Letters to the Editor: July 5, 2011

Letter of The Day: Just cut

Editor, Daily News:

It seems to me that the No. 1 problem in our country, the highest priority, start-here problem is government spending.

The executive branch is out of control and the Congress is dithering about what to do, abdicating its responsibility to mind the public purse. In fact, Congress is a major contributor to this existential issue which is or should be non-partisan.

Unemployment is a problem but, in relation to the debt and the reckless spending, the attention on the lack of jobs and economic growth is a political sideshow, a distraction. If the politicians can get away with moaning and groaning about jobs and doing nothing about spending, they win; they do not have to act on spending.

There is no 1 percent solution. Cut the spending. Cut it deep enough to show a surplus. Use that surplus to start reducing the debt. The economy will respond to that, a true stimulus.

No excuses, no pontificating. Congress, do your job or be fired.

If you do not increase the debt, you do not need to increase the debt ceiling. Cut the spending. Focus. Start now.

— Bob Shearer

School daze

Editor, Daily News:

Re: "Bad Teacher,’’ the movie.

Bad idea! Today’s society is messed up enough without this movie.

The other day two friends and I decided to see it.

Much to our surprise it consisted of this: lies, cheating, drugs, alcohol and sexual gestures.

Now, to make matter worse, we sat next to a husband and wife who were accompanied by two probably middle-school age children and one Exceptional Student Education high school student whom we have had on our bus in the past.

What is wrong with this picture ? It’s bad, it’s explicit.

Just a week ago a mother was on the news protecting her daughter from stuff like this and here you are taking your children to witness it first-hand.

Shame on you. You should have left and requested a refund.

Upon departure I asked the attendant, "Isn’t there an age restriction in that movie?"

He replied, "Not when accompanied by an adult."

Wow! This is really scary!

I can’t believe they were even able to film such a movie.

To all of you who thought you wanted to see this movie, save your money. It’s really bad and in poor taste.

Sure hope teachers don’t get a bad rap from this one.

— Beth Buckingham


Answering for Obama

Editor, Daily Neews:

The New York Times, which considers gay marriage a "fundamental freedom," asks editorially, "Why is Obama so reluctant to say the words that could lend strength to a national effort now supported by a majority of Americans?"

If I were to answer for President Barack Obama I would guess it is because he is torn, understandably, between his conviction that gays should have equal rights, on the one hand, and his belief, as a practicing Christian, that marriage (a sacrament, in addition to its legal consequences) is a union between a man and a woman.

And he fails to see how a gay couple is in any way prejudiced or discriminated against because their relationship is called a "civil union," rather than a "marriage," as long as the consequences, tax-wise and otherwise, are identical with those of a married couple, except for the name.

Moreover, if as he says (and most would agree), the issue is one for each state to decide, additional words, beyond what he has already said, merely to define the extent of what the Times calls his "supposed evolution," would be unnecessary, if not inappropriate. He has deliberately stopped short of endorsing gay marriage, as distinguished from gay civil unions, because he disagrees with the Times’ contention that by doing so, he is "favoring discrimination."

— John F. Malley


History channelled

Editor, Daily News:

Jim Coletta and Donna Fiala care about history, culture and education, the backbone of the county. They have heavily supported the Collier County Museum system, with Coletta frequently visiting our events in the Immokolee and Everglades City museums, and with Fiala aiding in leading the charge to build, finance and promote the new Marco Island Museum.

Coletta and Fiala are not natives yet they care about our history when so many Floridians and Neapolitans kick it to the curb.

For the past three years the Tourist Development Council has suggested to remove funding of museums in the county. Coletta and Fiala have, for the past three years, voted against the TDC, defending the history of Collier County.

There is only one way for history and cultural education to flourish in the county. That is under the administration of these two great commissioners.

We cannot take for granted words spoken by their challengers saying that they will do the same; we have to go with results.

Without Fiala and Coletta to safeguard our past, how will the future survive?

It is with this that I wholeheartedly endorse Fiala (District 1) and Coletta (District 5) for re-election.

— Jacob Winge


Necessities noted

Editor, Daily News:

Re: Diane Rhodes’ letter commenting on the Rev. Michael Orsi’s belief that a fair-tax or national sales tax would help our country’s financial problems.

What she might not understand is that necessities wouldn’t be taxed; therefore, it wouldn’t hurt the poor.

Of course, "wants" and "needs" would have to be defined, which would curtail excess spending (a good thing).

The wealthy would certainly be the biggest spenders, which would make them the biggest taxpayers (no loopholes).

Done correctly I believe this would work well for our country.

— Lee B. Miller



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