Forcht also has out-of-state contributors in Marco race

— In earlier news reports the focus was on Marco council candidate Larry Magel who continues to lead the pack in getting campaign contributions. However, he is not the only one of Marco's four candidates vying for a council seat who has out-of-state backing. Incumbent Ted Forcht also received contributions from four out-of-state supporters in a previous reporting period.

While Magel had four contributors who listed out-of-state addresses on the most recent campaign finance report for the period of Dec. 22 through Jan. 1, Forcht also had four contributors who listed out-of-state addresses on a previous filing period of Oct. 1 through Dec. 4.

All four of Magel's out-of-state supporters are also taxpaying, property owning residents of Marco Island, reported Magel's campaign manager Al Diaz. At least two of Forcht's out-of-state contributors also fit that description. Two share the Forcht family name.

Magel had about 45 contributors total and most listed Marco as their address. Forcht has 11 contributors, thus far. Final campaign finance reports will be available within 90 days after the Jan. 26 election.

Joe Batte remains the candidate with the fewest contributions. Incumbent Chuck Kiester received the second most contributions, but still several thousand fewer than Magel.

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Comments » 18

happyonmarco writes:

This is the worst writing I have ever seen!
Also...Many of Marco's home owning taxypaying residents have accounts from out of state. Just because they may not be registered voters here doesn't mean they don't care about who the councilman are...

ChuckKiester writes:

Well, I think that they should be hanged, strangled, drowned and poisoned. If they can live through all of that, then they will have earned a seat on city council. Chuck Kiester

CouncilmanForcht writes:

Thanks Mom and Dad for the Checks!
Also a BIG Thank you to my Mother and Father-in-Law for their checks too!
I cant be ALL bad if the In-Laws give money LOL

happy6 writes:

go ted...note that magel's campaign mgr is mr. al diaz...condo manager.

wwaldack writes:


Is being a condo manager a bad thing or are you just trying to drive a wedge between single family homeowners and condo owners.

I believe it is time for single family home owners and condominium owners to work together for a united Marco.

Wayne Waldack

OldMarcoMan writes:

Shut up Wayne, we already know your Magel 'boy'
I know Ted Forcht, I respect Ted Forcht. I dont know this Kelly person but after reading this article I KNOW I dont respect her.
And where was her Editor? Ive seen better writing in school papers!

coucourouz writes:

in response to ChuckKiester:

Well, I think that they should be hanged, strangled, drowned and poisoned. If they can live through all of that, then they will have earned a seat on city council. Chuck Kiester


blogsmog writes:

ITS SHADOW! I knew it! And all this time I thought it was the Marco syndicate like John Aceri and the Chamber trying to get their canidates elected so they could push through their $$$ making agendas. Shame on you Shadow.

ed34145 writes:

Shadow, your comment is as bad as this article. Making an issue where there isn't one. Mr. Diaz is a working resident of this city who contributes much time to volunteer efforts....which is more than can be said for most of the negative people on this island. And, besides, are not condo owners who vote tax paying residents? We've all had enough of people like you trying to pit one group against another.

wwaldack writes:


I have known Ted Forcht since 1995 and helped push start his old MG. I have respect for Ted even though I do not always agree with him.

I have known Larry Magel for less time and I have respect for Larry even though I do not always agree with him.

I believe all candidates should base their beliefs on what is in the best interest of all Citizens of Marco Island (single family owners, condominium owners and business owners).

Wayne Waldack

happy6 writes:

certainly hit a nerve though.

FECOYLE writes:

Ho Hum! zzzzzzzzzzz

ChuckKiester writes:

Coucourouz. I believe one would call it "tongue firmly planted in cheek" humor.

happy6 writes:

mr walduck...all i said was al was magel's condo's that driving a wedge...i would say you're stirring this is in al's best interest to look out for the condo's though...else he'll be without a job.

coucourouz writes:

in response to ChuckKiester:

Coucourouz. I believe one would call it "tongue firmly planted in cheek" humor.

Thanks, I realized it after I posted.

wwaldack writes:

Of all the things that Al Diaz does, you only selected that Al is a Condominium manager and neglected to mention the many other good and honest things that Mr. Diaz contributes for the good of Marco Island, I am sure it was just an oversight on the part of someone who keeps themself and name hidden in a closet.

I believe that you fail to realize that many Condominium owners are also single family homeowners, either on Marco or elsewhere

You might really be leaping to a loose assumption as to what is in Al's best interest.

happy6 writes: does alot of good things...there wayne, you happy?
he still makes his living as a condo mgr (that's all i said)....and there is nothing wrong with that...unless you're wayne walduck and read into what i said something that was not there...
wayne, you have done more to bring this to everyone's attention than i ever did.

MrBreeze writes:

WWaldack, I find it confusing that you relate how much someone does as honesty and being a good voice of the people.

Some of the biggest crooks I know work for charitable groups, give away money, but are ruthless towards their workers, neighbors and families. They are also the folks that you see in the front row in church on Sunday.

What is needed here on Marco Island is elected officials with no hidden agenda's or people looking to glean something from the position for themselves. That is what is needed. The time has come for some fairness to be restored to this island.

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