enforcement problems. He said the code cases against Key Marco (which have led to two lawsuits against the city) could have been solved better. "Stop spending money like it's water because the problems in the next couple years are going to be substantial."

City Manager Steve Thompson replied that the city debt is revenue-based debt from the utility purchase and improvements. There is an upcoming utility bond issue of about $60 million and total city date, mostly from the utility, is roughly $150 million, he reported.

-Ken Honecker HB 1B put restrictions on amount of tax increases cities or counties could levy. He asked if the charter amendment pertaining to the spending cap would effect that state limitation on tax increases. Thompson replied it would not. City Attorney Alan Gabriel said he was not prepared to answer the question. Chairman Rob Popoff asked the question and answer be put on the city Web site once the information is available.

-Sal Sciarrino: "Must be election time. I see everybody dressed." He said he was concerned that there weren't any signs that read "Merry Christmas."

Staff recognized

Marco Island Police Officer Brian Hood is employee of the month. He's been with the city 11 years. "There are too many good things to say about officer Hood," Popoff said.

Jolley Bridge

Johnny Limbaugh of FDOT presented information to council on the bridge. The new bridge will be about 20 feet west of the existing bridge and constructed by Johnson Brothers and FIGG once the permits are approved. An open house informational meeting is scheduled 4:30 p.m. to 6:30 p.m., Jan. 13 at the United Church of Marco Island on Barfield Drive to allow people to see what the bridge looks like and the construction schedule.

Construction is anticipated to begin mid-January and be complete 2011.

Marco's primary concerns were being able to see the water view easily from the bridge given a high railing; vehicle access near the Marco Island Yacht Club causing safety concerns for a future linear park the city plans to construct and beach access on the east side.

"We received the concerns and we're fortunate the contractor is willing to work with us," Limbaugh said.

The intersection south of the bridge remains a full median opening; there will be no changes to railings on the bridge for pedestrian safety and pedestrian access to the water on the east side of the bridge remains, he added.

Despite concerns about the railing, it can't be changed.

"After we're done with our job, we'll have a lease agreement for you to come in to make additional improvements."

Councilman Ted Forcht questioned if a fishing pier could be added at any point.

Limbaugh replied that the fishing piers were estimated to cost $1.2 million and that is over the allotted budget. "We could find a way to do the fishing piers between now and replacement of the other span."

Forcht said he thought a lot of people would be interested in the fishing pier.

About $300,000 will be used for landscaping improvements, Limbaugh reported.

There is a viewing deck on the side of the bridge for pedestrians. Milk requested the ability to coordinate the linear park trails and Limbaugh said the city could come in afterward to do that.

Councilman Wayne Waldack suggested being able to rename the bridge.

FDOT district 1 spokeswoman Debbie Tower said fortunately two out of the three questions were answered with an affirmative "it can be done." The beach access on the southeast side of the bridge has been resolved by not constructing the originally proposed guard rail and retention wall there, she reported. Furthermore, there will the ability to turn around, but no parking near the Yacht Club.

The only thing that could not be changed was the height of the railing on the bridge, which Marco's beautification committee hoped could be adjusted to allow easy viewing while driving across the new span.

Tower said it was a safety versus aesthetic issue and the railing height could not be changed.

She said the savings from removing a guard rail and retention wall from the plan will be put toward additional landscaping improvements.

Utility board

City Council is considering whether to create a five-member standing utility board to review water/wastewater rates and other utility issues. Councilman Chuck Kiester questioned why it would be five members appointed by vote of at least five of seven city council members.

"I told you last time... the (ad hoc utility advisory) committee thought it would take the politics out of it," Councilman Jerry Gibson replied. He said seven members would "just parrot the feelings" of each council member.

Don Henderson, chairman of the former utility committee, clarified that fewer members would work faster and improve rates and bond ratings. The committee voted unanimously to recommend the new five-member board and most of the seven members said they don't plan to apply to be on the board.

"The utility touches every resident on the Island and if they don't like the rates, you're going to hear about it."

The committee's recommendation wasn't to take away council power, Henderson said. "It's not us seven guys (on the utility committee) trying to get power," he added.

