Letters to the Editor: July 17, 2011

Letter of the Day: Single service

Editor, Daily News:

Living life alone.

I’m walking a new path in life — solo. My husband recently passed away and I find new experiences every day as I chart this unknown territory, from doing minor chores like shopping at Publix for one or wading through pages and pages of paperwork with a lawyer.

The other night I was smacked in the face with the realization that I am now a single person. I had the pleasure of going to dinner with my married friends. We decided to take advantage of one of our off season gifts — the summer deals. You know the kind — for $29.99 one receives two dinners and a bottle of wine.

I asked the waiter if they had a “deal” for single people. “No,” he said bluntly as he handed me the menu. “You have to order off the regular menu.” Ouch!

Now, I know some restaurants will accommodate single people. Unfortunately this one didn’t.

So, I am asking those who do not, to rethink their policy. It would be one less reminder that we are living life alone.

— Susan Westley


Calm down

Editor, Daily News:

Freedom of speech or ...?

We can complain about how bad our cable provider is. We can complain about tax cuts and breaks for big business. We find just about anything to complain about be it true or even half true.

However, when does freedom of speech allow us, (media especially) to incite, judge, condemn and to do everything in their power to create an atmosphere where they, in fact, create hate and incite people to do things that may very well be harmful?

These past couple of weeks allowed our TV reporters (I prefer TV tabloid kings and queens) to cross over that fine line of reporting and inciting language designed to inflame and incite people to do what may now be dangerous behavior.

These so-called reporters need to calm down and be more mellow before someone does get hurt — or worse.

Have common sense when you have the national spotlight to do as you please.

— Charles McBirney



Editor, Daily News:

One must question the sincerity of county commission candidate Steve Cosgrove’s concern for East Naples District 1 when he lives on 97th Avenue North in North Naples.

His website says he plans to tour East Naples’ neighborhoods this summer to understand our concerns. It would seem to me we would be better served by a candidate who lives in East Naples and hears our concerns every day. Reminds me of the carpetbaggers’ stories of history.

It is also surprising to learn that you are not required to reside in a commission district to be a candidate for that district seat. The only requirement is that if elected, you must reside in that district the next day!

— Phil Brougham


Education correlations

Editor, Daily News:

I fail to see how the predominant political views of any state have a profound impact on its overall educational system, except through funding.

Extensive attempts to control curriculum (e.g., religious beliefs, history, conservative or liberal doctrine) do not change the end result of a math equation, or scientific hypothesis. If we accept the premise that liberal attitudes lead to an educational decline, conservative states such as Texas and Florida should have top-rated educational systems instead of their respective ranking of 24th and 36th out of 50 states. Conversely, a liberal state such as Massachusetts should not have the third-highest rated educational system in the nation.

Additionally, I fail to see any correlation between the liberal or conservative political view of an educator to math and science scores. The work ethic and discipline needed to complete assignments is learned in the home, not from teachers or their political views.

As for Sarah Palin, I’ll forgive her for her proposition that she had extensive foreign affairs experience due to her state’s proximity to Russia and Canada. Like many others, she was simply trying to inflate her experience and expertise for political gain. If you accepted it, shame on you.

Her more recent statements concerning Paul Revere is a different story. Even though I am by no means a Palin supporter, it was almost painful to watch. It was the proverbial deer in the headlights. If the event wasn’t replicated, word-for-word on “Saturday Night Live,” it should have been.

— Ken Baginski


Jury taint

Editor, Daily News:

Blind justice?

In the case of Casey Anthony, add deaf, dumb and stupid.

I will admit that I considered a verdict of first degree murder a bit of a stretch based on the evidence.

Yet, a jury of her peers (truly a jury that matched her mental competence) ignored the fact that a mother did not consider a 30-plus-day absence of her daughter to be significant, and when confronted with that fact, created an elaborate lie to buy more time.

How do you find a person guilty of lying to the police, but not guilty of child abuse, neglect, etc., when the very lies indicate such behavior.

Shame on you, jurors.

I do not find it difficult to believe that, in concert, the jurors realized that a not guilty verdict was worth far more to them than the truth.

— Andrew Zabrycki


Job barriers

Editor, Daily News:

Noting the high numbers of unemployed and the very sorry recovery our country is experiencing, your July 10 editorial states: “There is help for the jobless if the people who could do something about it would get off the sidelines and pitch in. Big business, start hiring. Your unemployed countrymen need you.”

Are you kidding us?

The reason our unemployed can’t find jobs is that big business doesn’t want to hire them? That, my friends, is nonsense. Business, big or small, would love to have a reason to hire personnel, for it would mean they are growing, thriving, expanding and prospering.

The Obama administration since its inauguration has constantly criticized big business, big oil, big pharmaceutical and greedy businessmen in general for the nation’s economic condition. The National Labor Relations Board (NLRB) is even used to harassing legitimate businesses such as Boeing when they expand their business in a right-to-work state.

Government agencies are prolific in writing rules and regulations which can only add to the bureaucratic maze that hinders business on a day-to-day basis when they start up or expand their operations.

Would you like to try to start or expand a business in the climate created by this administration? Could that be the reason our recovery has been the slowest on record?

I believe it is.

— Bill Mayer


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