Letters to the Editor: July 7, 2011

Letter of The Day: Nation demands heroes

Editor, Daily News:

Ethical behavior does matter.

The list of "ethically challenged" public personalities runs the gamut from politicians to sports personalities to movie luminaries.

Some would say that their performances as public figures, as long as successful, is all that matters and what is done in their private lives is their business and ethical behavior is none of our concern.

I respectfully disagree.

Arnold Schwarzenegger, Tiger Woods, Newt Gingrich and the latest member of the "club," former U.S. Rep. Anthony Weiner, are but a few examples of luminaries with what could best be described as celebrities with "gutter" moral values.

Our nation demands heroes as role models.

Whether these exceptional people accept the responsibility or merely inherit the role, it is their lifestyle that we, the average citizens, look to for inspiration and goals to which we can aspire.

All societies if they are to survive must have a moral code that defines the nation. Short of this system of convention the eventual demise of that nation will all but be ensured. Despite the fact that we exist in an imperfect world, role models in any society have no option but to set an exemplary paradigm of good behavior. When that elite leadership begins to participate in lifestyles reflecting darker and more disturbing configurations, it is at that time when we begin our descent into the abyss and it is but a matter of time when a nation’s putrefaction becomes irreversible.

— R. Michael Hoy


Jersey sure

Editor, Daily News:

I understand from what I saw on the TV the other day that same-sex weddings were allowed in New York and Massachusetts.

I guess if a couple like a man and a woman want to be married they would most likely have to go to New Jersey.

I am sure it would be allowed there.

— Robert Breaker


Calling out cable

Editor, Daily News:

I have "had it" with Comcast.

At the beginning of the hurricane season they make an economic decision to kill the up-to-date weather channel 25.

The two weather channels are past-time local on split-screen trash.

Comcast is rich. It has bought NBC Universal, but cut off a critical local storm-warning service.

Comcast has a monopoly on cable service in this area and what do I get? Trash TV programming and cable access for around $200 per month.

They even moved their office on U.S. 41 to State Road 951 to make it more difficult for customers to get there.

— Jim Howard

Naples Park

Frequent flier

Editor, Daily News:

Before President Barack Obama targets private jets, he should take a good look at his 747.

The guy has really piled up a bunch of miles on that beautiful flying machine.

— Oliver J. Marcelli


The valiant captain

Editor, Daily News:

A recent "60 Minutes" episode described receiving the Medal of Honor: "The single greatest honor that the military can bestow and it comes right from the president of the United States himself."

There is one exception.

An attack that earned a brave Navy captain the Medal of Honor from events on June 8, 1967.

This captain piloted his ship during a 75-minute brutal attack from one of the world’s most formidable military forces. An intelligence gathering ship, the USS Liberty, was strafed by fighter jets, seared with napalm and hit with rockets. Valiant crew fought the flames as their life rafts were destroyed by gunfire. Pursuing torpedo boats fired as the ship struggled to evade its attackers. One torpedo hit causing catastrophic damage.

Capt. William McGonagle, one of 174 men who were wounded, never left the helm despite the blood loss from his wounds. One hour and 15 minutes after the attack, the ship was riddled with 821 large holes.

Thirty-four American sailors died.

The attacker? The Israeli Air Force and its Navy.

Debate continues over whether this was a calculated attack or the single longest friendly-fire accident in military history.

I only know that I was honored to meet the captain before he passed away a few years back, the only recipient of the Medal of Honor who was not awarded at the White House by the president, Capt. William McGonagle.

— Jay Thomson


Message received

Editor, Daily News:

There is a boat company on Airport-Pulling Road, heading north, right before the Tamiami Ford dealership (same side).

They have a great message posted on their sign out front:

"NBC, you forgot God."

Check it out.

— Meredith Reed


No vote of confidence

Editor, Daily News:

I am willing to consider that President Barack Obama truly saw himself as being of presidential timber and that those who voted for Obama, in some delusional manner, were seeking to serve the best interest of our country.