The utility board will come with a $30,000 price tag for consulting services to work with the board, particularly on the rate structure as condo versus single family home rates and other rate issues continue to cause debate as rate hikes are estimated at about 38 percent when compounded over the next five years.

"I don't know if we'll be able to find seven people," Gibson said.

Vice Chairman Frank Recker said he thought seven-member boards worked well.

Fay Biles, President of the Marco Island Taxpayers' Association, said five people on a board could accomplish more than seven members, who would take even longer to discuss issues.

Only two of the seven existing utility committee members are willing to serve on a standing board. "That tells you what a tough job it can be," said Amadeo Petricca of the utility committee.

He said it would be a huge time commitment.

"I have a strong feeling about the seven," Councilman Ted Forcht said.

Popoff said with the committee suggesting five members and the community asking council to listen to the recommendations of the ad hoc committee, he suggested listening to the community.

Gibson, Waldack and Popoff voted against a seven-member board and with Councilman Bill Trotter absent, the 3-3 vote failed. Kiester was the only council member who voted against the five-member board. Forcht voted for a five-member board, but said he would bring up the seven member board at every meeting, including the next one.

The city will advertise for applicants and a majority plus one of council members will choose the members of the board.

Hernando Bridge emergency repair

Public Works Director Rony Joel presented the need to repair the Hernando Bridge. He said earlier assessments appeared to make it feasible to move repair of the bridge to 2011, but reviews of the deterioration since then have made immediate repairs necessary.

"Continuing to use that bridge will continue to deteriorate the seawall support that is failing." The bridge repair would be paid for by savings from other bridge projects coming in under budget.

Closing that bridge doesn't have a negative impact because there is a secondary bridge access to that Tigertail area, Joel said. However, he advised council it should be repaired.

Replacing the bridge's slabs and approach would be about $1 million with a 75 year life span and the estimate to extend the bridge's life with repairs is a cost of about $440,000, includes the seawall repair and would extend the bridge's life about 15 years.

TY Lin estimated $270,000 to repair the bridge and $270,000 for the seawall.

Recker questioned why the needed repairs weren't seen in the report of the bridge's status about two years ago.

Kiester said he saw the Hernando Bridge repair as a "must have" versus the Mackle Park improvements later on the agenda, which he described as a "nice to have."

Thompson said the Mackle Park improvements come with $250,000 in grants that would be lost.

Joel said Hernando is the last bridge besides Smokehouse Bay bridge replacement and minor work on the West Winterberry Bridge, which has minor deterioration and will need to be evaluated this year and action be taken in 2014. "That will be the last one and then we'll have addressed all 15 bridges on the Island," Joel said.

"I hate to be a smart Alec about this whole thing, but if my seawall looked like this I'd get a ticket," Forcht said.

Waldack said replacing the bridge would be a lot cheaper in the long run.

"Do we have a million dollars laying around anywhere?" Forcht asked.

"You do in the bridge account," Thompson replied.

There is more than $1.2 million in unspent bridge repair funds.

Council voted to repair the bridge in 6-0 vote.

Mackle Park improvements

City Parks and Recreation Director Bryan Milk said the 8-foot wide asphalt pathway would be replaced because of irregular, large cracks. The new path would be wider to match the existing access-way in the north of the Mackle Park property.

A new 8-foot pathway would be installed between the office trailer and Andalusia. New low-profile lighting would be added around the lake's pathway every 100-feet for safety walk at dawn and dusk.

A galvanized structure would replace the chickee hut, which is located near the sailing section of the lake. The hut was recently burned in an act of vandalism. The new design would match the other buildings.

Forcht and Gibson liked the Island flavor of the chickee hut design better.

A matching grant is available for up to $200,000 if complete by April and the total cost is $450,000 after a future phase of construction for the park, Milk reported.

Dan Higgins is suggested by Milk as the contractor to construct the first phase, costing about $240,000,

The future phase is going out to bid next.and the cost for both phases of improvements and engineering will cost about $450,000 total, Milk reported.

Council approved the project 4-2 with Kiester and Forcht voting against it.

Naming city facilities to honor residents turns heated

City Hall, the fire station, police station and Veterans' Memorial Park, which is located on Collier and Barfield Blvds., are possible locations for naming after residents who have made considerable contributions to the city.

