Letter to the Editor: Finally! Health care for all

New health care provisions — a bench mark world wide!

It is now 6 month ago that President Barack Obama signed the historic health care reform bill into law. A keystone in history of the United States of America. Immediately the entire nation began seeing the benefits of this great concept. Millions of seniors have already received rebate checks to help close the gap in prescriptions drug coverage in Medicare D and hundred of thousand of small businesses nationwide are now eligible for tax credits to help to cover health casts.

Last month even more health care provisions went into effect to protect consumers, improve quality of care, lower costs and increase access to affordable care. For decades health insurance companies have used every trick in the book to deny care to those who need it. Being diagnosed with a serious condition is bad enough. It is even worth when you know the diagnose could prevent you from getting a new health care plan in the future because of a “pre-existing condition.”

That is over. Health insurance companies can no longer deny coverage to children under the age of 19 due to a pre-existing condition. This protects of one of our society’s most vulnerable groups of citizens.

The law is now insurance companies can no longer put a lifetime limit on insurance coverage. In the past if you had conditions that required frequent care and racket up costs, your insurance company could cut off coverage at an arbitrary dollar amount. Simple they said: “You have had enough!” That’s over. Insurance companies can not do this anymore. Insurance companies can no longer impose these lifetime limits and annual limits on insurance coverage will be regulated until 2014, when they, too will end.

Another benefit beginning on Sept. 23 is that health insurance companies can no longer drop insurance coverage without clear proof of intestinal fraud. In the past one small mistake was enough on a form, or claim an individual already knew about a diagnosis that would come in the future, and immoderately rescind, or cancel your health insurance. As a result, too often people who thought they were insured found out they weren’t, just when they needed help the most. This is now illegal.

Consumers now also have an easier way to appeal insurance companies decision. Health insurance coverage has now been extended to one of the most underinsured groups in the nation — young adults. Now most young adults are allowed to remain on their parents’ health insurance coverage until they turn 26. This provision provides much-needed relief to young adults, who are already struggling in tough economy by taking the weight of finding health care coverage off their backs.

Finally new insurance policies must provide free preventive care, such as mammograms, vaccines and other crucial routine exams. Increasing access to preventive care will allow more people to spot health issues earlier and increase the health of the nation as a whole. Thank you President Barack Obama! You did a good job. Most civilized states world wide have the same health care package but not the courage to fight the big insurance companies. You created a bench mark.

Gorch Fock

Marco Island

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jwputnam writes:

This gentleman has clearly been deceived by his party, but he will surely see the truth soon enough.

My wife's premium just increased by 30% and I am about to lose my Medicare Advantage policy.

How can any intelligent citizen believe that we can increase benefits dramatically and insure millions of new citizens (hopefully) and DEMAND that costs not increase? How? How do we cover the cost of allowing 26 year old "children" to be included in their parent's policies? How do we allow citizens to purchase a policy AFTER they become terribly ill? (I would prefer to purchase car insurance AFTER I have an accident. Is that next?) How do insist on NO maximum limits to coverage and not expect a far higher cost? Are we that s-----?

The liberals ALWAYS are assured that there is NO cost to these programs...to them at least. The "rich" will pay for it. They take NO personal responsibility for ANYTHING!

I weep for THEIR children. Mine are watching out for themselves.

Fossil writes:

John, John, it's all possible because we can. The plan will not increase the deficit by even one cent. You are losing your Medicare Advantage policy because that policy was a gimme to the Insurance company that wrote it. You did not lose your medicare. You lost the carrier that administered it. Medicare Advantage policies were subsidized notes that rode on medicare's coat tails. Those plans charged Medicare for a service that Medicare is fully capable of doing itself. Your medicare will still cover the majority of your costs if you are eligible. So don't mislead people. If your wife's plan increased 30% then it probably wasn't an adequate plan to begin with. Stop being cheap and get her one that is competitive in the market place. There are plenty of good plans out there. Insurance companies will not have to produce a product for the premium you pay. No more government handouts to them. No more 2 to 5 thousand dollar a year deductable plans. Real products that actually give real coverage. It can all be done, because now the market has increased to levels that the insurance companies never dreamed of. 30 million new policies to cover people who couldn't afford it before. Doctors, hospitals and providers alike will now recieve payment for their services. The more polcies sold, the more affordable the policy. That's how the cookie crumbles. Don't be s-----. Be grateful. Yes he could. Thank you President Obama for doing something many past Presidents tried but failed. Thanks for getting it done in the first term.

jwputnam writes:

You are not worth the time for me to write a studied response. You are dillusional and misinformed. As usual, you make false assumptions as well. You live in your false world.

November 3rd cannot come soon enough for me.