Both of these prior possibilities would have required a willing exclusion of all available information but, I’ll conjure, these positions could arguably be held. 2012 could allow for no comparable benign interpretation. We are no longer looking at the empty record of Obama; we are staring at his proven record of staggering incompetence and destructiveness.

Obama’s candidacy for 2012 is an irrationality of the highest order. His inexperience, sophomoric immaturity and petulant pettiness, have manifest themselves in negatives so dramatic that they could be mistaken for intentioned actions.

For Obama to believe that we need four more years of his ineptitude borders on the preposterous. If Obama really loved America he would step aside and allow this nation to once again pursue its greatness. This, however, would require an ethical epiphany that is far beyond his childlike potentials.

It is impossible to understand those who might once again vote for this narcissistic demagogue. His performance has, at very best, been neutral and, in most areas, has deepened or created the problems that America faces as a nation.

The desire to vote for Obama is not a whimsical variable of political preference. It reflects a deep emotional and intellectual disturbance, so profound that it can never be reconciled with rational thought.

Why would anyone choose membership in this very troubled group?

— Andrew R. Joppa


Rain man

Editor, Daily News:

Really, what’s going on here?

Why do Fort Myers and other communities north of here consistently receive considerably more rain than we do?

Saturday’s paper stated Fort Myers 22 inches, Naples 7 inches of rain so far this year. And that’s not just a one-time occurrence. I have watched numerous times as a weather front was headed our way, it either split sending part north and part south or it just petered out altogether. Could it be the mountain range or skyscrapers here?

Robert and Hailey, look into that for us, would you?

— Herb Brown


Freedom of choice

Editor, Daily News:

Honoring the Declaration of Independence reminds us of the importance of the liberty fought for and died for to bring America into existence.

Many fundamental freedoms are necessary for our republic to flourish. These include freedom of speech, religion, assembly and the right to petition our government for redress of grievances.

Another fundamental freedom is the right to choose: to choose where to live, to choose whom to marry, to choose how our bodies are controlled.

When thinking of the freedom of choice over our own bodies women are especially thankful for the right to privacy which prevents the personal beliefs of others from dictating what they may do with their own bodies.

This is part of what it means to be a female American: to have the right to control one’s reproductive health, to choose when or whether to have children.

The right to choose is a fundamental freedom for an American.

— Shirley Rashin Swart



Editor, Daily News:

The Obama administration has set some precedents that can come back to bite them.

They investigated many people in the Bush administration trying to convict them for wrongdoing. They are still trying to prove the CIA and other government employees have broken laws while doing their jobs. Yet they allowed the New Black Panthers to intimidate voters and let 500 SEIU thugs terrorize a

14-year-old when he was home alone.

The current administration has ignored the Constitution and filed charges against states for trying to do jobs the federal government should be doing. The president personally fired the CEO of an auto company and bypassed Congress in many ways. He wants to redistribute the wealth, which will destroy our economy like it has in Europe. His people even let Mexican drug dealers buy weapons which have been used to kill our people.

There is a lot of talk of impeaching him for his disregard for the law and attempts to change the country to socialism. Impeachment is to charge a public official before an authorized tribunal with misconduct in office and challenge their credibility or validity.

Treason is the offense of attempting to overthrow the government of one’s country, betrayal of a trust and/or assisting its enemies in war. It would be easy to file such charges. Just the Obama health-care bill is not about health care but is a way to take away freedoms and is a fast track to socialism.

Much of the bill doesn’t have anything to do with health care.

— Paul D. Larson


Keep truckin’

Editor, Daily News:

I want to send a great thank you Brent Batten and a great thank you and appreciation to the Naples Daily News.

I recently read your 23 March article titled “Medical Marijuana is No Joke,” and was so relieved to see some movement toward informing the public about the topic.

I am a 20-year-old Florida student who has an ill father and will continue to pray for the day to come that he does not need to take prescription medications for pain and marijuana can relieve the ailments for him.

Keep trucking for the cause.

— Callie Schuyler


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