"I think naming this room after (former councilman) Glenn Tucker is appropriate since he spent so much time up here," Kiester said.

Gibson motioned to name City Hall after Tucker, the longest serving council member who served on City Council for 10 years and passed away suddenly in 2009 at age 65..

Craig Woodward said Tucker was a good friend and epitomized a good citizen with acts of kindness such as helping a woman stay in her condo that she couldn't afford.

Pat Neale added: "Glenn was a supposed competitor but a greater friend." Before Tucker was a city council member, he served the county on boards and served the country in the U.S. Navy. He opposed becoming a city but then did all he could to make it the best possible, Neale said. He supported naming City Hall in Tucker's honor.

A.K. Battaglia said buildings and bridges shouldn't be named after people, but the room was OK. "I think Marco City Hall is more appropriate than any individual." She clarified that it wasn't about Tucker, but the overall idea.

Donald "Dusty" Rhodes, Tucker's former partner in an Island law firm, said Tucker deserved to have City Hall renamed in his honor. "All the things he fought for was for his love of this city."

One resident vocally disagreed. "I'm not going to praise Glenn Tucker... He was an arrogant bully. He showed his disdain for the people and the council," said resident Robert Glaub.

Popoff stopped Glaub. "Mr. Tucker is not here to defend himself... Let's keep this on the high road, sir."

"He was an admitted liar," Glaub responded.

"I think it's entirely out of line, sir... It's out of order... This is entirely in terrible form," Popoff said.

"He bragged about destroying emails and then he was more than a prime mover in Kiester's (Sunshine Law violation charges)" Glaub continued.

After Glaub continued making comments and allegations of wrongdoing during Tucker's life, other members of the audience warned of slander.

Popoff asked Police Chief Thom Carr to escort Glaub to his seat.

Glaub was approached by Carr without resisting, but instead of sitting down Glaub continued walking out of the building as Carr escorted him.

Popoff said he didn't always agree with Tucker on the issues, but respected him for his work for the city.

Popoff suggested rules be created to name facilities, which council approved 6-0.

In other business:

-Council voted against, in a tie 3-3 vote with Popoff, Kiester and Forcht voting no, for park trails. The city would spend $220,000 to get matching grants.

-Tom Kirstein was appointed to the Firefighters' Pension Board in a unanimous vote.

-Gibson said after attending an audit committee meeting, he learned Finance Director Patricia Bliss and auditors suggest a second new-hire is needed in the finance department. Bliss is in the process of hiring one new finance staff member. Once the two people are on-board, contracting with former finance director Bill Harrison may no longer be necessary, which Recker said he would like to stop paying the $7,000 monthly fees to for bond consulting. In general consensus, council agreed to the new hire.

-Council and Thompson are going to look into whether police, fire and utility workers taking home vehicles is something that should continue.

-Council will bring the linear trail project back when Trotter, who also serves on the MPO and helped get the grants, will be back to discuss the project.

Check related storiy links and the Wednesday print edition of the Marco Eagle for completed stories.

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Comments » 57

MrBreeze writes:

Why not put the choice of "naming" places and bridges on the ballot so the voters can decide? I believe just because you served in political office for ten years should not entitle you to recieve permanent naming of structures. I do not believe that escorting a citizen out of the meeting was correct either. Where was the law being broken? Just because the citizen has his opinion, last I checked this was America Mr. Popoff. I for one am "relieved" that you are not seeking another term.

playballonK writes:

Who are we kidding? Marco was Tuckers little money maker. He wanted to put P.I.'s on citizens that opposed him?! Really, what a great man. WAKE UP MARCO!! Congrats Bob Glaub, you had the Juevos to speak up when the rest of us were too affraid to speak up, Tuckers bully effect still has an affect on this island.

getreal239 writes:

No naming

CollierVoice writes:

Robert Glaub was entirely inappropriate and I applaud Chairman Popoff for his patience and finally having him removed. I couldn't believe what I was watching.

Many of us are disappointed that Rob is not running for office again; he is the calm voice of reason for Marco Island's ugly politics.

