Letters to the Editor: July 8, 2011

Letter of the Day: Old friends

Editor, Daily News:

The pundits tell us that the daily newspaper will soon be a thing of the past. If that’s true, I hope I go before it happens.

There is no dispute that the computer and the airwaves will tell you about an event long before you will read about it in the paper. They say that ours is a fast-moving world and people don’t have time to leaf through the morning paper to see what’s happening. They already saw it on TV a minute after it happened.

That misses the point.

I’ll bet there are a whole bunch of folks like me who look forward to settling down every morning with a cup of coffee and the paper.

The headlines are most likely old news by now so I go right to the sports section — then a scan of the front section — followed by op-ed, the comics and finally the crossword puzzle.

It’s a decades-old ritual that is personal disaster when broken.

On those very rare mornings when the paper is missing I feel like I did when I stopped smoking. My body has withdrawal symptoms.

Sure, it’s a fast world and most people have to get up and get with it first thing in the morning but a few intimate moments with that morning paper is a great way to start the day.

So, here’s hoping the pundits are wrong or at least will wait until I’m out of here.

— Carl Clark

North Naples

No exchanges?

Editor, Daily News:

Are exchange students an endangered species?

They can been seen on Facebook and talked to on Skype, but whether or not any will actually be seen in Southwest Florida area this July 12 to 31 is up in the air.

It is fascinating that high school students from all over the planet can meet, make friends and exchange ideas — one avatar to another — in a digital living room and yet not have the opportunity to meet each other face-to-face while sharing pizza and soda on the porch.

The opportunity is there, but the hosts are not. Twelve French students and a leader are due to arrive here on July 12 for a 20-day stay with their sole objective being getting to know America and Americans. After months of outreach we have found only six families to welcome students. It is puzzling because it is such a unique, enriching and educational way for local families to engage meaningfully with the world. We are all part of the international community, so why not try to get to know our neighbors?

If you agree and want to take part, call 239-689-1876 or email me at atsmmrocha2@hotmail.com. We can show you the students’ applications, photos and “Dear Host Family” letters. Signing up to host is quick and easy and soon you, too, can be exchanging emails, Skyping and friending each other on Facebook.

The students come with insurance and pocket money. They look forward to being in host families with children of all ages. Their visit is sponsored by World Exchange (www.worldexchange.org), a non-profit organization founded in 1985.

— Ana Rocha

Program coordinator

Fort Myers

Dress code

Editor, Daily News:

I have read and reread the article regarding the casual dress code adopted by many local churches. This news left me with many unanswered questions and I am appealing to those with answers to enlighten me.

1. Is it more important to carefully dress for a cocktail party, fundraising event, a wedding, christening, business meeting or political gathering than it is to dress properly and with respect to pay homage to God and religious leaders?

2. Halloween parties attract people willing to spend lavishly for costumes that are uncomfortable and without longevity; yet these same celebrates are not willing to put on proper clothes and shoes to attend a church service? Women are willing to pay exorbitant prices for dresses, huge hats and outlandish shoes to appear at garden parties yet can’t take time to dress for church.

3. Would those wearing flip-flops, shorts, t-shirts (with suggestive messages), transparent blouses cut low-and-behold, cut-off jeans, mini-minis and other provocative apparel meet the pope, the president or any other person requiring respect? How do they explain their lack of respect for the church, synagogue, temple and other venues of worship?

4. Are members of the “casual set” prepared to dress for weddings, christenings, appearances in a court of law, parties, bar mitzvahs, business meetings and similar occasions also prepared to explain why any venue where God is worshipped and their clergy is present is not due the same respect and reverence?

— Doris Reynolds


Gore was right

Editor, Daily News:

I can see it starting already. Opponents are resurrecting the lie that Gore said he invented the Internet. What Gore did was advocate the growth of the Internet while in Congress. He was a great champion of the Internet; he never said he invented the Internet.

Why do I bring this up now? With the horrible weather events we have been having over the last year and mounting proof that humans are contributing to climate change, Gore looks smarter each day. When an argument proves to be right then the losers go after the person making the argument in hopes of winning the point.