Fossil writes:

John, that is pretty lame. If you cant argue your point from a position of knowledge, you are right to not try. Read the bill. That is where the facts are. Don't listen to commentators on FOX. Their opinions are written for them by the Insurance companies. They are sprinkled with facts, false assumptions about outcomes and projected costs based on models that have no bearing on the real impact to the health care industy. They ignore savings and cost cutting measures contained in the bill. They ignore the increased market and wealth the new policies represent. They ignore the savings by terminating government subsidies to Insurance Companies. They also ignore the massive number of fraud abuses charged to medicare. Many of which are being shut down as I write this. I just read that several more companies in Florida were charged with ripping off medicare for 200 million dollars in Florida alone. Imagine how much of this activity is going on in other states. This bill brings our country into line with those of the 21st century as far as health care goes. It also makes health care providers more competitive and accountable for their treatment and actual costs. It sets up an enviornment where family doctors can actually make a living and it will bring them more patients with a means to pay their bills. It will help reduce the expensive visits to the Emergency Rooms. It rewards citizens for being pro-active in their own health. It's not the best bill. It's a good bill and it can only get better. Write the Department of Health to send you a brochure explaining how the program works. Be specific in your letter and don't forget to ask them how it will benefit you. You will see that this Bill is good for you and your wife.

ajm3s writes:


Just got my premium notice, 25.45% increase and you are witnessing the interplay between the private insurers influenced by government policy. Recall Obama's rhetoric? Bend the cost curve down? Must be the cost curve for the folks that did pay for health insurance or health care.

The true reason Obama care is unaffordable, 30MM folks will flood the providers under the guise of free health care for those without the means to pay. The reality, is those with health insurance will not be able to pay as well, thereby increasing the burden on the government. All in nice little death spiral to justify a single payer system which is the goal of the Obama Administration in the long term.

End result, mediocre care for the majority of Americans, and excellent private care for the elite (who can pay out of pocket for private care). So again the majority of Americans will have more access but the not the same quality. Ask your doctor, how he feels, he is your direct provider.

And on a national health care policy level, we begin to see the exemptions work there way:


This is just the beginning, we will start with a mini exemption, then as the administration creates policy, I predict will become more complex, to resemble our existing tax code, a complex code of exemptions and credits to address special interests.

The rich have been subsidizing health care before Obamacare, that is why private health insurance was approximately $1000 higher for those with coverage then actual cost. This was the private insurance company way to deal with health care costs for services provided by health care providers for those without capacity to pay.

But now with Obamacare, not only will the rich pay but also every individual with a fine if you choose not to participate against the fundamental principles written in the Constitution.

Look where England and France are heading, the government is now reducing benefits. Regardless, of your position of Obamacare, government mandated and takeover of the health care industry will only reduce the overall quality and excellence of health care because innovation in a centralized "one size fits all" government policy approach leads to stifling innovation.

Such an inefficient means to manage health care insurance. There are so many alternatives that were never considered before the Senate and House of Representatives. The result of a one party solution.

jwputnam writes:

For the ignorant socialists:


Fossil writes:

Projections, projections. You guys are a negative bunch. Someone gives you something and you cry that it's not enough. No more useless policies that drop you the first time you are sick. Premiums will likely go up for those who aren't receiving the services to start with. Now that you will receive coverage, you got to pay. Isn't that the way business works? Go to market and look for the best policy for the least cost. That's what a consummer nation does in a free market. Be happy.

ajm3s writes:

in response to Fossil:

Projections, projections. You guys are a negative bunch. Someone gives you something and you cry that it's not enough. No more useless policies that drop you the first time you are sick. Premiums will likely go up for those who aren't receiving the services to start with. Now that you will receive coverage, you got to pay. Isn't that the way business works? Go to market and look for the best policy for the least cost. That's what a consummer nation does in a free market. Be happy.

I have been paying, and so have many middle class Americans, so why are my premiums going up if the government said they would not, at least not in the same trajectory. I was listening to Mr. Obama spew his control of health care costs throughout the campaign and the past 2 years of his presidency.

Well he passed the legislation, and now we get the goodies that everyone agrees are good for the consumer. But they have an inherent cost, and that will not go uncollected; if so will we revert to price controls of the 70's. History tells us long lines, and lower production/availability and eventually lower quality because is disincentives the market.

That is not pessimism, that is simply reviewing history. And I am optimistic, this regulatory legislation under the title of a health care act, will be compromised due to lack of funding, by our representatives.

So do not paint me as pessimistic, when the government fails to fund the program. I want to be real and make appropriate decisions in the meantime, not be lulled into an future painted by government projections.

And don't forget, we have all those special interests clamoring for position, except now they will be under the title of competing government agencies.


Fossil writes:

You wanted the government to stay out of managing the health care insurance companies, well they left it a private enterprise. They established some basic fundamental requirments. They insisted that companies in this industry give minimum benefits if they want to play. The question is, do you really want the government to fund this program? The best way would be to outlaw the health insurance industry. Did you support a single payer option? I think not. Well the market is adjusting and that's what markets do. When the car companies recieved regulations mandating exhaust converters, the price of cars increased. So what did you expect, this will all work itself out as the various companies get the feel of the marketplace and competition will bring prices down. After all, this bill is a boom for the insurance industry, all those new customers out there. Great for the free market economy. At least today the market offers policies that will give you benefits and not withhold payments when you really need them.

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