I urge everyone to watch the meeting and see for themselves how disrespectful Robert Glaub was; I question the common decency of anyone that sees it otherwise. Glaub should be ashamed of his behavior and publicly apologize.

Not only did he attack a deceased civic leader who was respected countywide but he also accused a seated judge of a criminal act. It was truly an unbelievable display but unfortunately typical of Marco Island's vile politics.

ejburger writes:

Glaub must have been drunk. Wow, I'm so impressed, it took a great deal of courage to do a hachet job on a dead guy. Glaub was entirely out of order and should have been removed sooner.

MarcoFacts writes:

The bloggers supporting Robert Glaubs outburst obviously weren't at the meeting. He was way out of line. Popoff gave Glaub every opportunity to talk but asked him to take the high road but Glaub wouldn't stop. Popoff even said he didn't want to gavel him but he gave him no choice. Finally he asked Chief Carr to remove Glaub and Carr said "it will be my pleasure." Then Faye Biles was yapping about something and Carr told her to mind her own business. It was one more embarrassment for Marco. The same people booed Reverend Baumgadner and now some of you find it acceptable, and even heroic, to publicly assassinate a deceased man. I don’t know his wife or family but I feel terrible for them when they catch wind of this.

Dan_OHagen writes:

I can't wait for it to be on the city's website. This guy must have been way out of line for Rob to toss him out.

ezeee writes:

Kudos to Chairman Popoff for having Robert Glaub ejected from the council chamber. Glaub was totally out of line. Shame on you Bob.

Para_Rescue_38th writes:

playballonk, Tucker didn't profit from Marco Island. When he died he was in a financial crisis like most of us. He pretty much lost his business because of politics but he still served. I didn’t see the meeting yet but who is Robert Glaub and what the heck has he ever done for Marco Island?

Fossil writes:

One more freedom lost. Marco Island lost a great deal at that meeting. A citizen was muzzled and led away like a dog. Why? Because he spoke in opposition and because he spoke the truth as he believed it. Councilman Tucker was called much worse when he was alive. He never denied that he did the things this fellow said of him. Councilman Popoff is wrong. The record is in the city's own minutes and the published accounts of this very newspaper. That record shows that Councilman Tucker had plenty of opportunity to defend himself when challenged. He was indeed contemptful of those who disagreed with him and showed little respect for his opposition by not considering their opinions and concerns. He also never felt it necessary to explain why he changed his mind about the STRP. I just do not understand how anyone can call themselves an American and support what Popoff did. Popoff's action can only be taken with the assistance of the Police. Popoff for the first time in our small town's history, used our Police force to shut down an opposing view. Counclman Tucker would never have approved of Popoff's action. Glen Tucker would be the first to tell you he was no Saint. He was man enough to bear his own burdens and never asked for help from the Chairman or anyone else. Glen Tucker knew how to take care of business and helped those that he took a liking to. I once supported Councilman Tucker and that is what I remember most about the man. He could handle his own problems and could care less what the rest of the world thought of him.

ejburger writes:

Fossil, I have read some pretty ridiculous blogs from you in the past but this sanctimonious BS you wrote above is complete nonsense.

You're right about Tucker, he never defended or offered an explanation for his actions because he didn't care what people like you or Glaub thought; he did what was best for the city. If politicians defend themselves against every insult, rumor and lie they would give life to it. Instead, Tucker, like most politicians didn't dignify the naysayers with a response.

As I said before, Robert Glaub was out of order and needed to be shut down. This was a public meeting where business was to be conducted and his behavior was immature and disruptive. I question whether you actually saw it Fossil. Chairman Popoff showed tremendous restraint.

It’s ironic but I don’t think the motion would have passed unanimously but after Glaubs childish drunken missive he just assured a unanimous vote. Good job Glaub; I’m sure at least one or two councilors would have voted against this motion until you shamed them into voting for it. It’s people like Fossil and Glaub that make it impossible for this community to move on; they love the negativity and they love the fight. I'm sure Glaub will be a hero in his little circle of cavedweller friends. Didn't his wife just write a LTE asking for mutual respect and no more name calling? What a shame…

jwputnam writes:

Tucker is the one who should have been thrown out LONG ago. I pressed him HARD for about six months for him to admit that he lied about having photos of citizens planting asbestos.