To be exact, an ad hominem attack occurs when people who are unable to attack the argument itself resort to attacking the person making it.

I predict that there will be an increase in the number of times we hear and read about the Internet lie that will correlate to the coming climate events that support Gore’s warning about climate change.

For our religious brethren I’d like to pull a quote from Revelations 7:3. “Do no harm to the land or the sea or the trees until we imprint the seal on the foreheads of the servants of our God.”

Google “Gore invented the Internet” before you say anything else.

— Bernie Kennedy



Editor, Daily News:

Please refer to Scott Mansell’s recent “spewings” wherein he said: (just one of his sentences) “Oil is not an ‘addiction’ for America, it is a ‘necessity.’ ”

Similar marketing words were posited by the president of the Ashtabula Butter Churn Corp. And, it was a Pennsylvania newspaper that exclaimed — in horror-stricken print — similar marketing observations as would relate to the closing of the Philadelphia Buggy Whip Co.

What is really shocking, the Ball Brothers Co. in Muncie, Ind., really cornered the market on home canning but darn, along came the frozen foods concept. Without exception, all the afore-listed firms represented the tip of a proverbial iceberg comprised of massive employment.

There is no doubt we are having global warming and there is no doubt that much of it is caused by the burning of fossil fuels — non-renewable energy. Yet, the climate deniers would never, but never, want to err on the side of caution, would they?

— Ed Frick


On the right path

Editor, Daily News:

The author of “No Vote of Confidence” knows the English language, I will give him that. But he doesn’t know this president, nor does he know the mood of the American people.

“The problems that America faces today,” according to the writer, were presented to President Barack Obama as a result of eight years of the worst mismanagement of this country ever by the most hapless two presidential terms in our history.

President Obama had the brilliance and the decisiveness to use every presidential tool at his disposal to lift this country from the depths of despair and put it on the road to recovery it now follows. He has won back virtually every other country whose leaders were embarrassed and turned off by the previous office holder. He guided through the legislature the most meaningful health reform in the history of our nation, reversing a potentially disastrous path we were on.

His calm, cool approach to every problem is in stark contrast to the other side’s knee-jerk reaction to every challenge. His arrival on the American scene was another example of a long line of leaders who fortunately have appeared at a time when most needed to right a ship that had gone dangerously off course.

The writer of “No Vote” will find to his dismay that the line to vote for Obama and return this brilliant leader to office next year will be very, very long indeed.

— Robert E. Dimond


Grecian formula

Editor, Daily News:

Just to set the record straight, I was born and raised in Athens, Greece.

I went through the World War II occupation, joined the Greek Army, was honorably discharged as second lieutenant and started my education in chemistry at the University of Athens.

Then, in 1953 at age 27, I came to America to pursue my dream to find liberty, freedom and a better world, like any other immigrant. My wife and I are happy grandparents of 13 grandchildren. And now, here I am, looking at what happened in Greece, the country that created the best civilization the world had ever known, advanced in science, medicine, physics and all that.

But the mere fact that the Greek people have been victimized by a socialistic government for so many years has put them to the total distraction with no sign of recovering.

So, all I am going to say here is, my dear American brothers and sisters, please take a moment, study the history of the world and compare it to the way America is going down now, the same way Greece is going, and do the right thing.

Don’t let this beautiful country die.

— Harry Mourelatos



Editor, Daily News:

How can for-profit companies make money, lots of it, running schools, prisons and now maybe Medicaid when our not-for-profit government cannot?

Why does a fire truck accompany an EMS vehicle, responding to a 911 call at a private home? Does the operator not hear well, mistaking the word heart for fire?

Why do men oddly write letters to the editor about abortion? Are they blind to the thousands of unwanted babies, who become, sadly, prison fodder or worse.

Why is auto insurance mandatory in all states, but not health insurance?

Why do some people not understand that global warming is based on facts, not fairy tales?

— Nan Bardsley Evans


O boo boos

Editor, Daily News:

Your slip is showing.