Bob Glaub has been treated very poorly by our City. He has a right to be angry. He said nothing out of order. He told the truth.

Note that it was business as usual for our City. We voted to continue to spend and spend. We chase grants as if they are free. They aren't. Idiots! Vote them out!

Montel writes:

He was led away like a dog because he acted like one!!

ejburger writes:

John, you talk about voting the idiots out, sounds like a great idea but no one will run for office. Will you run? Will Robert Glaub? How about Fossil? There are only four candidates to choose from for three seats. Some of you complain constantly but no one steps up to run. A lot of what you say John makes sense but put your money where your mouth is and step up!

lauralbi1 writes:

You CAVE bloggers just do not get it. I told Ed Foster this yesterday. You put the naming issue, especially as it applies to Mr. Tucker, on the ballot, and you will lose, hands down in a landslide. I would have thought that the STRP vote for STRP candidates in the last election would have proved this to you. I would love a ballot initiative !!!
Tell me, what percentage of voters that disagreed with the 2,000 or so of you would make you go away ??
Let's get it on the next ballot. I will help get signatures. Let's do it right away !!!!
Ed Issler

jchamberland writes:

Why are people defending this guy’s bad behavior? It's the Chairman’s job to keep order in the council chambers.

jwputnam writes:

Mr. Burger,

I do not live on the Island 12 months of the year. I have a home in Minnesota so that my wife can be with her very large family during the summer. Otherwise, I would run. I have been encouraged to do so with some substantial backing, but I am not a politician. I couldn't speak the truth and be elected in this town.

Thanks for asking though.

MrBreeze writes:

It seems that if you are a person of truth with morals then you are "labeled" a "cave dweller". I think the non cave dweller attitude has to go. I to would love to run for council but I am not fully retired and vested to the Island yet. But I believe that when you start using police force to remove citizens you have gone to far. Was the man drunk as said above? Was he just stating his views as a Marco resident and American citizen or is this a Island with it's own laws. I think the chairman was totally out of line on a power high, the police chief was totally wrong and they both owe the citizen an apology.

Sometimes the truth hurts and we must not honor those with naming monuments if residents feel it is wrong. The issue on this island is "political cronies" verses "cavedwellers" I for one fall on the side of right for the residents of the island. The cronies will always be around, but it is up to the honest people to keep them in line.

OldMarcoMan writes:

Taser them all !

Flowerpower writes:

Sounds like they should have given him a breathalyzer before they let him drive home, it was terrible conduct. If Rob had allowed this kind of disrespect at council meetings then there would be more of it. He did the right thing by removing this reprehensible man!

jwputnam writes:

Bob was not drunk and it is disgraceful to even suggest that. Lisa, you are truly reprehensible. You need to go. What the hell do you do anyway? I will admit that you did a great job adjusting the photos slides at the podium, but I am not sure that is worth $100,000/year.

Maybe someone should ask about how the Glaubs were mistreated and abused by the City. Do you want to know the truth?

Montel writes:

John, you are so good at deferring away from the issue at hand. Glaub was out of order, "PERIOD." No excuses, no defending him, he deserved to be tossed out of the meeting.

marco97 writes:

So if the City decides to name something after Mr. Tucker I guess you would not be able to say anything negative about him at a council meeting even if what you say is true?
Can someone tell me why we need lights around a walk way that is closed at night?, does the city get free electricity?

EdFoster writes:

From what I read in the article, Mr. Glaub (whom I don't believe I ever met) did nothing more than tell the truth. The public record bears witness to Mr. Tucker's vile conduct at council meetings, disrespect for the people he represented, false accusations, and lying. And Glenn Tucker never denied it. Watch Glenn Tucker in action during council meetings (videos should be available from the Public Information Director unless they've "gone missing"), listen to his attacks, read the transcript of the shade meeting held in preparation for the Clean Air lawsuit and you will know the true Glenn Tucker. His death does not make him a saint. He was a mean despicable man and there is no gainsaying that. It's all in the record. Even Mr. Issler should have no difficulty "researching" it.