Your comments in an editorial on July 4 were quick to criticize Michele Bachmann and Sarah Palin regarding supposed verbal gaffes. You left out some historically and factually incorrect statements by President Barack Obama which are real doozies and far outshadow Bachmann’s and Palin’s statements. For example, I thought it was petty on your part to make an issue about “John Adams” and “John Quincy Adams” when we have the following comments from President Obama.

Obama referred to the Marine Corps as “Marine Corpse” and Navy corpsmen as “corpsemen.”

Visiting Austria he referred to the “Austrian language” which does not exist.

He stated that there are 57 states in the United States.

He referred to Cinco de Mayo as “Cinco de Cuatro”

He is quoted as saying, “With our country founded more that 20 centuries ago“

He once stated “Israel is a strong friend of Israel.”

And the kicker, at Fort Drum recently, Obama said “I had the great honor of seeing some of you because a comrade of yours, Jared Monti, was the first person who I was able to award the Medal of Honor to who actually came back and wasn’t receiving it posthumously.”

Problem is, Jared Monti was killed in action and was dead when Obama awarded him the Medal of Honor. Posthumously.

And that, my friend, is a huge mistake.

— Helen Stuart Bartunek


Debt duplicity

Editor, Daily News:

Here we go again: The Republicans are total hypocrites on the debt ceiling in holding the entire budget, including Medicare, hostage to the debt-limit increases. Some real-life facts: The Bush Administrate with a Republican Congress (2001-2006) raised the debt limit four times. Then with the Democrats controlling Congress (2007-2008) helped Bush raise the limit three more times, for total of seven times in eight years. It was also raised five times during President George H. W. Bush’s one term in office.

The best indication of hypocrisy, however, I’ve saved for last: The Democratic Congress during the Reagan administration (1981-1989) at President Ronald Reagan’s request, raised the debt limit 18 times in eight years in office. This should alone verify who the big spenders were.

These three administrations added $8.28 trillion to our national debt. This adds up to nearly 78 percent of all our nation’s debt through history of the United States, up until they turned the debt of $10.7 trillion over to the Democrats in 2009.

The debt reached a “post-war” low in 1981, but was tripled during the Reagan era, due to the Republican failed “trickle-down-economy theory.”

The Bush administration practiced the same theory giving the wealthy tax-breaks so they could spend it freely, with the leftovers trickling down to us peons. It works well for the rich, but not so great for the middle-class or poor. The proof is in the numbers as the personal income “gap” just keeps widening year by year. We can say goodbye to the middle-class in the near future.

In President Reagan’s own words, the debt he left our nation was the greatest disappointment of his presidency.

— E.L. “Bud” Ruff


Breaking the law

Editor, Daily News:

I’ve never written to you in 30 years and I’m not an older person or snowbird,

But I’ve spent 20 of my years in Naples involved in animal welfare and rescue. Tonight I called the sheriff’s department to find out the actual law regarding fireworks as my neighbors are being dangerous and my horses are running around and getting injured.

They said, “Lady, it’s the Fourth of July” in the rudest, condescending tone.

I said, “I’m not calling to be a pain, just to ask the laws.” They said, “Yeah they are illegal but we are not coming out unless you are prosecuting.”

So go ahead, Naples, be illegal.

— Sharon Bilger



Editor, Daily News:

Fourth of July dud.

How to take a beautiful evening of fireworks on the beach and turn it into a traffic debacle by making people sit for two and a half hours on streets that should have been made two lanes out with no stop lights. All the police officers I spoke with said, “You are talking to the wrong person.” Whomever you are, as Donald Trump would say, “You’re fired!” I can only imagine hurricane evacuation procedures.

— Tim Rice


Find the killer

Editor, Daily News:

No matter what the collective emotional reaction to this verdict is, the reality is that Casey Anthony walks. Ugh!

I want some questions answered. Will the investigation continue? Will her parents be investigated? If the jurors did not find her guilty, I want to know who is guilty.

I challenge the Orange County Sheriff’s Department and prosecution team to keep Caylee’s case open. She deserves justice. Her life was a precious God-given gift that was cruelly taken away from her.

Please do not let Caylee’s life end in vain. Find her true killer now that a jury has found Casey innocent.

We want to know the truth.

— Danielle Steinmann


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