When a citizen cannot stand up and recite true facts at a council meeting without being removed by the police, God help Marco Island. Rob, you should be ashamed. What happened to free speech on Marco Island? Does one have to be a member of Celebrate Marco, call for the death of any who oppose their views and lie through their teeth to be "respected" by the vested interests on the island? By their deeds, you shall know them!

Ed Foster

dc5799 writes:

And we all know who THEY are. Also while on the subject of naming buildings Wayne Wayne made a motion that was ignored to change the name of the Jolley Bridge. Could he want to rename it the Minnozzi?

RightWing writes:

I agree rolomokat unless the freedom of speech is disruptive and Robert Glaub was disruptive. I was at the meeting sitting in the back row and he was out of control. He even attacked Judge Mike Carr which made some of us gasp. For all of you making comments that weren’t there or didn't watch the meeting you should remain silent until you see the meeting. There is no place for that type of behavior at our council meetings and I applaud Chairman Popoff for his patience, courage and leadership. He gave Mr. Glaub every opportunity to tone it down and Glaub just wouldn't stop.

cantbelieveu writes:

I am so embarrassed to be reading what most of you are writing.
To know what despicable looks like, I think you need to look in the mirror.
This blog is like the senior citizen Jerry Springer show.

liberator100 writes:

cantbelieveu: you said it all.
Rob did the right thing. Actually, he went above and beyond what any reasonable person in his position would do. He actually gave this certified idiot more time than he ever deserved. Glaub now joins the list of cowards,following the likes of Putnam, Foster, etc., who specialize in attacking people who can not respond to their s----- remarks. Glaub was drunk and he should have been arrested on the spot and sent off to Naples. Foster, stay out of Marco matters. You were a nothing; you are nothing and you will always be a nothing. Glenn Tucker served his country and his City more than the totality of you miserable bunch.

Capt_Buzz writes:

Just watched the interchange between Popoff and Glaub (link above). Popoff did not ask for Glaub to be removed from the meeting. He gave ample warning and finally asked the Police Chief to escort him back to his seat since his four minutes were up and Glaub was still talking. Watch for yourself.

Fossil writes:

Interesting that none of Popoff's defenders can stay on point. You ALL failed to show evidence that Mr. Glaub did not tell the truth. If the Police thought Glaub had crossed a line, he would have been arrested. You try to divert attention and make slanderous comments that cannot be proven. Mr. Glaub spoke the truth and you all know it. There are minutes, video tapes and newspaper articles to prove Glaub's recollection of the man was accurate. Should Glaub have said what he said. Of course. There are two sides to every story. Since when is fair and balenced wrong? Mr. Glaub simply told "the rest of the story". The comments above illustrate only three things; Tucker was a very controversial figure, Popoff enjoys the use of power and Glaub was a very brave man to stand alone and speak to power.

ed34145 writes:

Gee, is this the same jwputnam who, in a letter to the editor last month, said personal attacks are a disgrace????

freedomofspeech1 writes:

First, Mr Glaub could have made his points in a more diplomatic way, but the bottom line is that he disagreed with what council was trying and succeeded in doing which was slamming this naming issue down our throats. Mr Popoff has no right to take away Mr Glaub's freedom of speech...he used no profanity. He only spoke what he felt. Is Marco becoming communist Russia??? Lastly I do not feel there is a need to name ANYTHING after ANYONE....we should only use generic names like VETERANS PARK. When you compare one generation to another there will always be people who do not have an appreciation of what someone has done. Does anyone today have a clue who JUDGE JOLLEY is??? Yet the main access point to this island is named after him!
In 20 years NO ONE WILL KNOW WHO GLENN TUCKER WAS EITHER! The same holds true for TOMMIE BARFIELD....Do any children in this island REALLY know who she is???
These are 2 examples that we should NEVER name ANYTHING after people...we have so few opportunities so we need to maximize them by naming things after generic entities like Veterans that have been here long before we and will be her long after we are gone.
The thing I mostly dislike about what transpired is that council once again made a decision that affects the entire city without allowing public input. The naming of probably the most symbolic building was named after a half hour discussion. This should not have been! This should have remained as a DISCUSSION and set for the next meedting to entertain others and vote after the public was made more aware.

Leroy writes:

As stated many times on this blog, any rational person who watches this clip will see Glaub was unreasonable and most probably intoxicated or he was doing the best Foster Brookes imitation I’ve ever seen. I would pay to go see him at Capt. Briens Comedy Club.

Leroy writes:

Fossil, congratulations, on yet another mindless comment. It wasn't courageous for Robert Glaub to attack the deceased E. Glenn Tucker but rather an act of social retardation and cowardess if I've ever seen it!

titanbite writes:

naming public structures after an individual is simply asking for trouble,not everyone will agree on the choice,there will always be those who disagree with whoever is nominated.

The solution,keep it simple s-----.

City Hall=Government Center.

The Police station=Police Station.

Park in the community=City Park.


Now if you insist on naming public structures after individuals can I make a suggestion?

Jeffrey Dahmer comes to mind.

He may have eaten his fellow human beings private parts.

But you can't say he lied about it.

Comparing the opinions of the Islands citizens and qualifications of other candidates,I think Dahmer takes "the high road"!


Fossil writes:

I encourage anyone interested in what really happened here to watch the video. Mr. Glaub spoke clearly, was NOT abusive, spoke the truth and was argued down by the Chair as soon as Popoff realized that Glaub was about to reveal the real man. Popoff should be impeached for inhibiting Mr. Glaub's freedom to speak. Watch the video and you will see that Chairman Popoff used up most of Mr. Glaub's time lectuing him on how he was not going to allow Glaub to tell the truth. Be ashamed Marco Island.

lauralbi1 writes:

No Fossil, it is you who should be ashamed. Once I post the blog that you posted in response to your Letter to the Editor (with your name) where you state what you meant in your LTE, your identity will be clear to all of us. Then we will start listing your history and "Public Service" and see who should be ashamed.
Mr. Glaub had his 4 minutes of fame. What we need to do now is collect all of his LTE's and blogs, print them in the paper and let everyone know which candidates he (and you) support. Then let's allow the voters to decide which candidates they want to vote for. As I said above, I encourage all of us to vote on the naming issue in the next election. Then we will see the majority that controls what happens on this Island.
Ed Issler

Montel writes:

Yes ed34145, it is the same John Putnam that wrote a LTE asking for civility. As per usual it's acceptable for THEM to attack a "helpless" long standing public servant in as vile and unacceptable fashion as THEY see fit. But it's not ok for anyone to disagree or question THEM. Is that the THEY you speak of dc5799 (actually Robert Glaub) he ousted himself in a previous blog.

ed34145, you must now have realized that there's a double standard for all CaveDwellers to act as juvenile as they wish but unless you're in their group you have to treat them special. No one took away his freedom of speech but definitely should have! Watch the video - Glaub was allowed his 4 minutes and more to express himself to show what a thoughtless twerp he really is. Popoff pleaded with him to take the high road but he was incapable of doing the right thing and asked to be seated when his time was up. He should have been thrown out! If anything Popoff was too nice to this dimwit!

liberator100 writes:

Ed Asbestos Planter Foster does not live here any more. Putnam should join him along with the rest of the Cave Dwellers. We do not need to have a bunch of sentimental old drunks at Council Chambers wasting our time. Glaub should join Foster in NC too. Rob Popoff did the right thing. Foster, Putnam, Glaub; You are a total and absolute disgrace to the human race.

EdFoster writes:


Mr. Popoff threatened to sue Mr. Putnam for defamation. Would you care to have me sue you for calling me "Asbestos Planter." Wash your mouth out and apologize! Fast!

Ed Foster

RayPray writes:

The Tucker I knew was a peremptory, unpleasant little man.

Maybe just name a bonsai tree after him?

liberator100 writes:

Ed Asbestos Planter Foster: Make my day; go right ahead and sue me.Do you think I am afraid of a little weasel like you?
RayPray: Tucker was anything but a "little man".
You are such a sick puppy!

jwputnam writes:

in response to liberator100:

Ed Asbestos Planter Foster: Make my day; go right ahead and sue me.Do you think I am afraid of a little weasel like you?
RayPray: Tucker was anything but a "little man".
You are such a sick puppy!

You ARE afraid sir, or you would sign your name. YOU sir are the weasel....just as Tucker was when he admitted lying about having evidence of citizens planting asbestos in the parks...tons of it and buried three feet below the surface. Let's get real here.

RayPray writes:

"RayPray: Tucker was anything but a "little man".
You are such a sick puppy!"

I knew Tucker from occasionally playing tennis with and against him.

His habit was periodically to call imaginary foot faults against his opponents -- from 70' feet away on the other side of the court!!!

The only person I ever saw doing this in these friendly little games.

Truly a lawyer!!!

I considered letting him win some of these games, since he was a big deal on the island -- but, in the end, decided against this.

And, as I said, he was a small man....

MrBreeze writes:

This island is really divided. The "cronies" and "Political Hacks" have great fear that their power base will be at risk. Therefore, this has caused this small island to become divided. It is time to vote this mindset out but I see it will take until another election cycle to gather the people necessary.

Soloman writes:

Fossil, the acting Chairman is in charge of the council chambers; he holds the gavel and it’s his job to keep order in the room. If he feels that the speaker is out of order he can silence them, all proper Parliamentary Procedure.

I watched the video clip several times and felt that Rob acted as professional as he could under the circumstances. Forget about the comments Bob made about Tucker, Bob Glaub insulted a Collier County Judge...not very smart and could have legal repercussions for him.

All this talk of freedom of speech is nonsense since Bob had more than four minutes because Rob restarted the clock (watch it again) to allow him to speak. Another point is that he was not kicked out or asked to leave but asked to be seated since his 4 minutes were up. Lets at least be objective here. Bob’s statements right or wrong were not proper.

On another note, I was very impressed with Chuck Kiester as he was often the target of Tuckers indignation. Yet he was able to see past petty battles and look at the bigger picture. Congratulations to you Mr. Kiester, you have my vote!!

sharkfloss writes:

To the average Marco taxpayer this whole thing is quite disturbing. Is our City Council concerned as to how this whole process is being perceived by outsiders? Should there not have been a process by which a taxpayer funded building gets named prior to this action? Should the taxpayer be part of the selection process? Who knew that we were going to rename a central building for anyone? This whole thing, right or wrong, should not have been handled in this manner. I would think that the late Councilor Tucker's family would not want the negativism associated with many these posts to be part of his legacy to this city. It would be a shame to think that by failing to provide a forum for such discussions would result in tarnishing of this man's reputation, well deserved or not.

liberator100 writes:

RayPray: You are the smallest man on Marco Island. Check it out.

Fossil writes:

Soloman: You think so little of our Freedom of Speech do you? 4 min. of interupted time is NOT Freedom of Speech. Unless I am watching a heavily edited version of the recording, a review of the recording shows less than one min. of time in which the Chairman is not lecturing Mr. Glaub. The Chairman's decisions should not be based on his personal need to exercise power over others. Mr. Glaub was not disruptive unless you believe telling the truth is disruptive. This time the Chairman went too far when he tried to stop a citizen's personal reflection of his mentor's poor behavior while serving the City. As if to highlight his objection to Glaub, he offers that his only objection to Glaub's reflections were they were "inappropriate"? Since when is the truth "inappropriate" especially when it is supported by so much public record? Makes you wonder if the Chairman and the lawyers that promoted this idea thought the public had no memory. By supporting Popoff's dictatorial behavior while attempting to force his will on the public, you are doing our little government real damage and you should join Popoff in apologizing to Mr. Glaub and the rest of us. I believe Popoff's performance during this episode, has revealed what politics is all about on Marco Island; spinning fantasy stories and protecting the will of a few movers and shakers in our community, the lawyers, bankers, money lenders and realators (the same people that put our country in it's current mess.

Semper_Fidelis writes:

The plaque or sign will be put up on city hall and dignitaries from all over the state will come to show their respect at the dedication ceremony. A couple months after that people will totally forget about it, except for a few blowhards and E. Glenn Tucker City Hall will be here long after the cavedwellers. Glenn must be smiling in his grave right now; I guess he had the last laugh! It's poetic justice!

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